WAGER JOHN b 1854 in ENGLAND, C of E. In 1861, age 8, living in home of John and Eliza Colly of Inverness Tp.


WAGHEIGH DANIEL granted 1 lot on St Charles Range of St Sylvestre in 1831


WALK THOMAS m MARY HYNE settled Frampton, then Ireland Tp. Child Charles b 1832, bapt C of E Leeds. Baptism witnesses were Edward Mines and Thomas Hodyson.




WALKER THOMAS b 1798 in IRELAND, Co Antrim, d 1876, arrived in 1841, m MARY CHRISTIE NICOL b 1798, d 1860. Thomas was a widower living in Ireland Tp in 1861. Children:

  1. James b 1834 Ireland, m 1861 to Susan Jane Henderson. For Henderson, see Publications by Gwen Barry.
  2. Mary b 1849
  3. Thomas b 1842 Ireland m Sophia Davidson 1841-1922, bur HT Maple Grove, Ireland Tp. For Davidson, see Publications by Gwen Barry. Children :
    1. John b 1847 in Inverness, d 1923 in Trochu, Alberta, m in 1871 to NICKLY HENDERSON b 1853 in Inverness, d 1896 in Bottineau, North Dakota. For Henderson, see Publications by Gwen Barry.

      In a letter to the Editor, John Walker describes the superior farming in Dakota. He was identified as John Walker, who moved in 1883 from Maple Grove to Dakota, near Bottineau.

      Source: Montreal Gazette: Megantic Edition , 8 March, 1900. The only copy in existence is held by Marie-Eve Adam, of the 10th Range of Inverness, who has sinced moved on, with or without the stash of newpapers, no forwarding address known by me.


    WALKER JOSEPH settled Ireland Tp, m ANN McDERMOT. Child James b 1849.


    WALKER JOSEPH settled Ireland Tp, m in 1847 at C of E Ireland Tp to ISABELLA WILLIAMSON. Children : - William George b 1849 d 1849, - Eliza b 1852.


    WALKER THOMAS b IRELAND, to Ireland Tsp, m SUSAN ?. Child Thomas b 1841.




    WALKER PHILLIP granted land in Leeds Tp in 1802-1809 period.


    WALKER THOMAS b 1826 in IRELAND, FC, living in Leeds Tp, 4th Range, 1/2 of lot 13 in 1861 census. Married ELIZABETH FORBES b 1830 in SCOTLAND, FC. Children :

    1. James m in 1891 at Sy Sylvestre RC to Sarah Letter
    2. Mary b 1850 in LC
    3. Margaret b 1855
    4. Eliza b 1858 m in 1877 to William Carr, an RC.
    5. Thomas b 1860

    WALKER HENRY m MARY ANN KILHART, RC. Lived Leeds Tp. Children :

    1. Alexander b 1884
    2. Louis b 1890
    3. James b 1889

    WALKER JOSEPH b 1822, m MARIE BELAND b 1834, RC. They, with their 2 children attended the RC chapel in Leeds Tp in the 1887 period.

    Child : Adele 1869-1887


    WALKER ELIZA b 1858 in Leeds, m in 1882 at Newport, Vt to Joseph Hall b 1856 in Richmond, Que, miner, son of Thomas Hall and Clarissa Cummings.


    WALKER JOHN, plate layer of Richmond, Que. Child :

    1. William d 1853, bur CE Leeds.

    WALKER JAMES m SARAH HOBBINS. Children, all bapt Leeds Presb :

    1. Sarah b 1849
    2. James b 1851
    3. Mary Ann b 1852
    4. Isabella b 1854.

    WALKER JAMES m CATHERINE CANNING. Lived Leeds. Child : Thomas Canning b 1866




    WALKER JOHN b SCOTLAND, b 1800, d 1875, settled St Gilles, m MARY BAIRD, b 1800. Children :

    1. William b 1824 in Scotland, m Mary b 1825 in Ireland. Child :
      1. William b 1859
    2. Isabella Ross b 1832 at St Gilles
    3. Susan b 1832
    4. John bapt 1834
    5. Elizabeth b 1838
    6. Margaret b 1846
    7. Janet b 1846

    WALKER THOMAS, widower, storekeeper of St Sylvestre, m 2nd in 1863 at St Sylvestre C of E to CATHERINE MAGUIRE


    WALKER MARY b St Sylvestre or Inverness, m HENRY TUBMAN b IRELAND. Children :

    1. female b 1862 in St Johnsbury, Vt
    2. Mary J b 1864 at St Johnsbury, Vt

    WALKER THOMAS m SUSAN WESTON. Lived St Sylvestre. Child : Alice b 1858, bapt C of E Leeds




    WALKER NEIL b SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, not married.


    WALKER NEIL b 1749 Isle of Arran, SCOTLAND, d 1830, came on the ship Caledonia in 1829. Child :

    1. Isabella 1800-1881 from Mid Sannox, Isle of Arran, m in 1822 in Scotland to Angus Brodie.

    WALKER WILLIAM m JESSIE HEDDLE. Lived Inverness. Child : John b 1856 Inverness


    WALKER WILLIAM b SCOTLAND, settled Inverness Tp, m 2nd in 1858 to MARY PATTERSON. Children :

    1. William James b 1858
    2. Joseph b 1867
    3. Frederick b 1868
    4. Theresa b 1873
    5. Lily b 1876

    WALKER JOSEPH m CHARLOTTE SARAH FORBES 1870-1935. Lived Adderley. Children :

    1. Teresa Jane b 1897
    2. Presbury Edwin Ford b 1899
    3. John Wilson b 1907
    4. Roy Melvin b 1895

    WALKER JAMES settled Inverness Tsp, m in 1848 to MARY GLASS of Inverness Tp, b 1827, d 1910. Mary remarried to WILLIAM NEILL of Inverness Tp. Children by James Walker:

    1. Jane b 1852, d 1865
    2. Sarah b 1849
    3. Mary Ann b 1855
    4. James b 1858

    WALKER JAMES THOMAS b 1832, FC, d 1904, m in 1861 at Inverness Presb to MARY ANN McNEY b 1832, d 1905, bur St Stephens, Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp. Marriage witness was John Walker. Children :

    1. James b 1861
    2. William Stevenson b 1867
    3. Elizabeth b 1863
    4. Mary Lavina b 1870
    5. John Frederick b 1865, m 1898 at C of E Inverness to Caroline Jane McVetty, dau of William McVetty and Isabella Graham. Children :
      1. Frederick William Thomas b 1899
      2. John Naaman b 1901
      3. Minnie Ethel b 1906
      4. Ruby Isabel b 1904

    WALKER THOMAS b 1829, d 1909, bur St Stephens, Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp.


    WALKER JOHN M 2nd in 1894 at WM Inverness to LIZZIE WALKER of Inverness


    WALKER THOMAS m 2nd in 1893 at C of E Ireland Tp to ELIZABETH WRIGHT


    WALKER THOMAS Jr m MARY ANN WRIGHT. Lived Inverness. Children :

    1. Wilmer Ervine b 1892
    2. Jason Wilfred b 1889
    3. Wilma Pearl b 1891, d 1892
    4. Willis Lee b 1891-1892

    WALKER JOHN m MARGARET MILES. Lived Inverness. Children :

    1. Catherine Aldina b 1864
    2. Frances Elizabeth 1865-1865
    3. Mary Jane b 1867
    4. William James b 1872
    5. Margaret Alice Maud b 1873
    6. Agnes Elizabeth b 1877
    7. Mary Eleanor Edith b 1880
    8. John m 1885 at WM Leeds to Josephine Royer, dau of Francis Royer and Amelia LaHaye. Lived Inverness. Children, all bapt WM Leeds :
      1. John Francis Rene b 1886
      2. Margaret Emily Fidella b 1887
      3. Eric Frisbram Charles b 1892
      4. Josephine Mary Elizabeth 1894-1898
    9. David Zenith Lunas b 1869 Inverness, d 1957 at Lennoxville, Que, m in 1893 at Island Pond, Vt to Eliza J Cox b 1870, dau of Thomas Cox and Catherine Lemaistre. Children :
      1. David Chester b 1895
      2. William Edgar b 1895 m Hazel Robinson
      3. John Ernest b 1902
    10. Jonathan b 1862 m Lily. Children :
      1. Mabel Elsworth b 1895 Inverness
      2. Bertha Viola b 1898
      3. Annie Lillian b 1902

    WALKER JOHN m in 1856 to ELIZABETH JOHNSTON of Inverness. Marriage Witnesses were Isaac Johnston and William Walker.


    WALKER WILLIAM JAMES m ELIZA MURRAY. Child : Ruth Murray b 1899 at St Johnsbury, VT





    1. William m 1862 at St Ferdinand de Halifax RC to Ann Ryce
    2. Contact info available for Walker.


    See also: WALLIS



    See also: WALLACE


    WALLACE Rev FINLAY, came from Scotland to Inverness Tp in 1851. Was Congregational Minister in Inverness Tsp 1851-52


    WALLACE WILLIAM received Location Ticket in 1819 for 200 acres on 10th and 15th Ranges of Leeds Tp.


    WALLACE WILLIAM, blacksmith, came from Isle of Arran, SCOTLAND


    WALLACE AGNES 1818-1909 m ROBERT HILL. Lived Inverness


    WALLACE ANN 1811-1883 m DAVID SIMONS. Lived Ireland Tp


    WALLACE JAMES settled Lot 145, St Margaret's Range of St Sylvestre in 1835. WM. He m SARAH CROMWELL b 1806 in IRELAND. Sarah was a widow in 1861 census, living in Leeds Tp. Children :

    1. Jane b 1832 in Ireland, d 1910 at Montreal, m Samuel Hill
    2. Mary Ann b 1835, d 1927 at St Johnsbury, Vt m Andrew McElravey
    3. Eleanor b 1836 in LC
    4. James Cromwell b 1838 in LC m in 1863 at C of E Inverness to Sarah Canning, dau of Thomas Canning of Leeds. Children :
      1. James Cannon b 1864, m 1st to Susan Emma Learmonth, d 1895, m 2nd in 1897 to Eliza Jane Wright, dau of James Wright and Agnes Davidson. For Davidson, see Publications by Gwen Barry.
      2. Robert b 1869
      3. William Hamilton b 1871
      4. George Bryan b 1875
      5. Sarah Cromwell 1877-1951, m Harry Vernon Gregory.
    5. Christianna b 1840
    6. Sarah b 1842, d 1890 m Joshua Stevenson
    7. Hugh b 1846 m Jane Hearn or Herron. Children :
      1. Sarah b 1869, m in 1890 at Barre, Vt to James A Elliot.
      2. Mary 1861-1891
      3. Jane d 1875
      4. Thomas James b 1873
      5. William John b 1875
    8. Robert b 1848, m in 1871 at CE Leeds to Elizabeth Canning
    9. Thomas b 1852

    WALLACE ROBERT b 1829 IRELAND, WM, m CATHERINE b 1838 IRELAND. They lived in Leeds Tp. Children : Sarah L b 1859 and Elizabeth M. Adelaide b 1860.


    WALLACE JOHN b 1827, d 1897, settled Inverness Tp, blacksmith, m MARY McCURDY b 1825, d 1900.


    WALLACE JOHN b 1805, d 1887 m MARY ANN SCOTT. Child :

    1. James m in 1872 at Leeds Presb to Mary Grady, dau of James Grady and Mary Kinnear

    WALLACE FRANCIS 'FRANK' b 1820 in IRELAND, d 1904. Living single in Inverness Tp in 1861.


    WALLACE JOHN b 1815 in IRELAND, FC, m MARGARET HILL b 1808 in IRELAND, FC. Lived Inverness Corners, Inverness Tp. Children :

    1. William b 1842 LC
    2. John b 1844
    3. Jane b 1846
    4. Robert b 1848
    5. Mary Ann b 1850
    6. James Alfred b 1852, m Alice Anne Bennett, dau of Charles T Bennett and Ann McNally. Lived 6th Range of Inverness. Children :
      1. John William b 1894
      2. Jennie Ethel b 1896
      3. James William bapt 1899
      4. Wilfred Gladstone b 1888
      5. Cecil Robert b 1900
      6. Annie Louisa b 1898
      7. Charles James b 1902

    WALLACE JAMES m JANET CROMWELL. Lived Leeds. Child : Robert b 1851


    WALLACE WALTER m 1903 at C of E Kinnear's Mills to CARRIE EVA JANE ANNESLEY


    WALLACE SARAH 1869-1896 m JAMES ALEXANDER ELLIOT, miner of Thetford Mines


    WALLACE ORSON of Dixville, Que m in 1901 at Kinnear's Mills Presb to MARY BAILEY of Leeds Tsp


    WALLACE THOMAS JAMES m in 1899 at Kinnear's Mills Presb to JENNETT BEATTIE McCUTCHEON, and m 2nd in 1928 to ALDENA MAUDE SIMONS, widow of Leeds. Child :

    1. Hugh Leonard b 1901

    WALLACE WILLIAM JOHN of Leeds Tp m in 1896 at Leeds Presb to ELIZA ANN MAYWOOD, dau of Richard Maywood (Magwood?) And Rebecca Suitor. Marriage witnesses were Thomas J Wallace and Emma Cordick. Children :

    1. Susan Jane b 1903
    2. Lena Rebecca b 1901
    3. Ellen b 1905
    4. Robert Hugh b 1897, m Mary Elsie Oliver
    Contact info available for Wallace.

    For the emigration pattern from Ireland for the Wallace family, see the essay, 'Ulster Protestant Emigration to Lower Canada : Megantic County and St Sylvestre,' by Gwen Barry, April 2002.


    WALLER CHARLES received Location Ticket in 1820 for 130 acres, 8th Range of Leeds. Child :

    1. Jocelyn Waller received Location Ticket in 1819 for 900 acres, 7th and 8th Ranges of Leeds

    WALSH ROBERT b 1814, IRELAND, Co Armagh, d 1855, CS, millwright at Nelson Tp, then moved to Inverness Tp, m ANN JANE DICK, b 1813, Ireland, Co Armagh, d 1894, bur St Lukes, Adderley. Some of their children moved to Russeltown, Howick, Que. Children:

    1. Thomas b 1837 in Ireland, C of E, millwright
    2. Robert b 1841 in Ireland, d 1877
    3. John b 1843 in Ireland, miller
    4. Martha Jane b 1847 in Ireland, d 1924, m Edward Ives. Lived Adderley.
    5. Theophilus Lewis b 1849 in LC, d 1925, bur St Lukes C of E Adderley
    6. Margaret b 1851 in LC, d 1931, bur St Lukes C of E Adderley
    7. Johnson b 1853

    WALSH ANTOINETTE WILHELMINA ERNEST b 1821, d 1894, bur St Lukes, Adderley.


    WALSH JOHN 1831 census : RC, 7 in house, 1st Range of Ireland Tp, Lot 15, came after 1825.


    WALSH JAMES b 1811 IRELAND, RC, m 1st in 1857 to ELIZABETH FITZGERALD and m 2nd in 1858 to ANN DOYLE b 1842 IRELAND, RC. Granted 2 lots on St Peters Range of St Sylvestre in 1829. Children : Mary b 1859 LC and Bridget b 1860


    WALSH WILLIAM granted 1200 acres 1st and 2nd Ranges of Wolfstown between 1802-1809


    WALSH WILLIAM m ELIZA McKEE. Lived Leeds. Child :

    1. William John b 1877, bapt WM Inverness

    WALSH THOMAS of Inverness Tsp m in 1867 at WM Ireland Tp to ANTOINETTE BRONEST of Ste Sophie, Que


    WALSH THOMAS, millwright, m 2nd in 1896 at C of E Inverness to JULIA ANN GARNO (GARNEAU). They lived in Adderly, Inverness Tp. Child:

    1. Thomas Elmer Nelson Henry b 1906
    2. Contact info available for Walsh-Garneau.

      Advertisement: ' Thomas Walsh, Lumber and Blacksmith, Adderley .'

      Source: Montreal Gazette: Megantic Edition , 18 Jan., 1900. The only copy in existence is held by Marie-Eve Adam, of the 10th Range of Inverness, who has sinced moved on, with or without the stash of newpapers, no forwarding address known by me.


    WALSH NOTE : For possible relationships, also see WELSH


    WARCUP WILLIAM b 1785 ENGLAND, C of E, d 1871, bur C of E Leeds. Settled Leeds Tp in 1831. William was a widower living in Leeds Tp in 1861 with daughter Hannah b 1824 England, Hannah was single in 1861, d 1899.


    WARCUP WILLIAM 1831 census : 8 in house, Methodist, 10th Range of Inverness, came after 1825. Although recorded as Walkup in the census, this could be Warcup.


    WARCUP WILLIAM b 1813 in ENGLAND, d 1885, settled Leeds Tp, m in 1839 to MARY ALLEN, b 1811 SCOTLAND, d 1888, dau of Charles Allen and Agnes Oliver. Children:

    1. John b 1841 LC, m 1866 at Leeds Presb to Margaret Wilson. Lived 9th Range of Leeds
    2. Thomas b 1844, d 1867
    3. Charles b 1846 m in 1872 to Isabella Fortier, dau of Andrew Leandre Fortier and Ann Reid of 14th Range of Leeds Tp. Children :
      1. Charles Stewart b 1881, m 1910 to Ethel Mary Kinghorn
      2. Edith Edwina b 1874, bapt Kinnear's Mills Presb
      3. William Albert b 1875, d 1932, bapt Kinnear's Mills Presb
      4. John Elmer b 1887, bapt Leeds Presb
    4. Margaret b 1847
    5. Anne b 1849
    6. Eliza b 1853, d 1867
    7. Walter b 1855, m in 1891 to Jennie Gould Fortier, dau of Andrew Leandre Fortier.

    WARCUP THOMAS b 1815 ENGLAND, Cof S, d 1891, settled Leeds Tp, m in 1848 at C of E Leeds to MARY JANE HUTCHISON b 1825 IRELAND, d 1898. Children :

    1. William b 1842, d 1867
    2. Ann b 1849 LC, d 1900
    3. William b 1850, miller, carpenter and contractor, m in 1888 at Inverness Presb to Elizabeth Ester Bailey of Ireland Tp. Witnesses at wedding were E Willy and W Lambly. Children:
      1. Wilson James b 1891
      2. Sarah Jane b 1889
      3. Robert John b 1894
    4. John b 1851
    5. James b 1853 d 1874
    6. Mary b 1854 d 1871
    7. Hugh b 1858 d 1940, m Elizabeth Suitor. Children :
      1. William Alfred 1899-1941 at Leeds
      2. Mary Jane 1897-1898
      3. Ella Margaret 1901-1987 m Ralph Harry Cheal
    8. Walter d 1910
    9. Thomas b 1868 d 1871
    10. Elizabeth b 1860, d 1877
    11. Hannah b 1857, d 1916, m Caleb Wright. Lived Berlin, NH
    12. Ellen b 1861
    13. John 1864-1929, miller, m in 1911 to Alce Howes (Cheal) of Thetford Mines.

    WARCUP JOHN b 1825 ENGLAND, d 1902 settled Leeds Tp, m in 1848 to ELLEN HUTCHISON b 1822 IRELAND, d 1899. Children:

    1. Walter b 1849
    2. William b 1850
    3. Thomas b 1851
    4. James b 1856
    5. John b 1857
    6. Ann b 1859
    7. Mary b 1860
    8. Hugh b 1853 Leeds, m Nellie E Blake b Springfield, Maine. Children :
      1. Robert b 1881 at Stark, NH
      2. Lillian Amy b 1886 at Stark
      3. Walter J b 1888 at Stark
      4. Bessie May b 1892 at Stark
      5. male b 1894 at Stark

    WARCUP MARY 1821-1845, bur C of E Leeds, m GEORGE CARROLL



    1. female b 1883 at Stark, NH
    2. male b 1886 at Stark, NH
    3. Georgia May b 1887 at Stark, NH

    WARCUP MALCOLM 1863-1951. Lived Leeds Tp


    WARCUP WILLIAM of Leeds, m in 1893 to MARY ANN KINNEAR, dau of William Kinnear and Tasmin Dondaldson


    WARCUP WILLIAM of Leeds Tp m in 1885 to JENNET McCUTCHEON. Children :

    1. Robert Arthur b 1887
    2. Isabella b 1888
    3. Harold John b 1891
    4. Wilson Hutchison b 1894
    5. Janet Mary Ellen b 1899
    6. Contact info available for Warcup.

    WARD ROBERT GRANT b 1803 in SCOTLAND, Orkney Islands, d 1870, settled first in Whitby, Ontario, then settled in Inverness Tp in 1836, cathecist with the Anglican Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG), m at Little Metis, Que to MARIANN TURRIFF b 1819 in SCOTLAND, d 1894. Robert served Christ Church Lower Ireland, Inverness Tp as its 1st parish assistant in 1859. They lived in the Bennett settlement, Ireland Tp in 1861. Both Robert Grant Ward and Mariann Turriff came to Canada on the ship, 'Rebecca'. Children :

    1. Robert Grant b 1837 in Whitby, or Kingston, Ont, d 1907, m Ann McKillop Cairns. Children :
      1. John Albert b 1888
      2. Charles Edgar 1890-1891
      3. Annie Maria 1893-1893
      4. James Turiff b 1892
      5. Peter Dennis b 1895
      6. Alvin Tudor b 1898
      7. Alexander Henry b 1885, m Agnes Gertrude Moore
    2. William J, Lt Colonel, b 1839 in Whitby, Ont, m Harriet Caroline Kinnear b 1854 at Kinnear's Mills, dau of James and Harriet Kinnear. William and Caroline lived at Clapham, Lower Ireland, Que. Children :
      1. James Grant b 1879
      2. Alfred Edwin b 1880
      3. Harriet Wilson b 1883
      4. William Hewton b1885, moved to Faribault, Minnesota
      5. Norman Reginald b 1887
      6. Charles Lawrence b1890
      7. Marion Turiff b 1892
      8. Emily Lydia b 1894, d 1985
      9. Leonard Cecil b 1897
    3. Georgina Mountain b 1841 in Que, d 1841
    4. Emily b 1842, d 1909, bur CCLI, m William James Johnson
    5. Mary Ann b 1844, d 1906, bur HT Maple Grove, Ireland Tp, m in 1888 to John Annesley 1836-1919
    6. John H b 1846, m Ella Wilcox. Lived Utica, NY. Child : Anna May b 1882
    7. Alfred b 1848, m Emily C Johnson. Children :
      1. Martha Mary Ann Ethel b 1886
      2. Florence Rose b 1890
      3. Florence Pearl 1887-1892
      4. Agnes May b 1883
      5. Robert Guy b 1891
    8. Alexander b 1850, d 1936, medical manufacturer of Ottawa at time of death, bur CCLI
    9. Peter M b 1852, d 1933 at Thetford Mines, bur CCLI
    10. Henry Wickes Carry b 1854, d 1922, bur CCLI. Baptism witnesses were John Carry and Grace Carry
    11. Florence Nightingale b 1856, d 1944 at Lennoxville, bur HT Maple Grove, m a Dinning.
    12. Jessie Jenetta b 1858, d 1952, m Richard P Annesley
    13. Charles Octavius b 1860, d 1954 m Martha Barbara McVetty, 1873-1950, bur CCLI, dau of William McVetty and Isabella Graham. Children :
      1. William Grant b 1893, killed in action in WW I in 1918 at Bruay, France
      2. Muriel Elsie b 1904
      3. Isabella Rose b 1895, m Andrew Willard Christie
      4. Rev Edward Cecil b 1906, d 1973 m Doris E Legros
      5. John Alvin b 1897, m Mary McCarthy
      6. Howard Octavius 1909-1909
      7. C Alfred b 1899, m Beatrice Catherine Henderson
      8. Barbara Irene b 1915 m J Kenneth Doak
      9. Marianne Beatrice b 1901
      10. Douglas Turiff b 1919

    WARD MOSES 1831 census : 1 in house, RC, 5th Range of Leeds Tp, Lot 8, came after 1825.


    WARD HENRY THOMAS, merchant of Halifax Tp, m MARGARET HALL. Children :

    1. Sarah Emma b 1874, bapt C of E Ireland Tp
    2. Margaret Gertrude b 1878, bapt WM Ireland Tp

    WARD THOMAS DAVIS of Windsor, Richmond Co, Que m in 1893 at Leeds Presb to DORA THOMPSON of Leeds.


    WARD MICHAEL b 1802 in IRELAND, RC, came to Leeds Tp in 1856. He married MARY b 1793 in IRELAND, RC. Living Inverness Tp in 1861. Also living in the same household in 1861 was : - John Chalem b 1838 Ireland, RC, single



    1. Bridget McKay Ward b Ireland, m 1855 at St Ferdinand RC to Joseph Naigle. Child :
      1. Peter George Naigle b in New Ireland, Ireland Tsp, m Anna McFarland
    2. Michael m in 1866 at St Ferdinand RC to Ann Shea, dau of Thomas Shea and Johanna Drury
    3. Contact info available for Ward.

    WARE MICHAEL m 1st to BRIDGET DWYER, m 2nd in 1870 at St Pierre Baptiste RC to EUPHEMIE GAGNE.


    WARK PATRICK b 1791 in IRELAND, Ballyshannon, Co Donegal, C of S, came to Megantic Co in 1844 on ship "Brigham", m CHRISTIANNA BRUCE. In 1861 Patrick was a widower in Inverness Tsp. According to Dale Wark, the Warks came from Behy Townland, Kilbarron Parish, Ballyshannon Division, Tyrhugh Barony, County Donegal, Province of Ulster, Ireland. Contact info available. Children :

    1. Samuel Wark, b 1826 in Ireland, C of S, m in 1857 to Elizabeth Kerr, b 1838 in Ireland, dau of George Kerr and Mary Follis. Sam and Elizabeth lived in Inverness Tp. Children:
      1. Albert Benton b 1856
      2. Christine E. b 1857
      3. George Kerr b 1859
      4. Mary Ann b 1861
      5. Samuel
      6. Robert
      7. Martha Jane b 1866
      8. Andrew Jones b 1870
    2. Johnston Wark b 1831 Ireland,, WM, m 1st to Sarah Jackson b 1837 in Ireland, m 2nd in 1873 at Barnet, Vt to Margaret Cascadden b 1828 LC. Children :
      1. Mary b 1860 LC
      2. Thomas b 1864
      3. Margaret b 1861 at Inverness, m in 1877 at Wheelock, Vt to Aaron B Chandler b 1854 at Wheelock, son of Ephriam A and Mary Chandler. Children :
        1. Mary Lorraine b 1880 at Wheelock
        2. Percival John b 1882 at Wheelock
    3. Patrick. Child :
      1. Elizabeth b 1840 in Ireland, m in 1861 at St Johnsbury, Vt to William Moore, cabinet maker of Leeds Tp.
    4. Andrew m Fannie Jackson. Lived Leeds. Children :
      1. Charlotte Dorthea b 1862
      2. Martha Jane b 1865
      3. Richard Andrew b 1867
    5. Joseph H b 1831 in IRELAND, WM, d 1890, m in 1856 to Jane McCullough b 1830 in IRELAND, WM, from St Sylvestre, d 1885. Witness at their marriage was Samuel Wark. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :
      1. Hamilton b 1858, m 1883 to Elizabeth Suitor. Children :
        1. James Henry b 1883
        2. Mary Jane b 1885
        3. David Frederick b 1888
      2. Sarah Jane b 1860
      3. Joseph Wark b 1862 Inverness, granite cutter in Ryegate, Vt m at Ryegate to Margaret Turner b 1863 in Leeds Tp, dau of John and Elizabeth Turner. Child : Eva Lillian b 1887 in Vermont
      4. Martha b 1865
      5. David b 1867
      6. Richard b 1869, m in 1894 to Margaret Louisa Moore, dau of James Moore and Margaret Jamieson. Children :
        1. Gertrude Alice b 1897, m 1st Samuel Forbes, m 2nd Austin Scott
        2. Margaret Evelyn b 1899, d 1959, m in Alberta to John Clapstone
        3. Bernice Marion b 1900 m Arthur Gill
      7. George b 1871
      8. Orson Wark b 1877 at Barnet, Vt
      9. Also living in same household in 1861 was a Fanny Miles b 1843 LC, C of E.

    WARK JOHN PERCIVAL, cabinet maker of Lancaster, NH m in 1892 at Leeds WM to ISABELLA SCOTT of Nelson Tp.


    WARK CATHERINE 1822-1899 m JOHN MILES. Lived Thetford Mines.


    WARK SAMUEL b 1817 in Ireland, WM, settled Lot 168, St-Margaret's Range of St-Sylvestre, m in 1840 to Ruth McCrea, b 1817 in Ireland. They lived in Inverness Tp in 1861. Their children :

    1. Jane b 1841
    2. John b 1845, m in 1866 at Derby, Vt. to Frances Miles, b 1843 at Thetford, Que. Child: Ruth Ann Etta b 1887 at Thetford Mines.
    3. Ruth b 1848
    4. Margaret b 1847
    5. Esther Ann b 1851
    6. Sarah b 1854
    7. Samuel b 1857
    8. Mary b 1858
    9. Joseph Andrew b 1860

    WARK SAMUEL b 1821 in IRELAND, WM, storekeeper of Inverness Tp m in 1855 to ELIZA ORR b 1834 in IRELAND, WM, of St Sylvestre. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :

    1. Albert b 1857 LC
    2. Alicia b 1859
    3. Eliza Fletcher b 1859
    4. Harriet b 1862
    5. William b 1864
    6. Selina b 1866
    7. Ann b 1868
    8. George Norman b 1875
    9. Edmond Stewart b 1872
    10. James Finlay b 1873

    WARK JAMES FINLAY m in 1887 at WM Inverness to SUSAN WESTON WILSON LIPSEY. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :

    1. Ethel Gertrude b 1888
    2. John Charles Weston b 1897
    3. James Herbert b 1903

    WARK WILLIAM. Child :

    1. Trueman Fletcher, fireman of Levis, Que, m in 1917 at HT Levis to Jennie May Young of Levis.

    WARK FINLAY, postmaster in Inverness Tsp, m HANNAH LAMBLY. Children :

    1. Allen Miles b 1857
    2. Osborn Lambly b 1868
    3. Ann Finch b 1873
    4. Jane Clementine b 1866
    5. Walter Oncley d 1878

    WARK ANDREW b 1835 in IRELAND, WM, m in 1859 to MARGARET b 1837 in IRELAND, WM. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :

    1. Margaret b 1861
    2. Living in the same household in 1861 were :
    3. Robert Wark b 1846 in Ireland
    4. Richard Jackson b 1802 in Ireland, widower, WM

    WARK SAMUEL b 1820s, m SUSAN GOODELL. Child :

    1. George F Wark b 1847 at St Sylvestre, d 1892 at Barnet, Vt

    WARK DAVID b IRELAND, settled St Margaret Range of St Sylvestre m FRANCES FANNY MILES. Children :

    1. Jane Wark b 1826 in IRELAND m John Cordick,
    2. Sarah b 1837 at St Sylvestre

    WARK RICHARD settled St Gilles, m ANN BROWN b 1803, d 1883. Children :

    1. Sarah Frances b 1835
    2. Samuel b 1837
    3. Mary Ann d 1847

    WARK SAMUEL of St Sylvestre m in 1875 at St Sylvestre C of E to SARAH JANE WARK of Broughton Tp. Children :

    1. Richard E b 1876 at St Sylvestre, d 1937 at Leeds, m Jane Lipsey of Parkhurst
    2. Mrs Edgar Greenside of Kelowna, BC
    3. Mrs Richard Brennan of Vermillion, Alberta
    4. Mrs William Graham of Calgary, Alta
    5. Mrs Clarence Lipsey of Edmonton, Alta
    6. Samuel G of Winnipeg, Man
    7. Joseph H of Edmonton, Alta

    WARK CHRISTINNA S d 1910 at Island Pond, Vt


    WARK WILLIAM b 1778 in IRELAND, m LETITIA DEVER. Children :

    1. John Wark b 1811 in IRELAND, Donegal, m in 1856 at Leeds Quebec to Sarah Jane Moore b 1833, in Dungannon, Co Tyrone, Ireland, the dau of William Moore and Margaret "Peggy" Morrow. John Wark died in 1901 at East Barre, Washington County, Vermont. Peggy died in 1908 at Websterville, Vermont. John and Sarah's children :
      1. William b 1858 m Mary Hogg at Woodsville, NH in 1887. For Hogg, see Publications by Gwen Barry.
      2. Margaret b 1860
      3. Anna Jane b 1864, m in 1892 at Barre, Vt to John Jamieson b 1855 in New Brunswick, his 2nd marriage, son of James Jamieson and Rebecca Garley
      4. Andrew b 1867
    2. William b 1837
    3. James b 1839 Leeds Tsp, m in 1860 at C of E Inverness to Isabella Lipsey b 1844 in Leeds. Children :
      1. Louisa b 1862
      2. William 1865-1950, quarryman and telegraph operator, died Barre, Vt
      3. Edward b 1867
      4. James 1870-1912
      5. Anna Maria 1872-1951, m John William Moore. Lived Barre, Vt
      6. Samuel b 1875, m Mary Evelyn McVetty who died at Lennoxville
      7. Alfred 1877-1944, died at Lennoxville, m Emma McVetty
      8. Alice Mary 1880-1936, died Alberta, m Henry Carlyle Arnold




    1. Annie b 1873, d 1897, m in 1894 at Barre, Vt to William Pirie, son of Robert Pirie and Esabella Watson.
    2. Thomas James b 1883, d 1917

    WARK JAMES settled Ireland Tp, m JANE KNOX. Child Jane b 1844, d 1884.


    WARK JOHN b 1813 in IRELAND


    WARK MARY b 1817, d 1907


    WARK CATHERINE b 1808, d 1893


    WARK GEORGE b 1834 LC, Epis, m LETTITIA McKEAGE b 1836 LC. They lived in Broughton Tp. children :

    1. John G b 1856, m in 1878 to Catherine Fraser. John worked for the Quebec Central Railway of Sherbrooke. Children :
      1. Henry Edmund b 1879
      2. Susan Emily b 1880
      3. John Herbert b 1885
    2. David b 1857
    3. Sarah J b 1859
    4. Richard b 1860
    5. William b 1862
    6. George b 1865

    WARK JANE b 1772, widow, d 1858.


    WARK JOHN m SUSAN. Child :

    1. Cecile or Alicia b 1843 at Passumpsic, Vt, d 1870 at Derby, Vt, m a McIntyre.

    WARK MARY E b Thetford, Que, m WILLIAM E HOLMES b Derby, Vt. Child :

    1. Ella Jessie b 1889 at Derby, Vt

    WARK WILLIAM m in 1871 at WM Ireland Tp to ELIZABETH McKINNON of Leeds


    WARK WILLIAM, stonecutter of North Adams, Mass, m MARY HALL. Child :

    1. Georgie Frances b 1888 in Mass, bapt Leeds WM

    WARK DAVID m NORMA 1864-1918

    WARK A

    WARK A. W. Announcement: ' A poem was composed by A. W. Wark, D.D.S., in memory of the six men who went ovr the falls at Lysander, Sunday April 19, 1896.'

    The full poem (13 verses) was included in the announcement of the front page of the newspaper.

    Source: Montreal Gazette: Megantic Edition ,11 Jan., 1900. The only copy in existence is held by Marie-Eve Adam, of the 10th Range of Inverness, who has sinced moved on, with or without the stash of newpapers, no forwarding address known by me.

    Contact info available for Wark.

    WARNER JOHN 1831 census : 12 in household, C of E, 7th RAnge of Leeds, Lot 6, came after 1825.


    WARRELL CHARLES FREDERICK m LUCY JANE. Child : Agnes b 1899 Ireland Tp


    WATCHORN WILLIAM of Argenteuil m in 1902 to MARY MATILDA ANDREWS, dau of George Andrews and Elizabeth Brodie.


    WATCHORN Rev HORACE ALFRED b 1898 at Millfield, Inverness Tp, d 1937 at Plessisville, Que, mill owner at Millfield, m in 1919 at WM Thetford Mines to ANNIE ELIZABETH BUTLER 1898-1948, bur Boutelles Cem, Inverness Tp.


    WATERS RICHARD, sailor, of St Sylvestre, m in 1848 at St Sylvestre C of E to DIANA ALLISON of St Sylvestre. Child :

    1. Priscilla Melinda b 1855 at Quebec City, bapt WM Ireland Tp

    WATERSON JOHN bapt Oct 1824, Broughton Tp.


    WATKINS JAMES b 1808 in ENGLAND, Gloucester, d 1898, settled Leeds Tp, Harvey Hill in 1830, m EMMA HOOPER b 1810 in ENGLAND, d 1894. Children :

    1. Mary Ann b 1831 in LC, d 1909
    2. George b 1832 m Sarah C Fuller b 1837 in Bloomfield, Vt, WM. Children :
      1. Henry b 1856 Bloomfield
      2. Henrietta b 1873 Bloomfield
      3. Ellen b 1874 Bloomfield
    3. Sarah b 1834
    4. Jane b 1835
    5. William b 1837, d 1867, m in 1860 to Sarah Thompson b 1838 in England. Children :
      1. Christina Grey b 1863
      2. James Edward 1866-1867
    6. Hannah b 1839, d 1900 m Richard Thompson
    7. Elizabeth b 1842
    8. Emma b 1845
    9. James b 1846 m Mary Lambie Duffett 1854-1942. Lived Leeds. Children :
      1. William Edward 1875-1881
      2. Frederick Charles 1879-1907
      3. Edith 1877-1881- John Reginald 1882-1890
      4. Clifford Henry b 1874
      5. Nellie b 1881
      6. Annie b 1884
      7. Milton Vicotr 1889-1889
      8. George Herbert b 1891
      9. Gertrude b 1890
      10. James Cleveland 1886-1946 m Clara Orila Wilkin d 1936
      11. Hartwell Arthur b 1892 m Irene Labonte
    10. Esther b 1847
    11. Sarah b 1849, m 1872 at Richmond Que C of E to Alfred Knapp
    12. Harriet Sophia b 1852, d 1913, m John Bain
    13. Dora Maria b 1855

    WATKINS CHARLES d 1855, m in 1847 at St Sylvestre C of E to SARAH TAYLOR. Settled in Leeds Tp, 14th Range in 1830. (Sarah married 2nd in 1857 to Robert Thornton. Children :

    1. Elizabeth b 21 Sep 1849, bapt 6 March 1850 at WM Ireland Tp, d 22 Feb 1833 at Oakdale, California
    2. William b 17 Feb 1851, d 6 May 1854..
    3. William George b 1 Dec 1854 at St Sylvestre, Railroad Car Inspector, m in 1880 at Newport, Vt to Armina Brewer b 1859 at Abercorn, Que, dau of Joseph and Caroline Brewer of Ireland. Child :
      1. Charles Edgar Watkins b 1881 at Newport, Vt
    4. James b 1852, d 1855
    5. William George b 1854, d 1854

    WATKINS CAROLINE 1852-1881 m JOHN McVETTY. Lived Leeds.


    WATKINS ANN JANE 1843-1877, bur Leeds C of E, m HENRY HARVEY


    WATKINS FREDERICK WILLIAM of Melbourne Tp, Richmond Co, Que m in 1881 at Inverness Presb to JANE McGILL of Inverness. Child:

    1. Sarah Lawson Alice Roberta 'Jane' b 1884
    : Contact info available for Watkins.

    WATSON WILLIAM b 1801 ENGLAND, Epis, d 1870, bur St Lukes, Broughton, settled St Pierre de Broughton, Leeds Tp in 1820, m HANNAH WILKINSON b in Newcastle, ENGLAND. 1831 census : 8 in house, C of E, 6th Range of Broughton. Children :

    1. Eliza Margaret b 1824
    2. William b 1825
    3. James b 1828 LC, d 1877, bur St Lukes, Broughton m in 1857 at St Sylvestre CE to Jane Gillanders b 1840 LC. They lived in St Pierre de Broughton. Children :
      1. Hannah Eleanor b 1859 m in 1882 at Leeds C of E to Samuel Canning.
      2. David b 1861, m in 1884 to Mary McMeekin. Lived Leeds Tp. Children :
        1. Mary Jane Maud b 1884
        2. Clara Maria b 1885
        3. Lancelot William b 1887
      3. Mary Jane b 1862, d 1873, smallpox
      4. Elizabeth b 1862, d 1873 smallpox
      5. William b 1866
      6. James b 1868, d 1885. James baptism record : James Watson, son of James Watson of the township of Broughton, farmer, and of Jane Gallanders, his wife, was born on the 10th day of July and baptised on the 9th day of August 1868, by me missionary Frederick Smith. Sponsors : James and Jane Watson and David Shutes.. This item was found on the web discussion group, QC-ETANGLO-L-rootsweb.com and was posted 14 March 2003 by Julia Dagleish Sauter. Contact info available.
      7. Ann b 1870
      8. George b 1872
      9. John b 1875, d 1877
      10. Robert b 1877
    4. Ellen b 1831 LC
    5. male m Hannah. Child :
      1. Frank b 1879.
    6. Mary Jane 1833-1927 m in 1864 at Leeds to Alexander "Sandy" Learmonth, d 1919, son of William Pringle Learmonth and Agnes Doby of Dundee, Scotland.
    7. George b 1837 LC m in 1861 to Susan McKeage of Broughton.
    8. Hannah b 1844, m Thomas Wilding. Moved to London, Ont. Children :
      1. Ann Harriet b 1873 London
      2. Mary Jane b 1877 Broughton
    9. Sarah b 1845

    WATSON DUFF, b SCOTLAND, MacDuff, Banffshire, Presb, m in Scotland to ISABELLA ANDERSON. They did not leave Scotland. Their child :

    1. James Hutcheson Watson, b circa 1840 in MacDuff, Scotland, m Mary Ann Simpson Duff of Banffshire, Scotland, 1840-1895. Mary Ann was the dau of William Duff and Maud Ellen Longmore of Banffshire, Scotland. James and Mary Ann came to Ste Sophie, Halifax Tp in 1869. Their children :
      1. Isabella Anderson Watson b 1872 in St Sophie, Quebec, d 1948 in Upper Ireland, Inverness Tsp, Quebec, m in 1897 to George Mitchell Henderson of Inverness Tp, b 1850, d 1945, son of Wilson Henderson and Susannah Mitchell. See the Henderson publications by Gwen Henderson.
      2. Alexander Petrie Watson b 1874 at St Sophie, Que, d 1949 in Montreal, m in 1914 to Mary Robinson McKenzie of Adderley, Inverness Tp. Lived in St Pierre Baptiste, Inverness Tsp. Children :
        1. Catherine May b 1920, d 1983 in Hamilton, Ont
        2. John James b 1919
      3. James Hutchison Watson d 1908 in Scotstown, Que, m 1st to Agnes Hamilton of Inverness Tsp, 1873-1903, m 2nd in 1909 to Annie Crawford. Lived in St Pierre Baptiste. Children :
        1. Albert Edmond b 1901
        2. William Duff b 1903
      4. Thomas Duff Watson m Jane Weir Hamilton. Lived St Pierre Baptiste. Children:
        1. Andrew Hamilton b 1899
        2. Thomas Duff b 1895
        3. Jean Hamilton b 1901
        4. Mary Marion b 1902
      5. Maud Watson 1881-1947

    WATSON ROBERT b 1840 in IRELAND, FC, d 1923 in New Ireland, Ireland Tp, m in 1864 at St Sylvestre Presb to CHARLOTTE FERGUSON of Ireland Tp, d 1919. Robert was a brother to Hamilton Watson. Children :

    1. John Ferguson Watson 1866-1937, died Calgary, Alberta
    2. Sarah Watson 1868-1961 m in 1892 to George Thomas Little
    3. Mary Watson 1871-1958 m William A Christie 1872-1947

    WATSON HAMILTON b 1838 in IRELAND, FC, single in Inverness in 1861, d 1915. Brother to Robert b 1840


    WATSON JOHN b circa 1837 m MARIA DAVIDSON. Children :

    1. John Ferguson b 1860
    2. William Henry b 1860

    WATSON THOMAS b circa 1830 m MARGARET WATSON. Child John James Watson b 1854


    WATSON RUTH b 1822, of Inverness Tp, m in 1845 at C of E Ireland Tp to HUMBLE WISEMAN of Inverness Tp.


    WATSON JANE, widow of Leeds Tp, m in 1899 to RICHARD FILGATE 1822-1902. Richard was married 1st to Maria Hogg who died in 1899. For Hogg, see Publications by Gwen Barry.


    WATSON JOHN b circa 1818, m MARGARET O'BRONING of St Francis district. Child : Ephraim Watson b 1859, bapt Methodist Church, Inverness Tp.


    WATSON AMY FRANCES b c 1888 in Croyden, ENGLAND, d 1920 Kinnears Mills, bur Kinnears Mills Presb, m THOMAS ROTHNEY d 1973. Lived Leeds Tp.


    WATSON GEORGE of Marlow Tp, m in 1844 at St Sylvestre C of E to SARAH HARRIS of Marlow Tp.

    Contact info available for Watson.


    See also: WHITTEN



    See also: WATTON


    WATTS RICHARD settled Inverness Tp 9th Range, Lot 7, living alone in 1831 census, m in 1833 at Leeds Presb to HARRIET ARTILLE of Inverness Tp. Granted 200 acres in 1834.


    WATTS ALEXANDER m MARGARET McGRATH. Child Elizabeth bapt 1832.


    WATTS THOMAS b 1786 in ENGLAND, d 1871, settled Nelson Tp, m DINAH b 1792, d 1861. Living in same household in 1861 census were :

    1. Anna Watts b 1781 in England
    2. Jonathan Watts b 1835 in England, m in 1859 to Ann Glass of Inverness. Children :
      1. Margaret b 1860
      2. Thomas 1861-1950, d at Ste Anastasie, Que, m in 1881 at Inverness RC to Margaret Meehan, widow of Michael Mimnaugh
      3. Dinah b 1863
      4. Richard b 1865
      5. Sarah Jane b 1868
      6. William Henry 1872-1875
      7. Elizabeth Ann b 1874
      8. Jonathan 1875-1880
      9. Robert 1878-1952
      10. Benjamin b 1882
      11. Samuel b 1870
      12. Henrietta b 1880
    3. Thomas Watts b 1834 in England, d 1909, bur St Stephens Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp, m in 1865 to Elizabeth Patterson 1845-1935. Children :
      1. Elizabeth b 1866 Nelson Tp
      2. Teresa Jane b 1867 m Osgood Horton. Lived Lynn, Mass. Child:
        1. Lewis Allan b 1899, bapt C of E Inverness
      3. Harriet b 1869, d 1922, m John Smyth
      4. Dina Louisa b 1872
      5. Frederick William b 1875
      6. Thomas Andrew b 1878 m Catherine Anola Sturgeon
      7. Beatrice Matilda b 1880
      8. George Allan b 1883 m Elizabeth May Patterson
    4. Anna Watts b 1840 in LC
    5. Margaret Watts

    WATTS GEORGE of Inverness Tp m in 1854 at Compton, Que C of E to JULIA BICKFORD. Lived Inverness. Child : Ann b 1855 at Inverness


    WATTS ELIZABETH (Mrs?) b 1844, d 1935, bur St Stephens, Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp.


    WATTS A. O. Rev, m EMMA A MINER. Child : Mabel Luella b 1895, bapt Inverness WM




    WATTS THOMAS m ELIZABETH MORRISON 1867-1941, bur St James C of E Leeds


    WATTS THOMAS 1844-1935, C of E


    WATTS JAMES . Child : Jean 1850-1932, died Thetford Mines, m a McCallum


    WATTS JANE 1825-1906 m GEORGE CURRIE. Lived Inverness

    In a letter of Dec 28, 1911 to the Montreal Gazette , from ' subscriber ,' the following persons formerly of Megantic County, Quebec were listed as living in the Monteith area of Ontario in 1911: (I abstracted this at the Megantic County Historical Society)

    P. Armstrong

    William S. Clark

    Matthew Devlin

    William Dinsmore

    Benny (Benjamin?) George

    Peter Johnston

    ==H. Johnston

    R. A. Kelso, who opened the first store in Walker Tp., Ontario in 1911

    John Kelso

    Hamilton Lowry

    W. T. Lowry

    S. J. Lowry

    William Plummer, who lived at the Experimental Farm

    Henry Plummer, arrived in Dec 1911

    Mr. And Mrs. Watts.

    Contact info available for Watts.

    WEBB LYDIA 1788-1878, bur Inverness C of E, m ALEXANDER PAYNE


    WEBSTER JOHN settled Inverness Tp, m ANNE STEVENS. Children :

    1. Jane Y b 1830 in Inverness Tp
    2. Mary b 1832.
    3. Contact info available.

    WEESE WILBERT W, WM Minister, m AMELIA FRANCES BROWSON. Lived Leeds. Children:

    1. Wilhelmina b 1887 at Leeds
    2. Amelia Frances b 1890 at Leeds

    WELDON WILLIAM, granted 1 lot on Mill Range West, St Sylvestre circa 1829.


    WELSH JEFFREY b IRELAND, Co Cavan, settled St Sylvestre, m in Ireland to HELEN ROWAN. Child : Bridgette Welsh b Ireland, m in 1830 to David Farley.


    WELSH : The following 4 children were living in Ireland Tp in 1861 in the home of Robert Kelly and wife Lucy Kilroe, both born Ireland, RC :

    1. WELSH JAMES b 1849 LC, RC
    2. WELSH MARGARET b 1852 LC, RC
    3. WELSH RICHARD b 1854 LC, RC, d 1928, bur C of E Ireland Tp
    4. WELSH ANTHONY b 1856 LC, RC

    WELSH JOHN b 1852 LC, RC living in the home of Michael Annesley and wife Jane Bennett, both C of E, in Ireland Tp in 1861.


    WELSH MARY b 1852 LC, RC living in Ireland Tsp in 1861 in the home of Elizabeth Higgins, widow, born Ireland, RC.


    WELSH EMELINE b LC, m Franklin Leavitt of Lancaster, NH. Child :

    1. Victoria b 1859 at Lancaster, NH

    WELSH NOTE : For possible relationship, also see WALSH.


    WHARTON HENRY C was the Postmaster, Leeds in 1833.


    WHELAN MATTHEW RC, m MARGARET PAUL. Child : Johanna b 1841.


    WHALEN MARGARET 1840-1910, bur C of E Inverness, m ROBERT POWER


    WHELAN CATHERINE m JACK WRIGHT, RC. Child : Patrick m in 1834 at St Sylvestre RC to Helen Mahoney.



    1. Nathaniel m in 1853 at St Ferdinand de Halifax RC to Johanna O'Brien

    WHITE/WHYTE/WIGHT are 3 unrelated families.


    WHITE JAMES granted 1200 acres of Halifax Tp, 2nd , 3rd and 4th Ranges on 5 July 1831


    WHITE GEORGE b 1820 in IRELAND, C of E, d 1895, m in 1838 to CATHERINE THOMS b 1819 in IRELAND, CE, d 1895. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :

    1. Catherine b 1841 in Ireland
    2. James b 1844 in Ireland
    3. Margaret b 1846 in LC
    4. Eliza b 1855 in LC
    5. William b 1859 in LC

    WHITE WILLIAM GEORGE b 1810, d 1855, settled Inverness Tp, Glen Murray, m CATHERINE TURNER, b 1808, d 1895, bur St Stephens, Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp. Children :

    1. Margaret b 1844
    2. Eliza Jane b 1846
    3. William George b 1849, m 1st in 1878 at C of E Leeds to Anna Maxwell of Inverness, m 2nd in 1893 to Diana Neill of Inverness. William was postmaster at Glen Murray. Children:
      1. Herbert William b 1883
      2. Anna Margaret 1883-1911, m Alfred Henderson
      3. Roland Winfield b 1896
      4. Mary Ellen b 1893
      5. Martha Helen b 1899
      6. Samuel Stanley b 1901
      7. Andrew Russell b 1905
    4. Eliza Jane b 1852
    5. James

    WHITE WILLIAM GEORGE m HANNAH. Lived Inverness. Child :

    1. Archibald Edward Oliver b 1881, d 1910.

    WHITE CHARLES settled Frampton Tp, m SUSAN WHITE. Child Charles b 1832


    WHITE PATRICK b 1806 IRELAND, RC, widower, living in Leeds Tp, 7th Range, 1/2 of lot 5 in 1861 census. He had married ELLEN MAHONEY. Child : Ellen m in 1856 to John Kelly.


    WHITE JAMES m ELIZABETH DEMPSEY. Lived on the 8th Range of Inverness. Children :

    1. William George b 1871
    2. James Albert b 1875
    3. Robert Henry b 1882 m Margaret McCulloch. They had a child Pearl White b 1917, m Clifford Marshall. For Marshall, see the Robert and Anne Marshall publication by Gwen Barry.
    4. Catherine 'Kate' b 1870 married and went to Winnipeg, Man.
    5. Mary b 1872 m George Armstrong, to Winnipeg
    6. Annie Jane b 1886 m Henry Geake, to Vermillion, Alberta
    7. John Samuel b 1879 m Elizabeth, to Vermillion, Alberta
    8. Margaret Ellen b 1880, d 1891
    9. Elizabeth died in infancy
    10. Andrew Lewis b 1889 m Sadie, to Surrey, BC

    WHITE THOMAS, sailor, m ELIZA. Child :

    1. Ester b 1859 Leeds Tp. Notes in Margin of Ester's baptism, ' Thomas once of Leeds, but now at sea'. Baptism witnesses were Robert Suitor and Mary Ann Suitor.

    WHITE CATHERINE d 1890 at Inverness, m JAMES BRACKEN


    WHITE JANE 1819-1854, bur C of E Inverness, m WILLIAM ROBINSON


    WHYTE : For the descendants of John Whyte and Elizabeth Simpson of Fifeshire, Scotland, see :

    The Descendants of John Whyte (1838-1924) and Harriet Donaldson (1836-1918), , Menlo Park, California, Jan 1997. Contact info available for White/Whyte.






    WIGHT JEREMIAH b 1824, USA, carpenter, married in East Bethel, Vt to MARY ANN HENDERSON b 1834 in Inverness Tp. For Henderson, see Publications by Gwen Barry. Children :

    1. Susan Jane b 1858 in Vt
    2. Samuel Lyman b 1863 in Vt
    3. Francis b Quebec 1865
    4. George Robert b Quebec in 1867.
    5. Richard Alexander b 1870
    6. Sarah Ann b 1872
    7. Mary Ann 1876-1876, died Inverness

    WIGHT CALEB m HANNAH WARCUP, d 1916 at Leeds.


    WIGHT FRANCIS WATSON 1841-1912, bur CCLI


    WHITELAW Rev JAMES MENZIES m SARAH McEWEN. Served at Kinnear's Mills Presbyterian Church from 1890-1903. Children :

    1. William Menzies b 1890. William was an historian, and an expert author on Canada's Constitution.
    2. Robert Gordon b 1894, bapt Leeds Presb
    3. Contact info available for Whitelaw.

    WHITEMAN JAMES b ENGLAND, FC, settled Inverness Tp, m 2nd in 1856 to ANN McKILLOP b 1802 in SCOTLAND, FC, d 1892, dau of Neil McKillop and Mary McKelvie. Child :

    1. James b 1829, d 1879, bur St Andrews Presbyterian, Inverness

    WHITESIDE Rev ARTHUR m 1st to JULIA ELIZA HILL, m 2nd to HENRIETTA REBECCA GEORGE 1859-1908, died Alberta, bur Boutelle Cem, Inverness. Children :

    1. Julia b 1887 Inverness (by Hill)
    2. Nancy Kate b 1895 in Manitoba (by George)
















    WHITTEN, ANDREW TREW Rev, missionary with the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG), C of E, m ELEANOR. He was a Deacon at Leeds C of E in 1843-44. For his deaconship, he sought character references from John Hewitt, who replied on Sept 29, 1842 from the Rectory of Moneymore, Co. Armagh, Ireland. Another testimonial was made from J. M Trew, London, on Nov 1842 (formerly Rector of St Thomas in East Jamaica, subsequently incumbent of Middletown, Co. Armagh, and since incumbent of Hook, Surrey, Diocese of Winchester, England) J. M. Trew praises the services of Whitten, who was for some years a teacher of the negro and coloured children on the island of St Lucia. Another recommendation was made by Gilbert Percy, incumbent at the Ballymoyer Glebe, Newtown Hamilton, Co. Armagh, Ireland.

    Source: Quebec Diocesan Archives, Miscellaneous Papers.

    Whitten also spent time in the 1840s serving to the sick and dying at the Grosse Isle Quarantine Station, and survived it. In Dec 1849, he was visited in Leeds by Thomas Shaw Chapman a newly ordained missionary of the SPG. Chapman reported in his notes that, 'Whitten was a nice kind of man with a fine looking daughter. Whitten is a faithful preacher, but is sadly crippled, and interfered with by the Baptists and Nothingarians, particularly the former.'. Children :

    1. female b ?
    2. Richard Marcus Verschoyle b 1848 Leeds

    WHITTON NICHOLAS Capt., b 1821, d 1862, 10th Regiment of Foot, bur Holy Trinity, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp.


    WHITTON THOMAS, died 1867, bur HT CE Ireland Tp


    WOTTON/WITTON THOMAS b 1798 in ENGLAND, CE, d 1880, bur St Andrews Presb Inverness, settled Inverness Tp, m in 1836 to SARAH RICHARDSON or ROBINSON b 1804 or 1806 in ENGLAND, CE, d 1879. Sarah was baptized at C of E Leeds in 1855 at age 51 years. They lived Inverness Tp.

    Children :

    1. Henry b 1831
    2. Anne b 1834
    3. Thomas b 1837 LC, d 1957
    4. James b 1840
    5. Job b 1843
    6. Edward b 1846
    7. Susannah b 1851
    8. Joseph 'Watton' 1837-1894, killed by a falling tree, m in 1873 to Mary Smith of Inverness, 1854-1932. Both buried St Andrews Presb, Inverness. Children:
      1. Henry James b 1876, d 1953 at Plessisville
      2. Edward 1879-1942
      3. John Wallace m Ida Victoria Currie, dau of John Currie and Agnes Walker
      4. Thomas b 1883

    WOTTON THOMAS 1831 census : 10 in house including 3 married couples, C of E, 9th Range Leeds, Lot 4, came after 1825.


    WOTTON BENJAMIN 1882-1945, bur Inverness United.

    Contact info available for Whitten/Wooten.
    WICK R

    WICK Rev DANIEL, WM, m ANNIE MAY MILLER. Lived Inverness. Child :

    1. John Charles Gerald b 1909 at Inverness

      The following persons were at Holy Trinity, Maple Grove Church of England, Ireland Township, at various times:

      ==1851 - Rev Wickes

      ==1856 - Rev. C. P. Emery

      ==1865 - Robert Bennett, Church Warden

      ==1867 - Rev. Thomas Ball

      ==1884 - Rev Richard Hewton, to at least 1887.

      Source: Vestry Books of Holy Trinity, Maple Grove, 1860-1884.



    See also: WHITE



    See also: WIGHT


    WILKIN(S) JOHN b IRELAND, Newbliss, Co Monaghan, m in Ireland to MARY JANE WILLIAMSON. Mary Jane died at sea on the way to Canada in 1830. John and his children settled in Leeds Tp, as follows :

    1. WILKIN JOSEPH m 1st to ANN HALL d 1841. Child Isaac b 1841. Married 2nd in 1841 to CATHERINE CORDICK. Joseph purchased ½ of SW lot, 13th Range of Leeds Tp in 1852. He moved to Lambton Co, Ont after 1862. (Source for land and move records was Evelyn O'Neill Griffiths, 4121 Cranberry Ct., RR 1, Vineland, Ont. L0R 2C0 in Dec 2003.) Their children :
      1. Eliza Jane b 1842
      2. Margaret b 1844
      3. Catherine b 1846
      4. John b 1849
      5. Caroline b 1850
      6. James Robert b 1852
      7. Mary Ann b 1854
      8. Isaac b 1841 (by Hall)
    2. WILKIN JAMES b 1822 IRELAND, d 1900 m in 1850 to MARY BAILEY b 1834 IRELAND. Children :
      1. Jane b 1851 LC
      2. Robert b 1852
      3. Mary b 1859
      4. John b 1854
      5. Henry Samuel b 1873
      6. James Bailey b 1857 m in 1900 to Mary Warcup
      7. Gilbert b 1861, d 1923, blacksmith of Leeds Tp, m in 1894 to Sarah Hall. Children :
        1. Mary Ann b 1895
        2. Leslie Gilbert b 1911
      8. William Thompson b 1865, d 1950 at Chelmsford, Mass, bur St James C of E Leeds Tsp
      9. Joseph Joshua b 1867 m in 1891 to Margaret Maggie Squires, b circa 1873. Children :
        1. Gilbert Francis 1892-1894
        2. Robert Alexander b 1891
        3. James Wilfred b 1897
        4. Margaret Edna b 1894
    3. WILKIN JOHN b 1816 IRELAND, d 1910, m in 1846 to ANNA GULLEN b 1816 ENGLAND, d 1895, dau of John Gullen and Charlotte Barton Carrol. They lived in Leeds Tp. John and Anna's children :
      1. Emma Gullen b 1846 LC, d 1922, m in 1873 to John Cruickshank
      2. Charlotte Jane b 1849, d 1897 at Barre, Vt, m John Jamieson
      3. John b 1851, m 1st in 1879 to Mary Ann Beattie, m 2nd in 1887 to Annie Gullen. Children :
        1. Anna Eliabeth b 1880
        2. Charlotte Augusta 1885-1886
        3. Mary Jane b 1882
        4. Sarah Agnes b 1894
        5. Jemima Emma b 1892
        6. Serena b 1897
        7. Thomas Gullen b 1899
        8. Eliza Wilson b 1890
        9. Jessie Cora b 1901
      4. William Charles b 1856 m Elizabeth Ann. Postmaster at Leeds. Children :
        1. Emma Harriet b 1888
        2. James Frederick b 1880
        3. Ida Gertrude b 1881
        4. Clara Orilla b 1887
        5. Carry Charlotte 1889-1963, died Thetford Mines, m WILLIAM HUTCHISON
        6. Mildred Olive b 1892
        7. Mary Jane b 1886
        8. Robert Elmer b 1894
        9. William Charles b 1882
        10. Bertha Mary b 1883-1915, died Leeds, m HENRY NUTBROWN
        11. Anna Irene 1884-1921 m WILLIAM LORNE METCALF. Lived Ireland Tp
      5. Eliza b 1854 m in 1880 to William Wilkin b 1850
      6. Thomas Alexander b 1859, d 1922, m in 1889 to Margaret Elizabeth Jamieson. Children :
        1. Evelyn Beatrice b 1891
        2. Sadie Kerr b 1892
    4. WILKIN SAMUEL b 1820 IRELAND, d 1896, bur St James, Leeds, m ELIZABETH ANN (MARY?) HEATH b 1822 ENGLAND, d 1888. Married in Moore Tp., Lambton Co., Ont. They returned to Leeds Tp., Megantic Co to live. Their children :
      1. Hannah b 1845 LC
      2. Elizabeth Ann b 1846
      3. John b 1848, m in 1878 to Sarah Astbury of Leeds. Children :
        1. Alfred Henry b 1878
        2. Harriet Belinda b 1880
        3. John Heath b 1881
        4. John Arthur b 1884
        5. Alison Hurl b 1884
        6. Herbert A b 1888
        7. Edith b 1890
        8. Christina b 1892
        9. Roy b 1894
        10. Stanley b 1897
        11. Florence May b 1901
      4. William b 1851
      5. James b 1852
      6. Mary b 1854
      7. Samuel b 1857, d 1933 at Lemesurier, Leeds Tp
      8. Henry b 1860
    5. WILKIN ROBERT b 1832, d 1891
    6. WILKIN ELIZABETH 1808-1852 m Dr Montague Scott, surgeon of Leeds Tp
    7. WILKIN ELIZABETH JANE b 1817, d 29 Jan 1892, bur Sutherland Cemetery, Moore Tp., Lambton Co., Ont. Married Joshua Payne b 1811 in Wiltshire, England, Justice of Peace.

      For the emigration pattern of the above family, see Ulster Protestant Emigration to Lower Canada: Megantic County and St-Sylvestre, by Gwen Barry.


    WILKIN HENRY MONTAGUE 1863-1933, died Lennoxville, cattle dealer at Bishop's Crossing, Que, bur St James C of E Leeds Tp


    WILKIN ROBERT A 1862-1937, bur St James C of E Leeds


    WILKINS WILLIAM BROWN d 1863, farmer, bur C of E Inverness


    WILKIN WILLIAM CHARLES 1882-1922, lived Kinnear's Mills.


    WILKIN JOHN of Leeds m in 1875 at WM Leeds to ELIZABETH MORAN of Leeds. Children :

    1. Susan Clifford b 1876
    2. Mary Eva b 1878

    WILKIN HENRY m in 1879 at C of E Leeds to ELIZABETH NUTBROWN. Children :

    1. Thomas George 1880-1916, lived in Sask, died Sherbrooke, Que
    2. Eliza Jane b 1883
    3. Margaret b 1887
    4. Gordon Leslie b 1899

    WILKIN JAMES, blacksmith of Leeds Tsp m in 1878 to CATHERINE ROSS of Leeds. Children :

    1. David b 1879
    2. Charles Ernest 1885-1903

    WILKIN JOHN, blacksmith of Leeds m in 1878 to MARY JANE ROSS of Leeds


    WILKIN ELIZA 1890-1922 m LEWIS ROSS. Lived Leeds.

    Contact info available for Wilkin.>/p>

    WILKINSON JONATHAN settled Inverness Tsp, m MARGARET ? Children, all bapt WM Ireland Tp :

    1. Henry b 1837
    2. David bapt 1839 d 1841
    3. James b 1840
    4. David b 1841
    5. Richard b 1843

    WILKINSON JOSEPH, settled 8th Range, Inverness Tp, Lot 5, family of 7 in 1831 census.


    WILKINSON HANNAH b Newcastle, England m WILLIAM WATSON b 1801 England, d 1870.


    WILLEY EUGENE F of Inverness Tp m in 1888 to ELLA BAILEY of Ireland Tp


    WILLIAMS OLIVER granted land in Tring Tp in 1831


    WILLIAMS JOHN STEPHEN L b USA, settled Inverness Tp, 7th Range, Lot 15, family of 3 in 1831 census, m MARY ALDRICH, dau of Moses Aldrich Sr and Abigail Williams. For Aldrich, see Publications by Gwen Barry. Children :

    1. Joseph b 1830 at Inverness
    2. Moses West bapt 1833
    3. Thomas b 1836

    WILLIAMS FANNY ELIZABETH m in 1878 at Inverness C of E to ROBERT CORMEN BRADSHAW of Manitoba


    WILLIAMS ALFRED b 1837 ENGLAND, C of E, miner in Leeds Tp in 1861.


    WILLIAMS DINAH, b 1796, d 1881. A negress, bur Holy Trinity, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp. Was for some time supported by the congregation of the Cathedral, Quebec City, being placed on their fund for outdoor relief.


    WILLIAMS HERBERT b 1824, WALES, Swansea, d 1869, mining engineer, m in 1866 to FANNY CAMPBELL of Halifax Tp. He was Superintendant of Harvey Hill Mines, Leeds Tp for 10 years. Child :

    1. Herbert Henry b 1869, m in 1896 at C of E Inverness to Sohpia Maud Lewethlyn Austin. Lived Halifax Tp. He may have married 2nd in 1941 at Quebec City to Ethel Louisa Gale b 1872, dau of Thomas Gale and Martha Sealey Andrews. Children :
      1. Frances Connery Lewellyn b 1897
      2. Mary Sohpia b 1899
      3. Charles Herbert Austin b 1902
      4. Lewis Henry b 1904

        Note : Herbert Henry Williams, b 1869 may have married a 2nd time. There was a Herbert Henry Williams married in 1941 at Quebec City to Ethel Louisa Gale b 1872, dau of Thomas Gale and Martha Sealey Andrews. Or alternately, Herbert Henry Williams may have had a son also named Herbert Henry.

        For the history of Herbert Williams and his association with the Leeds copper mines, see A History of Megantic County: Downhomers of Quebec's Eastern Townships, by Gwen Barry.

    WILLIAMS WILLIS m in 1828 at Holy Trinity, C of E, Quebec City to MARY BUGGY of Ireland Tsp.


    WILLIAMS male m MARIA RUSSELL. Child :

    1. William George Robert b 1861, bapt C of E Inverness

    WILLIAMS ABRAHAM, travelling salesman, m MARY LOUISE STEWART. Lived Kansas City in 1879. Child : Edwin b 1879, bapt WM Inverness


    WILLIAMSON WILLIAM II 'Billy' b c 1785, m c 1811 in Dungannon, Co Tyrone, Ireland to ELIZABETH 'BETTY' WILSON. William Williamson came to Quebec, in 1844 or 1845, and then went on to Howick Township, Huron Co, Ontario about 1854 with some of his children. It is not known if his wife came to Canada or not. Nine of their children came over, some in 1844 and others in 1845. They were born in Ireland, Co Tyrone, Dungannon, Castlecaulfield, C of E, and were descendants of the castle curate William Jefferson Williamson b circa 1670. William Williamson Sr appears in his son William's household in the 1861 census for Howick Tp, age 76, born Ireland, ie b c 1785. (Source:1861 census info re William Williamson Sr provided by Barb Lee Page.) He does not appear in the 1871 census, so may have died between 1861-1871. No death or burial record has been found. Robert Rickaby settled in the area of the 10th and 11th ranges of Inverness Tp, and also had holdings on the 14th Range of Nelson Tp. He was a Magistrate and Justice of the Peace. He was involved in prosecution of the infamous Robert Corrigan murder of 1856. For an account of the Corrigan murder, and subsequent trial, see, Hill Search: The Robert Corrigan Story, by Steve Cameron, 2014. Robert Rickaby was also involved in the prosecution of a family that was selling liquor without a licence. In retaliation, Rickaby’s building in Nelson Tp. was destroyed. For an account of this incident, see ‘1856-Megantic Mob Law,’ in Hill Notes: ‘Glimpses’ of Before, by Steve Cameron, 2017, 43-60. Contact Steve Cameron at Other contact info also available. According to some sources, others of the Williamson family emigrated from Ireland to Chicago in the 1860s, and others emigrated from Ireland to Virginia. The 9 children of William Williamson II and Betty Wilson who came to Megantic Co were :

    1. WILLIAM WILLIAMSON III b c 1818 - 1821,m at Inverness to MARY ALDRICH. For their children, see the Aldrich publication by Gwen Barry. (In the 1871 census for Perth County North, William is listed as age 53 ie born 1818, and in the 1881 census for Howick Tp, he is listed as age 60, ie b 1821), d 1905, aged 94 years. (Source: Death dates for William Williamson and Mary Aldrich provided by correspondence of May 1980 from Elmer Williamson of Fordwich, Ont.) William was born at Castlecaulfield, Dungannon, Co Tyrone, Ireland and came to Quebec in 1844-45, with at least one parent, William Williamson Sr and William Sr's 8 other children, including Marjory Williamson who married Arnold Aldrich. William and Mary Williamson moved to Fordwich about 1854, then later to Wallace Township, Perth County, Ont. William married MARY ALDRICH b 28 Oct 1827 at Inverness, baptized 1 Jan 1828 at Aubigny English Church, Levis, Que. (Baptized as Mary Aldrick, dau of Paul Aldrick and Margaret, his wife. LDS microfiche 6334276), d 5 Sept 1875, age 47 years, at Fordwich, Ontario, buried Shipley cemetery, Fordwich, Ont. For their 12 children, see the Aldrich Publication by Gwen Barry.
  4. GEORGE WILLIAMSON b 1809 or 1816, d 1897, settled Halifax Tp, m in 1838 to ISABELLA HUNTER b 1818 in IRELAND, Co Armagh, d 1904. Children :
    1. Eliza Williamson b 1842 in Ireland
    2. William George Williamson b 1843 in Ireland, d 1894, m in 1890 to Mary Ann Forbes, dau of William George Forbes Jr and Mary Ann Ralston.. Mary Ann Forbes Williamson later married David Burke. Children of William George and Mary Ann:
      1. Edgar Harris Williamson b 14 Jan 1891 in Halifax Tp, shoe cutter, d 1988 m in 1915 to Marion Whitney, d 1983. Lived Manchester, NH. Edgar and Marion were the source for the Williamson family origins as Castlecaulfield, Dungannon, Co Tyrone, and for who the 8 children were.
      2. Eva Beatrice Williamson b 1892 b Halifax Tp
      3. Edith Harriet Williamson b 1893 b Halifax Tp
    3. Isabella Williamson b 1846 in Canada, d 1849
    4. Margaret Ann Williamson b 1847, d 1912, m 19 Aug 1868 at C of E, Ireland Tp to John Donaghy b 1837, d 1910, Both buried Holy Trinity, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp. John was the son of John Donaghy and Mary Ellis of Halifax Tp. Megantic County. Children :
      1. Tirzah H Donaghy m 5 July 1898 at C of E Ireland Tp to Henry Woods of Halifax Tp. Marriage witnesses : Frederick Woods and John Donaghy. Marriage record : Anglo-Protestants of Megantic County.
      2. John James Ellis Donaghy b 1874
      3. Lizah Ellita Donaghy b 1880
      4. Isabella Laura Donaghy b 1883, m 4 Apr 1906 at Inverness Presbyterian to William Thomas Simons, both of St Ferdinand de Halifax. Marriage record : Anglo-Protestants of Megantic County.
      5. Margaret Mary Donaghy b 1889, m 16 Jan 1917 at Holy Trinity,Maple Grove Ireland Tp to Frederick William Woods, an asbestos miner of Black Lake. Marriage record : Anglo-Protestants of Megantic County.
    5. Jemima Williamson b 1851, d 1936 at Colebrook, NH, m 1st in 1868 to John Simons d 1891, m 2nd 8 April 1897 at C of E Ireland Tp to widower Samuel Jamieson. Witnesses as 2nd marriage : Florence Jamieson and George Simons.
    6. Joseph George Williamson b 1853, m 19 Aug 1878 at Methodist Church, Ireland Tp to Rebecca Donaghy b 1854, dau of John Donaghy and Mary Ellis. Children :
      1. William John b 14 April 1879 in Halifax Tp
      2. Joseph Hurbert b 13 March 1883 in Halifax Tp
      3. George Ernest b 14 March 1881 in Halifax Tp
    7. James Williamson b 1856, m 31 Dec 1889 at C of E, Ireland Tp to Margaret Jane Forbes, dau of William George Forbes Jr and Mary Ann Ralston. Children, all born Halifax Tp :
      1. Orlina Martha 1891-1900
      2. Herbert James b 1894
      3. Victoria Lillian b 1900
    8. Mary Jane Williamson b 1858, m 13 Feb 1884 at C of E Ireland Tp to Henry Ralston III, 1850-1931, son of Henry Ralston II and Mary Ann Henderson. For Little-Ralston, and Henderson publications, see Publications by Gwen Barry.
  5. JOHN WILLIAMSON b 1814, d 1905, tailor, settled Halifax Tp, then moved to Ireland Tsp. John had 17 children. He married on 27 Dec 1842 at C of E Ireland Tp to MARY DUFF b 1823 in IRELAND, d 1865, of Inverness Tp, dau of Sgt William Duff and Margaret Anderson of Inverness Tp. John Williamson married 2nd on 1 Jan 1867 to widow JULIA SHEPHERD, nee ANNESLEY, 1835-1887, her 2nd marriage. Julia died at Lyndon, Vt of diptheria. John Williamson had 18 children. Children of John Williamson :
    1. WILLIAM GEORGE WILLIAMSON 1843-1894, bapt C of E Ireland Tp
    3. JOSEPH WILLIAMSON m 1st in 1878 to REBECCA DONAGHY. Married 2nd on 2 June 1886 at C of E Ireland Tp. to widow MARGARET LONG. Joseph Williamson had 17 children. Some of them were :

        Children by Rebecca Donaghy :

      3. JOSEPH HURBERT WILLIAMSON b 1883 m ELIZABETH RALSTON. They lived in East Ryegate, Vt. For Ralstons, see the Little-Ralston publication by Gwen Barry. Child :
        1. EVERETT URBIN WILLIAMSON b 1905 in Vt, bapt C of E Ireland Tp on 20 May 1906

          Children by Margaret Long :

        2. WALTER CLEVELAND WILLIAMSON b 8 March 1889 at Halifax Tp.
      4. JOHN WILLIAMSON died in infancy
      6. MARY ANN WILLIAMSON b 1850, witness at baptism was John Duff.
      7. ESTHER WILLIAMSON b 1852, m a CROSS. Witnesses at Esther's baptism were John Duff and Agnes Trebilcocks
      10. RACHEL WILLIAMSON b 1857
      11. MARTHA WILLIAMSON b 1859
      12. SARAH WILLIAMSON b 1862
      13. MARJORY WILLIAMSON b 1865, d 1865 at same time as her mother Mary Duff Williamson

        By Julia Annesley Shepherd :

      14. MARGARET WILLIAMSON b 1867
      15. JOSEPH WILLIAMSON 1870-1887, died at Lyndon, Vt of diptheria
      17. JOHN WILLIAMSON b 1872
      18. THOMAS WILLIAMSON b 1875 at Inverness.
    4. ISABELLA WILLIAMSON m 2 Feb 1847 at C of E Ireland Tp to JOSEPH WALKER, farmer of Ireland Tp. Witnesses William Williamson and Richard Annesley.
    5. JAMES WILLIAMSON 1817-1854 m 17 Dec 1850 at C of E Ireland Tp., to MARY ANN DONAGHY b 1834, dau of John Donaghy and Mary Ellis. Lived Halifax Tp. Went to Howick Tp, Huron Co, Ontario in 1854. Marriage record LDS microfiche 6334276 and Anglo-Protestants of Megantic County.
    6. MARGARET (MARJORY) WILLIAMSON b 24 June 1821 at Castlecaulfield, Dungannon, Co Tyrone, Ireland, d 20 Dec 1884 at Stewartstown, N.H. She married 17 Dec 1844 at Inverness, Que. to ARNOLD ALDRICH, b 18 Aug 1824 at Inverness, Que, baptized 24 Jan 1825 at Inverness by C of E travelling missionary, Rev Archibald, d 15 Dec 1896 at Wheelock, Vt, buried on 17 Dec 1896 at South Hill Cemetery, Stewartstown, Coos County, N. H., where he had lived. His death is recorded in Wheelock, Vt. Town Clerks' Register. After their marriage Arnold and Margery lived in Halifax Tp, Megantic Co., Que., then moved to Stewartstown, NH about 1846. Arnold served in the Civil War in the New Hampshire Regiment, Union Army, Company H, 13th N.H. Regiment. He was discharged at Richmond, Virginia 21 June 1865. Arnold and Margery are both buried at South Hill Cemetery, Stewartstown, NH. (Note:According to A. James Aldrich's' book, Vol III, page 40, Arnold Aldrich is buried at Stanstead. That is not correct.)They had 4 children. For the descendants of Margaret Marjory Williamson and Arnold Aldrich, see : The Descendants of Moses Aldrich and Abigail Williams of Scituate, Rhode Island, St Johnsbury, Vermont and Inverness Tp., Megantic Co. Quebec, by Gwen Barry . Evans Books, Nov 2002, 184 p.p.s.
    7. JOSEPH WILLIAMSON b 1823 in Ireland, m MARY JANE DONAGHY. They moved from Halifax Tsp to Howick Tp, Huron Co, Ontario. They are listed in the 1861 census for Howick Tp. Joseph received the Crown deed for Lot 23, Concession 3 of Howick Tp in 1868. In 1875 a southwest part of the lot was assigned to the trustees of the Regular Baptist Church for a church and cemetery. Children :
      1. Mary Williamson b 2 May 1852 in Halifax Tp, Que. (age 8 in 1861 census for Howick)
      2. William Williamson b 16 April 1854 in Halifax Tp., Que. (age 6 in 1861 census for Howick)
      3. John C. Williamson b c 1857 in Howick, age 4 in 1861 census for Howick
      4. Joseph Halbert 'Harvey' Williamson b c 1859, age 2 in 1861 census for Howick, d 1943, m Louise Fallis. They took over Joseph's parents farm in 1896. Children :
        1. Vera Williamson, died young
        2. Russell Williamson m Emma Galbraith. Children :
          1. Keith Williamson d inWW II
          2. Bruce Williamson moved to London, Ont.
        3. Freda Williamson m Jack Montgomery
        4. Harvey Williamson. He took over his parents farm in 1943. They later moved west. Harvey lost his life in a house fire. Children :
          1. Linda Willialmson m Bob Campbell
          2. Joanne Williamson m a Cunningham
        5. George H Williamson b c 1861, age10 in 1871 for Howick
        6. David Williamson b c 1863, age 8 in 1871 census for Howick
        7. Sarah E. Williamson b c 1866, age 5 in 1871 census for Howick
        8. Charlotte J. Williamson b c 1870, age 9 months in 1871 census for Howick
        9. Ester A. Williamson b c 1874, age 7 in 1881 census for Howick
        10. Alexander Williamson, b c 1879, age 2 in 1881 census for Howick
        11. Richard Williamson b c 1880, age 8 months in 1881 census for Howick
    9. ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON b 1828. There was an Eliza Williamson of Megantic County who married James Nichol. They lived in Ireland Tp, where their children were born. It is not certain that No 9. is the correct Eliza(beth) for this Nichol marriage. Placed here without proof. (James Nichol had a brother Robert Nichol b 1830 in Ireland, m 4 Jan 1851 in Ireland Tp., Megantic Co. to Marry Ann Woods b c 1833 in Ireland. Their children : Robert Woods Nichol, James Nichol, William Thomas Nichol, Mary Ann Nichol, Andrew Nichol, David Nichol, John Nichol, Elizabeth Jane Nichol and Catherine Nichol. Robert Nichol and his family moved between 1871 and 1881 to Muskoka District, Ontario, then on to Alberta in the early 1900s, then to BC.).
      1. Isabella Nichol
      2. Robert James Nichol

        For the emigration pattern of the above family, see Gwen Barry, Ulster Protestant Emigration to Lower Canada: Megantic County and St-Sylvestre,

        OTHER WILLIAMSONS OF THE MEGANTIC COUNTY AREA. (Fit with the above family, if any, is not known.)

        MARY WILLIAMSON m 26 July 1826 by a travelling missionary in Megantic County to JOHN NAUGHTON. Source : Anglo-Protestants of Megantic County.

        ELIZABETH PARKER WILLIAMSON of Inverness Tp, m 16 June 1887 at Leeds Presbyterian to William Alexander Stewart, widower of Inverness Tp. Witness at marriage : William Henderson.


      WILLIAMSON JOHN to Inverness Tp, m MARY HERBERT. Child Sarah b 1832 in Inverness, bapt C of E Leeds Tp 22 Jan 1832. Baptism Anglo-Protestants of Megantic Co.


      WILLIAMSON JOHN b 1802 SCOTLAND, CS, m ANN BARRON b 1801 SCOTLAND, CS, d 1882, bur Inverness WM. Their children, living in Inverness Tp in 1861 :

      1. John b 1837 LC
      2. Margaret b 1839
      3. Elizabeth b 1843

      WILLIAMSON JANE (Mrs ?) b 1817, d 1854, bur Christ Church, Lower Ireland, Inverness Tp.


      WILLIAMSON ANN 1833-1921, died Inverness, bur Inverness Methodist 4 Sept 1921, age 88 years, m 2 Oct 1849 at First Inverness Church (CCLI) to WILLIAM HENDERSON of Inverness. For Henderson, see Publications by Gwen Barry.


      WILLIAMSON JOHN b LC, m MARY b LC. Child : Lizzie m in 1878 at Danville, Vt to George Green, d 1881 at Danville.


      WILLIAMSON, JOHN m RACHAEL. Children :

      1. Levina Winford Williamson b 3 Nov 1872 at Inverness, bapt Methodist Church, Ireland Tp.
      2. John James Williamson b 21 March 1875 at Inverness, bapt Inverness Methodist.

      WILLIAMSON JAMES of Quebec City, m 5 May 1881 at Inverness Presb to KATE McKILLOP of Inverness Tp.

      Contact info available for Williamson.



      WILSON WILLIAM JOHN, b 1773 in ENGLAND, Herefordshire, d 1847 at St Gilles, blacksmith, m ELEANOR CHAPMAN, settled St Gilles, then Leeds Tsp in 1832.

      Their children :

      1. JAMES b 1805, d 1893, bur HT Ireland Tp, m in 1869 to MARGARET HOGG b 1821, d 1898. For Hogg, see Publications by Gwen Barry.
      2. JOSEPH 1820-1868 m in 1846 to MARY ANN SYMES of St Gilles. Children :
        1. Alice Louisa d 1863
        2. Frederick 1859-1872
      3. ROBERT b 1789, d 1859, settled St Charles, m ELIZABETH STAFFORD. Child William b 1831.
      4. WILLIAM b 1812, d 1888 settled St Gilles, m ANN
      5. CHARLES b 1818 d 1898, settled St Sylvestre, miller at Wilson's Mills, Leeds Tp, m in 1844 to EMMA PLANCHE of Leeds Tp, b 1824, d 1844, m 2nd in 1846 to FRANCES CHURCH, 1823-1900, died in Mass., dau of William Church and Catherine Lawlor of Leeds Tsp. Children :
        1. Ellen (by Church)
        2. Alfred Augustus Arthur 1868-1877
        3. Frances 1851-1936 m Frederick Augustus Planche. Lived Leeds
        4. Charles b 1853, d 1887, bur C of E Leeds, m Margaret McKenzie. Lived Leeds. Child :
          1. Alice May b 1880, bapt C of E Leeds, baptism witnesses were William Church and Louisa Church
        5. Harriet Maria 1861-1885, m in 1885 to Samuel McKee. Samuel m 2nd to Margaret McKenzie.
        6. William 1848-1904 m in 1878 to Eliza Jane Orr, d 1900. Children :
          1. Ernest King 1884-1965, miller, died Sherbrooke, m Clara May Jiggens 1884-1969, dau of Charles William Jiggens and Isabella Hall
          2. Clarence William 1881-1965, died Cookshire, Que, m in 1903 to Caroline Jemima Lowry, dau of William Lowry and Susan Graham
          3. John Alfred 1878-1960, died at Wilsons's Mills
          4. Mabel Helen 1889-1941 m in 1910 to Ernest Cox

      WILSON EDWARD m CATHERINE. Child : Augustus m 1912 to Janet Melrose McGill


      WILSON GILBERT CHEAVER settled St Gilles m ELIZABETH STEVENS. Child Agnes b 1831 at St Gilles


      WILSON JOHN settled St Gilles, m MARY VINCENT. Child George Henry b 1834 at St Gilles


      WILSON WORSHIP lived in St Patrice de Beaurivage in the 1840s, C of E.


      WILSON CAMILLA, dau of William Wilson, m 1879 at St Sylvestre C of E to SAMUEL NEIL of New Armagh, Lotbiniere Co.


      WILSON JOHN of St Sylvestre m in 1860 at St Sylvestre Presb to MARIA DAVIDSON. Lived 3rd Range of Leeds. Maria Davidson is not related to the Davidsons of Gwen Barry's publication.


      WILSON MARIA d 1885, m JOSEPH McCUTCHEON. Lived St Sylvestre


      WILSON CHARLES of St Sylvestre m in 1873 at St Sylvestre C of E to ANN NEILL


      WILSON ALBERT EDMOND of St Sylvestre m in 1885 at St Sylvestre C of E to CARRIE NORTON




      WILSON DAVID b 1809 in IRELAND, Belfast, d 1890, settled in 1833 in Leeds Tp, m in 1852 to ELIZA KIRKLAND b 1816, d 1872. Contact info available for this family. Children :

    11. Ann Jane Wilson b 1854
    12. Mary Ann Wilson b 1856
    13. Sarah Wilson b 1861 - twin
    14. Harriet Wilson b 1861 - twin
    15. Eliza Wilson b 1864
    16. Robert Kirkland Wilson b 1865

      1. WILSON DAVID b 1830 in Ireland, m Elizabeth McCullough of Belfast Ireland. Children:
        1. David Wilson b 1858, Station Agent at Black Lake, Que, m in 1888 to Emma Kinnear 1865-1944. Children :
          1. George M b 1888
          2. David Raymond b 1890
          3. James Kinnear b 1894
          4. Harriet Alice b 1897
          5. Kenneth Albert b 1899

      WILSON WILLIAM settled Leeds Tp, b 1802, d 1889, m MARY CARR 1800-1868, bur Boutelle Cem, Inverness Tp.


      WILSON ALICE (Mrs. ?) b 1800, d 1878, bur St James, Leeds.


      WILSON JOHN b 1801 in IRELAND, FC, d 1888, settled Leeds Tp, 5th Range, m MARY JANE ACKLAND b 1808 in IRELAND, d 1888. Living in same house in 1861 was Eliza Wilson, widow, b 1780 in Ireland. Children of John and Mary Jane :

      1. Anna b 1831, d 1910 at St Johnsbury, Bt, m William Palmer
      2. Eliza b 1834
      3. Margaret b 1836
      4. Agnes b 1838
      5. Agnes b 1839, d 1872, m Samuel McHarg
      6. Sarah 1841-1853
      7. John b 1844, d 1867
      8. Isabella b 1848
      9. Charlotte b 1850, d 1869

      WILSON WILLIAM JOHN, blacksmith, of Quebec City, m in 1849 at WM Ireland Tp to ELLEN EWART (YOUART) of Leeds. Lived Leeds. Children :

      1. Margaret McCutcheon b 1849
      2. Robert b 1851
      3. Jane b 1853
      4. John b 1855
      5. David m Jane Sutherland. Lived Kinnear's Mills, Leeds Tp. Children :
        1. Christianna Catherine b 1866, bapt witnesses were John Ewart and Ellen Wilson
        2. Joseph b 1869

      WILSON CAROLINE 1842-1903, bur C of E Leeds, m ROBERT STEVENSON




      WILSON ELIZA 1836-1872, bur C of E Leeds, m THOMAS GULLEN. Lived Leeds


      WILSON ELLEN d 1921, m ELIAS LOWRY. Lived Leeds


      WILSON HARRIET 1823-1901 m JAMES KINNEAR. Lived Leeds Tp




      WILSON MARGARET d 1908, m JOHN WARCUP. Lived Kinnears Mills, Leeds Tp




      WILSON THOMAS settled Upper Ireland, Inverness Tp, m ESTHER ? b 1793, d 1842, bur Holy Trinity, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp.


      WILSON HUGH b IRELAND, Co Antrim, settled Inverness Tp, m in 1835 at C of E Leeds Tp to ELIZA ERVINE (OR IRWIN?). Children :

      1. Grisella b 1837
      2. Eliza b 1839
      3. Jane Shear b 1841
      4. Lavinia b 1843
      5. Robert John b 1844
      6. Jemima b 1848

      WILSON WILLIAM b 1793 or 1802 in IRELAND, FC, d 1857, settled Inverness Tp, m MARY KERR b 1801 in IRELAND, d 1868. Children:

      1. Eliza Jane b 1831
      2. Mary Ann b 1833
      3. Margaret b 1837
      4. Helen b 1842
      5. Eleanor b 1844
      6. John b 1836 m Moriah b 1838 LC. Child : William b 1861

      WILSON ISABELLA 1840-1926, d at Ste Anastasie, Que, bur Inverness Presb, m at Inverness Presb to LOUIS BOLDUC, widower of Ann Taylor Stalker. Children :

      1. William John b 1873, bapt Inverness Presb
      2. Charlotte Margaret b 1878 bapt Inverness Presb
      3. Louis Benjamin b 1881, bapt Inverness Presb

      WILSON ROBERT 1831 census : 1 in house, Methodist, 3rd Range of Inverness, Lot 9, came before 1825.


      WILSON ISAIAH b IRELAND, settled in Inverness Tsp, m in 1832 to MARGARET LITTLE, sister to James Little b Co Armagh. Granted 100 acres Inverness Tp, 6th Range, 1/2 of lot 3 on 26 Aug 1831. Isaiah was killed by a falling tree circa 1832 or 1833. For Little, see the Little-Ralston publication by Gwen Barry. Child : Sarah b 1832.


      WILSON JOHN b c 1838 Co Antrim, Ireland, d 1886, bur C of E Ireland Tp


      WILSON JOHN, b 1814 ENGLAND, Liverpool, C of E, settled Upper Ireland, Inverness Tp, teacher, m in 1843 to MARY JEMIMA MESERVEY b 1824 LC, of Upper Ireland, b 1823, d 1863. They lived in Ireland Tp in 1861. Children :

      1. Esther Jemima b 1845 LC
      2. Enoch John b 1847
      3. Eliza Jane b 1849
      4. George Ernest b 1851, m 1884 to Rebecca Ann Stewart, dau of James Stewart
      5. Mary Ann b 1853
      6. Harriet b 1854
      7. Emily Julia b 1856-1874
      8. Martha b 1859
      9. Ester Lucinda 1863-1920, m Alexander Stewart

      WILSON WILLIAM JAMES of Inverness, medical student in 1856, m in 1856 at WM Ireland Tp to MARY SPITZENBURGER of Inverness 1835-1893


      WILSON MARY JANE 1834-1889 m JOSEPH ANDREWS. Lived Inverness Tp




      WILSON ELIZABETH 1804-1874, bur C of E Ireland Tp, m MARLBOROUGH CROSS


      WILSON JAMES b 1807, IRELAND, Co Antrim, settled Ireland Tp, 4th Range, Lot 16, arrived before 1825, d 1893 m in 1832 at C of E Leeds Tp to JANE LUNNEY b 1817 IRELAND, C of E, of Ireland Tp, d 1865.


      WILSON THOMAS b 1783 in ENGLAND, CE, d 1870, m MARY They lived in Ireland Tp in 1861.


      WILSON THOMAS b 1815, settled Ireland Tp, m 1st in 1837 to REGINA (OR ROSINA) AMADON b 1818, m 2nd in 1843 to MARY MITCHELL, widow of Wolfstown. Children :

      1. Sarah West b 1839
      2. George Thomas b 1841
      3. Regina Esther b ?

      WILSON MARY, widow, b 1775, Epis, d 1865. Lived in Ireland Tp in 1861 with John Wilson b 1838 Ireland.


      WILSON JOHN BAILEY m SARAH ANN LAMBLY. Lived Ireland Tp. Child : Ellen Louisa b 1865


      WILSON GRACE 1877-1949, died Montreal, m JOHN BENNETT. Lived Ireland Tp


      WILSON WINFIELD JOHN 1862-1906, bur HT C of E Maple Grove, Ireland Tp




      WILSON NANCY b 1809, d 1891, m HUGH SAVAGE.


      WILSON GEORGE m FRANCIS E b 1824, d 1903 at Lawrence, Mass.


      WILSON JAMES b 1812 in SCOTLAND, FC, ship's carpenter, widower in 1861 census.



      1. Margaret b 1847, d 1934 in Thetford, Vt, m Harley Thurber 1850-1919, bur Thetford, Vt.

      WILSON RICHARD, private in the service at Quebec City in 1868, m in 1868 at WM Ireland Tp to MARGARET WALKER of Inverness


      WILSON ROBERT m JANE. Lived Hardwood, Vaudreuil, Que. Child :

      1. Mary Ellen b 1880, bapt WM Inverness
      2. Contact info available for Wilson.

      WILTON GEORGE b 1783 in IRELAND, CE, d 1847 in Inverness, Lieutenant in Her Majesties 42nd Regiment, settled Inverness Tp, m HARRIET or HENRIETTA MAXWELL b 1790 in IRELAND, Epis. Harriet was a widow living with her children in Inverness in 1861 census. Children :

      1. WILLIAM m ANN ? Ann was born 1820, d 1883, drowned. They lived Inverness Tp
      2. JOHN settled Inverness Tsp, m in 1835 at C of E Leeds to ANN LEITH. Children:
        1. Maxwell b 1837
        2. William b 1839
        3. Jemima b 1840
        4. George b 1843
        5. Henrietta b 1844
        6. John b 1846
      3. THOMAS b 1816 in IRELAND, Epis, d 1894, settled Inverness Tp, m in 1840 at CE Leeds to CHARLOTTE LEITH b 1823 in IRELAND, Epis. Children :
        1. Maria b 1841 in LC
        2. Albert b 1842 m in 1864 to Elizabeth Leith. Children :
          1. Caroline b 1865
          2. William Henry b 1868
          3. George b 1870
          4. John Edwin b 1872
          5. Thomas Alex b 1874
          6. Hannah Sophia b 1876
          7. Robert Clinton b 1878
        3. Harriet b 1844, d 1894, m William Haskett
        4. Jane b 1846
        5. George b 1850
        6. Charlotte b 1850
        7. Emily b 1852
        8. Jemima b 1854
        9. Henry Melvin b 1855
        10. Frances Elizabeth b 1858
        11. Eliza Julia b 1861
        12. Letitia b 1864
        13. William Wickes b 1866, d 1869
      4. HENRY b 1818 in IRELAND, Epis, d 1883 in Inverness, burial witness was Edward Wilton. Henry was single in 1861 census.
      5. SOPHIA b 1820 in IRELAND, Epis, d 1888 in Inverness, single
      6. GEORGE b 1826 in IRELAND, d 1916, m in 1858 to FRANCES ELIZABETH LEITH b 1826 in UC, of Leeds Tp in 1858. Children :
        1. Nancy t b 1860 LC
        2. Harriet Sophis b 1860 LC
        3. Ann Elizabeth b 1861
        4. Sarah b 1865
        5. Mary Ann b 1867
        6. Henry Thomas b 1858, d 1940 in NH
      7. HARRIET b 1832 in IRELAND, Epis, single in 1861 census.

      WILTON HENRY THOMAS m in 1902 at C of E Inverness to MARTHA NEILL


      WILTON HENRY THOMAS m in 1890 at C of E Inverness to SUSAN LOUISA PATTERSON. Lived Inverness. Children :

      1. Susan Beatrice 1899-1899
      2. Henry Farley b 1896

      WILTON THOMAS m HARRIET LEITH. Lived Inverness. Child : Evelina Janet b 1861


      WILTON HENRY 1858-1940. Had a child :

      1. Harriet b 1905 at Inverness, d 1990 at Monroe, NH, m a Hinman

      WILTON ROGER, settled Hatley, Que, m REBECCA MURPHY of Inverness Tp, b 1797, d 1883.


      WILTON ALBERT m MARY CURRIE. Lived Inverness. Child : Gertrude b 1881


      WILTON ALBERT m ELIZABETH SMITH. Lived Inverness. Child : Henrietta b 1866


      WILTON GEORGE m SOPHIA 1815-1888, burial witness was Henry Wilton. Lived Inverness.


      WILTON:Obituary notice:

      'Robert Graham Sr., died 8 Apr. 1900, 11th Range of Inverness. He arrived in Canada 15 June 1831, age 13, with stepfather James McGill, mother and 3 sisters. James McGill was a commuted pensionnr, who received a grant for lot 18, 11th range of Inverness. Already on the same range when they arrived were the families of Mimnaugh, Wilton , Hackett, Currie, Plummer and Percy. In 1831, their nearest mill was at Goff's on the Craig Road, or Keoughs mill in Ireland Township. They got their flour at McElroy's store in St-Sylvestre. Many expended all and left before the first crop. The first schoolhouse on the 11th range was on lot 20. The teacher was Dr. James Currie. Robert Graham Sr. married Catherine Campbell, daughter of John Campbell . '

      Source: Montreal Gazette: Megantic Edition , 4 Jan., 1900. The only copy in existence is held by Marie-Eve Adam, of the 10th Range of Inverness, who has sinced moved on, with or without the stash of newpapers, no forwarding address known by me.

      Contact info available for Wilton.

      WINDER WILLIAM m JULIA SMITH. Lived Compton, Que. Child :

      1. George Thompson Winder b 1870, bapt C of E Leeds

      WINFIELD JOHN 1862-1906, bur HT Ireland Tp


      WINKLE THOMAS of Cumberland Mills m in 1853 at St Sylvestre C of E to JANE MARTIN


      WINKLE JOHN of Cumberland Mills, m in 1860 at St Sylvestre C of E to MARY ANN MILLER


      WINKLE RICHARD of Cumberland Mills m in 1868 at St Sylvestre C of E to ANN LAWREYSON


      WISEMAN HUMBLE b 1821 SCOTLAND, C of E, settled Inverness Tp, m in 1845 at C of E Ireland Tp to RUTH WATSON b 1821 SCOTLAND.They lived in Halifax N Tp in 1861. Children :

      1. Jean b 1845 Scotland, m John Ferguson
      2. Christine b 1848 LC m Robert Dagleish, son of James and Bell Dagleish
      3. William b 1851
      4. Isabella b 1852 m Charles Sidney Willard. Child Charles b 1896 at Derby, VT
      5. Ruth b 1854 m Calvin F Aseltine. Child : Willie b 1895 at Derby, Vt
      6. Margaret b 1856
      7. Humble b 1859
      8. Contact info available for Wiseman.

      WISLEY PATRICK settled Inverness Tp, m SARAH IRWIN. Child Martha b 1841 at Inverness, bapt C of E Ireland Tp


      WISTAFF JOHN Sgt. He did not come to Megantic Co, but after his death, his wife Mrs. LOUISA WISTAFF (nee KERRICK) settled on the south side of the Craig Rd, Ireland Tp, with her children William, Louisa and George. Louisa was granted 400 acres on Craig Rd, Lots 1 and 5 in 1831.


      WOLFF ARTHUR ALEXANDER of Val Cartier, Que m in 1851 at St Sylvestre C of E to SARAH CALWAY



      See also: WOODS

      A survey of data on Woods of Megantic County, indicate that there were two separate Wood(s) families, namely one from Ireland who settled in Ireland Tp., and one from England who settled in Halifax Tp. The following is an attempt at separation, to be used with caution.




      WOODS ROBERT b 1776 in IRELAND, d 20 Oct 1850 at age 74, bur Holy Trinity, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp (Source:Burial record : HT Maple Grove Parish Register, book 3, page 23), settled in New Ireland, Ireland Tp, m CATHERINE, d 1857 21 Dec, bur HT Ireland Tp (Source:Burial record : HT Maple Grove Parish Register, book 4, page 34).Child :

      1. Nancy Agnes Woods b 1803 in IRELAND, d 1877, 20 May, aged 74 years, bur CCLI, m James Little b 1798, d 1872 20 Nov, aged 74 years, bur CCLI Inverness Tp. It is assumed, but not proven, that Nancy Agnes Woods was probably the dau of Robert and Catherine Woods, as they all were from Ireland. For Little, see the Little-Ralston publication by Gwen Barry.



      WOOD THOMAS, b 1798 in ENGLAND, Greenwich, Kent, Yorkshire, C of E, d 1883 4 Oct, aged 85 years (Source:Burial record : HT Maple Grove Parish Register, book 6, page 2), settled Halifax S Tp, tanner and merchant, m ELIZABETH OUTHWAITE b 1795, d 1870 4 Dec, native of Ingerthorpe, Yorkshire, England (Source:Burial record : HT Maple Grove Parish Register, book 5 page 58)Children :

      1. Ann b 1824 England, d 1884 18 May, aged 60 years, died at Woodside
      2. James b 1827 England, drowned in 1862
      3. F. H. b 1832 England, d 1914 (probably Fred Hickington)
      4. Henry Thomas b 1837 England, storekeeper in Halifax Tsp, m in 1867 to Sarah Cross d 1868. Child :
        1. Thomas Armine b 1868, d 1936 19 Dec aged 69 years, bur HT C of E Ireland Tp
      5. Elizabeth b 1836 England, d 1880, m Henry Cross, merchant of Ireland Tp

      WOOD FREDERICK W of Adams, Mass, m in 1898 at CE Ireland Tsp to ELSIE J PORTER


      WOOD FREDERICK W, tanner of Halifax Tp, m ELIZABETH McCRAE


      WOOD FREDERICK, m in 1846 at C of E Ireland Tp to ELLEN IRVINE or ELLEN IRELAND. Marriage witnesses were William Doxey and R C Porter. Children:

      1. Debora Woods b 1846
      2. Frederick Woods b 1848, d 12 May 1849.

      WOOD FREDERICK b 1797 ENGLAND, WM, d 1852, settled Halifax S Tp, m DEBORA DOXEY b 1801 IRELAND, d 1875 29 March, aged 75 years. (Burial record : HT Maple Grove Parish Register, book 5, page 88.) Children:

      1. Thomas William b 1826, d 1896, bur HT Maple Grove, Ireland Tp, m 1st to Mary Ann Vessay. Lived Woodside. Thomas William m 2nd in 1885 to Mary Amelia Addie Cross, dau of William Cross. Children :
        1. George Frederick 1874-1875
        2. Annie 1876-1876
        3. George Melville 1886-1891, bur HT Ireland Tp
        4. Chester William b 1893
        5. Edna Cross b 1901
        6. Eva Mildred b 1897
        7. Victor Russell b 1891
      2. William Tiptod b 1828 ENGLAND, bapt 1851, d 1916 17 Jan aged 87 years, bur HT Ireland Tp, m in 1851 to Jane Baird or Beard b 1836 LC, d 1916 18 Jan aged 80 years, bur HT Ireland Tsp. Children :
        1. George b 1854
        2. Susan Jane b 1856
        3. Fanny b 1859
        4. Isabella b 1860
        5. Charlotte Harriet b 1865
        6. Henrietta b 1868
        7. Harriet b 1868
        8. Henry b 1876
        9. Helen Winifred b 1878 twin
        10. Helen Minnie b 1878 twin
        11. Charles Herbert b 1866, m in 1892 to Alma Eliza Jamieson b 1869. Child : Douglas b 1893
      3. Frederick Hickington b 1832, d 1914, tanner and currier, m 22 July 1863 at HT C of E Quebec City to Ellen Kinnear 1845-1914, bur HT Ireland Tp. Lived Halifax Tp. Children:
        1. Harriet 'Hattie' Amelia b 1868, m 1886 at C of E Ireland Tp to Samuel Hollie Bennett
        2. James Hickington b 1864, d 1935 26 Sept aged 71 years, died Vermont, bur HT Ireland Tp, m in 1889 at C of E Ireland Tp to Tirzah M Annesley, b 1860, d 1926 4 Oct aged 66 years, bur HT Ireland Tp, dau of Francis Annesley. Children :
          1. Garnet Tirzah b 1905
          2. Irvine Lacey b 1896
          3. Guy Trevor b 1891, m in 1915 to Emily Julia Annesley, dau of Richard and Jessie Annesley
          4. Mystie Idella 1890-1971, m Lee Collin Pharo. Lived North Hatley, Que.
          5. Clayton Hickington b 1900, m Gladys Annie Wright
        3. Henry Roe 1866-1926 23 March aged 59 years, bur HT Ireland Tp, m 1894 at CE Ireland Tsp to Margaret E Cross
        4. George Edward 1875-1879
        5. Elizabeth b 1865 dy
        6. Elizabeth Outhwaite b 1869, m 1885 to Daniel Plummer Bennett
        7. Laura Caroline b 1879, m in 1904 to Duncan Thompson Stewart
        8. Frederick William b 1871
        9. George Edward b 1874

      WOOD JOHN CHRISTOPHER settled Halifax Tp, then Arthabaska, Que, m in 1846 at C of E Ireland Tp to JANE WOOD of Halifax Tp. Marriage witnesses were Thomas Wood, William Wood, James Wood and Frederick Wood Jr. Children :

      1. Elizabeth Ann b 1850 Ireland Tp
      2. John Alfred b 1851 Ireland Tp, m Mary Orr. Lived Danville, Que. Child :
        1. Ida May b 1892, baptism witnesses were Irvine Cross and Isabella Wood
      3. Jane b 1854 at Arthabaska, d 1924 at Lowell, Mass, bur HT Ireland Tp, m William Stewart. Lived Lowell, Mass
      4. Isabella b 1856
      5. Thomas b 1860
      6. Henry Franklin b 1862
      7. Deborah b 1864
      8. Victoria b 1866
      9. Alice b 1868

      WOOD DONALD STEWART, mill superintendant in Montreal, m WILLAMINA McLAREN. Child:

      1. Arthur McNaughton b 1892 in Montreal

      WOOD JAMES b 1837, d 24 June 1872, aged 35 years, died in 'Mission of Ireland' (Ireland Tp)


      WOOD CHARLES CAMPBELL of Ireland Tp m in 1850 at C of E Ireland Tp to ANN McCLEAN of Upper Ireland. Marriage witness was Charles Wood. Children :

      1. Henry Thomas Woods b 1853
      2. Rosella Ann Woods b 1852

      WOOD HENRY THOMAS b 1834, d 1895, of Halifax Tp, trader, m in 1871 at HT C of E Levis, Que to MARGARET HALL. Lived Woodside, Halifax Tp. Children :

      1. Elizabeth Outhwaite b 1872
      2. Margaret Gertrude b 1878
      3. Edith Hall b 1879
      4. Edgar Evelyn b 1883
      5. Charles Gordon b 1885
      6. Albert Ernest b 1887
      7. Murial Grace b 1889
      8. Hubert Stanley b 1891
      9. Mary Olive b 1893
      10. Alice Maud b 1881
      11. William Henry b 1876, baptism witnesses were Fred and Ann Wood. William Henry was a RR car inspector at Woodsville, NH, m in 1902 to Mabel Adelia Annesley of Ireland Tp

      WOOD ISAAC b LC m MARGARET b LC. Child :

      1. Cathy b 1872 at Bloomfield, Vt

      WOOD MARIA 1869-1951, died Lancaster, NH m HERBERT CROSS


      WOOD FREDERICK m circa 1906 to CAROLINE CRAWFORD. Lived Kinnear's Mills


      WOOD HENRY m MARGARET CHURCH 1873-1951, bur C of E Ireland Tp, lived Vermont.


      WOOD HENRY 'HARRY' BOTHWELL of Halifax Tp m in 1898 at C of E Ireland Tp to TIRZAH H DONAGHY of Halifax Tp


      WOOD SARAH b 1841, d 30 Nov 1868, aged 27 years


      WOODS, T.Announcement:

      ' Clapham: Last week, one of Samuel Porter's cows gave birth to a Hereford calf with two perfect heads and necks. Mr. T. Woods has purchased the calf at a good round price for exhibition.'.

      Source: Montreal Gazette: Megantic Edition , 12 April, 1900. The only copy in existence is held by Marie-Eve Adam, of the 10th Range of Inverness, who has since moved on, with or without the stash of newspapers, no forwarding address known by me.

      Contact info available for Wood/Woods.

      WOODHOUSE SUSAN 1803-1883, bur C of E Ireland Tp, burial witness was James Wilson, m JAMES STAFFORD.


      WOODINGTON WILLIAM b 1797 in ENGLAND, Oxford, d 1880, settled Leeds Tp. William was granted 200 acres, Lot 13, 9th Range of Leeds Tp in 1822. He m GRACE THOMPSON b 1801 IRELAND, d 1890. Children :

      1. Catherine b 1834, d 1880, m Alexander Rothney
      2. William b 1836
      3. Mary b 1840
      4. Henry b 1842
      5. Harriet b 1844
      6. Richard b 1831 LC, m in 1872 to Mary Goff, d 1923, dau of Thomas Goff and Agnes McCallum. Lived 9th Range of Leeds. Child :
        1. Annie Laurie b 1873, m 1899 to George Alexander Woodside
      7. James b 1841, d 1916, m Margaret Mann. Lived Leeds Tsp. Children :
        1. Catherine 1872-1897
        2. John b 1869
        3. Gertrude b 1877
        4. Eva b 1874
        5. George Walter b 1881
        6. William 1867-1891

      WOODINGTON JAMES 1828-1916, bur St James C of E Leeds.


      WOODINGTON JOHN of Leeds Tp, m in 1895 at Leeds Presb to MARGARET ANDERSON, dau of James Anderson and Harriet Mann.

      Contact info available for Woodington.

      WOODSIDE JAMES b IRELAND, Carnduff, Co Antrim, m MARTHA RANKIN. Children :

      1. HUGH b 1805, IRELAND, Carnduff, Co Antrim, m MARGARET RANKIN. Lived St Sylvestre. Children :
        1. Hugh b 1837 m in 1874 at St Sylvestre Presb to Mary Parks
        2. Samuel Alexander m in 1874 at St Sylvestre C of E to Ellen Wilson.
        3. David b 1850, farmer in St Johnsbury, Vt, m in St Johnsbury to Jane Parks of LC.
        4. Martha m in 1878 at St Sylvestre Presb to William Nutbrown
        5. Mary Jane m 1894 at Leeds Presb to Charles Polleys, a widower from New Brunswick
      2. JAMES b 1807, d 1883, shoemaker, settled St Gilles, m in 1833 at Leeds Presb to ELIZA ANN HENRY. Children :
        1. James b 1834, m 1860 at St Sylvestre Presb to Mary McKee
        2. Alexander b 1836, m in 1867 at St Sylvestre Presb to Isabella Lindsay McKee. Children:
          1. Rev George Alexander Woodside, b 1871, m in 1899 to Annie Laurie Woodington. Doctor of Divinity. Was Rector at Ottawa, Owen Sound, Brantford, Ontario and Winnipeg, Man. Presbyterian.
          2. Marion Elizabeth Banker Woodside b 1885
          3. Rev John William Woodside 1881-1957. Presbyterian, served in Alberta, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa. Was Moderator of the United Church of Canada in 1938, and President of the Canadian Council of Churches in 1949-1950
        3. Eliza Ann b 1839
        4. William m in 1870 to Jane Elizabeth Hutchison. Children :
          1. Rev James Henry Woodside m 1904 at Leeds Presb to Florence May Goff, dau of Arthur Wellington Goff and Mary C Church
          2. William Alexander b 1882
          3. Violet Evelyn Laurena b 1885
          4. Eliza Ann d 1899
          5. Margaret Agnes m 1908 at Leeds Presb to George Henry Robert Abelson of Portneuf, Que.
          6. John Hutchison b 1880, m 1918 to Helen Alan Rothney, dau of George Rothney and Isabel Oliver
      3. MARGARET b 1803 in Ireland

      WOODSIDE : MARY LOUISA and MARGARET, both died 1892 at St Sylvestre, killed by lightening. Buried Leeds Presb, burial witnesses were Hugh and John Woodside.


      WOODSIDE DANIEL m JENNIE PARKS. Lived St Sylvestre. Child : Mabel Alberta b 1884


      WOODSIDE SAMUEL m ELLEN WILSON. Lived St Sylvestre. Child :

      1. Charles Clinton b 1876, bapt witnesses were Charles and Mary Wilson

      WOODSIDE HUGH 1842-1922, died Jeffersonville, Vt


      WOODSIDE JENNIE married at the Presbyterian Church, Ste Agathe, Lotbiniere Co to Thomas Seale. (Double wedding with Winnifred Woodside)


      WOODSIDE WINNIFRED married at the Presbyterian Chruch, Ste Agathe to Robert Lipsey. (Double wedding with Jennie Woodside). These 2 wedding from Robert Neill/Susan Orr family bible, with date on the clipping. Provided by Peter Orr. Contact info available for Woodside.


      WOODWARD WILLIAM Sr b 1792 probably England, Northamptonshire, d 1836 in Quebec City, m MARY ANN EAST b 1794 probably England, d 1836 in Quebec City. On the baptismal certificate for dau Frances, Mary Ann's maiden name is given as Sanders. On baptismal certificate of her dau Catherine, Mary Ann's maiden name is given as EAST. Mary Ann was present at the baptism of Catherine and should have known her own name. Therefore the maiden name of EAST is used here for Mary Ann. William, wife Mary Ann and son Alfred died in an epidemic. Witnesses at Mary Ann's burial were Mary Woodward, daughter-in-law and George Hamilton. Children :

      1. William Woodward Jr b 1814 or 1816 probably in England, d 1860, settled St Sylvestre, m in 1835 at Leeds Que to MARY McCLEAN or McLEAN b circa 1816, d 1884. William was a farmer, tinsmith and carpenter. After their marriage, William and Mary moved to Quebec City. They moved back to St Sylvestre sometime before 1839. In 1842 William sold land to Damion King and moved back to Quebec City. About 1848 they moved back to St Sylvestre, then about 1857 moved to Thetford, Que. After William's death, Mary remarried in 1861 at Leeds, Que to James Perry/Perrie/Parry. Children of William and Mary :
        1. Alfred Woodward
        2. Susannah Woodward b 1836 at Quebec City, d 1837 at St Paul, Quebec.
        3. Sarah Ann Woodward b 1838 at St Sylvestre, bapt C of E Leeds. Witnesses at her baptism were John Arthur, and Anne Heicks (Hicks?)
        4. William Woodward b 1839 at St Sylvestre, farmed in Leeds, m 1st to Elizabeth Emery and m 2nd to Nettie Pratt. William moved in 1861 to Stark, NH. He was in the Civil War from 31 Aug 1864 to 15 June 1865 as a Private. No children. However William raised a neice Louisa by his 1st marriage.
        5. John Woodward b 1841 at St Sylvestre
        6. Samuel Woodward, b 1843
        7. Louisa Woodward b 1846 Quebec City, d 1848 at St Paul, Que
        8. Mary Ann Woodward b 1848 at St Sylvestre
        9. Elizabeth Frances Woodward b 1850 at St Sylvestre, d 1924 at Stark, NH, m Horace Potter, son of Justus Potter and Elizabeth (nee Miles) Pattee. Children of Elizabeth Frances and Horace Potter :
          1. Elvira Potter m Calvin Abbott
          2. Charles Potter, never married, blacksmith
          3. Aron Potter, never married
          4. William Potter m Georgia Smith
          5. Elizabeth Potter m James Walker. He drowned about a year after Elizabeth died.
          6. Marcia Potter, died young
        10. Samuel Lowrey? Woodward b 1855, d 1886 of typhoid fever, m 1880 in Inverness, Que to Jane "Jennie" Greaves b 1855, d 1943, dau of William Greaves and Mary Clark. Mary Clark was a Marshall descendant. See the Robert and Ann Marshall publication by Gwen Barry. Samuel worked in the granite quarries of Barre, Vermont. Due concerns about contagion, Canada Customs would not allow Samuel's remains across the border for burial in Inverness, hence he was buried in the Elmwood Cemetery, Barre, VT. Jane is buried in the Mount Forest Cemetery, Coaticook, Quebec. After Samuel's death, Jane moved to possibly, Ware, Mass to work in a millinary shop. About 1907 Jane returned to Stanhope, Quebec. Children :
          1. William Alfred Thomas Woodward b 1881 in Eli, Vt. Baptized in West Fairlee, Vt. In the 1890s, William went west with Alfred Greaves and Willy Bailey, where they worked briefly in a granite quarry in California, then headed briefly to Vancouver, BC.
          2. Mary Eva Henrietta Woodward b 1884 in Ireland Tsp, d 1961 m 1904 to Fred Young of Dixville, Que. Mary Eva lived with her Greaves grandparents until about age 5. Mary Eva and Fred lived in Norton, Vt and Stanhope, Que.
        11. Susana Woodward b 1857 at Thetford, Que
        12. Louisa Mary Woodward b 1860 at Thetford, Que

          Child by James Perry :

        13. Samuel Perry b circa 1861 m in 1882 to Christiana b circa 1858, widow of Samuel Bewins
      2. Mary Woodward
      3. Anne Woodward b England
      4. Susan Woodward b 1820 in England, died 1838 at Hotel Dieu, Quebec City. buried at Chapel Holy Trinity, Quebec City.
      5. Joseph Woodward b 1828 England, d 1830 at Quebec City.
      6. Joanna Catherine Woodward b 1831 at Quebec City, died 1837 at Girls Orphan Asylum in Quebec City
      7. Alfred Woodward b 1833 at Quebec City, d 1836 at Quebec City. Witnesses at his burial were Mary Woodward, "daughter in law" and George Hamilton
      8. Frances Woodward b 1835 at Quebec City, baptized at St Pauls Church, Quebec City in 1837. Was in the Protestant Female Orphan Asylum in Quebec City.
      9. Louisa Woodward buried 1848

      WOODWARD male m MARY WILLIAMS. Child : Susannah b 1857, bapt CE Inverness


      WOODWARD JAMES R filed an affadavit, 2 March 1880, in the case of the St Francis District, Sessions of the Peace and Magistrates Court, Queen vs Aeneas McMaster. (Archives Nationales de Quebec). This affadavit concerns a mass rally held in Winslow Tp of the newly formed Protestant Defence alliance of Canada. They were trying to stop the LC French Catholic Administration's supposed systematic moves to displace Protestants off the farms of the Eastern townships. The meeting was charged with rhetoric, which bordered on threats of violence. an investigation on some of the claims of injustice by Protestant settlers was conducted by John Hume of Megantic Co, Inspector of Crown Lands.



      1. Susan P Fellows b 1840 at Concord, Vt, m in 1865 at Lancaster, NH to Robert Suitor b 1836 in LC, son of Robert and Susannah Suitor of St Sylvestre, Que.
      2. Contact info available for Woodward.

      WORTH MICHAEL 1831 census : 3 in house, 1 C of S, 2 RC, 6th Range of Leeds, Lot 1, came after 1825.


      WORTHINGTON JAMES settled Leeds Tp, mason, m BRIDGET ROBINSON. Child James b 1832 in Leeds Tp.


      WORTHINGTON JOHN EVANS, fireman, m AGNES ELIZABETH WALKER. Lived Quebec City. Children :

      1. Margaret Thelma b 1900, bapt C of E Inverness
      2. Beulah Miriam b 1903
      3. John Gordon Russell b 1907


      See also: WHITTEN



      See also: WOTTON


      WRIGHT : Most of the data for Robert 'Robin' Wright and descendants was provided by Dale Wright. Contact info available.

      WRIGHT ROBERT 'ROBIN' b 1795 in IRELAND, d 1846, C of E, sailed from Belfast, IRELAND in 1830 or 1833, settled Inverness Tp, 3rd Range, Lot 8. Married MARY MELIAI (or MALIA or MALLYOCH or MULLGOCH), b 1806 in IRELAND, Co Armagh, d 1882. Both are buried at CCLI. Children :
      1. RICHARD WRIGHT b 1830 in Belfast,IRELAND,and came from Aghaloo Parish, Co. Tyrone. He died in 1914, m in 1853 to ANNE HENDERSON b 1835 of the Caledon Estate, Aghaloo Parish, County Tyrone, or possibly from Caledon estate land in Tynan Parish, County Armagh, near Drumhillery, d 1915, C of E.

        For Henderson see the publication by Gwen Barry, which also includes land and church history of Aghaloo Parish, Co. Tyrone, from where these Wrights and Hendersons originated. The publication also includes a number of Wright records for Aghaloo Parish. William and Anne Wright lived on the 2nd Range of Inverness. Anne was the daughter of Thomas Henderson and Nancy Agnes Reid. Both Richard and Anne are buried at CCLI. Anne Henderson-Wright's obituary from the Sherbrooke Daily Record of Oct 28, 1915 reads :

        'Anne Henderson, relict of the late Richard Wright, passed away inher 80th year at the old homestead, on Oct 1st , as previously announced. In this removal there has passed away one of the oldest landmarks that connect the present with the past. Deceased was the eldest daughter of the late Thomas Henderson and came to this country with her father's family when she was 11 years old and has since that time been a resident in the neighbourhood. In early life she married Richard Wright, with whom she lived upwards of 61 years and who predeceased her about 11 months. Of their family of 12 children all were permitted to be present at the funeral of their aged mother, nine of whom reside in the vicinity.'

        Children of Richard Wright and Anne Henderson :

        1. Nancy Agnes Wright b 1854, d 1923, m in 1875 at the United Church in Inverness to Henry Roe Ralston b 1856, d 1901, son of James and Eliza Ralston. Nancy and Henry buried in Methodist Chapel Cemetery, Lower Ireland. For Ralston, see the Little-Ralston publication by Gwen Barry.
        2. Mary Wright b 1856, d 1918, m 1st James Henry Paul Glaze of Vermont, and m 2nd in 1891 to Richard Forbes b 1847, d 1905. Richard had previously been married to Nancy Meehan. Richard and both wives are buried at CCLI. Child : James Henry Paul 1876-1952 m Jane Appleton
        3. Martha Jane Wright b 1858, d 1932, m in 1888 at Barre, Vt to George Gray b 1859, d 1915. Both buried at Groton, Vt. George was born in Nova Scotia, the son of Joseph Grey and Caroline Woods.
        4. Robert Wright b 1860, d 1933, m in 1913 to Frances Evaline 'Eva' Little Forbes b 1874, d 1962. Both buried CCLI. Eva had previously been married to Henry Forbes. For Little, see the Little-Ralston publication by Gwen Barry.
        5. Benjamin Wright b 1862, d 1946, bur CCLI, nm.
        6. William 'Willie Doctor' Wright b 1864, d 1954, m in 1895 to Martha 'Mattie' Forbes b 1872, d 1947, dau of William Forbes and Mary Ann Ralston. Willie Wright learned to play the fiddle from Joseph Henderson. Willie and Martha lived on the 3rd Range of Inverness. Both buried CCLI.
        7. Margaret Ann Wright b 1866, d 1955, m in 1894 to her 1st cousin Robert James Wright b 1858, d 1921. Both buried CCLI. They lived on Lot 158, 3rd Range of Inverness.
        8. Joseph 'Jodie' Wright b 1868, d 1936, buried CCLI.
        9. Elizabeth Wright b 1871, dau of Richard Wright and Ann Henderson, d 1919, m 1st in 1893 to Thomas Walker b 1862, d 1893, and m 2nd to Norman N. Coote b 1870, d 1960. Elizabeth and Norman buried at United Church Cemetery, South Durham, Quebec.
        10. Sarah 'Sadie' Wright b 1873, d 1943, m in 1902 to her 1st cousin Richard Alexander 'Broadfaced Dick' Wright b 1871, d 1930. Both buried at Boutelles Cemetery, Inverness. They lived on the Hamilton Range, Millfield, Inverness Tsp.
        11. Richard 'Long Dick' Wright b 1876, d 1946, m in 1902 to Flora McKelvey Appleton b 1875, d 1956. Both buried CCLI. They lived on the 3rd Range of Inverness, at Hendersonvale.
        12. Charlotte Christina Wright b 1878, d 1954, m in 1900 to William Duncan Appleton b 1875, d 1956. Both buried in Sawyer Cemetery, Bradford, Vt.
      2. ROBERT JOHN WRIGHT b 1834 in Inverness Tp, d 1863 m MARY DOLAN b 1827 in IRELAND, d 1893. See note below, re Mary Dolan's 2nd marriage. Children of Robert John Wright and Mary Dolan :
        1. Margaret Wright b 1854, d 1893 in childbirth of her 13th child, m in 1870 to Thomas Davidson b 1850, d 1923. Both bur Boutelles. Thomas remarried in 1894 to Sarah Eliza Ashcraft and had 7 more children. For Davidson, see Publications by Gwen Barry.
        2. Mary Ann Wright b 1857 in the USA, d 1892 m Thomas Walker b 1862, d 1893. Both bur CCLI.
        3. Eliza Jane Wright b 1859 in the USA, d 1941, m in 1886 to John Kenneth Little b 1860, d 1940. See the Little-Ralston publication by Gwen Barry. Both buried CCLI.
        4. Robert Wright b 1863 at Inverness, m in 1881 at Stewartstown, NH to Mary S Knapp. Children : Elizabeth b 1886 at Stewartstown, and Perley (male) b 1891 at Stewartstown.
        5. Matilda b 1861. Lived Stewartstown, NH

          Note : MARY DOLAN widow of Robert John Wright, remarried in 1864 to THOMAS ARMSTRONG. Thomas Armstrong later married to Jemima Henry b 1847, dau of Samuel Henry and Eliza Davidson of Inverness Tp. See the Davidson publication by Gwen Barry. Children by Jemima Henry and Thomas Armstrong were :

          1. William John Armstrong b 1881, m in 1913 to Lennie Blanche Cook. They lived in Shawville, Pontiac Co, Que. William John served overseas in WW I.
          2. Thomas Davidson Armstrong b 1882.
      3. JOSEPH WRIGHT b 1836 at Inverness Tsp, d 1913 m MARY ANN HETHERINGTON b 1834 in Ireland, d 1923. Both bur Boutelles. Children :
        1. Robert James Wright b 1858, d 1921, m in 1894 to Margaret Ann Wright b 1866, d 1955. Both buried CCLI.
        2. Elizabeth Wright b 1860, d 1922, m in 1881 to Robert James Donaghy b 1856, d 1922. Both buried at Lynn, Mass.
        3. Mary Ann 'Minnie' Wright b 1863, d 1923, m in 1884 to Henry Thomas Henderson b 1849, d 1905. Both buried at CCLI. See the Henderson publication by Gwen Barry.
        4. William George Wright b 1866, d 1951, m in 1895 to Sarah Ann Little b 1870, d 1947. Both buried at CCLI. See the Little publication by Gwen Barry.
        5. Letitia Wright b 1868, d 1953, m in 1894 to William Henry Little b 1867, d 1951. Both buried CCLI. Lived Bury, Que.
        6. Richard Alexander Wright b 1871, d 1930, m in 1902 to Sarah Wright b 1873, d 1943. Both buried Boutelles.
        7. John Wright b 1874, d 1954 at Bury, Que. Buried Boutelles.
        8. Joseph Lawrence Wright b 1879, d 1929. Buried Boutelles.
      4. JAMES WRIGHT b 1836, d 1889, m in 1865 to AGNES DAVIDSON b 1843, d 1919 in Inverness. See the Davidson publication by Gwen Barry, for more detail. Children :
        1. Robert James Wright b 1866, d 1945, m in 1900 to Margaret Jane Hogg Davidson b 1857, d 1935.
        2. Alexander Wright b 1868, d 1951 at Inverness, nm.
        3. Joseph 'Brown Joe' Wright b 1873, d 1941, m 1st to Jemima Burke b 1879, d 1914, m 2nd to Ida Caldwell, and m 3rd to Sarah Goe Davidson Mitchell, (dau of George Davidson and Hannah Robinson). For Davidson, see Publications by Gwen Barry.
        4. Eliza Jane Wright b 1875, d 1967, m 1st in 1897 to James Church Wallace b 1864, d 1939 and m 2nd in 1945 to Adam Jamieson of the 1st Range of Leeds. Adam d 1950. Adam was the son of William Jamieson and Elizabeth Bracken.
        5. George Grier Wright b 1878, d 1962, m in 1899 to widow Agnes Johnston Canning b 1860, d 1948.
        6. Thomas Henry Wright b 1881, d 1963, nm.
        7. Florence Sophia Wright b 1883 m Lewellyn Allan Ray of Lemesurier, Que.
        8. Richard Hewton Wright b 1886, d 1961, m in 1914 to Iva Bell Currie b 1898, d 1986, dau of Jack Currie and Jennie Davidson. See the Davidson publication by Gwen Barry.
      5. BENJAMIN WRIGHT b 1841, d 1923 at Rutland, Vermont, USA, m in 1863 to ELIZABETH HETHERINGTON b 1841, d 1915. Children :
        1. Isabella Jane Wright b 1865, d 1865
        2. Frederick Wright b 1865, d 1943
        3. Robert Wright
        4. John Wright
        5. Mary Eva Wright b 1877, baptism witnesses were Andrew Duff and Elizabeth Duff
        6. James Nelson Wright b 1873, d 1937
        7. Richard Wright
        8. Joseph Henry 'Black Joe' Wright b 1877, d 1963, baptism witness was Mary Duff, m in 1913 to Gertrude Susan Currie b 1890, d 1976. These are the parents of Mable Wright who married Leonard Henderson, lived Ayers Cliff. See the Henderson publication by Gwen Barry.
        9. William Cole Wright b 1880, d 1966
        10. Alfred Augustus Wright b 1882, d 1963, miner at Thetford Mines, m Harriet Louise 1882-1949
        11. David Lorenzo Wright b 1885, d 1891
      6. ELIZA JANE WRIGHT b 1839, d 1904 in Caledonia Co., Vt, m in 1856 to WILLIAM THOMAS ALDRICH b 1822 at Inverness, Que, d 1897 at Wheelock, Vt. William Thomas had previously been married in 1842 to Jane Greaves, who died in 1855. See the Aldrich publication by Gwen Barry for more detail. Children of Eliza Jane Wright and Wm T Aldrich were :
        1. Jane Aldrich b 1858 at Lyndonville, Vt, d 1862 at Lyndonville of diptheria.
        2. Mary Jane Aldrich b 1862 in District 12, Lyndon, Vt, baptized at Inverness, Que., d 1940. Married in 1881 to her 1st cousin James B Aldrich b 1857, d 1932.
        3. William James Aldrich b 1864 in Inverness Tsp, d 1944, m Carrie Mathewson b Inverness, d 1965. They moved to Lyndon, Vt in 1889 where Wm J was a dairy farmer. Both buried at Lyndon Centre, Vt. No children.
        4. Margaret Ann Aldrich b 1866 at Inverness, d 1946, m Richard Henry Little b 1867, d 1927. Married in Inverness. Lived in Lyndonville, Vt where Richard worked in the railroad car shop. Richard was the son of Henry Little and Jane Kerr. See the Little-Ralston publication by Gwen Barry.
        5. Alexander Aldrich b 1868 in Vermont, baptized Ireland Tp. Alex was a bricklayer in St Johnsbury, Vt for many years.
        6. Arnold Aldrich b 1870, d 1934, m Ethel Hoskins. They lived in Underhill, Vt and later in Norwich, Conn. Both are buried at Maplewood Cemetery, Norwich, Conn.
        7. Charles Aldrich b 1876 in Ireland Tsp, d 1877
        8. Paul Aldrich m Ila. Paul died in Vermont in the mid 1960s.

          Note : Eliza Jane Wright-Aldrich would have been a step-mother to William T Aldriches children by his first marriage. The step-children were as follows:

          1. Joseph Aldrich enlisted in Vermont Infantry in 1862 during US Civil War. Mustered out in 1865.
          2. John Greaves Aldrich b 1843, m Elizabeth Thompson. They lived in Sherbrooke for a time. John G enlisted in the US civil war in 1862 and mustered out in 1864. He was sick for much of his term. Was transferred to the Invalid Corps in 1863 and admitted to Harewood General Hospital, Washington, DC 9 Sept 1862 with fever and diahrea. Returned to general duty in Dec 1862. He netered General Hospital, Brattleboro, Vt in Jan 1863, and was transferred to Convalsescent Hospital. Fort Wood, Bedloe's Island, New York Harvour in April 1863. Returned to duty May 1863, then entered post hospital Convalescent Camp near Alexandria, Virginia in July 1863 wih a scalled head. He was transferred to 65 Company, 1st Battalion, then to 15 Company of the same battalion. He was dishonourably discharged for desertion, and his application to have the charges waived were denied. In a testimony of 1 March 1864, John Greaves Aldrich stated from Martindale Barracks, Washington : 'I do certify that I went into the said Horace Bradford and purchased one pint of liquor and paid him 30 cents for it, on or about 7 oclock.', signed by Cpl John G Aldrich, Company F, 9th Regiment, Invalid Corps. After his release he settled in Ireland Tsp. John G and Elizabeth had 5 children :
            1. Frederick b 1867 at Lyndon, Vt
            2. Frederick b 1868 twin
            3. Ava b 1868, d 1868, twin
            4. male b 1870
            5. Jane b 1872
          3. William Warrington Aldrich b 1846. William served in Old Company K, 3rd Regiment, Vermont Infantry. He enlisted in 1862 at the age of 16 and was discharged in 1864.
          4. Edward Albert Aldrich b 1849 m Elenor Hurlburt. Their daughter Elenor Daisy Aldrich married a Wilson.
          5. Thomas Johnston Aldrich b 1852, d 1900
      7. WILLIAM GEORGE WRIGHT b 1842, m in 1871 at Lyndon, Vt to MARGARET THOMPSON b 1847 at Inverness. Margaret was a resident of Newark, Vt at the time of her marriage. She was the dau of Thomas Thompson and Jane Grady. Children :
        1. Bertie Eugene Wright b 1872
        2. William George Wright b 1873
        3. Hiram James Wright b 1875
        4. Fernand Austin Wright b 1881
        5. Florence Mary Movia b 1883
      8. ALEXANDER WRIGHT b 1844 d 1873

      WRIGHT ? m MARY, settled Inverness Tp. Children :

      1. Daniel b 1831 Inverness Tsp
      2. Elizabeth b 1834.

      WRIGHT JOHN settled Inverness Tp, m in 1838 at C of E Leeds Tp to SUSAN LENNON.


      WRIGHT WILLIAM settled Inverness Tp, m in 1839 to ROSANNA LEADBEATER. Child Ann Wright b 1837.


      WRIGHT SAMUEL JOHN b ENGLAND, Scarborough, settled Inverness Tp, 9th Range, Lot 5, 11 in family in 1831 census. Child Namiah or Hannah m in 1830 to George Hargrave.



      1. Patrick Wright m in 1834 at St Sylvestre RC to Helen Mahoney.

      WRIGHT MARY of Inverness Tsp m in 1837 to JOHN MARK. John Mark was in the 1831 census for Inverness Tp, 8th Range, Lot 12, C of E, 2 in household.


      WRIGHT ELIZA b IRELAND, m ALEXANDER DUFF b circa 1808 in IRELAND. Settled Inverness Tp, 5th Range, Lot 15. Children :

      1. John Duff b 1829 at Inverness, d 1892 of cancer at Littleton, NH.
      2. Alexander Duff b 1831
      3. Sarah Jane Duff b 1833

      WRIGHT ELIZA of St Gilles, m in 1833 to JOHN MILLS of Quebec City.


      WRIGHT FRANCIS, merchant of Ireland Tp, m MARGARET ANN PORTER 1837-1920. Child : Mary Jane b 1876


      WRIGHT FRANCIS WATSON 1841-1912, born Inverness Tp, m LOUISE KNAPP b Stewartstown, NH. Child :

      1. Louisa Ann b 1882 at Canaan, Vt

      WRIGHT JESSIE V 1855-1911, bur Centre Cem, Stratford, NH, m GEORGE W BOND b 1860


      WRIGHT IRA m HENRIETTA MORIN. Lived Manchester, NH. Child :

      1. Ira Edgar b 1878 at Manchester, bapt C of E Leeds Tp

      WRIGHT SAMUEL CRAFTS b 1813 in Craftsbury, Vermont, d 1891, bur WM Inverness Tp.


      WRIGHT HENRY REID b 1844, m in 1881 at Inverness WM to ANNIE NUGENT b 1853. Children:

      1. Samuel Crafts b 1883 in Ireland Tp
      2. John George b 1886

      WRIGHT HENRY REID b 1853 at Greensboro, Vt, bapt 1892 at Inverness WM


      WRIGHT HANNAH P d 1902, m THOMAS ROBINSON. Lived Inverness


      WRIGHT EUNICE d 1906, m JOHN MOONEY Sr. Lived Inverness


      WRIGHT ROBERT JAMES m CHARLOTTE d 1900 at Inverness


      WRIGHT CATHERINE 1855-1940, m THOMAS MAXWELL. Lived Inverness


      WRIGHT ESTHER b c 1881, was a home child who came to Canada at age 17 on the SS Parisian with the group chaperone, Miss Birts. She was assigned as a servant to the Rev. W. J. Faulconer in Ireland Tp.

      Contact info available for Wright.

      WYATT FRANCIS, carpenter of Leeds Tp, m MARY PARKER. Children :

      1. William Dudley b 1861, bapt 1870 C of E Leeds
      2. George b 1865 at Leeds
      3. Thomas b 1864 at Leeds
      4. Mary Ann b 1868 at Leeds

      WYLDE RICHARD settled Wolfstown, teacher, m in 1846 to MARY DINNING of Wolfstown. Marriage witness was John Dinning.