LABAY ARNOLD b Inverness Tp, m FANNIE FARNHAM b Lunenburg, Vt. Child :

  1. Elva b 1894 at Madison, South Dakota, m in 1910 at age 16 at Sheffield, Vt to Charles Dopp b Saranca, NY.

LABAY DUBERT m JANE CAMPBELL. Lived Inverness Tp. Child :

  1. Ansom b 1866, bapt C of E Ireland Tp

LACEY JANE d 1859 Inverness WM

LaHAYE PETER settled Garthby, Que, b 1802, d 1891, bur Inverness Presb.


LAMB, THOMAS b 1787 ENGLAND, RC m MARTHA b 1797 Lower Canada,, Roman Catholic. Lived Halifax Tp., Megantic County.


LAMB, LYMAN b 1805 in Vermont, d 1847, settled Leeds Tp, Megantic County, m in 1837 to CATHERINE HUME. Children:

  1. George William b 1838, bapt. 1839 C of E, Leeds.
  2. Lucy Eliza b 1839, bapt. 1847 C of E Leeds, d 1891
  3. George b 1842, bapt 1847 C of E Leeds, d 1915
  4. John b 1844, bapt 1847 C of E Leeds
  5. Lyman b 1846, bapt 1847 C of E Leeds
  6. Contact info available for Lamb.

LAMBIE JOHN b 1797 in SCOTLAND, Ayshire, d 1865, m MARY BOYD b 1795 in Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, SCOTLAND, dau of Alexander Boyd. John and Mary settled in Leeds Tp, 3rd Range, Lot 5 in 1820, then to Kinnears Mills, millwright. John operated a sawmill and gristmill from the 1820s and had worked from about 1815 at Caldwell's Mill in St Nicholas and Levis, Quebec. Mary Boyd had previously been married in Scotland to Alex Fraser. Children:

  1. James Kinnear m Harriet. Their child : John b 1843
  2. Ann 1833-1884 m Herbert Duffett

LAMBLY JOHN Captain b 1774 Ipswich, ENGLAND, d 1863 in Leeds Tp. Married in 1797 in Quebec City to FRANCIS RICHARDSON. They went to Rochester, England after their marriage, returning to Quebec in 1802, where John became Harbourmaster for 25 years. John married second to Elizabeth F. Hunt on 27 Oct 1836 at Quebec City. He also bought a mill in Ste Marie de Beauce in 1832. In 1861 John was living in Leeds with his son :

  1. LAMBLY JOHN ROBERT b 1800 ENGLAND, Rochester. At the age of 14 he took up law studies and went to London, England to article in law, returning to Quebec in 1820. He settled in Halifax Tp in 1827. Was Registrar for 1861 census, 1st Div Megantic Co. Married in 1828 at Old Trinity C of E Church, Levis, Que to ANN MACKIE of Quebec City, b 1811, d 1843, m 2nd in 1845 to ELIZABETH PIERCE-BAILEY of Ireland Tsp, b 1819 ENGLAND, d 1859. John R and Elizabeth lived in Leeds Tp. John R was the Mayor of Megantic Co. He organized a Temperance Society in Megantic and Beauce areas, and in 1855 was the society's 'grand worthy patriarch'. Children :
    1. Sarah Jane Lambly b 1830, d 1883, m John W Bailey
    2. Hannah Lambly b 1832, d 1904 m Finlay Wark
    3. Eliza Lambly d 1859, m William Thomas Aldrich b 1832
    4. John Thomas Lambly b 1832 LC, baptised 1842 m in 1855 to Jane Orr b 1832 LC. John Thomas was a tanner in Leeds Tsp. Children:
      1. Alice Jane b 1857
      2. Julia b 1858
      3. Caroline b 1860
      4. Eveline b 1861
    5. Rev Osborne Richardson Lambly b 1837. Went to Newberry, Vt Seminary and Victoria College in Cobourg, Ont in 1864. Received his MA in 1868, adn DD in 1895. Served in Ontario. Baptist.
    6. William Harvard Lambly b 1839, d 1918, m Isabella Davidson-Brown, dau of Rev William Brown. William Harvard gained an international reputation in the cause for prohibition. Child :
      1. William Davidson Lambly, doctor, m Christmas Eve 1897 to Jennie Isabella McKelvie of Inverness. Children :
        1. Comrie Stewart Davidson b 1898
        2. Marion Edyth b 1899
        3. Leslie Harvard b 1901
        4. Jean Nelson b 1903
        5. Russell McLennan b 1908
    7. George Woods Lambly b 1839 m in 1857 to Selina Helen Orr b 1841 LC. He formed the Lambly Company with his brother William H. George was the storekeeper in Inverness Tp. Children :
      1. John William b 1860
      2. Effie Edna b 1878
    8. Susan Lambly b 1842
    9. Benjamin Brock Lambly b 1848, d 1852
    10. Thomas Mackie Lambly b 1850
    11. Robert Lambly b 1852
    12. Charles Anderson Richardson Lambly b 1854
    13. Isabella Richardson Lambly b 1856, d 1856
    14. Rev James Bankier Lambly b 1856, d 1890 at Manistique, Mich. Baptist
    15. Frances Ann Lambly b 1859
    16. Catherine M Lambly b 1860

LAMBLY ERNEST HARVARD, accountant, m EVALINE HARRIET McKENZIE of Inverness. Children:

  1. Thomas Ernest b 1899, d 1900, bur Boutelles, Inverness.
  2. Hildred Isabella b 1893
  3. Charles McKenzie b 1892

LAMBLY JOHN m SARAH. Child : Catherine Maria b 1873


LAMBLY JOHN m JANE JAMIESON. Child : Ellen May b 1872

In a story in the Montreal Gazette titled 'Growth and Development,' by W. H. Lambly, he reported that the registrars of Inverness were:

In 1831, Tonny Anderson was the 1st Registrar of Inverness. He went on to become an MLA, and Attorney General of Lower Canada.

In 1832, the 2nd Registrar was Thomas W. Lloyd

In 1834, 3rd Registrar was G. M. Muir

In 1835, 4th Registrar was F. Meyer

In 1842, 5th Registrar was Richard A. Fortier

In 1844, 6th Registrar was John R. Lambly

In 1862, the 7th Registrar was William Harvard Lambly, appointed in 1862.

The oldest clergy reserve title was for lot 7, 9th range of Leeds Tp., in favour of Zacharias Goff of Quebec City, dated 15 Aug 1831. Very many of the titles were of the county were for one peppercorn, but after the abolution of the corn laws, titles were given in free and common soccage.

Source: Montreal Gazette: Megantic Edition , 2 Aug., 1900. The only copy in existence is held by Marie-Eve Adam, of the 10th Range of Inverness, who has sinced moved on, with or without the stash of newpapers, no forwarding address known by me.

Contact info available for Lambly.


See also: LEMETER



See also: LAMETER


LAMETER JOHN FRANCIS b 1797 on Isle of Jersey, C of E, d 1892 in USA, buried St Stephens, Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp, m CATHERINE b 1812 IRELAND, CE, d 1881. Children :

  1. Mary b 1837 LC
  2. Catherine b 1840 LC
  3. Jane b 1846 LC, living in home of Rev Alex Forbes in Inverness Tsp in 1861 census
  4. Ann b 1848


  1. George Hume b 1831 LC, bootmaker m ELLEN b 1833. Leeds Tp. Children :
    1. Catherine H b 1859
    2. Isabella M b 1861
    3. Ellen who married at Ryegate, Vt.
  2. John Stovin b 1833.

LANCASTER AGNES born Megantic Co, Que, m 1906 at Newbury, Vt to John Phillip Henderson b 1877, son of James Henderson and Hannah Davidson of Newbury-Wells River, Vt, formerly from Quebec Province, Bethel area.




LANE WILLIAM b 1799, SCOTLAND, FC, upholsterer in 1861, single and living alone.


LANE ENEAS m MARY BARRY. Lived Leeds Tp. Child :

  1. William b 1838, bapt St Nicolas RC. Witnesses Michael Heaven and Eliza Barry.

LANE LIVING male. Died 1834, murdered by three members of the Suitor family. See under Suitor for details. Son of John Lane and Nabby Woodsom of Buxton, Maine. Living Lane married Elizabeth 'Betsy' King, dau. of Josiah King and Polly Woodsom. Sometime after the murder of her husband, Betsy moved to Brownfield, Maine. She died in 1882 and is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, Brownfield. For an account of the murder, contact Steve Cameron at .


LAPPIN PETER b 1838 LC, lived in Leeds Tp in 1861


LARGY FRANCIS m 1st to ALICE CAMPBELL, m 2nd in 1849 to JANE CAMPBELL, widow of John Mullen.


LARGY THOMAS b 1835 LC, RC, m ELIZABETH b 1829 IRELAND. Lived Ireland Tp. Children : Catherine b 1858 and Janet b 1861


LARGY JAMES b 1828 IRELAND, RC, m ANN b 1832 IRELAND, lived Ireland Tp. Children : Mary b 1850, John b 1853, James b 1858






LAUGHTON MARGARET b 1835 SCOTLAND, C of S, housekeeper in Ireland Tp in 1861 in home of Robert Learmonth b 1801


LAW WILLIAM b 1822 IRELAND, Epis, settled Broughton Tp in 1831.

Married ANN JOHNSON b 1827 IRELAND. Children :

  1. John b 1848 LC
  2. Mary Ann b 1852
  3. Eliza Jane b 1854
  4. William b 1856
  5. Robert G b 1858
  6. Rebecca b 1860
  7. Joseph b 1867
  8. Margaret b 1861

LAWKIN PATRICK m BRIDGET McCAGUE(McKEAGE?) Child: Michael b 1843, bapt St Nicolas RC.


LAWLOR SIMON , RC Priest from IRELAND. Was at St Gervais, Que in 1825. A petition was signed by 26 Irish Catholic settlers of Frampton, Que in 1825 to obtain an Irish RC priest for Frampton. Simon Lawlor was their named choice.


LAWRENCE JAMES settled St Gilles, m MARTHA HUNTER. Children:

  1. Martha Ann b 1833
  2. Maria b 1835
  3. Sarah b 1837
  4. Mary b 1838
  5. Eliza b 1841
  6. Margaret b 1843

LAYCRAFT and RAYCRAFT are the same family :


LAYCRAFT JOHN settled Broughton Tp, m SARAH HITCHCOCK b 1811, d 1891.


LAYCRAFT THOMAS m MARY ANN LETTER 1856-1897, bur St James C of E Leeds. Lived Nelson Tp. Children : Sarah Jane b 1867, Margaret b 1869


LAYCRAFT WILLIAM m MATILDA McKEAGE. Lived Broughton. Children :

  1. Robert b 1869, m at Kinnear's Mills Presb in 1902 to Martha Washington Moore, dau of James Moore and Margaret Jamieson.
  2. John b 1868
  3. James Joseph b 1872
  4. Joanna b 1870, d 1959 in Atlanta, Georgia, m in 1894 to Littleton Walker

LAYCRAFT JAMES JOSEPH m in 1872 to SARAH STEWART. Lived Broughton. Child :

  1. Albert b 1890

LAYCRAFT JOHN THOMAS of Nelson Tp b 1877, d 1898


LAYCRAFT MARGARET b 1876, d 1898


LAYCRAFT JOHN m ELIZABETH. Lived Broughton. Children :

  1. James b 1869
  2. Maria Agnes b 1867
  3. Margaret b 1872
  4. Joseph William b 1863

LAYCRAFT JANE m SAMUEL MOTTRAN. Lived Broughton. Child : Sarah Lucinda b 1869, bapt Leeds C of E.



  1. Rhoda Luella d 1906
  2. Contact info available for Laycraft.

LAYFIELD ROBERT b 1801 ENGLAND, C of E, d 1881, settled Leeds Tp, storeman/trader, m ELIZABETH FRASER b 1804 LC, C of E, d 1874. They lived in Inverness Tp in 1861. Granted 800 acres in Leeds Tp 5 July 1831. Children :

  1. George b 1831 LC
  2. Robert b 1834, m Elizabeth Frances d 1874
  3. Eliza b 1836 LC, d 1879, Congregationalist, single in Inverness in 1861, m Alex Dugald Campbell. Lived Arthabaska.
  4. Emma b 1837, d 1906
  5. Isabella b 1838, d 1887, m Charles W Campbell
  6. Albert b 1842, d 1842
  7. Edmund b 1842, m in 1869 to Elizabeth May Porter. Child :
    1. Agnes Emma 1881-1881
  8. James Johnston b 1847, dentist, d 1898

LAYFIELD HENRY of Inverness, miller, m in 1854 at Leeds C of E to ISABELLA HALL. Children:

  1. Agnes Elizabeth b 1861
  2. Grace 1855-1871
  3. George b 1856
  4. Henry Havelock b 1858

LAYTE ANTHONY b 1822 IRELAND, RC m CATHERINE b 1821 IRELAND, RC. Lived Halifax N. Children :

  1. William b 1843 LC
  2. Frances b 1846
  3. Marguerite b 1851
  4. Thomas b 1853
  5. Anna b 1856
  6. Patrick b 1859
  7. Harriet b 1861

LEADBEATER JOSEPH b 1789, ENGLAND, C of E, d 1885, settled North Inverness Tp, buried St Stephens, Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp m REBECCA (ROSE) ? d 1852. Children :

  1. George b 1816 in ENGLAND, C of E, lived Inverness Tp, d 1889. Married 12 Dec 1852 at C of E Ireland Tp, Megantic Co to Mary Colclough (sometimes spelled Cokeley), b 1830 LC, French, C of E. Children :
    1. Caroline b 1856 LC
    2. Joseph b 1855
    3. Eliza b 1857
    4. Alice b 1858
    5. Rose Hannah b 1856, m George Henry Andrews
    6. Thomas b 1863
    7. John b 1862
    8. Celina b 29 Aug 1871 m 11 July 1892 to John Machell/Mitchell
    9. Eliza Janet b 1852
    10. Mary Ann b 1865
  2. Joseph m in 1850 to Maria Harwood, dau of James Harwood and Abigail Aldrich. For the Aldriches, see Publications by Gwen Barry.
  3. John b 1816, ENGLAND, WM, lived Inverness Tp, d 1887, m Mary Ann Cokely (Colclough) b 1823, d 1901, bur St Stephens, Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp. In 1861

The following belong in the family somewhere, but not sure exactly where or how they fit :

LEADBEATER JOHN m in 1871 to MARGARET McDONALD 1838-1924, bur Boutelles. Children:
  1. Susannah b 1871
  2. William 1875-1948

LEADBEATER WILLIAM 1876-1948 bur Boutelles


LEADBEATER JOHN b 1861, m in 1894 to ELIZABETH A BOUTELLE b 1873. Lived Inverness. Children :

  1. Edna Ellsworth 1897-1899
  2. Florence Elizabeth 1895-1932
  3. Agella Rose b 1899
  4. Lunetta Viola 1901-1933
  5. George Edward b 1908

LEADBEATER THOMAS of Inverness, m in 1890 to MARY KINGSBURGH. Lived 9th Range of Inverness. Children :

  1. Alvin Wesley b 1893
  2. Estella Margaret b 1895
  3. Warren Frederick b 1891
  4. Gilbert William b 1898


Contact info available for Leadbeater.

LEAKLE JOHN of Inverness Tp m in 1860 at Leeds Presb to JANE BENSON


LEARMONTH ALEXANDER 1771-1851, from Athelstaneford, East Lothian, SCOTLAND, m MARGARET PRINGLE b 1771, d 1846, bur CE Leeds. Lived Leeds Tp. Children :

  1. LEARMONTH WILLIAM PRINGLE b 1796 SCOTLAND, Dundee, Berwick, d 1883. Settled Leeds Tp, m in 1834 to AGNES DOBIE b 1802, d 1894, b SCOTLAND. William operated a steam driven sawmill on the 2nd Range, Craig's Rd, Leeds Tp, and made coffins. Children :
    1. Mary b 1825, m 1st to William McMillan, m 2nd in 1877 at St Johnsbury, Vt to William Ferguson b 1836 in Ireland, railroad section foreman, son of William Ferguson and Margaret Barton. Children :
      1. Sarah McMillan
      2. Agnes McMillan
    2. Margaret b 1831 in Scotland, m James McIntosh. No children.
    3. William Dobie b 1829 in Scotland, became a blacksmith, d 1907, m Matilda Reed. Children :
      1. Samuel b 1874, d 1890 at Black Lake, Que
      2. William John b 1864, blacksmith and Station Agent at Dudswell, Que, m 1887 to Margaret Aspinall Moffat. Children :
        1. Matilda Maud b 1890
        2. Beatrice Annie
        3. Norman Edgar b 1896
        4. Albert b 1885
        5. Thomas 1870-1879
        6. Thomas Reid 1867-1876
    4. Alexander 'Sandy' 1832-1906, m in 1864 to Mary Jane Watson. Children :
      1. David b 1867
      2. Agnes b 1869
      3. Sarah b 1874
      4. Thomas b 1879
      5. William b 1865
      6. George b 1871
    5. Agnes b 1834 in Scotland, d 1921, m Edward 'Ned' Lipsey. Children:
      1. William
      2. James
      3. Henry 'Harry'
      4. John 'Jack'
      5. Agnes
      6. Robert
    6. Robert b 1840 in Scotland, d 1924, mechanic, married 1865 at St Johnsbury, Vt to Sarah Ann Bennett, b 1844. Children :
      1. Lilla Maybella b 1866 St Johnsbury, Vt.
      2. George Plummer 1869-1930, merchant of Kinnears Mills
    7. George b 1846 in LC, m in 1872 to Abigail McIntyre. To East Angus, Que. Children :
      1. John
      2. George Irwin b 1879
      3. Lester
      4. Lloyd
      5. Agnes Pearl b 1886
      6. Emma Maria b 1883
      7. Eliza Gervina 1875-1883
      8. Clara Della b 1877
    8. James b 1843 in LC m 1st in 1866 to to Sarah Froud, b 1847 LC, and married 2nd in 1872 at St Johnsbury, Vt to Elizabeth Baird, daughter of Andrew Baird and Jane Murray. Both are buried at St Johnsbury, Vt. Children:
      1. William James b 1867, d 1964 m Mary Ann Davidson. For the Davidsons, see Publications by Gwen Barry. Children :
        1. William 'Willie' James b 1893, d 1985 m Ethel Hogg. For the Hoggs, see Publications by Gwen Barry.
        2. Ethel Margaret b 1891 m Irvine Maxwell
        3. David Gordon b 1904, d 1961, m Harriet Wright
        4. Wilbert George b 1895 m Hattie Hogg
      2. Robert b 1869
      3. Elizabeth b 1871
      4. Ephraim George b 1873
      5. Thomas Froud b 1876, d 1877
      6. Thomas b 1882
      7. Cora Jane b 1880
  3. LEARMONTH ALEXANDER, settled Leeds Tp, carpenter, m ELIZABETH HUNTER. Children :
    1. Jane b 1832 twin
    2. Ann b 1832 twin
    3. James b 1835
    4. Robert b 1836
    5. Jane Elizabeth b 1840
  4. LEARMONTH ROBERT b 1801 SCOTLAND, C of S, d 1883, m CHRISTIANNA FAIR b 1793, from Haddington, East Lothian, SCOTLAND, d 1845. Robert living in Ireland Tp in 1861. Children :
    1. Alexander
    2. Gavin
    3. Janette
    4. Robert, died Buffalo, NY
  5. LEARMONTH FRANCIS c1802-1874, settled Fitzroy Harbour, Carleton Co, Ontario.
  6. LEARMONTH GEORGE 1810-1882 m ANN FRASER. Settled Fitzroy Harbour, Carleton Co, Ontario. Children :
    1. Elizabeth 1859-1943
    2. Margaret P 1867-1941
    3. Jessie Fraser 1872-1950
    4. Mary Ann 1869-1956
    5. Read 1874-1916
    6. George 1859-1907
    7. Alexander 1861-1917
    8. Francis 1862-1912
    9. John Fraser 1864-1928
  7. LEARMONTH ANNE 1814-1894 m GEORGE YOUNG. To Arnprior, Ontario
  8. LEARMONTH JAMES m CATHERINE McGILLIVRAY, dau of Angus McGillivray and Mary McDonald. Moved to Fitzroy Harbour, Carleton Co, Ont.


  1. Thaddeus 1879-1896
  2. Camila Bell 1880-1898
  3. William Henry 1883-1910, died East Angus
  4. Susan Ella b 1872

LEARMONTH WILLIAM m MARY HARRISON. Lived Leeds. Child : Margaret Ethel b 1891





  1. Christianna Jane b 1856, d 1888, died Ireland Tp, m Francis Hibert or Hebert.


Contact info available for Learmonth.

LEARNED ABIJAH b 26 April 1729, d 1776 at Lancaster, NH. He was on the first legislative body of New Hampshire. Married Anna Wales in Union, Conn. They had 11 children as follows :

  1. JAMES LEARNED b Nov 18, 1761, died April 4, 1799 near Lake Memphremagog, m Dec 9 1790 to Theodota Smith of Stratford, NH b Feb 11, 1773, d 1848. Children :
    1. Dau b and d Sept 1791
    2. Wales Learned b June 6, 1792, surveyor of US lands at the west .... No trace has been found of him or any issue.
    3. Esther b Jan 25 1794, d april 6 1816
    4. James Smith Learned b Feb 17 1796
    5. Theodota b March 3 1798, d March 4 1820.
  2. EBENEZER LEARNED died 1842, married widow Theodota Smith Learned who died 1848. Lived Eaton, Que. Ebenezeer was Commissioner of Courts at Eaton.
  3. ROYAL LEARNED. Lived Eaton. Married 1st to Tamar Marshall. Married 2nd in 1804 at Eaton, Que to Betsey Hicks. Child :
    1. Volney Learned 1810-1899, born Eaton, Que. Died Cedar Keys, Florida.
  4. SYLVANUS LEARNED. Petitioned for land in Lower Canada in 1792. (RG1 L3L Public Archives of Canada)
  5. ABIJAH LEARNED b 2 Feb 1760 at Union, Conn, d 10 Jan 1844. Fought in the Revolutionary War. He served in the summer of 1775 for 6 months under Capt. Jeremiah Eames, at Northumberland. He helped build a fort at Northumbeland, and occasionally out on scouting parties. In May 1776, he enlisted in the same company for another 6 months helping to build a fort at Stratford, Vt and in scouting. In May 1777, he enlisted at Haverhill in the Continental Service for 3 years under Florence Crowley, Col Crane, Mass troops which marched to Peekskill, where they remained two weeks, then to West Point where and in the vicinity, he spent the winter. He was one of a Sgts' guard on Constitution Island, part of the time. In May or June 1778, he marched to Morristown, NJ where he remained till Nov 1778, when they marched back to Croton's Bridge and remained there during the winter. In April of May 1779 he returned to West Point, where he remained until time had expired and received a written discharge. Abijah returned to NH and married 25 Dec 1783 to Anna Sellingham at Northumberland, NH. Anna was born Ashburnham, Mass. Abijah and Anna moved to Ohio about 1822. Anna died 1848 at the home of her dau Sarah Huston in Penn. Abijah petitioned for land in Lower Canada in 1792. Children :
    1. Sarah Learned b Nov 8, 1795, d after 1870, m 17 May 1817 at Eaton Presb to William Huston b c 1790 in NY State, came to Eaton, Que with his mother. William and Sarah moved to Ohio in Sept 1820. Are listed in Penn in 1848. Moved back to Ohio after 1848. William died sometime after 1860. Others of the Huston family also moved to Ohio. Children :
      1. Orlando L Huston b March 8, 1815
      2. David William Huston b Nov 1, 1817 at Eaton, Que, died Three Rivers, Que.

        Note: There was a William Huston of Leeds Tp who married, (his second marriage) in 1839 at C of E, Leeds Tp to Sarah Barr, widow of Leeds Tp.

    2. Theodotia Learned of Ireland Tp married in 1817 at Eaton Presb to William Tul. (From 'Protestant Marriages, District of St Francis 1815-1879") Marriage record listed Theodotia as the dau of Abijah Learned.
    3. Theodota Learned b March 5, 1791 in Colebrook, NH, died 1823, married a Johnson. Could she have married twice, or does this Theodota belong to one of Abijah's brothers? In family bible listed as Theodaty with dates and husband Johnson.
    4. Irene Learned b May 13, 1786, married maybe Jarius Bonney
    5. Susannah Learned b July 22, 1788 at Colebrook, NH m in 1825 to Morrell Bonney
    6. Dorinda Learned m in Ohio to James Bates
    7. Anna Learned d c 1829, married Alexander Brown
    8. male Learned. Never heard from again after the War of 1812
    9. Sylvanus Learned b April 16, 1793 in Vermont, married Margaret Hicks b LC. Lived Ireland Tp. Sylvanus lived Lot 6, 5th Range of Ireland Tp. In 1831 census : 9 in household, Presb, 100 acres, came before 1825, Presb. Granted the land in 1831. Moved to Ashtabula Co, Ohio and then Crawford Co, Penn. Children :
      1. Harley Learned b May 24 1823 LC, d May 13, 1911, m c 1842 to Cornelia Hayford, d April 15, 1901. Had at least 5 chldren. ( 4 girls and 1 son died young). Harley married a 2nd time after Cornelia's death. Children :
        1. Ilura Learned b c 1848
        2. Zeno Learned c1850-1851
        3. Lavina Learned b c 1854, d 1927
        4. Lenora A Learned b c 1854, d 1927
        5. Cleora Learned b c 1857
        6. Viola Learned b c 1862, d 1934
      2. George Learned b c 1826 married Mary born NY. George was a master carpenter. Moved his family to Ohio in 1835. In 1840 Ohio census there were 12 in his household, including 2 aged 80-90 year olds. They might have been Abijah Sr and Anna. In 1860 census for Penn. George and Mary had 5 children. Sometime after 1860 they moved to Oregon. Mary died in Oregon in 1889. George was still alive in 1911.
      3. Abijah Learned b 16 Sept 1830 in Ireland Tp, married Sarahette Gould, born NY. No children.
    10. Henry Learned b Sept 10 1784 at Maidstone, NH, enlisted in War, no futher record found
  6. DAVID LEARNED b 28 July 1754 at Union, Conn, d 1830 at Andover, Maine.
  7. ABEL LEARNED b 23 March 1756 at Union, Conn, d 1836 at Ryegate, Vt
  8. EUNICE LEARNED b 20 Feb 1757 at Union, Conn, died 21 Aug 1758 at Union
  9. NANCY LEARNED b c 1771. Note that this Nancy may have married Jonas Phelps of Ireland Tp. Nancy may have married Jonas Phelps who lived in Irleand Tp on the same lot as the Learneds. Jonas died before 1831 census, as Nancy was a widow in 1831 census with 7 children.

    Note that the above Learned family was in some way related to the Phelps, Hicks and Thurbers of Ireland Tp. Isaac Thurber married Druscilla Hicks. Some of their children were given Christian names of Royal, Learned. And some of them married into Browns and Smiths.

    Source of Learned info : Nancy Donald. Contact info available for Learned.


LEE ANDREW Sgt, settled St Gilles, m MARGARET ? b 1784, d 1842. Granted land in Ireland Tp in 1831. Child Edward b 1814, d 1832 age 18 and William d 1828, bur Bullard Brooke.


LEE WILLIAM 1815-1902, settled St Sylvestre, m in 1848 to LYDIA ANN CARPENTER. Children:

  1. Nicholas Alex b 1856, farmer of St Sylvestre, m in 1883 at Holy Trinity, CE, Quebec City to Jemima C Nutbrown. Children :

    *- Horace Roderick Innocent b 3 Oct 1884 (born on St Innocent's Day) m LillieSusanna Brittan,

    born Birmingham, England

    *- Rowena Elizabeth b 23 Sept 1905, never married. Living in Edmonton in 1999.

    1. Lena Wilhelmina b 1889
    2. Elsie Kathleen b 1898
  2. Clara Elmira b 1858
  3. Emily M b 1850, m in 1873 at St Sylvestre Presb to John Parks

    * Source : Edith Ritchie, Dartmouth, NS 463-4043 (1999)


LEE WILLIAM WILBERT b 1839, IRELAND, C of E, from St Sylvestre, labourer in Inverness Tp, single in 1861 census. Married in 1879 to ANNIE WARBY


LEE RICHARD Sr 1831 census : settled Ireland Tp. Sgt in 63rd Regiment, m MARTHA BALLS, d 1852, bur WM Ireland Tp. Granted 600 acres of Ireland Tp, 12th Range, Lots 1, 3, and 14 in 1824.


LEE RICHARD settled Ireland Tp, blacksmith, m SARAH MUIRHEAD. Children : Letty b 1825, James William b 1831.


LEE RICHARD granted 100 acres Ireland Tp in 1831, 12th Range, 1/2 of Lot 2.


LEE ELIZABETH 1809-1873, m EDWARD VINCENT REDMAN, b Southampton England before 1818. Elizabeth had a sister Frances who m Samuel Johnston Thurber.


LEE FRANCES d 1843, m SAMUEL JOHNSTON THURBER. Frances was a sister of Elizabeth Lee 1809-1873.


LEE JOHN bapt Oct 1824.


LEE THOMAS, the elder, granted 1200 acres of Ireland Tp, 5th Range, lots 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, and 13, between 1802-1809.


LEE THOMAS, the younger, granted 400 acres of Ireland Tp, 5th Range, Lots 12 and 14 between 1802-1809.


LEE JOHN 'JACK' granted 200 acres, 6th Range of Ireland Tp, Lot 6, between 1802-1809.

Contact info available for Lee.

LEDDICOAT WILLIAM 1831 census : 9 in house, C of E, settled Leeds Tp after 1825.


LEET EZRA b 1782, d 1842


LEET DEXTER settled Leeds Tp, m at C of E Leeds in 1838 to JANE BAYNE


LEET IRA settled Inverness Tp, m at C of E Leeds in 1840 to ELEANOR HARWOOD. Child :

  1. Sibree b 1842


  1. James m Ann Smith 1832-1905. Children :
    1. Allan Walker 1868-1923 m 1893 at Inverness Presb to Catherine M Jamieson.
    2. James Archibald m 1896 Muriel Goff. Child : Jean Ester b 1899
    3. Ann Beatrice C of E, m Elmer Warcup. Have descendants in Berlin, NH. Children : Mary McClean b 1897, William Allan 1901-1984

LEFEBVRE WILLIAM of Ireland Tp, m in 1855 WM to MARTHA STRAW HALL. Child :

  1. Betsy b 1856

LEFEBVRE JOSEPH m MARGARET. Lived St Gilles. Child : John b 1848


LEFEBVRE JOSEPH m ANN FRASER. Children : - William b 1831- Joseph b 1834


LEFEBVRE DAVID 1855-1899, merchant, lived NH


LEFEBVRE male m CATHERINE McKILLOP, d 1956, bur St James Leeds


LEFEBVRE DAVID L m JANE BROWN, d 1946, cremated in Mass, USA.






LEFLAME PIERRE b 1817, d 1888, bur St Andrews Presbyterian, Inverness.


LEISTER b IRELAND settled Broughton Tp in 1825.


LEITH JOHN b 1779 in IRELAND, d 1862, WM, m JANE HAMILTON b 1784 in IRELAND, d 1868 at Inverness, WM. Lived Inverness Tp in 1861. Children :

  1. John b 1815 IRELAND, WM, settled Inverness Tp, died 17 Jan 1872, age 57.m in 1840 to HANNAH ROBINSON b 1822 in IRELAND, WM, d 1904, buried St Stephens Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp, dau of James Robinson and Sarah Goe. For info on the Robinson migration from Ireland to Megantic County, see Gwen Barry, "Ulster Protestant Emigration to Lower Canada. In addition to their own children, in 1861 Eliza J Grey b 1839 Upper Canada, Epis was also living with them. Children :
    1. Elizabeth b 1841 LC, d 1879, m Albert Wilton
    2. William b 1842. Died in the US Civil War at the Battle of Cedar Springs, in the Shenandoah Valley.
    3. Porteous b 1844.
    4. John Loftus b 1846, d 1910, m in 1873 to Susan Sarah Jane Robinson. Children:
      1. Hannah E m 1898 at Northumberland, NH to Henry A Plummer
      2. Peter Raymond m Mary Helen Henderson. For Henderson, see Publications by Gwen Barry.
      3. Robert James m Gertrude May Patterson
      4. Mary Louisa b 1888, m William Wright
      5. Fred William 1874-1895
      6. John Wesley b 1883, m Marion Eleanor Hillier
      7. George Edwin m Isabel Rankin Thomas
      8. Sarah Jane b 1877 m John Cochrane
      9. Walter Henry b 1891
    5. James b 1850
    6. Robert b 1856 m Isabella Stewart. Lived in Hoosick Falls, NY. Children :
      1. Alfred Robina b 1882 in NY
      2. John Foster b 1884
      3. Rosela May b 1886
      4. Hannah

LEITH HAMILTON b 1818, settled Nelson Tp, m in 1837 to MARION CURRIE b 1817. Children :

  1. Robert Currie b 1838
  2. Jessie Jane b 1840
  3. Mary b 1842
  4. Maria b 1844

LEITH ELIZABETH d 1860, bur Inverness Presb, m DAVID WILLIAM FALCONER GRAY, born Scotland

Contact info available for Leith.

LENNON JAMES m CATHERINE b 1790, d 1865, buried Leeds RC.


LENNON ARTHUR 1801-1851, bur Leeds RC, m CATHERINE CROZIER b 1814 IRELAND, RC, widow in Inverness Tp in 1861 census. Children :

  1. Margaret b 1841 Ireland, m 1866 at St Pierre Baptiste RC to James Mooney
  2. Ann b 1843 Ireland
  3. Edward b 1845 Ireland
  4. Mary b 1852 LC

LENNON JAMES b 1802 IRELAND, RC, m in 1830 to MARY FEHILY b 1802 IRELAND, RC. Lived in Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. Edward b 1836 in IRELAND m 1856 at Broughton RC to Mary Ann Dooley b 1843 LC, RC. Lived Leeds Tp, children :
    1. Mary b 1858
    2. Catherine 1861-1864
    3. Edward b 1863
    4. John b 1865
  2. Margaret m 1853 at St Sylvestre RC to Francois Xavier Roberge, son of Joseph Roberge and Marie Dion of Leeds.
  3. James 'Jack' b 1832 IRELAND, RC, m 2nd in 1852 at Plessisville RC to Julie Roberge b 1832, LC, French, of Leeds Tp. Children :
    1. John b 1854 LC
    2. Michael b 1855, m in 1886 at Laurierville RC to Eulalie Gingras
    3. Patrick b 1857
    4. James b 1856
    5. Mary b 1860
    6. Joseph b 1862
    7. Edward b 1861
    8. Francis b 1864
    9. Julia b 1866

LENNON BARNARD b 1830 in IRELAND, RC, m SARAH, b 1834 in LC. Lived in Nelson Tp. Children :

  1. Edward b 1850 in LC
  2. James b 1852
  3. Mary b 1854
  4. Susan b 1857
  5. Sarah b 1859

LENNON ROBERT b 1833 IRELAND, RC, living in Broughton Tp in 1861, not married.


LENNON EDMUND came over from Dublin, Ireland in 1850 and died on the passage over. RC. Married to CATHERINE Children :

  1. Mary Lennon died in Ireland in potato famine
  2. Annie Lennon died in Ireland in potato famine
  3. George Lennon b 1841 in Ireland. He was raised by Charles Elvidge and Mary Rogers.went to California. at age 16 or 17 and was never heard from again.
  4. Edward Lennon b 1847 12 Oct at Dublin, Ireland, RC, d 1930 at Milby, Que, came to Megantic County, and was raised by Charles Elvidge and Mary Rogers. He m in 1873 at Manchester, Vt to Sarah Elvidge b 9 Oct 1853, of Ireland Tp, Megantic Co, WM, dau of Charles Elvidge and Mary Rodgers, d 1942 at Milby, Que. Sarah worked in a dairy in Manchester, Vt at the time of her marriage. Children :
    1. Katherine Mary Lennon b 1875 in Manchester, Vt, nm, d 1955 at Milby, Que, buried St Antoine's RC Cemetery, Lennoxville.
    2. Ellen Alma Lennon b 1877, d 1960 at Milby, Que, bur St Antoine's Cem, Lennoxville, m in 1905 at Compton, Que to John Boudreau, son of Henry Boudreau and Marguerite McNally.
    3. Sarah Lennon b 1878, d 1934, bur Lennoxville.
    4. Charles Arthur Leroy Lennon b 1881, d 1964, bur St Antoine's, Lennoxville, m in 1903 at St Thomas Church, Compton, Que to Mary Albertina Louise Spalding. Children :
      1. Marie Albertina Lennon b 1905 Milby, d 1987, m 1925 to Alex George Begbie. Children :
        1. Gwendolyn Begbie b 1927 m Francois Fontaine in 1947 at Sherbrooke, Que. Is this Dad's old girlfriend after whom I was named.
    5. Eva May Lennon b 1885, m in 1933 at Derby Line, Vt to Leo Walsh.
    6. Alden Edward Augustin Lennon b 1889, d 1975, bur Compton, m in 1922 at Martinville, Compton, Que to Yvonne Cliche
    7. Elizabeth Lilly Mary Lennon b 1892 at Milby, Que, nm, lived Milby, Que, d 1967, bur St Antoine's, Lennoxville.
    8. Patrick Joseph Lenon b 1894, nm, d 1955 8 Dec.
    9. Contact info available for Lennon.



















LATER/LATTER HENRY settled Leeds Tp, m ISABELLA GILBRAITH. Child Janet b 1835.


LETTERS NATHANIEL b IRELAND, Co Donegal, C of E, settled in 1831 in Broughton Tp, buried St James Leeds. Children :

  1. NATHANIEL b 1817 IRELAND, Epis, d 1898, settled Broughton Tsp.m ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG b 1827 SCOTLAND. Lived Broughton. Children:
    1. Thomas b 1849 LC
    2. Ann b 1851, d 1915, m in 1868 at St Sylvestre Presb to Donald Cameron
      1. Christianna b 1853
      2. George K b 1855
      3. Mary Agnes b 1858
      4. Jane b 1860
      5. William b 1862
      6. James Armstrong 1861-1920, lived Nelson Tp, m in 1901 to Rebecca Jane McCrae
  2. STUART b 1820 IRELAND, Epis, settled Broughton Tp, m Leeds C of E in 1841 to MARGARET JANE SUITOR b 1823 IRELAND, of St Gilles. Children :
    1. Maria bapt Dec 1840 in Broughton.
    2. James b 1841 LC
    3. Alex b 1844, m Mary Ann Taylor. Child : John Thomas b 1866
    4. Mary Ann b 1847, d 1897, m Thomas Laycraft
    5. Letitia b 1849
    6. David b 1851
    7. Sarah J b 1854
    8. Thomas b 1856
    9. Elizabeth b 1859
    10. Margaret b 1861
    11. William John b 1866

LELLETER JOHN 1792-1892, bur Protestant Cemetery in Megantic Co.


LEWIS LEWIS 1831 census : 3 in house, C of E, settled 7th Range of Inverness after 1825.


LEWIS DAVID, soldier, m ELLEN. CROMWELL. Lived St Gilles. Child :

  1. JAMES CROMWELL LEWIS b 1840 in Lower Canada (Quebec). Living in Leeds Tp, 3rd Range in 1861 census. FC. Married in 1863 at Leeds Presb to MARY JAMIESON. Children :
    1. William Jamieson b 1864
    2. James Bailey b 1866
    3. Helen Cromwell b 1868
    4. Albert Elmore b 1871
    5. George Frederick b 1875

LIMIC or LUNNIE (Census writers handwriting illegible) :


LIMIC JANE b 1817 IRELAND, C of E m JAMES WILSON b 1807 IRELAND, C of E. Lived Ireland Tp.


LIMIC DANIEL b 1830 LC, CE, m MARY JOHNSTON b 1830 LC, C of E. Ireland Tp. Children : Jane b 1858, Mary b 1860, child b 1861.


LIMIC JAMES b 1835 LC, CE m JANE LYNAUGH b 1837 LC, C of E. Ireland Tp. Children : Daniel b 1860 and Alice b 1861


LIMIC WILLIAM b 1837 LC, C of E living Ireland Tp in 1861


LIMIC FREDERICK b 1840 LC, C of E living Ireland Tp in 1861


LINDEN PETER granted 1 lot on St Fredericks Range of St Sylvestre in 1835.


LINDLEY THOMAS WILLIAM, soldier, m FRANCES CULLY d 1863, bur C of E Inverness. Child:

  1. Elizabeth d 1867

LINKLATER GEORGE settled Inverness Tp, m ANN MURPHY. Children : Mariann b 1840, Isabella b 1842.

Linklater Note : (The relationship, if any, is unknown, however Linklater is an Orkney Island, Scotland name. There was a George Linklater from the Orkney Islands who was employed by the Hudson's Bay Company at Fort Albany before 1820, who married Helen. Their children : Benjamin b 1824, Archibald b 1826, James b 1832.)


LIPSEY WILLIAM b 1755 IRELAND, Co Tyrone, Drumglass, d 1832 in Leeds Tsp. Three weeks after their arrival in Leeds Tp, his wife wandered into the woods and was never found. They were among the first settlers of Leeds Tp. Their son, William II, was given a land grant in Leeds Tp., as a result of his military service. While still serving in Canada, he arranged for his parents to come over and settle on his lot. Meanwhile, William II was shipped back to England about 1832. When William II returned to settle in Leeds Tp in 1837, both his parents had died at Leeds. There is a William Lipsey in the 1766 Drumglass Parish census. This is probably the father of the above William b 1755. This fact added 24 Sept 2014. And also the fact that there were 4 Lipsey brothers who came to Canada, namely: James b 1788, Robert b 1790, William b 1794, and Andrew b 1805. This also added 24 Sept 2014. Contact info available. Children :

  1. WILLIAM LIPSEY b 12 July 1793, IRELAND Co Tyrone, Drumglass, C of E, d 28 Nov 1877 Leeds Tsp. He is buried at St James, C of E, Leeds Tp. Married in Ireland to ANN DUNN b 1801 IRELAND, Co Tyrone, RC., d July 1881. She is buried in the RC cemetery at Inverness. They came to Leeds Tsp in 1837. William enlisted in 1812 in the 4th Regiment, Royal Artillery and served for 22 years. He was with the Duke of Wellington in the Penninsular War, saw action at Orthes, Bayonne, Toulouse and the Pyrennes. Served at Plattsburg, New York in the Royal Artillery in the war of 1812-1815. Children :
    1. James b 1823 to Charlotte, Michigan, married 1st to Margaret Laheff, and m 2nd to Mary Ann Carpenter. Had 5 children.
    2. Edward b 23 Nov 1824 in Kingston, Ontario, d 1915. He was Capt No 1 Company, 55th Battalion, Megantic Light Infantry. Served against the Fenian Raids of 1866. Married 1859 at Leeds Presb to Agnes Learmonth, b 1836 in LC, d 1921. They lived on the Craig's Rd N, Leeds Tsp. Both are buried at Kinnears Mills. Children :
      1. Ann Alicia b 1868
      2. Robert b 1851
      3. James 1865-1939, m in 1894 to Margaret Ann Lowry, m 2nd in 1926 to Perris Ann Parker. He was a RR Agent at Thetford Mines. Children :
        1. Clarence Howard b 1895. Was a dentist in Edmonton.
        2. Goldwin b 1900. Dentist in Calgary, later moved to Philadelphia, d 1966
        3. Marjorie Catherine b 1911, m Francis Edward Austin, to Lamont, Sask.
        4. Mrs Herbert Wilcox, foster child.
      4. John b 1870. He was a high school teacher, who later farmed at East Angus. Buried at Oshawa, Ont. Married Martha Moore. Children :
        1. Myrtle b 14 Dec 1896, m Stanley Bishop
        2. Elva m a Coates in Oct 1922
        3. Kenneth M.
        4. Muriel m a Coates
      5. William b 1860, to Boston, Mass
      6. Agnes b 1862, m Sam Church. To East Angus, Que
      7. Edmond d 1876
      8. Edward b 1873
      9. John Henry 'Harry'1877-1960, m in 1904 to Margaret Teresa Lowry, 1881-1964. Both buried Kinnears Mills.
    3. Elizabeth m in 1852 at St Sylvestre RC to Matthew Cox. Elizabeth converted to RC. They had 10 children :
      1. Annie lived to age 97
      2. Philip lived into his 90s.
    4. Sarah Ann b 1830, d 1918. In 1861 still single and living with parents. Married John Machell. Lived St Sylvestre.
    5. John b Kingston, Ontario to Charlotte, Michigan. Married a Hutton. Had 2 children :
      1. Belle, never married
      2. Lillian, never married
    6. Mary Jane b 1834 Portsmouth, England, d 1915, m Samuel Edwards. Had 8 children.
    7. William b 1840 Leeds Tp, d 7 June 1877 on railwy near Eastman, Quebec. Married Sarah Bonnar. Had 2 children.
    8. Isabella b 23 Oct 1842 Leeds Tp, d 3 Aug 1926. When she was 16, she married a man much older, James Wark, born in Ireland in 1823, d 1921 age 98 years.
  2. JAMES LIPSEY settled Leeds Tsp, mason, m ANN BALL. Child :
    1. Robert Wilson Lipsey b 1832, m Margaret Smith, d 1914 at St Sylvestre. Children :
      1. Robert John b 1871
      2. Alexander William b 1874
  3. ANDREW LIPSEY settled Leeds Tp, carpenter, m JANE THOMPSON. Child Mary Ann b 1833.

    For the emigration pattern of the above family, see 'Ulster Protestant Emigration to Lower Canada: Megantic County and St-Sylvestre,' by Gwen Barry.


Other Lipsey's. Don't know how or if they fit in above.

:LIPSEY JAMES of St Patrick, Lotbiniere, carpenter, m in 1893 at Leeds WM to MARY ANDREW SMITH of Leeds. Children :
  1. Edith Grace b 1905
  2. Chester Page b 1895



LIPSEY WILLIAM d 1888 at Eastman, Que, m ISABELLA. Lived Thetford Mines. Child :

  1. James b 1861

LIPSEY SARAH ANN 1838-1871. Died Leeds.

A James Lipsey of one of the above families moved to Vermilion, Alberta in 1908.

Rsearching Lipsey/Dempsey :

Elizabeth Larrabee : (Please contact for email)

Contact info available for Lipsey.


See : The Little Family and the Ralston Family of Megantic County, Quebec , by Gwen Barry.


LITTLEGATE OBIDIAH 1831 census : 13 in house, C of E, settled Leeds before 1815.


LIVINGLANE granted 2 lots, St Fredericks Range of St Sylvestre in 1833.


LIVINGLANE. Was murdered on St Frederick's Range, St-Sylvestre in 1833. He had been granted 2 lots of St Frederick's Range in 1833, under the name of Livinglane. The murder was a dispute over land ownership between Livinglane and a family of Suitor neighbours on St Catherine's Range, St-Sylvestre. For more info on this murder and the ensuing trial, see SUITOR. Research on this murder was conducted by Steve Cameron. A copy of the trial record (24 pages) can be found at Laval University. See Steve Cameron for the record reference number.

SUITOR WILLIAM b 1813. The following is from the National Archives of Quebec, Microfilm M138/15 :

"William Suitor, aged 25 years, was executed here on the 4th March 1834, for the murder of Livingstone in the parish of St Sylvestre, seigneury of St Gilles on the 6th December 1833, and was buried on the 6th March 1834. He declared to the last on the scaffold that he was not guilty of murder. That though he----, he only intended to maim Livingstone in the left leg and that he never harboured malice against him or had a forethought of doing him evil. Myself, and I believe all the other clergy, who attended him are persuaded that he was only guilty of manslaughter. signed Rev James Harkness. "

No first name of Livingstone was given. The trial record for the murder (24 pages) consistently refers to the murdered victim as Livinglane, not Livingstone. Info available from Steve Cameron.


LIVINGSTON DOUGAL b 1791 SCOTLAND, gardner in Leeds Tp in 1861, m ELIZABETH b 1792 SCOTLAND


LIVINGSTON DUNCAN, miner at Thetford Mines, m ELIZABETH ANDERSON. Child :

  1. Duncan Wallace b 1894
Contact info available.

LLOYD GEORGE b 1839 LC, Epis, surveyor, living 11th Range of Inverness in 1861. Married MATILDA NADEAU. Child : Maria Louisa b 1862, bapt C of E Inverness


LLOYD WILLIAM VALENTINE II, born 14 Feb 1825, baptized 31 Dec 1832 at All Souls Church, Parish of St Mary-le-bone, Middlesex Co., England. He was the son of William Lloyd I and Jane Fitzgerald of 27 Charles Street, gentleman. Offered himself as deacon in 1850. Source:

Anglican Diocesan Archives for Quebec, Miscellaneous Papers.

He was ordained C of E priest in 1851, first parish as deacon was Leeds, Quebec in 1850. He was with the SPG. Child :

  1. William III m in 1850 at Shipton C of E to Caroline Amelia Sophia Aylmer

LLOYD HERBERT, dentist, m ELIZABETH LUDGE. Lived Thetford Mines

Lloyd Note : Some of the Lloyds were buried in the Lloyd Private Cemetery at Lysander Falls, in the location now occupied by the Lysander Falls Municipal Park.

In a story in the Montreal Gazette titled 'Growth and Development,' by W. H. Lambly, he reported that the registrars of Inverness were:

In 1831, Tonny Anderson was the 1st Registrar of Inverness. He went on to become an MLA, and Attorney General of Lower Canada.

In 1832, the 2nd Registrar was Thomas W. Lloyd

In 1834, 3rd Registrar was G. M. Muir

In 1835, 4th Registrar was F. Meyer

In 1842, 5th Registrar was Richard A. Fortier

In 1844, 6th Registrar was John R. Lambly

In 1862, the 7th Registrar was William Harvard Lambly, appointed in 1862.

The oldest clergy reserve title was for lot 7, 9th range of Leeds Tp., in favour of Zacharias Goff of Quebec City, dated 15 Aug 1831. Very many of the titles were of the county were for one peppercorn, but after the abolution of the corn laws, titles were given in free and common soccage.

Source: Montreal Gazette: Megantic Edition , 2 Aug., 1900. The only copy in existence is held by Marie-Eve Adam, of the 10th Range of Inverness, who has sinced moved on, with or without the stash of newpapers, no forwarding address known by me.


LOCKE JAMES settled Inverness Tp, m at Leeds C of E in 1837 to CATHERINE LENNON


LOCKHART WILLIAM of Somerset Tp m in 1855 at Shipton, Que C of E to ANN POULER


LOCKWOOD ABRAHAM b 1780 in ENGLAND, C of E. In 1861 he was a widower, living in the home of Allan and Margaret McLean in Inverness Tp.


LOGAN WILLIAM m MARGARET BAIRD. Lived Ireland Tp. Children :

  1. Hannah Elizabeth 1864-1865
  2. Henry Lewis George b 1865
  3. Clara Ann b 1868
  4. Harriet Louisa b 1870
  5. Caroline b 1874

LOGIE CHARLES SEARLES b 1825 SCOTLAND, Orkney Islands, d 1913, m ANASTASIA SULLIVAN b 1832 IRELAND. Name edited from Harold Charles Logie to Charles Searles Logie 24 Sept. 2014. His mother was a Harold. For more on the Logies, see Rousay Roots: Children:

  1. Charles Alexander b 1855 LC, d 1881
  2. James b 1856
  3. Isabella Harold b 1857, d 1951, m in 1887 at St Sylvestre Presb to James Robertson
  4. John Bertrand b 1859, m 21 June 1892 at Cornwall, Ontario to Annie A. A. Brownell. (Marriage added 24 Sept. 2014.)
  5. Edward S b 1861, Minister m in 1892 at Leeds Presb to Isabella Cromwell. Contact info available for the Logie family.

LONG GEORGE granted 4 lots, 3rd Range of Leeds before 1825.






See also: LONGMORE


LONGMORE ROBERT b 1785 in IRELAND, d 1878, m MARGARET MOFFATT b 1791, d 1865, settled Nelson Tp. Margaret came from Berwick on Tweed, Northumberland, England, but both Margaret and Robert were of Scottish stock. Children :

  1. SAMUEL LONGMORE b 1817 in IRELAND, d 1872, m in 1841 to JANET MOFFATT. Lived in Nelson Tp. Children :
    1. Margaret b 1841, d 1873
    2. Martha b 1842, d 1874
    3. Elizabeth

      Samuel married 2nd in 1849 to MARGARET MATTHEW, born in SCOTLAND, of Nelson Tp. Their children :

    4. John b 1850
    5. Robert b 1853, was living in Snowflake, Arizona in 1890, m in 1890 to Sarah Moffat. Child : Walter Moffat b 1893 in Arizona
    6. Sarah Ann b 1856, d 1874
    7. Thomas b 1857
    8. Janet Wilson b 1859
    9. Samuel Alex b 1861, m in 1891 to Elizabeth Caroline Watts. Children :
      1. Grace Linwood b 1896
      2. Mildred Elizabeth b 1892
      3. Stella Margaret b 1897
    10. Mary Ellen b 1870, d 1891
    11. Hannah Georgina b 1872, d 1873
    12. William James b 1866
    13. Isabella b 1869
  2. ROBERT LONGMORE b 1817 in IRELAND, d 1864, m in 1837 to ANN PATTERSON b in IRELAND, of Nelson Tp, b 1817, d 1890. Children :
    1. Margaret b 1838 in LC
    2. Thomas b 1840, d 1874.
    3. Andrew Patterson b 1843, d 1875
    4. Robert b 1845, m in 1880 to Mary Elizabeth McCune (McEwan?), dau of Sam and Margaret McCune. Children :
      1. Margaret Isabella b 1880
      2. Annie Mabel Ethelinda b 1882
      3. Robert Washington b 1883
      4. Fanny Elsada b 1886
      5. David Andrew Patterson b 1888
      6. Nancy Elizabeth b 1892
      7. Victoria Eugenie Julia 'Eva' b 1896
      8. Cecil Lyman Clarence b 1899
    5. George b 1847, d 1875, m in 1872 to Janet Longmore
    6. Samuel b 1849 m in 1877 at St Johnsbury, Vt to Jennie Norton b 1851, LC, of Chelsea, Mass, (daughter of John Norton and Mary D Watts).
    7. Hannah b 1850
    8. John b 1852
    9. Ann b 1854, d 1876
    10. Nancy b 1857
    11. Martha b 1860
    12. Elizabeth b 1862
  3. WILLIAM LONGMORE b 1821 in IRELAND, FC, d 1899, m 1st in 1839 to JANET FERGUSON b 1816 in SCOTLAND, FC, of Inverness Tp, d 1866, age 50. William m 2nd to ELIZABETH MATTHEWS 1835-1924. Five of their children, aged 5 to 21 years all died in 1866 along with their mother from one of the many epidemics to strike the area. A 6th child Robert b 1842, d 1872 at age 30.

    Children by Janet Ferguson:

    1. James b 1841 LC, d 1941 at St Anastasie, Que
    2. Robert b 1842, d 1872
    3. Margaret b 1845
    4. Elizabeth b 1847, d 1866
    5. Thomas b 1850, d 1865
    6. Janet b 1851, m in 1872 to George Longmore, d 1875
    7. William b 1853, d 1866
    8. Samuel b 1861, d 1866
    9. Jemima b 1856 m 2nd in 1876 at St Johnsbury, Vt to John R Sommerville.
    10. James b 1856, d 1941, m in 1891 to Jane Stewart 1864-1944. Children :
      1. John E 1898-1979
      2. William Harold 1895-1984
      3. Ella Rose b 1893
      4. James Norman 1894-1905
      5. Lulie Margaret b 1899 m C W McVetty
    11. John b 1858, d 1866

      Children by Elizabeth Matthews :

    12. Catherine
    13. Annie Elizabeth b 1871
  4. JAMES LONGMORE b 1822 in IRELAND, d 1902, settled Nelson Tp, m in 1852 to ELLEN MATTHEWS, b 1829 in SCOTLAND, d 1904. Children:
    1. Robert James b 1854, d 1942, m in 1886 to Mary Jane Walker. Children :
      1. Ada Edith b 1887
      2. Eva Bell b 1889
      3. John Arnold Herbert b 1891
      4. Robert Everett 1896-1897
      5. Margaret Maud Marjory b 1900 m Archie Houle
      6. Robert Andrew Clifford b 1906
      7. Gordon Wlaker b 1910 m Ethel Patterson
    2. John b 1855, d 1864, aged 8 years
    3. Sarah Ann 1856-1874
    4. George b 1857 m Elizabeth Longmore
    5. Margaret b 1859
    6. James b 1861, d 1864, aged 3 years
    7. John James b 1864
    8. Samuel b 1868, d 1896 at Barre, Vt
    9. Ellen b 1866
    10. Thomas William b 1872 m Mary Emily Lowry
    11. Duncan b 1874, quarryman of Vt, m in 1904 to Florence May Ralston of Inverness
  5. JANET WILSON LONGMORE 1827-1907 m GEORGE POUND 1828-1892. They lived in Inverness Tp
  6. JOHN LONGMORE b 1830 in IRELAND, m MARTHA FERGUSON b 1836 in LC. Lived in Nelson Tp, Presb. Children :
    1. Irvine b 1854 in LC
    2. Robert b 1856, d 1864
    3. Thomas b 1858
    4. Margaret J. b 1860, d 1892
    5. William b 1862 m c1904 to Isabella Dempsey
    6. Robert, twin b 1864
    7. John, twin b 1864
    8. Janet b 1867
    9. Martha Ann b 1869
    10. Agnes b 1870
    11. Samuel James b 1873
    12. Elizabeth Caroline b 1875
    13. Henry b 1882

LONGMORE THOMAS d 1923 of Nelson Tp, m in 1883 at Leeds Presb to ELIZABETH SMITH. Children :

  1. Ida May b 1884, died 26 Dec 1911, age 27 at Regina, Sask. Married William Irwin at Grand Coulee, Sask. Ida went west in 1905, married in 1911, buried at St James, Leeds. Burial service conducted by Rev Gourlay of Leeds Presbyterian
  2. Ernest Albert b 1886 to Regina, Sask
  3. John Edgar b 1887 to Regina
  4. Clara Elizabeth b 1890 to Regina.
  5. Margaret Jane b 1892
  6. Henry Gordon 1894-1894
  7. Martha Laura 1895-1946- Stella Louisa b 1897
  8. Cora Jane b 1900
  9. Douglas Hay b 1914
Contact info available for Longmore.

LONGSTAFF GILBERT, settled 8th Range of Inverness Tp, Lot 10, living alone in 1831 census. Granted the land 30 Aug 1830. Arrived 1827.


LORD PETER CHANDLER b 1793 USA, Vermont, St Johnsbury, Congregationalist, settled Ireland Tp in 1809, m LOIS WEST b 1797 USA. Peter's family owned nearly the entire site of what eventually became the city of St Johnsbury, Vermont. 1831 census, Ireland Tp : 13 in house, Baptist. Children :

  1. George bapt Jan 1825
  2. Winthrop Chandler bapt 1825
  3. Ester Woodenan b 1831, m 1849 at Danville Congregational to Norman McCleod
  4. Harriet b 1833
  5. Pusberry West b 1834
  6. Lewis Henry b 1837 LC m Janet Cross b 1839 LC. Children :
    1. Loring Chandler b 1860
    2. Harriet Elizabeth b 1861
    3. Presbury Watson b 1863
  7. Clarissa b 1840, d 1874

LORD EDWARD Cpl, b USA, m LOUISA CLARK. Child Elizabeth Jane b 1841.


LOVE WILLIAM, settled Lot 154, St Margaret's Range of St Sylvestre in 1835.


LOW JOSEPH b 1809 in ENGLAND, Hampshire, C of E, d 1889 Inverness Tp, m in 1838 to ESTHER SLATER b 1809 IRELAND, C of E. Children :

  1. Agnes b 1838 LC, d 1897, m David McIntyre
  2. Lydia Jane b 1840
  3. Elizabeth b 1841, d 1894 m Robert Trebilcock (Cox). Lived West Concord, Vt Child : Joseph Frederick b 1870
  4. Sophia b 1843
  5. Harriet b 1845
  6. Maria b 1850, d 1925, m James Bracken
  7. Rosanna b 1851, dy
  8. Ann b 1853
  9. Charlotte b 1854
  10. Margaret b 1856
Contact info available for Low.










LAUGHREY (LOWREY?) PATRICK m MARY PATTON. Lived St Elzear. Child : Michael b 1841, bapt St Nicolas RC.



  1. Lizzie b 1866 at St Sylvestre, m in 1889 at Whitefield, NH to Patrick Carbery b 1866 at Kent, NB, son of Patrick Carbery and Mary McGavan. Child:
    1. male b 1890 at Jefferson, NH


  1. Bridget b 1866 in LC, m in 1890 at Whitefield, NH to Thomas Mulherin, son of Arthur and Susan Mulherin, both b Ireland, residents of Saint John, NB.

LAUGHREY PETER b 1860 LC, m KATE b 1864 LC. Child :

  1. male b 1890 at Jefferson, NH

LAUGHREY KATE A b 1860 at Maple Grove, Ireland Tp, m in 1884 at Jefferson, NH to GEORGE E MORTON b 1850 at Andover, Maine, son of Joseph and Keziah Morton.

Contact info available for Laughrey.

LOWREY DANIEL b 1780, IRELAND, d 1845, bur C of E Ireland Tp.


LOWREY ? b 1788 IRELAND, m CATHERINE b 1804 IRELAND. Lived Leeds Tp. Children : David b 1834 Ireland, Mary Lowrey b 1849.






LOWREY AGNES b 1822, d 1894, m JOHN DICK. Lived St Pierre Baptiste


LOWREY WILLIAM b 1826 in IRELAND, Epis, m in 1848 at St Sylvestre C of E to ISABELLA LIPSEY b 1828 in Ireland. They lived in St Patrice de Beaurivage. Children :

  1. Thomas b 1850 in Leeds Tsp, m Agnes Kettle b Nelson Tp. Child : Annie B b 1880 at Barton, Vt
  2. Susan b 1854
  3. William N b 1854
  4. Mary Ann b 1859
  5. Nancy b 1860
  6. Isabella b 1855
  7. Sarah 1863-1865
  8. James Lipsey b 1861 at Thetford, m in 1893 at Barton, Vt to Elizabeth McVetty b 1868 at Thetford Mines, d 1900. Children :
    1. William Thomas b 1894
    2. James Abraham b 1896
    3. Ethel Frances b 1898
    4. John Alexander b 1900
  9. Sarah b 1866
  10. Catherine 1869-1872

LOWREY ANDREW b 1822 in IRELAND, WM, m in 1853 to LETITIA CRAWFORD b 1828 in IRELAND, her 2nd marriage. Lived in Leeds.



  1. THOMAS LOWREY b 1778 in Co Donegal, Carricknahorna, Ire, d 1868, bur Parkhurst Cem, St Sylvestre, Lotbiniere Co, m c 1811 in Ireland to RUTH McKAY, b 1789 in Ballintra, Co Donegal. Children :
    1. Joseph Lowry, b 1812 in Ireland, d 1906, settled St Davids Range, and St Bernard, m 1st to Ester McKay and m 2nd in 1853 at WM Ireland Tp to Jane Colvin, widow of James Moore. Children:
      1. Ruth b 1837 m William McVetty
      2. Mary b 1839, d 1895, m James McVetty
      3. William b 1842, d 1849
      4. Thomas b 1845, m Sarah Ann Colvin
      5. William John b 1849, lived Eaton, Compton Co, Que, m 1st in 1878 to Rebecca Shorten of St Patrick, Lotbiniere, m 2nd Margaret McCrae.
      6. Elizabeth Jane b 1854 m Edward Evans
      7. Joseph Colvin b 1857 m Margaret J Forgrave
      8. James b 1859 m Jane Stevenson
    2. Barbara Lowry b 1815 in Ireland, m in 1839 to William McGinnis
    3. John Lowry b 1816, m 1st to Margaret McCullough and m 2nd in 1842 to Barbara McKay
    4. William Lowry b 1818 in Ireland, WM, d 1882, m at St Slyvestre in 1842 to Ruth McKay, b 1823 in Ireland, d 1892. Lived Inverness. Their children :
      1. William b 1843, d 1885, m Susan Graham. Lived Inverness. Children:
        1. Catherine Ida b 1871 m in 1907 to Walter Edwards
        2. William Stewart b 1872
        3. Jane Elizabeth b 1875, m Thomas Reid Robinson
        4. Robert John Graham b 1877, d 1947 m Georgiana Jenkins
        5. Barbara Ellen b 1879
        6. Caroline Jemima b 1881
        7. Susan Martha b 1883 m Duncan Kinnear
      2. Jane b 1845, d 1920, m Michael McKay
      3. John b 1849, d 1849
      4. Ruth b 1850
      5. Ruth b 1852, d 1898
      6. Mary Ann b 1859, d 1931, m Silas Truman Cox
      7. Susan Jane b 1853, d 1872
      8. Joseph b 1855, d 1918, m Rosa May Hendrick
      9. Thomas b 1848 m in 1876 to Mary Jane McCrae. Lived Nelson Tp. Children :
        1. Alex 1892-1892
        2. Barbara Jane b 1878
        3. William Ernest Leslie b 1887
        4. Mary Emily b 1881, m George Thomas William Longmore
        5. Margaret Alice 1883-1910
    5. David Lowry b 1820, d 1910
    6. Andrew Lowry bapt 1821 in Ireland
    7. Jane Lowry b 1822 in Ireland, d 1887, m in 1841 to Robert McCrae
    8. Thomas Lowry b 1824 in Ireland, d 1892, bur Boutelle Cem Inverness Tp, settled St Sylvestre. Married m in 1841 to ANN JANE LOWREY, d 1849. Married 3rd in 1850 to MARTHA McCULLOUGH, bur Boutelle Cem, dau of Hamilton McCullough and Mary Cascadden. Source for some of the info on this family : John and Helga Metcalf, Enderby, B.C. Children of Thomas and Ann Jane :
      1. Margaret Mary Lowry b c 1847 (by Ann Jane Lowry)
      2. Thomas Lowry b c 1848, (by Ann Jane Lowry), d 1892 m in 1879 to Mary Ann Robinson. Lived Inverness. Children :
        1. Frederick Arthur 1883-1929
        2. William Thomas b 1884 m Mary Ann Hamilton
        3. Samuel John b 1886 m Cassandra Prouse, dau of James Prowse and Elizabeth Johnson
        4. Catherine Jane b 1888
        5. Charles Elmer b 1896
      3. Elizabeth Lowry b 1851, (by Martha McCullough), m a Robinson
      4. Jane Lowry b 1853, d 1941 at Sawyerville, m Robert Shorten
      5. Harriet Lowry b 1854
      6. John James Lowry b 1859, d 1892
      7. Mary Cascadden Lowry
      8. Jemima b c 1859
      9. Hamilton Lowry b 1860, d 1940, twin
      10. David Lowry b 1860 twin
    9. Ruth Lowry b 1829, d 1906 at Cookshire, Que, m John Edwards
    10. James Edwin Lowry, b 1834, d 1920, m in 1862 at St Sylvestre C of E to Mary Stewart of St Sylvestre. Lived St Davids Range, St Sylvestre. Children :
      1. Margaret Alice b 1872
      2. James Alfred b 1874
      3. Hannah Armina b 1877
  2. LOWREY JOHN b 1796 in IRELAND, Ballymagroerty, WM, m SUSANNAH b 1809 in IRELAND. In 1861 census, living in Leeds Tsp. Living in same household in 1861 were Elias Lowry b 1840 in Ireland, and Mary Thompson b 1808 in Ireland, whose residence was St Sylvestre. John Lowrey was the first Master of Loyal Orange Lodge 297, instituted in Megantic County, in 1837. The transfer certificate from the LOL in Ireland reads:

    "We the Master, Deputy Master, Treasurer and Secretary of the Loyal Orange Association No 1439 held in Ballemagroerty in the Kingdom of Ireland, do certify that brother John Lowry has regularly received the degree of true Orange and Purpel man, in this our association and that he has conducted his stay amongst us to the entire satisfaction of all our brethren. We therefore request that all our regular associations in the Universe do recognize and admit him as such. This transfer is dated 10th day of April 1840. In this Lodge in the Kingdom of Ireland, signed by the Master James Crawford, Deputy Master Samuel Crawford, Treasurer Robert Calvin, and Secretary William Crawford."

    On neighbouring farms to John Lowrey were the following 3 families:

    1. LOWREY DAVID b 1828 in IRELAND, WM, m in 1849 to CATHERINE KING b 1832 in IRELAND, and m 2nd in 1855 to MARY SUTHERLAND. Children :
      1. Samuel Lowry b 1856 in LC.
      2. Susan Jane b 1866, m 1888 to John Edwards
      3. Margaret Ann b 1871 m James Lipsey
      4. Henry Alexander b 1869, d 1951, m in 1897 to Euphemia Nutbrown. Lived Leeds. Children :
        1. Olive Mildren Martin b 1899
        2. Vivian Margaret
        3. Vera May
      5. David John m in 1890 to Sarah Matilda Clouston. Children :
        1. Wilber Clouston b 1891
        2. Winnifred Annie b 1894
        3. Ira King b 1898
    2. LOWREY GEORGE b 1834 in IRELAND, WM, d 1897, m 1st in 1856 to MARY JANE MORRISON, b 1832 in IRELAND, FC, d 1872, buried Riverside, Kinnear's Mills. Lived 4th Range of Leeds. George m 2nd to ELIZA SHORTEN, widow of William Scott. Children :
      1. Susan b 1856 in LC
      2. Ellen Morrison b 1872
      3. Ann Jane b 1859
      4. William John b 1864
      5. George b 1860
    3. LOWREY ELIAS b 1804 in IRELAND, Carricknahorna, WM, settled St Sylvestre, m in Ireland in 1825 to CHRISTIANNA LOWREY, b IRELAND, Ballintra, bapt 1789 in Ireland, dau of Andrew and Ruth Lowrey of Ballintra, Ireland. Children of Elias and Christianna :
      1. David b 1827 in Ireland, lived Thetford Tsp, m in 1865 to Jane Wallace b 1829, of Thetford Tp. Children:
        1. Christiana b 1866 twin
        2. James b 1866 twin
      2. John b 1831 in Ireland, m in 1859 to Jane Hanna (surname is Hanna) b 1836 in Scotland. Lived Leeds. Children:
        1. Mary Jane b 1859
        2. Samuel b 1865
        3. Elias b 1867
        4. Margaret b 1871
        5. Martha b 1873
        6. John James b 1875
        7. Albert Wesley b 1877
        8. Frederick b 1880
      3. Mary b 1833 in Carricknahorna, Ireland, d 1911, m in Leeds Tp to Patrick Turner.
      4. Elias II b 1842 in LC, d 1927, m in 1865 at Leeds Presb to Catherine Jamieson and min 1886 to Ellen Wilson Rickaby. Children :
        1. Robert b 1866
        2. Christiana b 1869
        3. Joseph b 1871, d 1893 of typhoid at Barre, Vt
        4. Benjamin b 1873
        5. James b 1875
        6. Ellen b 1878
        7. William b 1879, m in 1899 to Hannah Elizabeth Davidson, d 1950, at Websterville, Vt. Children : Clarence Earl d 1901, Allen Albert d 1911, Ethel May 1902-1951 m Arthur Morrison.
        8. Edith Annie b 1882
        9. Margaret b 1883
        10. Harriet b 1889, d 1951, m Edwin Bertrand Thurber
      5. William b 1848 in LC

LOWREY ELIAS b 1844, d 1931, m in 1864 to ANN KING. Children :

  1. Caroline Ellen 1864-1937 m John McVetty
  2. Susan J b 1866 m in 1888 at Barre, Vt to William J Edwards
  3. Mary Louisa b 1867, d 1946
  4. William Lewis Scott b 1869, m in 1896 to Annie Isabella Patterson
  5. Thomas John b 1871
  6. Eliza Ann b 1873 m Hugh Patterson
  7. Martha Stewart b 1875 m W H Patterson
  8. James Arthur 1877-1959
  9. Alice Amelia b 1879 m Pierce Mallett
  10. Margaret Teresa b 1881, d 1964 m H J Lipsey
  11. Herbert Nelson 1883-1952
  12. Frederick Garnet Wolseley b 1885

LOWREY ELIAS, engineer of the North West Territories m in 1903 to ANNIE LOUISA JAMIESON.


LOWREY ALBERT J b 1870 at St Sylvestre, RR Station Agent at Northumberland, NH, m HANNAH DODGE b 1870 at Lunenburg, Vt. Child:

  1. male b 1903 at Northumberland, NH.

LOWRY ALEXANDER b LC, m ELIZA MORIN, b Northumberland, NH. Child :

  1. William Phillip b 1895 at Guildhall, Vt

LOWRY MARY JANE b Leeds Tp, m CHARLES M LEARNED b Carroll, NH. Child :

  1. Cora Luella b 1884 at Guildhall, Vt

LOWREY JOHN JAMES of Inverness m in 1887 at Inverness Presb to MARTHA GALLAGHER. Lived Leeds. Children :

  1. Miriam d 1891
  2. Cecil Ernest b 1891
  3. Calvin Walter b 1893
  4. Reginald Campbell b 1894, died of diptheria
  5. Raymond Wilfred b 1898

LOWREY DAVID m MARTHA STEWART PARKS. Lived Inverness. Children :

  1. Arthur Wellington 1876-1957
  2. Annabella b 1874
  3. Charlotte Louisa b 1871
  4. Sarah Catherine b 1872
  5. Martha Stewart b 1881
  6. Clara Emily b 1879

LOWREY JAMES m MARY JANE CAMPBELL. Lived Inverness. Children :

  1. Frances Ada b 1897
  2. Walter Clarence b 1898

LOWRY SARAH 1867-1895 m WILLIAM KIRKPATRICK, quarryman at Thetford Mines


LOWRY WILLIAM of Leeds m 1879 to NANCY DEMPSEY. Children :

  1. Elizabeth Jane b 1881, twin b Websterville, Vt
  2. Mary Christiana b 1881, twin

LOWREY GEORGE m 2nd in 1873 to ELIZABETH SCOTT of St Sylvestre, her 2nd marriage. Lived Leeds. Child : - Rebecca b 1878


LOWREY JOSEPH m RUTH McVETTY. Lived St Bernard, Que. Child : Alfred Edmond b 1873


LOWREY ROBERT THOMAS m EMMA LOUISA HALL. Lived Leeds. Child : Mabel b 1897

A story told to me in August 1998 by Gladys Patton, claims that a Mr. Forbes married Nancy Frizzell. He was having an affair with Mary Jane Lowry (sister of Henry Lowry). When Nancy was ill, the family was cautioned not to let Mary Jane be in the sick room alone with Nancy. One night Mary Jane went in alone to visit. The next day, Nancy died. Her body was later exhumed and taken to Thetford Mines for examination of her stomach contents. When the stomach arrived at the lab, it was found to be the stomach of a sheep. After Dr. Thompson died, his descendants destroyed his medical records of this event. Forbes married second to Mary Jane Lowry. From my inventory of Forbes, Frizzells, and Lowry's I cannot place any of the people mentioned in this story, except for William Forbes b 1816, IRELAND, Co Tyrone, C of E, d 1894, settled Halifax Tp in 1841, m in 1840 to MARY ANN FRIZZELL, b 1808 in Londonderry, Ireland, d 1908, bur CCLI. And they are not the people of this story, since William Forbes died before his Frizzell wife, and she didn't die until the age of 100.

In a letter of Dec 28, 1911 to the Montreal Gazette , from ' subscriber ,' the following persons formerly of Megantic County, Quebec were listed as living in the Monteith area of Ontario in 1911: (I abstracted this at the Megantic County Historical Society)

P. Armstrong

William S. Clark

Matthew Devlin

William Dinsmore

Benny (Benjamin?) George

Peter Johnston

H. Johnston

R. A. Kelso, who opened the first store in Walker Tp., Ontario in 1911

John Kelso

Hamilton Lowry

W. T. Lowry

S. J. Lowry

William Plummer, who lived at the Experimental Farm

Henry Plummer, arrived in Dec 1911

Mr. And Mrs. Watts.

Contact info available for Lowrey.







LAWREYSON WILLIAM of Cumberland Mills, Beauce Co m in 1850 at St Sylvestre C of E to ELIZABETH WINTLE. Child:

  1. William m in 1890 at St Sylvestre C of E to Catherine Winckle b 1870 at St George de Beauce

LAWREYSON JAMES of Cumberland Mills, m in 1858 at St Sylvestre C of E to MARY JANE KENNEDY, widow of Kennedy Rd


LAWREYSON JONATHON of St George de Beauce, m in 1848 at St Sylvestre Ce to MARY ANN MILLER


LAWREYSON JONATHON of Jersey Tsp m in 1862 at St Sylvestre C of E to MATILDA STAFFORD


LAWREYSON WALTER of Cumberland Mills, m in 1893 at St Georges C of E St Sylvestre to MATILDA WINKLE or WYNTLE


LAWREYSON ROBERT of Cumberland Mills, m in 1894 at C of E Ireland Tp to ELLEN POOLEY PRIDEAUX. Child : Isaac b 1893


LUCOCK JOHN, miner at Harvey Hill, Leeds Tsp, d 1866, bur C of E Leeds












LUNEY JAMES b 1767 at Oritor, Co Tyrone. He came to Canada as a retired British Army Sgt and was granted 200 acres in Ireland Tp., c 1831 - as per Barbara Traver. He married MARY TEMPLE b Ireland. The Lunnies settled in Upper Ireland, St Julien, Que before 1831. Note that this family used the name with the spelling 'Luney'. Reference : Dale Wright.

Children :

  1. DANIEL LUNEY b 1825, d 1904, m MAY JOHNSTON b 1831, d 1912 settled Ireland Tsp, d 1904. Children:
    1. Thomas 1860-1941 m in 1910 to Margaret Edith Burke 1883-1967
    2. Daniel 1868-1940 bur HT, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp
    3. Jane b 1857
    4. Jane b 1864
    5. May 1859-1926
    6. Mary Clemintina 1872-1951
  2. JAMES W. LUNEY b 1831 in Upper Ireland. Died California.
  3. BRIDGET LUNEY b 1833
  4. SARAH LUNEY b 1835
  5. WILLIAM TEMPLE LUNEY b 1836 m MARGARET JANE RICKER. Lived Ireland Tsp. Children:
    1. William b 1868
    2. Margaret Jane b 1863
    3. Mary b 1864
    4. Maria b 1867
    5. Contact info available for the above Luney family.

LUNNIE JOHN m KATE SHOREY. Moved to Lowell, Mass. Children :

  1. Elsie Clara b 1899
  2. Ralph Shorey b 1902
  3. Mary Jane b 1904
  4. John Andrew b 1905
  5. Hazel Mildred b 1901
  6. Tessa Maud b 1896
  7. Earl Clifford b 1895

LUNNIE HENRY m SARAH AMADON. Lived Ireland Tp. Child :

  1. Agnes b 1870, bapt CE Ireland Tp


  1. Mary Jane b 1865, bapt CE Inverness Tp., Megantic County, Que.

LUNNIE DANIEL d 1845 pensionner, buried Holy Trinity, C of E, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp, Megantic County, Que.,m MARY HOLMES. Daniel is thought to be a brother, or some form of relative to James Lunnie who married Mary Temple. Daniel and James lived across the road from each other in Upper Ireland, Ireland Tp., Que. Daniel had sons baptized in Kilrea, Derry Co, Ireland in Sept 1829, so came to Canada shortly after 1829. Note that this family used the surname spelling 'Lunnie'. Reference : Descendant, Dale Wright. Contact info available. Children :

  1. William b 1837
  2. Fred b 1839 twin, d 1881 at Littleton, NH
  3. David b 1839 twin, d 1881 at Littleton, NH, m Margaret Jane Jamieson. Child Annie Matilda b 1871
  4. JAMES LUNNIE b 1831, d 1906, Lowell, Mass., USA, m in 1858 to MARY JANE LYNAUGH b 1836, d 1911. Lived in Ireland Tp. Children :
    1. Thomas 1860-1941- May d 1926
    2. Clementine d 1951
    3. James b 1869, d 1873
    4. James b 1865, d 1866
    5. Alice b 1871
    6. Mary Jane b 1875
    7. John b 1863
    8. Daniel b 1859 m Sarah Ann McGinnis. Lived Victory, Vt.
      1. Effie Jane b 1883
    9. Adeline b 1878

LYE JOHN 1831 census : 2 in house, C OF E, settled Inverness after 1825.


LYMAN WILLAM of Leeds m in 1878 at Leeds C OF E to AMELIA ELIZABETH AYLARON of Leeds


LYNAUGH IGNATIUS b 1798 IRELAND, Co Mayo, City Mayo, RC, d 1874, settled Ireland Tsp, m MARY READY b 1808 IRELAND, Co Mayo, C of E, d 1881, bur HT, C of E, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp. Children :

  1. James b 1823, baptized 1832, d 1907 m in 1857 to Margaret Burns. Children:
    1. Ida b 1859
    2. James Horace b 1861, d 1878
    3. William Albert 1872-1873- Michael 1877-1878
    4. Emily Kate b 1866
  2. Jane b 1836
  3. William b 1826 LC, C of E, d 1890 m Ann Waton b 1836 LC. Her headstone is in the South Victory, Vermeont cemetery, where she is liseted on headstone as 'Mary A. Waton, wife of William Lynaugh, born 1839, died Feb 14 1896.' Children :
    1. Eliza Jane 1874-1875
    2. Ignatius b 14 Apr 1877 twin
    3. Thomas b 14 Apr 1877 twin, d died March 28 1902, buried South Victory Cemetery.
    4. James b 1862, buried South Victory, Vt.
    5. John b 1864
    6. Mary Ann b 1866
    7. Margaret b 1868
    8. George b 1861
    9. Henry b 1878
  4. Thomas b 1838 LC
  5. John Ready b 1840, d 1840
  6. John b 1841, m in 1865 at Sherbrooke Congregational to Bridget Cassidy. Both buried South Victory, Vt. Children :
    1. Caroline Thompson b 1872
    2. John Gilbert b 1869
  7. Mary Ann b 1843, d 1843
  8. Ignatius b 1844, d 1844
  9. Ignatius b 1846. Child : Ignatius d 1884, infant
  10. Mary d 1847

    In same household, were grandchildren : Alice Lynaugh b 1853 and William Lynaugh b 1858.


LYNAUGH WILLIAM settled Ireland Tp, New Ireland, d 1857, m in 1847 to MARY THURBER of Ireland Tp, New Ireland.


LYNAUGH WILLIAM m ADELINE THURBER. Lived Ireland Tp. Child : Marianne b 1854


LYNAUGH JAMES AUGUSTA b 1857, living in home of James Limic and his wife Jane Lynaugh in 1861.

Contact info available for Lynaugh.

LYNCH JAMES b 1816 IRELAND, RC, living in Leeds Tsp in 1861 census.m MARGARET HOULEY b 1826 IRELAND. Children:

  1. Susan b 1846 LC
  2. Patrick b 1847
  3. Mary b 1850
  4. John b 1853
  5. Jane b 1854
  6. Margaret b 1856
  7. Agnes b 1857, bapt St Sylvestre
  8. Francis b 1858
  9. Michael b 1861

LYNCH PATRICK m ELLEN DOOLAN. Granted land in St Sylvestre in 1825. Child :

  1. Mary b 1826 at St Sylvestre, d 1910 as a widow, m a Martin.

LYNCH JOHN b St Sylvestre m MARY VAUGHN b IRELAND. Child :

  1. Mabel Agnes b 1878 at St Johnsbury, Vt

LYNCH ANNIE b St Sylvestre m PETER LACHANCE b LC. Child :

  1. Edward Lachance b 1878 at St Johnsbury, Vt.

LYNCH TIMOTHY granted 200 acres, 6th Range of Wolfstown, Lot 6, between 1802-1809.


LYNEFIELD JAMES settled Inverness Tp, m ANN THOMAS. Child Nancy b 1831, bapt C of E Leeds.


LYNN ROBERT m in 1863 at Inverness Presb to FLORA McKILLOP, dau of Donald+


LYSTER J H, m in 1880 at St Sylvestre C of E to ANNIE FLORENCE McKEE. There were Lysters and McKees in Melbourne, Janesville, Richmond Co, Que, who came over from Queens Co, Ireland about 1815 and first settled in Three Rivers before moving to Melbourne. The Melbourne -Richard Lyster married a Smillie. Smillies were also present in St Sylvestre.`