RAINEY EDWARD, b 1795 in IRELAND, Episcopal, d 1885, m ELIZABETH, d 1860, settled Inverness Tp. in 1838. He was a widower in Inverness in 1861 census. Edward was a brother to Elizabeth Parke Rainey. Children:

  1. William Rainey b 1818 in Kilmore Parish, Co. Armagh, IRELAND, C of E, miller, d 1880, m SARAH EDWARDS b 1825 in LC, d 1870. They lived in Inverness Tp. Children:
    1. John b 1850 LC, m Margaret
    2. William J b 1853
    3. Charles Henry b 1856
    4. Sarah Ann b 1854
    5. Walter Albert b 1859
    6. Albert b 1861
    7. Margaret Anna 1868-1868
  2. John Rainey settled Ireland Tp., carpenter m in IRELAND to JANE HERON (or HEARN?) They arrived in 1838. Children:
    1. George b 1833
    2. Ann b 1835
    3. William John b 1838 at New Ireland, Ire Tp, m in 1871 at Wheelock, Vt to Cordelia A Chase b 1850 at Wheelock, dau of John and Mary Chase. I
    4. Elizabeth b 1841 at New Ireland, m in 1870 at Wheelock, Vt to Lorenzp Sullary, son of Lorenzo and Sabia Sullary.
    5. Robert b 1843
    6. Lettitia b 1846 at New Ireland, m in 1871 at Wheelock, Vt to George H Smith b Wheelock, Vt, son of Asa H and Hannah Smith.
    7. Mary Jane b 1850

RAINEY ELIZABETH PARKE 1800-1843, died at St Sylvestre, bur WM Ireland Tp, m JAMES ORR, b 1798, Kilmore Parish, Co. Armagh, Ireland, son of Andrew Orr and Agnes Ballantyne of Kilmore Parish, Co. Armagh. Elizabeth Parke Rainey and James Orr married in Co. Armagh.See Orr for their children. Elizabeth Parke Rainey was a sister of Edward Rainey b 1795. Might the surname of Elizabeth Parke Rainey and Edward Rainey's mother have been Parke?????


RAINEY SAMUEL 1831 census: 4 in house, 9th Range of Leeds, RC, came after 1825


RAINEY JAMES b 1839 LC, RC, m in 1860 at C of E Inverness to MARY ANN COCHRANE of Nelson Tp.,b 1841 in IRELAND, RC. Lived Inverness Tp in 1861. James was a brother to John Rainey b 1838. Children of James and Mary Ann :

  1. Edward George b 1862
  2. Eliza Bertha b 1864
  3. Mary Jane b 1861
  4. Ann Jane b 1866
  5. James b 1868
  6. Isabella b 1871

RAINEY JOHN b 1838 in IRELAND, RC. Living in Inverness Tp in 1861. Brother to James Rainey b 1839.


RAINEY WILLIAM m SARAH NELSON. Lived Nelson Tp. Child: Sarah Ann b 1854


RAINEY WILLIAM, widower of Inverness Tp m 2nd in 1880 at St Sylvestre C of E to ELIZABETH NELSON.


RAINEY MARY ANN 1830-1893 m RICHARD NEIL. Lived Inverness Tp


RAINEY JOHN of Nelson Tp, m in 1878 at Inverness WM to MARGARET JANE McREY (McCREA?)

of Nelson Tp. Children:

  1. Charles Walter b 1879 at Inverness
  2. Sarah Josephine b 1882 at Victory, Essex Co, Vt

RAINEY, MARY of St Gilles, Lotbiniere Co., m in 1838 at the Methodist Church, Inverness Tp. to William Kedney, farmer and widower of St Gilles.


RAINEY, ELIZABETH JANE m in 1898 at Leeds C of E to Charles Nugent, farmer, widower, of New Ireland.

For the emigration pattern of the above family, see 'Ulster Protestant Emigration to Lower Canada: Megantic County and St-Sylvestre,' by Gwen Barry.

Contact info available for Rainey.


See : The Little Family and the Ralston Family of Megantic County, Quebec , by Gwen Barry, Evans Books, May 2002, 328 pps.


RAMSAY ROBERT settled Leeds Tp, m ELIZA THOMPSON. Child Robert b 1833. Note: There was a George Ramsay, innkeeper, living in Levis, Aubigny, Quebec in 1817.



  1. Joseph Donald b 1901 at Littleton, NH, bapt CE Leeds

RAMSAY JOSEPH m in 1864 at Leeds Presb to MARY JANE McKELVIE of Leeds Tp


RANDALL SOLOMAN settled Inverness Tp, 9th Range, Lot 11, C of E, family of 2 in 1831 census.


RANGER JOHN settled St Gilles, m LOUISA TURNER. Granted 1 lot on Falls Range in 1832, and 1 lot on St Charles Range in 1832. Child:

  1. Frances Sarah b 1832, bapt C of E Leeds.

RANKIN JOHN of St Sylvestre m in 1875 at St Sylvestre C of E to MELINDA WILSON of Leeds


RANKIN MARGARET d 1904, lived in St-Louis Mile, Hochelega, bur Leeds Presb. Burial witness was J A Rankin.


RANKIN MARGARET d 1896 m HUGH WOODSIDE. Lived in St Sylvestre


RANKIN JOSEPH H m SARAH CHAPMAN. Lived in Brompton, Que. Child:

  1. Mary Ellen b 1859, bapt WM


  1. Ellen Amelia b 1859 at Cleveland, Richmond Co, Que, bapt WM Ireland Tp
  2. Ellis Annelina b 1859 at Cleveland

RANKIN HUGH m MARGARET McCARTHY. Lived St Sylvestre. Children:

  1. Andrew Charles b 1881, bapt Leeds Presb
  2. Mary Ellen b 1883
  3. Margaret Evangeline b 1885

RAUCK CATHERINE b 1847 in LC, RC, living in Inverness in 1861 in the home of Edward and Catherine McNally or McNulty.


RAY CHARLES m in 1847 at St Sylvestre C of E to ANN LAWREYSON



Note Raycraft and Laycraft are the same name.


RAYCRAFT WILLIAM b IRELAND, settled in Leeds Tp in 1825, m 1st to MARY SMITH, m 2nd in 1833 to MARGARET HAMMOND. Child: - Edward b 1832, bapt C of E Leeds.


RAYCRAFT JOHN m SARAH STEWART. Lived East Broughton. Child: - Mary Jane b 1840


RAYCRAFT JOHN b 1794 in IRELAND, Epis, d 1873, settled Broughton Tp in 1831, m SARAH HITCHCOCK b 1802 IRELAND. Children:

  1. John b 1824 Ireland, m in 1848 to Elizabeth Raycraft of Broughton, b 1830 Ireland. John was mayor of Broughton Tp in 1862. Children:
    1. Benjamin b 1853, m in 1893 at St George's C of E St Sylvestre to Mary Ann McGravy, her 2nd marriage. Lived Thetford Mines. Children:
      1. Van Herbert b 1894 m in 1915 to Gladys Louise Low (Symes) ;
      2. Mabel Pearl Beatrice b 1897
      3. Bertha Lillian d 1902
      4. Benjamin Armine b 1906
      5. Gertrude Irene Violet Elizabeth b 1908
    2. Catherine b 1855, d 1873
    3. Sarah Jane b 1857
    4. Mary b 1859, d 1888
    5. Elizabeth Ann b 1861
    6. Edward 1865~1887
    7. Margaret 1873-1873 - Matilda 1874-1902
    8. Maria Agnes 1875-1876
  2. James Joseph b 1838 LC, d 1919, m Sarah Stewart. Lived Broughton. Children :
    1. Mary Jane 1873-1877
    2. Martha Agnes b 1876
    3. William John b 1877
    4. Sarah Jane b 1879
    5. Elizabeth b 1881
    6. Robert James b 1883
    7. Maria Jane b 1885
    8. Albert b 1890
  3. Thomas b 1837
  4. Mary Jane b 1842
  5. Mariah b 1844
  6. Benjamin b 1845, d 1978
  7. William b 1847, m in 1867 to Matilda McKeage. Children:
    1. George Edward b 1881
    2. Isaac Samuel b 1882
    3. Sarah Matilda b 1874
    4. William b 1875
    5. Maria b 1877
    6. Thomas b 1879

      Living in the home of John Raycraft and Sarah Hitchcock in Broughton in 1861 were the following:

    7. Mary Hitscock b 1759 Ireland, widow, age 103 years


    8. John Raycraft b 1835 IRELAND, m in 1860 at St Sylvestre C of E Sarah Russell b' 1841 St Margaret's Range of St Sylvestre. John and Sarah later had children as follows:
      1. Margaret Jane b 1862 at Broughton ,
      2. Catherine Myrtle b 1877
      3. Reginald b 1879

RAYCRAFT JOHN, widower of Leeds Tp, m 2nd in 1887 at St Sylvestre C of E to MARY ANN McGRAVY


RAYCRAFT HUGH of Leeds Tsp m in 1887 at St Sylvestre CE to SARAH ANN STEVENSON of St -

Margaret's Range, St Sylvestre. Child:

  1. Ida Emily b 1889 at Leeds

RAYCRAFT THOMAS of Broughton m MARY ANN LATER. Lived Broughton. Children:

  1. John Thomas b 1876
  2. Maria Agnes b 1874
  3. Christine Elizabeth b 1881
  4. William Albert b 1884

RAYCRAFT THOMAS WILLIAM 1828-1871 m ANN 1828-1899. Child:

  1. Sophia Newman b 1851, d 1918 Leeds, m in 1871 at North Adams, Mass to Hugh McCutcheon, b 1847 Leeds. Children:
    1. Mary Ann b 1871 m Gilbert Beattie
    2. Jennet (Janet) b 1873 m Lewis C Cutler
    3. Thomas William 1874-1959, died at North Adams, Mass, m in 1903 to Cora Wilson
    4. Alice Sophia 1882-1969, m Henry Reid
    5. Robert Wilson 1883-1972, m Harriet Effie Whyte

RAYCRAFT THOMAS m MARY ANN SUITOR. Lived Broughton. Child: David James b 1879


RAYCRAFT THOMAS, quarryman of Leeds Tp, m in 1902 at C of E Leeds to MABEL ELIZABETH NUTBROWN. Child: Jane Beatrice Sarah b 1904.


RAYCRAFT JOSEPH 1863-1890, bur Leeds C of E


RAYCRAFT ROBERT 1883-1945, bur C of E Inverness, m MARTHA MOORE. Child: Alice Mildred b 1903 at Leeds.


READY JOHN b 1802, d 1841, settled Ireland Tp, m at C of E Leeds in 1832 to ISABELLA DUDLEY of Halifax Tp, b 1802, d 1841. Marriage witness was W Dudley.


READY WILLIAM settled Ireland Tp, m in 1825 in Ireland Tp to SOPHIA HALL. Children: Jane b 1825, Roxanne bapt 1832.



  1. Ann Ready b 1838, d 7 Dec 1902 at Westmore, Vt. Her death record in Westmore indicates she was a widow, died of dropsy, born Burgess, Ontario. Ann's headstone in Buck Cemetery, East Charleston, Vt is beside her husband Robert Marshall and his first wife Mary Ann. Ann Ready m Robert Marsahll b 1827, Dyan, Ireland, d 1870 of heart disease at Westmore, Vt. The Marshalls of Aghaloo Parish, County Tyrone (which includes Dyan) are detailed in the publication, The Surname Marshall: A Collection of Records for all Counties of Ireland from 1169 to 1850, by Gwen Barry. A detailed history of Aghaloo Parish is included in Gwen Barry's Henderson publication, as they also came to North America from Aghaloo Parish (to Megantic County, Quebec. The children of Ann Ready and Robert Marshall were:
    1. Cora Marsahll b 1869 in Westmore. Birth record says mother Mary? Born in Canada
    2. William Marshall b 1870 at Westmore. Birth record says mother Ann born Leeds, Que
    3. Charles Marshall b 1874 Westmore
    4. George Marshall b 1878 at Westmore. Birth record says mother Ann b Ireland.

READY JOSEPH (or JAMES?) b 1800 in IRELAND, d 1878, m in 1834 at C E Leeds to to MARY McNALLY, b 1818, d 1849. Marriage witness was John McNally. Children:

  1. Geraldine b 1837
  2. Mary Jane b 1839, d 1916, m James Carroll
  3. Margaret b 1840 in New Ireland, Ireland Tp, m in 1859 at Burke, Vt to Stevens B Patch b 1830 at Warren, NH, son of Stephen Patch.
  4. Lucy Ann b 1842 d 1854
  5. Eleanor b 1844
  6. John b 1845, living in the home of James and Mary Jane Carroll in Inverness in 1861 census.
  7. Emily Graham b 1847, d 1873, m William Bell. Lived in Ireland Tp.
  8. Eliza b 1849 d 1864

READY JOHN of Wolfstown m in 1868 at C of E Ireland Tp to ALICE LYNOUGH of Ireland Tp.


READY MARY 1808-1881, born Ireland, Co Mayo, m IGNATIUS LYNOUGH


READY male m REBECCA. Lived Ireland Tp. Child: - Susannah b 1837


REAGH JAMES settled St Charles, m ELIZABETH GOWAN or GOWNE. Child John b 1832, bapt

  1. of E Leeds.

REAGH NORA b 1808 IRELAND, RC, widow in Ireland Tp in 1861, living with 4 Murphy children: Patrick, Martin, Margaret and Mary Murphy.


REDFERN JOSEPH L b 1791 ENGLAND, WM, settled Ireland Tsp, grocer, d 1875, m ANN GREEN, b 1792 ENGLAND, d 1867. Joseph was a Justice of the Peace in Inverness Tp in the 1840s . Children :

  1. Joseph b 1826 in England, d 1902, bur St James, Leeds, Que, merchant of Leeds Village, m Mary Ann Jiggens.
  2. Alice bapt 1831,
  3. Amelia b 1832 England, d 1900
  4. Henry Thomas b 1832 LC, m in 1861 to Mary Ann Jiggens. Children :
    1. Amelia Mary b 1870
    2. Maria Emma Maud b 1879
    3. Harriet Edna b 1874
  5. Hannah m in 1847 at Quebec City to William J Newton of Quebec City



REDMAN DANIEL WITHERS, b 1774 in WALES, d 1836, settled in Ireland Tp in 1818, m in Southhampton, ENGLAND to ELIZABETH "BETSEY" LAWRENCE, b 1766, d 1844 in Quebec City. Betsy Lawrence was from a seagoing family. Granted 300 acres of 9th Range of Ireland Tp in 1824. Their children:

  1. REDMAN SAMUEL W., b Southampton, England, settled Halifax Tsp, m in 1841 to ELIZA "BETSY" GOFF of Leeds Tp. Children:
    1. Betsy Harriet b 1842
    2. John Borland b 1844. (Named after the local missionary, Rev Borland)
  2. REDMAN EDWARD VINCENT b 1806 in ENGLAND, Southampton, WM, d 1884, settled Ireland Tsp, m ELIZABETH LEE b 1809 in Ireland, WM, d 1873 (or 1814-1878 as per headstone). Children:
    1. Edward b 1837
    2. Samuel Lee b 1841, m in 1867 to Margaret Bailey
    3. Richard Lawrence b 1842
    4. Eliza Martha b 1844
    5. Daniel B b 1848, m in 1876 to Mary Ann Wilson. Children:
      1. Edith May b 1877
      2. Bertha Lee b 1880
      3. Harriet Maria b 1882
    6. Sophia b 1854
  3. REDMAN ELIZA, b in Southampton, England, died age 4
  4. REDMAN JANE, b in Southampton, England m in 1821 at New Liverpool, Que to EDWARD SWEETMAN who came to Megantic family from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  5. REDMAN SOPHIA b in Southampton, England
  6. REDMAN DANIEL LAWRENCE, b in Southampton, England
  7. REDMAN HARRIETT b in Megantlc County circa 1818.

REDMAN JAMES 1831 census, 5 in house, Craigs Rd, Lot 14, Ireland Tp, C of E, came after 1825.


Mc REDMOND MICHAEL, RC m in Ireland to MARY CONDON b 1786, d 1841 in Leeds Tp. He married a 2nd time. They lived in Inverness Tp. Children:

  1. Thomas McRedmond b 1806 in IRELAND, RC, m 18t in 1851 at St Sylvestre RC to Mary Burke b 1837 in IRELAND, RC, and m 2nd to Ann Quan. They lived on the 11th Range of Inverness Tp. Children:
    1. Elizabeth b 1854
    2. Michael b 1855
    3. Thomas b 1857
    4. Patrick McRedmond bapt 1866
    5. Catherine Martha b 1858
    6. Mary b 1859
    7. Rosanna b 1859
    8. James b 1860
    9. Joseph b 1863
    10. Margaret b 1865
  2. Patrick McRedmond b 1834 in Ireland, RC, m 20 Feb 1860 at Ste Agathe RC to Ann Corrigan, b 1839 in Ireland, RC., daughter of Patrick Corrigan b 1817 Co Tyrone, Ireland, and Bridget McKenny or McHenry, d 1842. Patrick and Ann lived in Inverness Tp. For further information on them, and their 11 children, see under Corrigan: Corrigan Patrick and Bridget McKenny, child #7. Ann(a) Agnes Corrigan and Patrick McRedmond.
  • Catherine Redmond m in 1838 at St Sylvestre RC to Bernard McEnulty


    1. William b 1877 at Lancaster, NH
    2. Mary Jane b 1878 at Lancaster, NH

      Information on the above family provided May 2000 by A. Francis McRedmond. Contact info available.


    REEVES JAMES and SAMUEL, each granted 1 lot on St Peters Range of St Sylvestre in 1833.


    REGAN CHARLES b 1809 IRELAND, RC, m ROSE b 1812 IRELAND. They lived in Leeds Tp.



    See also: REED, READ



    See also: REID, READ



    See also: REID, REED


    REID GRAHAM m MARGARET McINTYRE b 1799, d 1903. Child:

    1. Grimes Reid b 1834, LC, WM, d 1905, married, living in Inverness Tsp in 1861 census.

    REID JAMES HINCKS, doctor, b 1830, d 1910, mayor of Inverness, Quebec, m in 1853 at St Sylvestre C of E to ALICE WICKSTEED of Quebec City, b 1828, d 1903.


    REID WILLIAM, settled Leeds Tp, shoemaker, m MARIA? Child :

    1. Maria b 1834.

    REID CHRISTOPHER settled Ireland Tp, m SARAH ? Children :

    1. Sarah Maria b 1837
    2. Nancy Almira b 1839
    3. Lucy Esther b 1841
    4. William Henry b 1843

    REID WILLIAM m JEAN BURDEN. Both from Perthshire, SCOTLAND. They along with Jean's I sister Margaret Gould left for Jefferson Co, New York in 1827. They came to Megantic in 1830. Jean and Margaret's mother Mrs Ann Burden came to Megantic in 1837.


    REID WILLIAM b 1792 SCOTLAND, Perthshire, Druin Dhui, near Crieff, settled in Leeds Tsp, m in Scotland in 1822 to JANE GOULD b 1800 SCOTLAND, d 1873. Children:

    1. Ann b 1829 Scotland, d 1903, m John McHarg ;
    2. Jane bapt 1832 LC
    3. Margaret b 1834, d 1917, m James Thompson. Lived Leeds. Child:
      1. W R Thompson
    4. Joseph b 1835 m Janet Dunn. Lived 13th Range of Leeds. Children:
      1. Elizabeth Oliver b 1864
      2. Andrew Dunn b 1870
      3. John Charles b 1872
      4. Eva Charlotte b 1874
      5. William b 1864
      6. Jane Clara b 1868
      7. Allan Stewart b 1877
    5. Ellen b 1837
    6. Mary b 1839, d 1902, m James Cordick
    7. Henry b 1832 USA, miller, m lot in 1857 to MARY ROGERS b 1840 ENGLAND, d 1866, m 200 in 1867 to Ann Johnston.. They lived in Leeds Tp, 14th Range. In 1861 they were living in the home of Peter and Sarah Rogers both born ENGLAND. Children:
      1. Sarah b 1858
      2. William b 1860 m in 1885 to Agnes Gi1landers
      3. Jane b 1862, d 1897
      4. Peter b 1864, m in 1890 to Sarah Gil1anders. Children:
        1. Sarah Mabel b 1898 at Leeds
        2. Henry Ernest b 1901
      5. Mary Rogers b 1866 (last by Rogers)
      6. James Johnston b 1870
      7. John 1868-1895, station agent at Dudswell, Wolfe Co, m Sarah f Annie Moffatt. Child: James Cecil b 1896
      8. Ann b 1871, d 1903 at Elva, NWT, bur Leeds presb, m William Thompson
      9. Henry b 1874, m in 1904 to Alice Sophia McCutcheon
      10. Andrew m in 1901 to Elizabeth Cuthbertson Melrose. Children:
        1. Ellen Elizabeth b 1905
        2. William Henry b 1904
        3. Anna Marjorie b 1901
        4. Mary Edna b 1902
    8. John b 1830 USA, miller, m in 1856 to Mary Thompson b 1834 ENGLAND, dau of John and Elizabeth Thompson. They lived in Leeds Tp. Children:
      1. Elizabeth Lil1ico b 1857, d 1903, m John Oliver
      2. Eliza J b 1858
      3. Jane Gould b 1860
      4. William b 1863
      5. Mary 1865-1912 m Samuel Oliver
      6. John Thompson b 1868, m in 1895 to Janet Donaldson Thompson. John worked for the Quebec Railway. !
      7. Henry b 1871, d 1903, m in 1901 to Alice Suitor, dau of David Suitor and Jemima Cordick. Henry was a locomotive fireman of Sherbrooke.

    REID JOHN b 1788 in SCOTLAND, Ardock, d 1855, WM, came to Leeds Tp from Ireland in 1827, m JANE WILSON b 1805 in IRELAND. Children:

    1. Betty b 1837 in LC
    2. Isabella b 1838
    3. Ann b 1839
    4. Matilda b 1842.

    REID JOHN JAMES b SCOTLAND, m JANET GOULD b Scotland, d 1891. Child :

    1. James Reid d 1891, m in 1864 to Catherine Cameron of Leeds, d 1926. Lived 7th Range of Leeds. Children:
      1. John William Hugh b 1871 m in 1899 to Louisa Cameron. Children :
        1. Elsie Mary b 1902 Leeds
        2. Evaline Annie b 1904
        3. Leonard Cameron b 1909
        4. James Gordon b 1900
      2. James Allan b 1873, m in 1909 to Eva Alberta McKeage d 1961
      3. Margaret b 1869, d 1944 in Sherbrooke, bur HT CE Ireland Tsp, m Irvine Annesley
      4. Mary Catherine b 1868
      5. Ann b 1866

    REID THOMAS b IRELAND came to Inverness Tp circa 1828, settled 8th Range, Lot 9, family of 5 in 1831 census.


    REID BENJAMIN bapt 1825.


    REID JERUSHA WILEY bapt 1826


    REID MARGARET d 1904, m JAMES SYMES. Lived Leeds. The following Reid's were farming together in Leeds Tp in 1861 :

    1. REID JAMES b 1827 SCOTLAND, single
    2. REID WILLIAM b 1831 SCOTLAND, single
    3. REID MARY b 1829 SCOTLAND, single
    4. REID MARGARET b 1835 SCOTLAND, single

    REID NANCY 1808-1872, bur C of E Ireland Tp, m THOMAS HENDERSON. Lived Inverness. For this family, see the Henderson publication by Gwen Barry. Contact info also available.


    REID MARY d 1912 at Leeds, m JOSEPH PATTERSON


    REID HANNAH 1807-1859, bur CE Inverness Tsp m ISAIAH FORBES. Lived Ireland Tp.


    REID SAMUEL m MARY JANE. Child: Mary Jane b 1871


    REID ANN 1821-1899, bur Leeds Presb, m ANDRE FORTIER. Lived Leeds. Children:

    1. James
    2. John

    REID ANN m GEORGE TRUPEAU. Child: Ann b 1855 at Inverness, bapt C of E Ireland Tp.


    READ GEORGE b 1808 SCOTLAND, FC, m MARY b 1808 in IRELAND. Lived Inverness Tp.


    REED MATTHEW, Irish RC, lived in Frampton. Signed a petition in 1825 to obtain and

    Irish RC priest for Frampton.


    READ THOMAS of St Gilles, m in 1851 at St Sylvestre C of E to MARY ANN TIMONY REILLY. Contact info available for this family.



    See also: RENEY, RAINEY



    See also: REINEY, RAINEY



    See also: REINEY, RENEY


    REINHARD SYLVANNUS granted 100 acres, 5th Range of Ireland Tp, 1/2 of lot 6, in 1831.




    REMMENTS CURTIS d 1866 at St Lambert, mining engineer, bur Leeds Presb


    RENERY JAMES b 1812 IRELAND, RC, m SUSAN b 1822 IRELAND, RC. Lived Inverness Tp.


    1. Thomas b 1842 LC
    2. Mary b 1844
    3. Elizabeth b 1846
    4. John b 1848
    5. Sarah b 1851
    6. Catherine b 1853
    7. Francis b 1856
    8. James b 1859
    9. Joseph b 1861

    RENNOCK EDWARD to Beauce Co, m CATHERINE MOFFATT. Lived Beauce. Child: William b 1831, bapt C of E Leeds.


    RENNY MICHAEL 1831 census: 9 in house, RC, came to 8th Range Leeds, Lot 18 after 1825.


    RENNIE ARCHIBALD m in 1894 at Inverness C of E to GEORGIANA ELIZABETH PALMER, dau of

    Edward George Palmer.


    REYNOLDS JOSEPH, widower, settled Leeds Tp, m 2nd in 1847 at Leeds CE to JANE SMITH of Leeds.


    REYNOLDS PATRICK, settled 7th Range, Inverness Tp, Lot 10, RC, 4 in family in 1831 census.



    1. Kate b 1862 St Sylvestre, m in 1886 at Guildhall, Vt to Thomas P Sheridan, b 1862 at Lancaster, NH, son of Thomas and Flora Sheridan.


    1. William,
    2. John
    3. Mary Ann
    4. Contact info available for Reynolds.

    RICCORD JOHN b 1848 LC, living in Ireland Tp in 1861 in home of Samuel and Elizabeth Briggs.

    (Could have been Ricker vs Riccord?)



    MONTAGNE. Lived in Halifax S Tp in 1861. Children, including 3 sets of twins :

    1. John b 1832 Ireland, d 1903 at Burke, Vt as a widower, bur at Island Pond, Vt, m Mary b 1835 Ireland. Children:
      1. Charles b 1857
      2. James b 1859
      3. male b 1861
    2. Hugh b 1838 in Halifax Tp, farming in Ireland Tsp in 1861
    3. Mary b 1840 farming in Ireland Tp in 1861, m William McFarland.
    4. Julie b 1842 twin
    5. Charles b 1842 twin
    6. Edward b 1844 twin ,
    7. Ann b 1844 twin, farming in Ireland Tp in 1861, m in 1862 at St Ferdinand,RC to William Walker
    8. William b 1846
    9. Rose b 1848 twin
    10. Catherine b 1848 twin
    11. Elizabeth b 1850
    12. Margaret b 1852
    13. Joseph b 1854
    14. Susannah b 1857

    RICHARDSON WILLIAM, family living in St Gilles in 1832, C of E. In Dec, 1849 this family were visited in St Gilles by Thomas Shaw Chapman, a missionary for the SPG, who was ordained in Dec 1849.


    RICHARDSON JAMES 0, merchant of Quebec City, m in 1887 at Inverness Presb to ELIZABETH CAMPBELL of Halifax Tp. Child: Osborne b 1898, bapt C of E Ireland Tp.


    RICHARDSON FREDERICK of Vermont, m JANET 1871-1926, died Leeds, bur St James C of E Leeds


    RICHARDSON JAMES granted 800 acres of Ireland Tp in 1831


    RICHARDSON JOSEPH granted 600 acres of Ireland Tp, 2nd Range, Lots 19, 20 and 21, in 1833.


    RICHMOND Rev. John Panther served as C of E minister in Maple Grove, Ireland Tp., and CCLI, Inverness Tp., in 1860. He was in Labrador in Sept 1861, then in the Gaspe from 1867 to 1902. He m 7 Oct 1867 at the C of E, Inverness Tp., to Mary Ann Ross, dau of John Ross.


    RICKABY THEOPHILUS granted 1/2 of lot 13, A Range of Inverness Tp, 40 acres in 1831.


    RICKABY JOHN from Carnew, Co Wick1ow, IRELAND, m ANN MOFFATT. Granted 400 acres of

    Inverness Tp, 11th Range, Lots 3 and 5, in 1831. Children:

    1. HAMILTON RICKABY 1789-1838 mALICE? 1803-1849. Both are buried on Roland White's farm in Inverness. Their children:
      1. JOHN HAMILTON RICKABY 1818-1894
        1. William Theopolis m Sarah Betts. Child:
          1. John Benjamin Hamilton b 1852
            1. John Hamilton Rickaby 1832-1878 m in 1846 to Elizabeth Haskett 1826- 1906. Elizabeth left John and she moved to Manchester, NH. Their children:
            2. Jane Collins Rickaby b 1847 m William Goss
            3. Richard James Haskett Rickaby b 1849 m May Stewart.
            4. John Wesley Rickaby b 1851 m Arabella Wheeler
            5. William Henry Rickaby b 1854 m Katherine Grey
            6. Williamina Henrietta Alice Marie Rickaby b 1858, m Arthur Henry Adams
      2. ROBERT RICKABY b 1819 in IRELAND, Epis, d 1893, m RACHAEL LEE LUSHER or LELECHEUR b 1827 in LC, d 1906, buried St Stephens, Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp. Robert Rickaby settled in the area of the 10th and 11th ranges of Inverness Tp, and also had holdings on the 14th Range of Nelson Tp. He was a Magistrate and Justice of the Peace. He was involved in prosecution of the infamous Robert Corrigan murder of 1856. For an account of the Corrigan murder, and subsequent trial, see, Hill Search: The Robert Corrigan Story, by Steve Cameron, 2014. Robert Rickaby was also involved in the prosecution of a family that was selling liquor without a licence. In retaliation, Rickaby’s building in Nelson Tp. was destroyed. For an account of this incident, see ‘1856-Megantic Mob Law,’ in Hill Notes: ‘Glimpses’ of Before, by Steve Cameron, 2017, 43-60. Contact Steve Cameron at Children:
        1. Hamilton b 1844 LC, d 1878
        2. John Henry b 1846
        3. Jerimiah b 1848, d 1911, m Nellie McCutcheon. Child :
          1. Lotty Gertrude b 1883 at Inverness
        4. Alice Maria b 1850, d 1920, m Andrew Patterson. Lived Lysander, Que.
        5. Margaret b 1853
        6. Jemima Lea b 1854, m in 1873 at St Johnsbury, Vt to John Smith b 1847 in Connecticut, son of George Smith and Elizabeth Harken.
        7. William Robert b 1856, m 2nd in 1877 to Ellen Wilson. Children :
          1. Edna b 1881
          2. Reginald b 1878, m Hazel Mitchell
        8. Theophalus b 1858
        9. Benjamin b 1860
        10. Rachel Warren Carlton b 1862
        11. Albert b 1864
      3. WILLIAM RICKABY b 1824 in LC, d 1885, cabinet maker, Lived in Lyster, m in 1854 at St Sylvestre C of E to SARAH BRIDGET 1834-1874. In 1861 they were living in Inverness Tp. Sarah's mother Ann Bridget, widow b 1803, LC of St Sylvestre, was living with them in 1861 in Inverness Tp, as was William Parks, b 1841, single, labourer in 1861. Children:
        1. Georgina b 1854
        2. Richard b 1857 LC
        3. Emma b 1859
        4. Edna
        5. Frederick d 1866
        6. Alfred Ernest b 1868
        7. Arthur Edwin 1870-1875
    2. WILLIAM RICKABY b 1815 IRELAND, Epis, joiner, living in Ireland Tp in 1861, widower.

    RICKABY THOMAS b 1838 LC, Epis, Living in Ireland Tp in 1861.


    RICKABY THOMAS b LC, boarding house keeper in Lyster, m in 1859 to MARY ANNA PORTER b LC. Children:

    1. Georgina b 1870 at Nelson Tp, d 1875 at Lyster
    2. John b 1873 at Nelson Tsp
    3. Georgie Henrietta b 1875 at Lyster
    4. Pheobe b 1880 in St Johnsbury, Vt

    RICKABY HENRY b LC, m ALICE STONE, b Vt. Child: Clarence Hamil ton Rickaby b 1880 in St Johnsbury, Vt.


    RICKABY MARIANNE b 1839 LC, married, living in home of JOSEPH BARTLETT b 1809 ENGLAND, in 1861 census for Ireland Tp. Child: Catherine Rickaby b 1861.


    RICKABY ANN d 1866 at Inverness m WILLIAM GUNSTON

    Contact info available for Rickaby.


    1. EBENEEZER RICKER, born circa 1782 at Lyman, Maine, blacksmith, died 15 Dec 1872 at Danville, Que, bur WM Cemetery Danville, m 3 Jan 1805 at Duxbury, Mass to MERCY GLASS, born 3 July 1784 at Duxbury, Mass, the dau of John Glass and Bernice Delano. Ebeneezer and Mercy moved to New Ireland, Ireland Tp, Megantic Co about 1820, then moved to Tingwick in Arthabaska Co, concession 7, lot *22. Their children:
      1. George Ricker b 14 July 1805 at Duxbury, Mass. He married 1"' to Jane Wood on 25 Aug 1825 at New Liverpool, Que. His marriage record shows him as 'late of Alfred, Maine'. He married 200 to Margaret Jane Munroe, b 1808 in Scotland. In 1875, Margaret Jane was in an insane asylum in Brattleboro, Vermont. George appears in the 1831 census for Ireland Tp, Megantic Co, Que : 3 in house, Methodist, settled Ireland Tsp, 5th Range, Lot 1. They moved later to Tingwick, Que then to Burke, Vt. George was a house joiner, carpenter and farmer. Children:
        1. Ebeneezer Ricker
        2. David Ricker, died young
        3. George William Ricker b 14 April 1839, bapt 16 Oct 1844, m Mary H Ricker b 20 April 1843
        4. John BRicker b 15 April 1839, bapt 26 Aug 1845 at Melbourne, Que
        5. Jane Ricker b 9 Jan 1843, bapt 1844 at Melbourne, Que
        6. Duxbury Ricker b 12 Jan 1841, bapt 1845 at WM Melbourne, Que, m in 1870 at Lyndon, Vt to Joanna O'Brien b 1847, dau of William and Mary O'Brien of LC.
        7. Bernice Manissa Ricker b 24 Dec 1844, bapt 1845 at WM Melbourne, Que
        8. Hugh Ricker b 24 Feb 1847
        9. Melinda Ricker b 24 Feb 1849 at Tingwick, Que, m in 1869 to Lyman Barlow, b 30 Cec 1841, son of Henry George Barlow and Lucy Ricker
        10. Archibald Ricker b 27 Feb 1851 LC, bapt 23 May 1858 at I Melbourne, Que, d 12 April 1864 at Burke, Vt of diptheria.
      2. Rebecca J Ricker b 20 April 1807 at Lyman, Maine, m to Jonathan Stevens, farmer of Tingwick, Que. Their 10 children were all baptized 25 Dec 1844 in the presence of George Ricker and Sarah Johnson, as follows:
        1. Levi Stevens
        2. Ephraim Stevens
        3. Ebeneezer Stevens
        4. Briggs Thomas Stevens
        5. Jonathan Stevens b 30 Nov 1843
        6. Rebecca Stevens b 23 Jan 1839
        7. Adaline Stevens m a Parker, and lived in East Manchester, NH in 1910
        8. Eliza Stevens
        9. Mary Jane Stevens b 1 July 1836
        10. David Stevens b 10 June 1842
      3. Bernice Ricker b 18 Jan 1808 at Lyman, Maine
      4. Lucy Ricker b 30 Dec 1810 at Lyman, Maine, d 6 May 1881 at Tingwick, Que, m 19 Jan 1831 at HT C of E, Aubigny, Que to Henry George Barlow. Children:
        1. Priscilla Barlow m Lyman Stevens
        2. Henry Thomas Barlow b 17 Feb 1834, d 20 Oct 1907
        3. George William Barlow b 1834, d 1893
        4. Lyman Barlow b 30 Dec 1841 at Tingwick, Que, m in 1869 to Melinda Ricker b 24 Feb 1849 at Tingwick, Que,
        5. Matilda Barlow m 21 June 1864 at Congregational Church, Danvil1e, Que to Leonard Robertson. Child:
          1. William L Robertson b 23 Sept 1871. The story goes that William L was born while visiting relatives in Quebec. Because his parents wanted him born an American, they snuck him back home to the US in a basket, where they presented him a few days later.
        6. Lucy Barlow
        7. Martha Barlow
        8. Roderick Barlow b 6 Jan 1854, d 24 March 1922 at Tingwick, m 12 July 1876 at Trout Brook, Tingwick to Mary A Lord, b 11 April 1855, d 6 Sept 1833. Children:
          1. Annie maud Barlow b 20 May 1877
          2. Frederick Herbert Barlow b 5 Jan 1879, d 5 Dec 1964
          3. Mildred Lucy Barlow b 18 Aug 1880, d 18 Oct 1953
          4. Royal Lindsay Barlow b 1 May 1882, d 6 March 1948
          5. Joseph Henry Barlow b 10 Jan 1884, d 26 Dec 1976
          6. Hulcy Roderick Barlow b 28 Sep 1885, d 11 Jun 1942
          7. Sinclair George Barlow b 4 Nov 1887, d 17 Oct 1918
          8. Clifford Samuel Barlow b 19 Oct 1884, d 7 Jan 1930
          9. Chester Roy Barlow b 18 Apr 1891, d 1 Aug 1959
          10. Etta Alberta Barlow b 1 Jun 1893, d 21 Nov 1970
          11. Edith May Barlow b 21 Nov 1895, d 21 May 1897
          12. Vernon Lord Barlow b 4 Sep 1897, d 29 May 1965
          13. Shirley Irena Barlow b 9 Nov 1899, d 9 Feb 1925
        9. Carrie Clara Barlow, died young 405
      5. John Ricker b 12 June 1812 at Lyman, Maine, d 25 Dec 1875 in New Bedford, Tingwick, Que. He first settled in Ireland Tp. Married 1st in 1834 at C of E Leeds, Que to MARGARET READY b 1811 in Ireland, d 22 Oct 1875. John later moved to Tingwick, Que and married 2nd in 1875 at Tingwick to Margaret Miles, b 14 June 1838 in Ireland. In 1907 Margaret Miles Ricker was living in Barton, Vt. Children of John Ricker and Margaret Ready:
        1. Obadiah Ricker b 1834
        2. Mercy Glass Ricker b 1837
        3. John Ready Ricker b 19 July 1839
        4. Lucy Ricker d 8 March 1854 at age 12 yrs, 11 months
        5. Margaret Mulloy Ricker b 26 Nov 1842
        6. Mary Jane Ricker b 25 July 1844, bapt WM, m Josiah Dunsire. Child:
          1. Lucy Ella Dunsire m David W King, son of David King and Sarah Ann Ricker
        7. Maria Ricker b 1846 at Tingwick, Que, lived in Burke, Vt in 1869, when she married in 1869 at Lyndon, Vt to George Wilson, b 1839 at Kingsley, Que, son of Richard and Margaret R Wilson.
        8. James Edward Ricker b 25 May 1848, m Mary Clark b LC. Child:
          1. female b 1883 at Littleton, NH
        9. David or Daniel Adams Ricker b 12 Aug 1850, bapt CE Tingwick, Que, m M J Nutbrown. Child:
          1. Herbert E Ricker b 1879 LC, d 1882 at Littleton, NH Child of John Ricker and Margaret Miles:
        10. Milo W Ricker
      6. Thomas Briggs Ricker b 28 June 1815 at Alfred, Maine, d 19 Jan 1876, bur in Union Meeting House Cemertey, Burke Hollow, Vt., horse shoer, settled Ireland Tp, Megantic Co, Que, then moved to Port Brooks, Que, m in 1837 at New Ireland, Ireland Tp, Que to Harriett F Amadon b 4 April 1820 at New Ireland, Ireland Tsp, d 18 Oct 1879, bur Burke Hollow, the dau of John Amadon and Sarah Thurber. They moved before 1864 to Burke, Vt. Children:
        1. Briggs Thomas Ricker b 31 July 1837, d 7 March 1845
        2. Rebekah TRicker b 1839, d 1845
        3. Sarah Lavina Ricker b 14 March 1842, bapt WM Melbourne Que, d 26 Aug 1899. On 15 Oct 1869 she married at Brighton, Vt to James W H Rogers, d 14 May 1916, son of William and Eliza Rogers. Lavina and James are buried at Post Mills Cernetery, Vt. Sarah Lavina may have also been married to a James Murray.
        4. Mary H Ricker b 20 April 1843, bapt 1844 at WM Melbourne, Que, m George William Ricker
        5. Harriet Abigail Ricker b 12 Sept 1845, bapt 1847 at WM Melbourne, Que, m John Quincy Amadon
        6. Rosina Ricker b 8 March 1849, d 1 May 1864 at Burke, Vt., of diptheria
        7. Philena or Phi Iura Ricker b 23 July 1851, d 1864 of diptheria
        8. John Thomas Ricker b 18 May 1853, d 1864 of diptheria
        9. Briggs Thomas Ricker b 26 Apr 1854, d 30 April 1854
      7. Sarah Ann Ricker b 26 April 1817 at Alfred, Maine, d 10 Dec 1901, m circa 1840 at Burke, Vt to David King. They lived in Tingwick, and died in Burke, Vt. Children, born Tingwick, Que:
        1. David W King b 1841, m at Burke, Vt on 10 July 1872 to Lucy Ella Dunsire, dau of Josiah Dunsire and Mary Jane Ricker
        2. Eunice King
        3. Caroline King
        4. Clarinda King
        5. Hiram King
        6. Sarah R King b 1851, m at Burke, Vt on 2 Sept 1874 to Henry W Libby, son of Charles Libby and Pheobe Aldrich
        7. Theodore King
        8. Ira Thomas King d 2 May 1842, buried HT, Maple Grove, Ireland Tsp, Que
      8. William Ricker
      9. Ebeneezer Ricker Jr b 1831 in Ireland Tsp, Megantic Co, Que, m 2nd in Nov 1858 to Ellen Hodge. Lived Shipton, Que. Children:
        1. Henry Ricker b 1859
        2. John Ricker b 1860
    2. SAMUEL RICKER died 24 Feb 1845 in Lyman, Maine, m l8t at Berwick, Maine 28 Nov 1811 to SALLY KNOX, born 22 April 1789, died 9 April, 1839, the dau of William Knox and Sarah Ally. Samuel and Sally farmed at Lyman, Maine. Samuel married 2~ to Ruth Parker, the widow of a Mr Truette. Ruth was born Berwick, Maine in 1793, died 23 Jan 1878 in Boston, Mass, the dau of Samuel Parker and Hulda Emery of Kittery, Maine. They did not come to Canada. Children of Samuel Ricker by Sally Knox were:
      1. George William Ricker b 1813
      2. Mary Ann Ricker b 1814, d 1817
      3. Lydia Ann Ricker b 1818, d 1820
      4. Amelia Ricker b 1820, d 1832
      5. Obadiah Ricker b 1823
      6. Sarah Ricker b 1826, d 1826
      7. Hannah E Ricker b 1827
      8. Samuel Otis Ricker b 1831, d 1832
      9. Samuel Jr Ricker b 1834, d 1835
    3. HIRAM W RICKER d 24 Aug 1872 at Cornish, Maine, m in Maine 29 July .1816 to ABIGAIL BARNES, b 26 March 1799, d 2 Feb 1880 at Cornish, Maine, the dau of Abraham Barnes. Hiram was a blacksmith and served in the War of 1812 in Captain James Ayer's Company of Major Nowell's command. They did not come to Canada. Children:
      1. Andrew J Ricker b 1816 at East Parsons field, Maine, d 1817
      2. Andrew J Ricker b 31 July 1818 at East Parsonsfield
      3. Hannah Ricker born 31 Oct 1820 at Parsonsfield
      4. Adoniram Judson b 7 July 1823 at Cornish, Maine

    RICKER GEORGE b USA, settled Halifax Tsp about 1809, m MARY ALDRICH. George Ricker is probably a 4th child of George Ricker and Rebecca Ally. After George Ricker's death in Halifax Tp, Mary Aldrich remarried on 3 Jan 1830 to Stephen L or Stephen John Williams. For Aldrich, see Publications by Gwen Barry. Children of George and Mary:

    1. Breniza or Bernice Aldrich Ricker b 1810 in Halifax Tp, bapt 1838, m in 1831 to Moses West Aldrich b 1806 of Inverness Tsp, bapt 1825 at Inverness, Que. Note: In a book 'A Genealogy of the Ricker Family, by Percy Leroy Ricker and Elwin R Holland, 1996, it is stated that Bernice Ricker is the dau of Ebeneezer Ricker and Mercy Glass.
    2. Lucy Barton Ricker b 1812, bapt 1838 m 18 Jan 1831 at Holy Trintiy, C of E, Quebec City to Henry Barlow.
    See Percy LeRoy Ricker and Elwin R. Holland, A Genealogy of the Ricker Family, self-published, 1996. Contact info available for Ricker.

    RIDDLE WILLIAM m MARY ANN KENNEDY. Lived Island Brook, Compton Co, Que. Child:

    1. Justin Miles b 1891, bapt Leeds Presb


    See also: REILLEY



    See also: RILEY


    RILEY MARGARET b 1796 IRELAND, RC, widow in 1861 census for Halifax S Tp. Children:

    1. Thomas b 1821 Ireland, RC, m Ann b 1829 Ireland, RC. Lived Halifax S Tp in 1861. Children:
      1. Margaret b 1853 LC
      2. Peter b 1854
      3. Patrick b 1857
      4. James b 1860
      5. Mary b 1861
    2. Francis b 1837 Ireland, RC, lived Halifax S Tp
    3. Michael b 1831 Ireland, RC, m Mathay b 1831 Ireland. Lived Halifax N Tp. Children:
      1. Bridget b 1855 LC
      2. Marianne b 1857
      3. Lizabeth b 1859
      4. John b 1861

    RILEY WILLIAM EDWARD b 1877 at Wolfstown, Que, d 1954. President of the Lyndon Savings Bank and Trust Co, Lyndonville, Vt. His parents moved to Lyndonville in 1879. William Edward m in 1915 to Agnes Benoit of St Johnsbury, Vt. Agnes died in 1925. He m 200 in 1928 to Margaret Hughes b Ireland, of New York City. Child: I

    1. Patricia Riley m a Leslie. Lives in Grand Rapids, Mich, and returns to Lake Willoughby, Vt in summer.

    REILLY CHARLES Sr granted 1200 acres, 200 and 3m Ranges of Halifax Tp before 1825.


    RINEHART JOHN b 1812 IRELAND, Epis, d 1889, settled Broughton East Tp in 1825, m in 1833 at C of E Leeds Tp to NANCY ANN FRASER b 1812 IRELAND, Epis, d 1885, dau of Andrew Fraser. Nancy also had a brother named Andrew. John was mayor of Broughton Tsp in 1866. Children:

    1. Sarah b 1836
    2. Ann b 1836, d 1873, m John Johnson
    3. Elizabeth b 1838 LC, d 1870. Identified in 1861 census as mentally challenged and illiterate.
    4. Margaret b 1840
    5. Mary b 1842
    6. Catherine b 1843
    7. Ellen b 1854
    8. Robert b 1849, d 1877
    9. Andrew b 1846 m Jane McGinnis. Lived Leeds. Children:
      1. Agnes Barbara b 1870
      2. John James b 1872 I
      3. Elizabeth Jane b 1874
      4. Ida Eleanor Ann b 1875
      5. Wilmer Joseph b 1880
    10. William b 1851, d 1881, m in 1877 at St Sylvestre Presb to Anne Jane Baker. Lived Leeds. Child:
      1. Alberta Jeanetta b 1878

    RINEHART NICHOLAS b 1816 IRELAND, Epis, m in 1841 at St Sylvestre C of E to MARGARET

    FRASER b 1822 IRELAND, Epis. Lived in Broughton Tp. Children:

    1. Sarah b 1843 LC
    2. Joseph b 1850
    3. Ann b 1852
    4. Nicholas b 1855
    5. Margaret b 1857
    6. Mary b 1860

    RINEHART JOHN settled Broughton Tsp, m RUTH HORTON b 1789 IRELAND, Epis. Ruth was listed as a widow in Broughton Tp in 1861 census. Children :

    1. Robert b 1831,
    2. George b 1833.

    RINEHART MARY JANE 1840-1911 m THOMAS McGINNIS. Lived Leeds.


    RINGLAND JOSEPH, school teacher in Ireland Tp, m ELIZA JANE COWEN. Child:

    1. Charles Frederick 1878-1887, died Ireland Tp, bur HT Maple Grove

    RIPPEN ROBERT granted land in Ireland Tp in 1831.


    ROBERTS MICHAEL b 1827 IRELAND, RC, m CATHERINE LENNON b 1836, LC, RC. Lived Inverness Tp. Children:

    1. Harriet b 1852 LC
    2. Ellen b 1854
    3. Arthur b 1855
    4. Catherine b 1857, d 1858
    5. Henry b 1859
    6. Michael b 1860
    7. Edward b 1864

    ROBERTS THOMAS, Craig Rd, Quebec Station Master, m in 1856 at HT CE Levis, Que to MARY JONES


    ROBERTSON ARCHIBALD, settled Inverness Tp, tailor, m in 1844 at WM Ireland Tp to ELIZABETH

    KELSO, dau of Robert Kelso and Catherine Kelso.


    ROBERTSON JAMES of Leeds m in 1887 at St Sylvestre Presb to ISABELLA HAROLD LOGIE, dau of Charles Logie of Leeds. Child:

    1. Charles W Logie Robertson b 1889 m Anna S Ruth Sullivan

    ROBERTSON GEORGE of Arthabaska, m in 1879 at CE Leeds to EMMA CRAIG. Marriage witness was Richard Craig. Children:

    1. Richard Colwell b 1884 at Leeds, twin
    2. John Colwell b 1884 twin
    3. William Stanley b 1887
    4. Samuel James b 1889
    5. Leonard Howard Craig b 1882

    ROBERTSON JOHN m JANE GRADY. Lived Ireland Tp. Children:

    1. Eliza Jane b 1868
    2. James Grady b 1870


    1. William b 1832

    ROBERTSON JOHN m MARY PERRY or TERRY. Lived Port Brooks, Que. Child:

    1. Samuel George b 1859, bapt WM Inverness.

    ROBERTSON JAMES R., wheelwright, 6th Range of Inverness, m AGNES MELROSE. Child:

    1. James 1869-1894

    ROBERTSON ANNIE 1787-1868, came from Sliddery, Isle of Arran, Scotland in 1831 to Inverness, m in 1810 to JOHN McKINNON. Later lived in Somerset Tp.


    ROBERTSON MARGARET b Arran, Scotland, came on Albion in 1829, m JOHN McKENZIE. Lived Inverness Tp.


    ROBERTSON WILLIAM m LUCINDA. Lived Tingwick. Child:

    1. Lucinda Jane b 1859, bapt WM Leeds



    ROBINSON WILLIAM JAMES of IRELAND, Glasslough m HANNAH MOORE, d 1840. Children:

    1. ROBINSON SAMUEL b 1785 in IRELAND, Glasslough, Monagham,WM, d 1874, m ELLEN McCAMMON 1782-1852. Both are bur at Boutelle Cern, Inverness Tsp, Que. Samuel came over in 1828 on Ship "Brigham" with brother James and a Mrs Nancy Gillis, nee Robinson, who died 1887 at Inverness. Settled in Inverness Tp. Samuel was a widower in Inverness in 1861 census. Children:
      1. William b 1816 in IRELAND, FC, d 1895, m l" to Jane White b 1819, d 1854, m 2nd in 1854 to Susan Maxwell who died 1857. This was Susan's 2nd marriage. William m 3rd to Isabella Baxter b 1833 in Scotland, FC, d 1911. Both William and Isabella are bur at Boutelle's Cem. Lived Inverness Tp.

          Children by Jane:

        1. John b 1842 Ireland
        2. Eliza b 1844 Ireland
        3. Robert b 1846 Ireland
        4. James b 1848 LC
        5. Samuel b 1848
        6. Samuel Boutelle b 1852

          Children by Susan:

        7. William b 1855
        8. Sarah b 1857 twin
        9. Susan b 1857 twin

          Children by Isabella:

        10. Stewart b 1860
        11. Thomas b 1860, d 1940
        12. Baxter b 1861
        13. Isabella Agnes b 1866
        14. Rebecca Catherine b 1869
        15. David Eden b 1875, d 1949, m Martha Edith Walker. Lived Inverness. Child:
          1. Earl Walker b 1906 m Grace Edith Little.
      2. Thomas b 1814 in Ireland, WH, d 1917 m Henrietta Wright b 1826 in the USA, WH. Lived Inverness Tp, 5th Range. Children:
        1. Samuel Crafts Wright b 1846 USA, m in 1870 to Agnes Henderson, dau of WilLiam Edward Henderson and Susannah Davidson. See the Henderson publication, and the Davidson publication by Gwen Barry. Lived Ireland Tp. Then moved to Liberty Tp., Cherokee Co., Iowa about 1880. Children:
          1. Thomas Arthur b 1876
          2. Thomas Jones b 1877
          3. Catherine May b 1875
          4. Mary Elinor b 1871
          5. Susan Hannah b 1872
        2. Mary Ann b 1850 LC
        3. Catherine b 1855 LC
        4. Thomas Alexander b 1862, m in 1891 to Annie Elizabeth Olson. They moved to Ontario in the 1940s. Children:
          1. Christian Alex b 1892, d 1961, nm, to Fort Moody, BC
          2. John Martin 1893-1969 m Ella Dixon
          3. William Argile 1897-1976 m Maybelle Eastbury. To BC
          4. Margaret Annie 1900-1976 m l"t to M Eager and m 2~ to James Bishop
          5. Eunice Bertha b 1903, m 0 Montiminy. To Berlin, NH
          6. Henry Salvanice b 1907, d 1980, m Emma Briggs. Lived Thetford Mines
          7. Robert James, b 1908, nm. To Toronto
          8. Fred Theodore, b 1912, nm. To , Hagersville, Ont
          9. Sam Wellington, 1914-1931 lived ' Lower Ireland, Que
      3. James b 1834 LC, m Mary b 1839 LC. Lived Inverness Tp.
      4. Hannah 1822-1840
    2. ROBINSON JAMES b 1800 in IRELAND, Glasslough, WM, d 1887, came over in 1828 on ship "Brigham" with brother Samuel and a Mrs Nancy Gillis, nee Robinson. James settled in Inverness Tsp, 7th Range, Lot 7, and married in 1827 to SARAH GOE b 1809, of Glasslough, Ireland, d 1890. They developed and operated a carding mill on the Osgoode River, and also made spinning wheels. Children:
      1. James b 1832 LC, d 1894, m in 1859 to Mary Melrose 1838-1921, both bur Boutelle
      2. Mary Ann 1834-1895, m Andrew Campbell. Children:
        1. Mary
        2. Sarah Jane m in 1881 to Alex Sturgeon
        3. Susan
        4. Elizabeth
        5. Rachel m Abel Church. Children: Marion, and Campbell
        6. Martha m William Church, to Boden, Alberta. Children: Ella, Howard, and James.
      3. Elizabeth b 1835, m David Gowan, to Iowa
      4. Thomas A. Reid b 1837, d 1875, m in 1861 to Agnes Melrose 1842- 1924. Both bur Boutelle. Children:
        1. Wilamina 1863-1900, m George Jones. Child: Oscar
        2. Sarah 1864-1936 m Hugh Andrews. Child: Clarence
        3. Mary 1866-1870 bur Boutelle
        4. Elizabeth 1868-1951 m James Dempsey. Children: John, Harold.
        5. James 1869-1935, nm - Janet 1872-1900, nm
        6. Alexander 1873-1958 m Laura McLeod. Children: William, Henry, Chester and Irene.
        7. Thomas Reid 1875-1954 m in 1901 to Elizabeth Jennie Lowry. Child: Ethelyn who went to Alberta
      5. John Wesley b 1839, d 1864, bur Boutelles
      6. Hannah b 1842, d 1907, m George Davidson b 1838, d 1911. See the Davidson publication, by Gwen Barry for their children.
      7. Stewart b 1843 m in 1869 to Mary Jane Bailey. They lived in Lower Ireland village. Children:
        1. Ann Bailey 1883-1888
        2. Mary Louisa 1870-1947 m John Carroll. Children:
          1. Stuart James b 1898 m 18t Edna Harvey, m 2nd Julia Dugas
          2. Mary Jane m William Felix
          3. William Edward m Dorothy Collins
          4. Hazel Sarah m Gordon Bernam
          5. John Walter m Agnes Palmer
        3. Sarah Elizabeth 1872-1924, m William Moore. Children:
          1. Gertrude m Harry Ward
          2. Cora m Robert Maxwell
          3. Norman m Mildred Henderson. See the Henderson publication by Gwen Barry.
        4. William James b 1877, m Willamina Forbes McGill. Lived 11th Range, Ireland Tp. Children:
          1. Bernice Pearl b 1905 m Ray Jenne
          2. Wesley Alexander b 1907 m Ruby Jamieson
          3. Charles Stewart b 1912 m Gwen Nugent
        5. John Wesley 1879-1961 m Mabel Ashcroft. Children:
          1. Lloyd Wilson b 1916 m Marion Roberts
          2. Bernard Wesley m Mildred Stanley
          3. Milton Bailey m Norma Bailey Lesler
        6. Andrew m in 1910 to Charlotte Edna Harvey
      8. Robert b 1847 m in 1867 to Agnes McVetty, d 1930 in Montreal, dau of John McVetty and Barbara Thompson. Children:
        1. Stuart b 1868, nm
        2. John James b 1871, m in 1899 to Ida Bell Patterson
        3. Violet Irene Caroline b 1888
        4. Robert Henry 1885-1893
        5. Sarah Jane b 1876, d 1946 in Toronto, m Henry Francis Canning. Children:
          1. Lambert m Evelyn Marshall
          2. Hilda m Charles Goggin. They lived in New Britain, Conn, then Verdun, Que, then Toronto, Onto
          3. Millie m Tom Grem. Lived New Britain, Conn
          4. Harry m Sarah 'Sadie' Little. See the Little-Ralston publication by Gwen Barry.
          5. Mona died age 14 in 1924, bur Boute11es
          6. Mark m Bertha. Lived Montreal, Que
        6. Mary Ellen 1879-1949, m Phillip Cox. Children: Lewis and Evelyn
        7. Barbara Alice Thompson b 1873, m Spencer Patterson
        8. Daisy m Gordon Patterson
        9. Florence May Emma 1882-1956, twin, m Thomas Learmonth
        10. Agnes Lavinia b 1882, twin
      9. Samuel b 1848 m in 1873 to Elizabeth Lowry. Children:
        1. Ernest Wesley 1874-1928 m in 1895 to Winnifred Edgar
        2. Arthur
        3. James Edmund m in 1905 to Annie F Wark of Lysander Falls. Children:
          1. Bessie Marion Elizabeth b 1906 m Jules Bertrand
          2. Helen b 1909, m Lloyd Beattie
      10. Sarah Jane b 1851, d 1930, m John Leith. Children:
        1. Jennie m John Cochrane
        2. Hannah m Harry Plummer
        3. Mary m William Wright
        4. Willie
        5. Robert m Gertie Patterson
        6. John
        7. Walter
        8. George m Isabel Thomas. Children : Jack, Stewart, Harold, Beatrice
        9. Raymond m Helen Henderson. See the Henderson publication by Gwen Barry. Children:
          1. Gerald
          2. Robert m Eva McCrae
          3. Allan m Lillian Tighe
          4. William m Audrey McGillvery
          5. Margaret m Scotty Thornton
      11. William m Margaret Gallagher, to Iowa. Children:
        1. John Stewart b 1859 Ireland Tsp
        2. Margaret Bailey b 1865 Ireland Tsp
    3. ROBINSON HANNAH 1806-1904 m JOHN LEITH. Lived Inverness Tp.
    4. For the emigration pattern out of Ireland for the above family, see Gwen Barry's publication, Ulster Protestant Emigration to Lower Canada: Megantic County and St-Sylvestre.

    ROBINSON JOHN settled Inverness Tp, shoemaker, d 1864, m MARGARET or MARY LEARMONTH. Children:

    1. James b 1844 twin
    2. Robert b 1844 twin

    ROBINSON WILLIAM settled Inverness Tp, m in 1839 at WM Ireland Tsp to MARY ANN IRVINE. Witness at their wedding was Samuel Robinson. Children:

    1. William b 1844
    2. Jane b 1840
    3. Hannah b 1841
    4. Eliza b 1846
    5. Frances Jamieson b 1848
    6. William James b 1857
    7. Samuel b 1850

    ROBINSON JAMES settled Inverness Tsp, m in 1843 at Leeds Presb to ISABELLA ROSS. Witnesses at their wedding were William Robinson and John Ross.


    ROBINSON WILLIAM of Inverness Tp m in 1856 at WM Ireland Tp to MARY McCAMMON


    ROBINSON WILLIAM settled Inverness Tp, m in 1847 at C of E Leeds to MARY YOUART (EWART) of Leeds Tsp. Witnesses at their wedding were Robert Youart and John McCammon. Children:

    1. John b 1848
    2. Jane b 1850
    3. Samuel b 1851
    4. William b 1853




    1. Walter Ernest d 1906 m Margaret Lowry
    2. Edith d 1914
    3. Harold Baxter d 1914



    ROBINSON JAMES b 1800, d 1887, settled St Gilles, then to Inverness Tsp, m MARY ? Children:

    1. Jane b 1838,
    2. Mary Ann b 1839.

    ROBINSON DAVID settled St Gilles, sailor, m MARY RONALD. Child John Hiram b 1835.


    ROBINSON BOSWELL settled St Gilles, widower m 2~ in 1837 at C of E Leeds to RUTH LOGAN




    ROBINSON WILLIAM b 1832 LC, WM, m MARGARET b 1830 LC, FC. They lived in Ireland Tp. Children:

    1. William b 1857
    2. John b 1859
    3. Sarah b 1861



    ROBINSON ANDREW b 1803 IRELAND, CE, d 1889, settled Leeds Tp, m 1st to CATHERINE JANE McGINLAY b 1821, d 1841, m 2nd in 1842 to NANCY ANN BEATTIE b 1812 IRELAND, d 1892. Children:

    1. Jane b 1834
    2. John b 1843 LC
    3. Eleanor b 1847 at Leeds Tsp, m in 1880 at Lancaster, NH to Benjamin R Wentworth, b 1855 at Jefferson, NH, son of John and Abigail Wentworth.
    4. Andrew b 1847, d 1913 in Leeds, m Mary Ann Beattie. Child: Andrew b 1888
    5. Elizabeth Ann b 1851
    6. Elizabeth b 1853

    ROBINSON ANDREW of Leeds Tp m in 1888 at Leeds CE to MARY JANE NUTBROWN, her 2nd marriage.



    1. Andrew b 1870 at Leeds
    2. Margaret Ann b 1872
    3. Eleanor b 1874
    4. John Thomas b 1878
    5. Robert James b 1881

    ROBINSON JAMES m ELLEN PARKS. Lived Harvey Hill, Leeds Tp. Child:

    1. Alexander Martin b 1867

    ROBINSON ELIZA 1854-1939 m JAMES FRASER. Lived East Broughton


    ROBINSON JOHN of Leeds Tp m in 1865 to JANE GRADY of Leeds. This could be ROBERTSON

    vice ROBINSON.

    Advertisement: ' Robert Robinson's General Store, Inverness .'

    Source: Montreal Gazette: Megantic Edition , 18 Jan., 1900. The only copy in existence is held by Marie-Eve Adam, of the 10th Range of Inverness, who has sinced moved on, with or without the stash of newpapers, no forwarding address known by me.

    Contact info available for Robinson.

    Most of the data on the Rockingham family came from Neil Broadhurst. Contact info available.

    , ROCKINGHAM DAVID b 27 July 1792 at Wicken, Northamptonshire, England, d c1832 in , Megantic Co, son of John Rockingham and Elisabeth Lovesy, m 1.t on 13 Oct 1817 at Bow Bricknell, Buckinghamshire, England to HANNAH PERRY b 7 July 1793 at Bow Brickne11, Buckinghamshire, England, died 15 May 1823 at Wicken, England, dau of Richard and Martha Perry. John and Hannah had 3 children. David m 2nd on 13 Aug 1827 at Wicken, England to CATHERINE BIGNELL b c 1796 at Deanshanger, Passenham, England, bur 1869 at Deanshanger, England. David and Catherine came to Inverness Township, with David's 3 children by his first wife and one child by Catherine. After David died, Catherine returned to England with her daughter and son, leaving her 3 step-children in Megantic Co. Children:
    1. JOSEPH ROCKINGHAM b 20 June 1818 in ENGLAND, Bow Bricknell, Buckinghamshire. Joseph d 26 Dec 1895 at Inverness, Que, m in 1841 to ANN MOFFATT b 1824, d 1847. Joseph m 2nd in 1849 to ANN HEDDLE b 1815, Quebec City, d 1895, bur Leeds C of E. Ann was the dau of Sinclair Hedd1e and Ann Mann. Joseph lived on the 11th Range of Inverness Tp. Children:
      1. Elizabeth Campbell Rockingham, b 1843 Inverness Tp, Que, d 1872, bur Leeds Presbyterian, m James Arkley. Lived 11th Range of Leeds.
      2. David Rockingham b 1845 at Inverness, d 1877 at Concord, Essex, Vt, m 1870 at Granby, Orleans, Vt to Emma Russell, b 1848 at Waterford, Vt. Children:
        1. Sarah Elizabeth b 1875 at Granby, Vt
        2. Joseph Henry b 1872 at Granby, Vt
      3. John Rockingham b 1847, d 1886, nm
      4. Anne Rockingham b 1850, d 1874
      5. Jessie Rockingham b 1852 at Inverness, d 1943 at Lennoxvi11e, Que, m in 1869 to James Orr b 1839 at St Sylvestre, d 1924 at Lennoxvi11e, Que. Children:
        1. Harriet Maud Orr b 1870 Lower Ireland, Que, d 1920 at Milby, Que, bur Lennoxville, nm
        2. Georgeina b 1873 at Inverness, d 1962 at Sherbrooke. No children
        3. Elizabeth Jane b 1877 at Inverness, d 1887 at Milby, Que
        4. Edgar Alexander b 1879 at Inverness, d 1965 at Sherbrooke, bur Lennoxvi11e, Que.
      6. Margaret Hannah Rockingham b 1853 at Inverness, d 1924
      7. Thomas Sinclair Rockingham b 1854, d 1939 at Leeds, m in 1899 to Jemima Plummer
      8. Sarah Rockingham b 1857, d 1923, m 1879 at Lowell, Mass to William Houston b 1853 Paisley, Renfrew, Scot, d 1921 at Lowell, Mass. Children:
        1. William Arthur Houston b 1880 at Lowell, m Lillian Larena Smith
        2. Walter James Houston b 1881 at Lowell, m Mary Thompson
        3. Sarah Elsie Houston b 1883 at Lowell, d 1943, m 1911 to A B Calvin
        4. Harold Nathaniel Houston b 1887 at Lowell, Mass
      9. Mary Rockingham b 1855, d 1941 at Sacramento, Calif
      10. William James b 1861 at Inverness, d 1944 at Veterans Home, Napa, Calif.
      11. Joseph Henry Rockingham b 1859, d 1926 at Walnut Creek, Contra Costa, Calif, m in 1886 at Inverness, Que to Harriet E Messenger 1868 at Inverness, Que, d 1910 Fort Bragg, Mendocino, Calif, dau of Richard Messenger and Elizabeth Loffs of Inverness. Marriage witnesses for Joseph and Harriet were William Messenger and Lizzie Cummings. Children:
        1. William Henry Rockingham b 1888 at Inverness, d 1946 at Sacramento, Calif, m at Alameda, Calif to Emma Winifred Greene
        2. Frederick Arthur Rockingham b 1890 Inverness, d 1936 at Alameda, Calif, m at Alameda Calif to Margaret Borthwick Bryce Low
        3. Mable Edith Rockingham b 1892 at Fort Bragg, Mendocino, Calif, d 1969 at Walnut Creek, Calif, m Louis Stephen Dewing
    2. LUCY ROCKINGHAM b 12 Feb 1820 at Passenham, Northamptonshire, England, d 29 Oct 1844 in Halifax Tp, Megantic Co, Que, m 1843 to Richard Nugent
    3. MARY ANN ROCKINGHAM bapt 23 Dec 1821 at Wicken, Northamptonshire, England
    4. MARIA ROCKINGHAM bapt 19 Jan 1823 at Wicken, England, d 21 May 1823 at Wicken.
    5. MARIA ROCKINGHAM b 25 Dec 1827 at Wicken, England 6. RICHARD ROCKINGHAM born 4 Jan 1834 at Inverness, Que, m 1847 to Elizabeth ROCKINGHAM JOHN b 1790 in Wicken, Northamptonshire, England, d 16 Feb 1837 at Quebec City, son of John Rockingham and Elizabeth Lovesy, m HANNAH FERN, bur 1853 at Mt Ida Cern, Troy, NY. John came to Megantic Co presumably about the same time as his brother David b 1792. John came over with a large family, and died shortly after arriving. His widow and children subsequently moved to Troy, NY. Their two eldest daughters were married in Quebec City and eventually moved to Troy, NY. Children:
      1. Sarah 1811-1864, m 1832 at HT Quebec City to Joseph Gayton b 9 Feb 1814 in ~ England, d 1847 Compton, Que and m 2~ to Frederick Miller. Children:
        1. Thomas Gayton b 1833 at St Giles, Que
        2. Joseph Rockingham Gayton b 1835 Ireland Tp, Que
        3. George Joseph Gayton b 1837, m a Spencer
        4. Sarah Hannah Gayton b 1840 Compton Co, Que
        5. Mary Ann Gayton b 1842 Compton Co, bapt CE Hatley Tp S, Que, d 1912 at Beloit, Rock, Wisconsin, m 1857 at Newark, Rock, Wisconsin to Thomas A McDonald
        6. Charles Cottrell Gayton b 1844 Compton Tp, Que
        7. Henry Richard Gayton b 1846 Compton Co, d 1847
        8. Alice Octavia Miller b 1849 at Troy, NY
      2. Ann 1813-1895, died Troy, NY, m 1832 at HT Quebec City to John Taylor.
      3. Mary b 1815, m 1842 at Troy, NY to John Peter Carmichael
      4. Pamela 1815-1900, d Rockford, Winnebago, Ill, m 1849 at Troy, NY to Louis Du Frane
    6. Elizabeth b 1818, m 1851 at Troy, NY to John Castle
    7. Hannah b 1820, m 1847 at Troy, NY to George Kinlock
    8. John b 1822, m 1849 at Troy to Margaret Munro
    9. Pheobe b 1824
    10. Catherine b 1825, m 1845 at Troy to John H Greer
    11. Alice b 1827, d 1828 at Wicken, England
    12. Richard b 1829, d 1863 at Chicamauga, Walker, Georgia, m 1851 at Troy, NY to Mary Matilda Ostrander
    13. Alice b 1831 Wicken, England, m 1850 at Troy, NY to William Pollock

    ROCK JAMES m 18t to MARY CARITHY, m 2nd in 1858 to ELIZABETH McGIBBON, widow of John Conny. Child:

    1. Ann m in 1858 at St Ferdinand RC to Patrick O'Brien

    RODAN WILLIAM b 1784 ENGLAND, Epis, pensionner, m HANNAH b 1795 IRELAND, Epis. They lived in Ireland Tp in 1861. Child:

    1. Thomas b 1829 SCOTLAND, Epis, m Rachel b 1838 LC, Epis. Lived Ireland Tp. Children:
    2. William b 1855 LC
    3. Abraham b 1857
    4. Amelia b 1859
    ROE R

    ROE Rev PETER. He was a Church of England ordained minister, who served in Inverness Township from 1877 to 1895, with an Inverness Township circuit including Christ Church in Lower Ireland, St Stephens Church on the 11th Range, known as Rectory Hill, and St Lukes Church in Adderley. He would have lived at the only C of E church in Inverness Tp. which had a manse, namely St Stephen's, Rectory Hill, 11th Range of Inverness Township. Roe was evidently highly thought of by his congregations in Inverness, as numerous childen in the parish were baptized with the middle name 'Roe', during his tenure in Inverness. I do not know where Peter Roe was born, or what connection, if any, he had with the other Roes who settled in Megantic County. Children of Peter Roe (wife's name not known) :

    1. Georgina Roe m in 1886 at C of E Inverness to John Eckersley, widower and customs officer of Halifax, NS. Child:
      1. Henry Reginald Roe 1887-1887
    2. Francis Matilda Rroe m in 1892 to Dr Joseph Holdcroft

      Note : It is highly unlikely that Peter Roe ever lived in Leeds Tp., because at the same time as Roe served as a C of E minister in Inverness Tp, Leeds Tp had it's own C of E minister, Rev John B. D. Kemp who served Leeds Tp from 1870-1888, and who was then immediately followed by Rev Rothera 1888-1893 at Leeds.

      Source : Gwen Barry, A History of Megantic County: Downhomers of Quebec's Eastern Townships, Evans Books, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, 1999, pp 176-177.


    ROE JOHN DUNCAN settled Inverness Tp sometime before 1842. He married ELIZA ? Child : Edward b 1842, baptized C of E Leeds Tp.


    ROE WILLIAM b 1822 ENGLAND, C of E, copper miner in Leeds in 1861, according to the census for 1861. He married JANE b 1822 ENGLAND. They came to Leeds Tp about 1860 when the copper mine opened there. Children:

    1. William b 1846 England, copper miner in Leeds Tp. according to the 1861 census
    2. George b 1836 England, copper miner in Leeds Tp according to the 1861 census

    ROE HENRY with the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, ordained C of E priest in 1853. Served as deacon to Ireland and Inverness Townships from 1852 to 1855.


    ROE PETER lived in Leeds Tp in 1836-38 as he was very active in the Leeds Constitutional Association and the Assembly of Megantic Freeholders during the Rebellion of 1837, as per the Quebec Gazette 5 Apr 1836.



    1. Clifford b 1846 in Somerset Tp, m in 1870 at Derby, Vt to Alma Rivers b Trois Rivieres, Que.

    ROGAN/ see also HOGAN for possible mispelling :


    ROGAN PATRICK b 1829 LC, C of E, mining engineer, d 1869 m ANN MARSHALL sometime after 1861. Child: John Lewis b 1865 at Harvey Hill, Leeds Tp. For Marshall, see the publication, The Descendants of Robert and Anne Marshall of County Leitrim, Ireland, and Megantic County, Quebec, by Gwen Barry.


    ROGERS PETER b 1811 in ENGLAND, at the Castle in Durham, d 1892, settled in Leeds Tsp, 5th Range in 1840, m SARAH THOMPSON in England. She was the daughter of John and Mary Thompson. Peter's grandfather Peter Rogers was factor for Sir Francis Blake, Baronet. In 1640, John Rogers, an ancestor of Peter Rogers, married a sister of Admiral Blake. Children:

    1. Sarah b 1842 in LC, d 1875
    2. Francis b 1837 in England, d 1909, m at Leeds Tp in 1864 to Isabella McKillop, 1844-1914, dau of John McKillop and Catherine McKinnon. Children:
      1. John b 1867
      2. Peter b 1864
      3. Francis b 1870
      4. Alexander Viel b 1873
      5. Catherine Sarah b 1882
      6. William Thompson b 1884
      7. Richard Crombie 1889-1906
      8. James Benjamin d 1906
    3. Mary b 1840 ENGLAND, d 1866, m Henry Reid b 1832 USA. Lived in Leeds Tp in : 1861 with Peter and Sarah Rogers, both born England. Children:
      1. Sarah b 1859
      2. William b 1861

    ROGERS MARY of Inverness Tp, m at Inverness in 1851 to CHARLES ELWIDGE.


    ROGERS MARY ANN, d 1895, m to JOHN COXEN, carpenter of Leeds Tp, b 1817, d 1890

    Contact info available for Rogers.

    ROLANDS RICHARD b 1811 ENGLAND, C of E, iron roller from Three Rivers, Que, living in Inverness Tp in 1861, m MARY b 1817 in Scotland, FC.


    ROLFE JOHN settled Inverness Tsp, m MARTHA? Child Agnes b 1839.


    ROLFE WILLIAM to Frampton m MARY HASPER. Child:

    1. Elizabeth b 1831, bapt C of E Leeds

    ROONEY JAMES b 1816 IRELAND, RC, living in Leeds Tp, 14th Range, 1/2 of lot 4 in 1861 census, m ELIZABETH SHEPARD b 1825 IRELAND. Children:

    1. Mary m in 1860 at Inverness to Robert Murtagh, and m 2nd in 1871 at Inverness to Thomas Ogle.
    2. Bernard b 1847 Ireland
    3. Margaret b 1849 Ireland
    4. Rosana b 1851 Ireland
    5. William John b 1852 LC
    6. James b 1854
    7. Elizabeth b 1856
    8. Sarah b 1858
    9. Sarah A b 1859
    10. Agnes b 1869

    ROONEY PATRICK b 1808 in IRELAND, RC, d 1882, buried Leeds RC, living in Leeds Tp, 4th Range, 1/2 of lot 8 in 1861 census, m HANNAH ANN NEWSOM b 1819 in ENGLAND, RC, d 1872, bur Leeds Tp. Children:

    1. Mary b 1842 in LC, m in 1871 to Thomas Ogle
    2. Elizabeth b 1843
    3. James b 1844
    4. John b 1846 m in 1878 at Inverness RC to Ann McIntyre b 1853. Children:
      1. Patrick James b 1879
      2. Francis Arcade b 1881.
    5. Catherine b 1848, d 1873, m in 1867 at Inverness RC to Patrick Ge11an.
    6. Peter b 1850, d 1924, m 18' to Kate b LC, and m 2nd to Elizabeth Ann Judge.

        Children of Peter and Kate:

      1. son b 1878 at Lancaster, NH, and
      2. Wilfred P b 1883 at Lancaster, NH

        Children of Peter and Elizabeth Ann Judge:

      3. Saviour Edmund b 1895,
      4. Joseph Irvin b 1898
      5. Peter Wilbert b 1891
      6. John Charles b 1893.
    7. Sarah Ann b 1853 m in 1871 at Inverness RC to James Hogan
    8. Bernard b 1855, d 1875. bur Leeds, m Catherine 1860-1878, bur Lemington, Vt.
    9. Rosey b 1857 m in 1881 at Inverness RC to John McIntyre 10 Patrick b 1860, d 1875, bur Leeds
    10. Alice b 1862

    ROONEY JOHN b 1812, m CATHERINE MORGAN b 1812. They attended the RC chapel in Leeds Tsp.

    They, and 1 child left for the USA in 1883. Children:

    1. James m in 1867 at Inverness RC to Catherine McGrath
    2. Ann m in 1866 at St Pierre Baptiste to James Tanguay, son of John Tanguay and Ann Carey of Leeds.



    ROSS JOHN b 1790 or 1812 SCOTL.a.ND, C of S, m MARGARET MATHESON b 1814 SCOTL.a.ND, CofS, d 1893, bur St James, Leeds, Que. They lived in Leeds Tp. Children:

    1. David b 1838 LC
    2. Ann b 1840
    3. Isabella b 1843
    4. John b 1844
    5. William b 1846
    6. Emma b 1850
    7. James b 1852 m in 1874 at Leeds Presb to Isabella Sean, dau of William Sean and Helen Clapperton of St Laurent, Que.
    8. Mary Ann m in 1867 at C of E Inverness to Rev John P Richmond, incumbent at Gaspe, Que.

    ROSS PETER 1831 census: e in house, C of E, settled 8th Range of Leeds, Lot 16, came after 1825.


    ROSS LEWIS b 1814 SCOTIJI.ND, C of S , settled Leeds Tp, d 1901, m ELIZABETH JANE 'BETTY' PERRY b 1836 IRELAND. Children:

    1. David b 1854 LC, d 1919. Baptism witnesses were Roderick Ross and Jane Byers.
    2. James b 1856, d 1921
    3. Eliza J b 1859
    4. Catherine b 1861, d 1923, m James Wilkin
    5. John William 1863-1946, m in 1876 at Leeds WM to Charlotte McCutcheon. Child:
      1. John Matheson b 1876
    6. Jane b 1872
    7. Mary b1874
    8. Lewis Clark b1879

    ROSS RODERICK b 1822, d 1891, m in 1851 at Leeds Presb to JANE BYERS (or BYRES), b : 1818, d 1898. Children:

    1. Isabella b 1854
    2. William John b 1857, m in 1882 to Elizabeth Ann Nutbrown, dau of Henry Nutbrown and Elizabeth Beatty. Lived Leeds Tp. Children:
      1. Thomas George b 1889
      2. Henry Nutbrown b 1891
      3. Octavius b 1893
      4. Charles b 1896
      5. David b 1898
      6. Lyman Wilfred b 1905
      7. Edwin b 1882
      8. Eliza Beattie b 1885
      9. William Johnson b 1887

    ROSS ELLEN 1804-1884 died Leeds Tp, m THOMAS JOHNSTON


    ROSS CHARLES MONTAGUE 1858-1929 m in 1884 at C of E Leeds to SARAH JANE BEATTIE.


    1. Lewis Earl b 1898
    2. William Charles 1885-1956 m Lillian May 1881-1957, died Leeds
    3. Roderick AlIa b 1886, d 1954 at Verdun, Que
    4. Robert Beattie b 1888, d 1943
    5. Edwin b 1890
    6. Leonard b 1892
    7. Bertha Elizabeth b 1894
    8. Francis Clarence b 1896
    9. Stanley John 1900-1906
    10. Wilson Harvey b 1903
    11. Andrew Craig b 1906
    12. Ida Jane b 1908

    ROSS MARY d 1918" Leeds m ALEXANDER ROTHNEY b 1874




    ROSS WILLIAM b 1786 in IRELAND, C of S, m in 1811 in Ireland to AGNES CALVERT b 1792 in ';\;~r;"

    IRELAND, C of S. They arrived circa 1826, settled Inverness Tp, 8th Range, Lot 13, family of 2 in 1831 census. Children :

    1. John Ross b 1817 in Ireland, C of S, d 1891, settled Inverness Tp m in 1838 at C of E Leeds to MARTHA EAGER b 1818 in Ireland, d 1875. Children:
      1. Agnes b 1839, d 1908, m Robert Eager. Lived Leeds
      2. Sarah b 1842, d 1844
      3. Isabella b 1843
      4. Elizabeth b 1847
      5. Martha b 1849, d 1902 at Barre, Vt
      6. Jane b 1851
      7. John b 1855
      8. Eva b 1854
      9. Sarah b 1856 d .1859
      10. Mary b 1853, d1914
      11. William b 1860
    2. James Ross b 1832 LC
    3. David Ross b 1834 LC

    ROSS ROBERT, settled Inverness Tsp, m in 1843 at Leeds Presb to MARION COCHRANE of

    Inverness Tp. Witnesses at their marriage were John Ross and Thomas Cochrane.


    ROSS ALEXANDER, b 1789 in SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, FC, d 1871, m CATHERINE McLEAN b 1779, d 1875. Lived Inverness Tp. Child:

    1. John Alexander b 1818 Scotland, m 1" to Christina McDonald b 1814 Scotland,

      and m 21.t in 1873 to Mary Isabelle Stewart, dau of John Stewart and Mary Kerr. Children:

      1. Alex b 1844 LC
      2. John b 1846
      3. Donald b 1850
      4. Charles Roderick b 1874 Inverness
      5. John Mooney b 1875
      6. Duncan Donald b 1880 at Sherbrooke

        Living in same household in 1861 was a John Ross Fraser b 1857.


    ROSS CHRISTINE 1815-1888, died NH, m WILLIAM McLEAN


    ROSS WILLIAM MORAY was with the SPG ordained C of E, priest in 1855. Served as deacon

    for Lower Inverness Tp and Nelson Tp in 1854. ,


    ROSS WILLIAM C. b 1820, d 1889, to Inverness Tsp, m ISABELLA JOHNSTON, 1842-1932, bur at St James C of E Leeds. Children:

    1. William Thomas 1866-1872
    2. Agnes b 1869
    3. James Alexander 1871-1876
    4. Ellen 1874-1907
    5. William 1875-1905
    6. William Thomas b 1876
    7. David Alexander b 1883, m Elizabeth McKenzie

    ROSS JOHN b 1787, d 1869, bur St Andrews Presb, Inverness Tp


    ROSS JOHN m MARY JOHNSTON. Child: Jessie Elizabeth b 1882 at Inverness


    ROSS - IRELAND TP ROSS JOHN of Vermont, m in 1868 at CE Ireland Tsp to ADELINE DONAGHY of Halifax Tp.

    ROSS - ST



    ROSS WILLIAM, widower of St Sylvestre, m 2nd in 1856 at St Sylvestre C of E to DINAH HICKS of St Sylvestre.


    ROSS JOHN. C of E. Child:

    1. DAVID ROSS, born Tain, Ross and Cromartyshire, Scotland, came with 78th Regiment to Montreal before 1800. Married in 1803 to JANE DAVIDSON. They . inherited the Selgneurie of Beaurivage and lived at St Giles in the manor house, until it burned down in 1842. Lived in St Patrice de Beaurivage. Jane was the dau of Arthur Davidson of Montreal, Judge of Court of Kings Bench who m Jane Fraser. See Davidson. Child:
      1. Arthur Ross b circa 1805, d 1871, m in 1840 to Elizabeth Webster. After the fire in St Giles, he built his manor house in 1842 at St Patrick's Range of St Sylvestre. Children:
        1. Eliza Jane Ross
        2. Arthur Davidson Ross b 1842, d 1894. Inherited the Seigneurie of Beaurivage on his father's death in 1871. Married Mary Clark Simpson b 1862, d 1944. Their children:
          1. Georgena m A.D Roy
          2. Dorothy m Walter Aiken Lewis. Inherited the Seigneurie of Beaurivage. Sold it and all the forests in 1968 to the Canadian Anglo Pulp Co.
          3. Arthur Cecil, died in WW I
          4. Isabella Ann Ross 4. George Ross 5. Emily Ross

    ROSS MALCOLM 1815-1895. Came from Rosshire and Cromarty, Scotland to Sherbrooke, m JANET BEATTIE. Children: i

    1. Katherine 1852-1936
    2. Robert 1858-1885, killed in a railroad accident in Missouri



    ROSS ADAM settled Frampton Township, m ELIZABETH ADAMS. Child Mary b 1832.


    ROSS ADAM b 1855 Beauce Co, Que, m in 1881 at Leeds WM to Isabella Gillanders b 1858 at Broughton.


    ROSS JOHN settled Frampton Township before 1830s. Presbyterian.

    Contact info available for Ross.

    ROSSTHORN (RAWSTHORNE) came from England, Burnside to Megantic Co.


    ROTHERA Rev JOSEPH m SARAH HALKSWORTH. Lived Leeds Tp. Children:

    1. William Henry b 1879, ENGLAND, York, d 1933, m in 1913 to Elizabeth Grace Hume 1883-1976, dau of Dr Lyman Hume. William Henry was the Bank Manager, Royal Bank of Inverness. Child:
      1. Joseph m Janet Lillian Nutbrown
    2. Mabel Alice 1892-1893
    3. Dora May b 1890
    4. Lillian Mildred b 1895
    5. John P b 1896

    ROTHNEY WILLIAM b 1784 in SCOTLAND, Aberdeenshire, FC, d 1870, bur Leeds Presb, came to Canada in 1819, m ELIZA SMITH, b 1797 in Scotland. Children:

    1. Alexander Rothney b 1825, m in 1861 at Leeds Presb to Catherine

      Woodington, dau of Richard Woodington. Lived 10th Range of Leeds. Children:

      1. William b 1862
      2. Grace b 1863, bapt Leeds Presb 1.3 George Alexander b 1870
    2. Mary Jane Rothney b 1827, d 1895, m in 1847 to John McElravey b 1824 in Ireland, d 1892. Lived 11th Range, Leeds Tsp. Children.
      1. Ann b 1850
      2. Elizabeth b 1851
      3. Daniel M b 1853
      4. John b 1855
      5. William b 1858
      6. Samuel b 1861
      7. George b 1863
      8. Mary Martin b 1866
      9. Robert Archibald b 1868, d 1944, bur Inverness
      10. James b 1871
    3. William Rothney b 1834 in Leeds Tp, d 1909 m in 1871 to Mary Ann Church b 1842, d 1927, dau of Edward Church and Elizabeth Nutbrown of 11th Range of Leeds Tp. Children:
      1. Thomas Edward Rothney d 1973, m Amy Frances Watson b Croyden, England, a suburb of south London, d 1920. Children:
        1. Edward William b 1908 at Kinnears Mills m Helen
        2. Herman George b 1910, to Port Dover, Ont m Lucy
        3. Ronald Thomas b 1912, to Sand Hill, Quem m Wilmoth
        4. Ester Pearl b 1918 m William Campbell of Manchester, NH
        5. Leslie Watson b 1919, d 1997 at Palmerston, Ont, m 28 Nov 1942 at Inverness United Church to Verna Maud Marshall, dau of James Alexander Marshall and Inez May Davidson. During WW II, Leslie was in the armoured Canadian Army in Egypt and Italy. After his mothers death he was raised by his aunt and uncle Elizabeth Rothney and husband James G Henderson.
      2. Elizabeth Rothney b 1872, d 1948 at Kinnear's Mills, bur St Marks KM m James G Henderson. Children:
        1. Orlena Margaret m Samuel Gordon Morrison
        2. Beatrice Catherine Henderson m Alfred Ward
      3. Alexander Rothney b 1874, miner, m in 1897 at Leeds Presb to Mary Ross of Leeds. Children:
        1. Emma Burns b 1905
        2. Howard Alexander b 1900 m Jessie Cora Wilkin
        3. Wilfred James b 1902
        4. Gordon William b 1911
      4. Benjamin Rothney b 1875, d 1952 at Kinnears Mills, bur St James Leeds, m Eliza Lily Jane Cox (Treblecock) b 1882. Children:
        1. Lyman William b 1909 m Viloet Myrtle Taber
        2. Frederick Russell b 1920 m Arlene Doris Nutbrown
        3. Mildred Winnifred Margaret b 1923
      5. Margaret Ann Rothney b 1879
      6. William Rothney b 1883 m in 1921 at Inverness Presb to Minnie May Talbot. Children:
        1. Alice Mary b 1921
        2. Lloyd William b 1923
    4. Eliza b 1837 in Leeds Tp
    5. George b 1841 in Leeds Tp, d 1920, m in 1873 to Isabella Oliver 1846-1916, bur St James C of E Leeds, dau of James Oliver and Helen Allan of 13th Range of Leeds. Children:
      1. William Oliver b 1874
      2. John 1878-1916, bur Kinnear's Mills Presb
      3. James 1877.-1897
      4. George Smith 1884-1972, bur Thetford Mines United, m in 1918 at Leeds Presb to Elizabeth Oliver Dunn, dau of William Dunn and Eva Gillander of Lemesurier, Leeds T'sp. Children:
        1. William George 1921-1922
        2. Winnifred Elizabeth b 1930
      5. Ellen Allan b 1882

    ROUSE family from Arran, SCOTLAND. Mr Rouse was an army pensionner.



    1. WILLIAM ROWDEN, b 1785, d 1863, pensioner, settled Ireland Tp, m MARGARET ? b 1787, d 1865. Children:
      1. John b 1826, d 1903
      2. I Thomas 1825-1903 m 18t in 1852 to Rachel Stewart, and m 200 in 1865 to Mary Jane Nugent. Children:
        1. William George b 1853 m in 1878 to Rachel Nugent. Children:
          1. Martha Jane b 1879
          2. Richard Aylmer b 1881
          3. Rachel Amelia b 1884
          4. Thomas George b 1884
        2. Abraham b 1852
        3. Thomas Alfred 1861-1864
        4. Albert 1863-1864
        5. Amelia 1858-1864
        6. Emily Amelia b 1866
        7. Charles Albert b 1869, m Elizabeth Filgate
        8. Thomas Alfred b 1867
        9. Henry Edward 1871-1891
        10. William Frederick b 1874, of Woodsville, NH, m in 1903 at C of E Kinnear's Mills to m Martha Jane Nugent
        11. Eliza Ann b 1877
        12. Laura Ellen b 1879

    ROWDEN EMMA AMELIA b 1867, New Ireland, Ireland Tp, m Everett Payson Fisk, fireman at

    Northumberland, NH. Children:

    1. Frederick John b 1888 in NH, bapt Inverness WM
    2. Thomas Everett b 1889 in NH, bapt Inverness WM
    3. Florence Arnelia b 1891 in NH, bapt Inverness WM
    4. Rowena Fisk b 1902 at Northumberland, NH

    ROWDEN CHARLES ALBERT b 1869 LC, machinist at Northumberland, NH, m Elizabeth H Filgate b 1878, LC. Children:

    1. Albert Ray b 1902 Northumberland, NH, bapt C of E Kinnear's Mills.
    2. Hazen Kenneth b 1904 in NH, bapt C of E Kinnear's Mills

    ROWE DAVID settled St Gilles, m JANE STEWART b 1811, d 1878. Children :

    1. Barbara Black d 1852,
    2. Annie b 1851, d 1870, bur Parkhurst, St Sylvestre.

    ROWE SARAH of St Gilles m in 1854 at HT C of E, Levis, Que to MICHAEL KELLY of St Nicolas


    ROWE ISABELLA of St Gilles m in 1856 at HT C of E, Levis Que to JOHN McFADDEN of Jersey Mills, Que


    ROWLAND Rev ASAM, m ELIZABETH CATHERINE PHILLIPS. Lived Ireland Tp. Child: - George

    Samuel b 1872, bapt C of E Ireland Tp.


    ROY WILLIAM of Marlow, Que, m in 1856 at WM Ireland Tp to ELIZABETH CATHCART of Leniere. Witness: Sarah Cathcart.


    ROYER FRANCIS d 1900, m AMELIA LEHAYE. Lived Inverness Tp. Children:

    1. Charles b 1872, bapt WM Leeds
    2. John b 1875, d 1896, bapt WM Leeds
    3. Josephine b 1863, bapt Inverness presb, m Jonathan Walker

    RUD ALWJAH settled Ireland Tsp, m CATHERINE? Child Jerusha Wiley b 1826. RUEL JOHN JAMES

    m ELEANOR HALL. Child: Ann Mary b 1881 at Leeds.

    Contact info available.

    RUSSELL HUGH settled on Lot 160, St Margarets Range, St Sylvestre in 1835, m MARGARET WALLACE. Hugh Russell donated part of lot 18, St Margaret's Range on 22 Nov 1847, for the site of St John the Evangelist C of E church and cemetery. This lot is now designated Lot 212 of St Severin. Oct 12, 1857, Hugh Russell, Samuel Russell and William Suitor signed the petition for the consecration of the church and cemetery.Children:

    1. Maria b 1834
    2. Eliza b 1838
    3. Ann b 1840.

      Source for the church data:Steve Cameron. Contact info available.


    RUSSELL JAMES settled Lot 144 of St Margaret's Range, St Sylvestre in 1833


    RUSSELL SAMUEL settled St Margaret's Range, St Sylvestre, m in 1858 at St Sylvestre C of E to MARY JANE SUITOR. Later lived Thetford Mines. Children:

    1. Margaret b 1867
    2. James b 1868
    3. Mary Jane b 1873
    4. Richard Eason b 1880
    5. Eva Florence b 1891

    RUSSELL ELIZABETH 1788-1887, born Isle of Arran, Scotland, m JOHN KEAN. Lived Halifax Tp.


    RUSSELL ANDREW JAMIESON 1807-1887, came from Glasgow, Scotland to Leeds Tp in 1822, m in 1834 CE Leeds Tp to LUCY C LORD of Ireland Tp. Andrew was a surveyor, engineer, and general superintendant of works and building the Lambton Road in 1838- 39.


    RUSSELL ALEXANDER 1831 census: 1CS/5Baptist, 6 in house, 9th Range of Leeds Tp, Lot 4, came before 1825. Granted 340 acres on 8th, 9th and 10th Ranges of Inverness Tp 26 Aug 1831. Married JANET. Children:

    1. Isabella m in 1826 to Laughlin Campbell J
    2. Mary m in 1826 to Walter Hargrave

    RUSSELL JAMES EDWARD m in 1913 in San Francisco, Calif to Sadie Catherine Lowery. : Both were from Megantic County.


    RUSSELL WILLIAM ABEL b 1853, came from Leeds, Ontario, merchant, m in 1892 at Inverness WM to ALICE AMANDA HENDERSON b 1867, of Lakefield, Argenteuil Co, Quebec


    RUSSELL SAMUEL m 2nd in 1885 at Inverness WM to ANNIE MAGWOOD. Child:

    1. Ellen Bevis b 1888 at Thetford Mines

    RUSSELL ALEXANDER 1858-1938, bur St Johns C of E Cern, Thetford Mines. He was a mine superintendant.


    RUSSELL SARAH 1842-1886 m JOHN RAYCRAFT. Lived Leeds Tp


    RUSSELL SARAH d 1896 m ALEXANDER BOND. Lived Thetford Mines



    1. Catherine Elinor b 1868 at Inverness, bapt WM Ireland Tp
    2. Contact info available for Russell.

    RUTHERFORD THOMAS settled St Sylvestre, m AMELIA. Child Ann Eliza b 1842.


    RYAN PETER b 1828 IRELAND, RC, of Halifax Tp, m in 1848 at C of E Ireland Tp to JULIA ANN WOODINGTON of Halifax Tp, b 1833 LC, RC. Lived Inverness Tp in 1861. Children:

    1. Margaret b 1851 LC
    2. John b 1853
    3. Julia b 1855
    4. Mary b 1857
    5. Ellen b 1859

    RYAN TIMOTHY m MARY CROKE or CROYNE. Lived Ste Agathe, Lotbiniere Co, Que. Children:

    1. Mary m in 1845 to John McCaffrey
    2. Catherine m in 1848 at St Gilles RC to Charles McGoldrick
    3. Bridget m in 1853 at St Gilles RC to Edward McGoldrick

    RYAN JAMES, RC, m MARY CAVENEY. Lived Leeds Tp. Child:

    1. Eliza m in 1859 to Patrick McCauley
    2. Contact info available for Ryan.

    RYNX NANCY ANN b 1808, d 1850, bur Christ Church Lower Ireland, Inverness Tp.