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See also: GAHAN



  1. Bridget m 1856 at St Sylvestre RC to James Daly

GALBRAITH NANCY 1816-1899, bur Leeds Presb m DAVID ADDELEY




GALBRAITH MARGARET 1837-1892, bur Inverness WM


GALLAGHER THOMAS, b 1822 IRELAND, m ELIZABETH KERR b 1806, IRELAND, Co Fermanagh, Enniskillen, d 1863. They lived in Halifax S Tp.


GALLAGHER THOMAS, widower, m in 1863 at CE Ireland Tp to ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON of Halifax Tp, d 1864


GALLAGHER THOMAS of Halifax Tp, widower, m in 1864 to NICKLY HENDERSON of Inverness. For Henderson, see Publications by Gwen Barry. Children :

  1. Elizabeth Jane b 1866
  2. Daniel William b 1867

GALLAHER JAMES b 1826 IRELAND, C of E, m MARY FARRELL b 1828 IRELAND, C of E. Lived Halifax Tp. Children :

  1. Ann b 1858 LC
  2. Henry b 1861
  3. Mary Jane b 1862
  4. William James b 1865

GALLAGHER THOMAS, blacksmith, m MARGARET LYDIA PATTERSON. Lived Jamestown, NY. Child :

  1. Adaline Merilla b 1873, bapt CE Inverness

GALLAGHER JOHN b Inverness, m MATILDA PATTERSON b Inverness. Child:

  1. Frank b 1866 at St Johnsbury, Vt

GALLAGHER, JOSEPH, b 1820 IRELAND, FC, d 1876, m RACHAEL CAMPBELL b 1821 IRELAND, FC. They lived in Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. Elizabeth b 1846 LC
  2. Susan b 1848
  3. Margaret b 1850
  4. Martha b 1851
  5. Isabella b 1854
  6. Rachael b 1856
  7. Catherine b 1858
  8. Joseph Alexander b 1859
  9. John Campbell b 1862
  10. Thomas b 1866

GALLAGHER DAVID b 1834 LC, d 1892 at Victory, Vt m 1st to ELIZABETH b 1838 IRELAND. Married 2nd in 1872 to MARGARET McMILLAN. Lived Inverness Tp in 1861 census.


GALLAGHER JAMES b 1813 IRELAND, FC, d 1900, settled in Inverness Tp,Campbell's Corners, m in 1837 to ISABELLA CAMPBELL b 1815 IRELAND, the dau of John Campbell and Susan Irwin of IRELAND Co Tyrone. Isabella d 1896.


' James Gallagher died 22 June 1900, born Donegal, Ireland on 8 February 1813. He came to Canada in 1829, and married Isabella Campbell, daughter of John Campbell, Justice of the Peace.

Source: Montreal Gazette: Megantic Edition , 28 June 1900.

Children of James Gallagher and Isabella b Inverness :

  1. Elizabeth b 1837 m Robert Sims
  2. John b 1841
  3. Thomas b 1843
  4. Rachael b 1845
  5. Susan b 1847, d 1872, m Thomas McGill
  6. William b 1849, m in 1880 to Elizabeth Glass. Child :
  7. Effie Jane b 1881
  8. Isabella b 1851
  9. Joseph b 1853, d 1895, m in 1888 to Emma Jane McIntyre. Children :
    1. James Harold b 1889 m Aldena May Simons
    2. John Irvin b 1895, m Vivian Bennett
    3. Henrietta b 1891, d 1912
    4. Carmen b 1893, m William John Flemming
  10. Margaret b 1856, d 1941 at Ste Anastasie m Joe C Patterson
  11. Martha b 1858 m in 1887 to John James Lowry. To Dewinton, Alta in 1902.
  12. Mary b 1860, d 1915, m David McIntyre
  13. Charlotte b 1861
  14. James b 1863 m Susan Seale
  15. Louisa Jane b 1846 m 1869 at St Johnsbury, Vt to Thomas McGill b 1843 at Inverness.

GALLAGHER GEORGE, b 1821 in IRELAND, RC, settled Leeds Tp, m in 1840 at Leeds C of E to MARTHA McCULLOCH b 1820 in IRELAND, RC, of Leeds Tp. They lived in Nelson Tp. Marriage witness : George Courval. Children all born LC :

  1. Elizabeth b 1844
  2. John b 1845
  3. Margaret b 1851
  4. Mary b 1853
  5. Ann b 1855
  6. Sarah b 1857
  7. George b 1858

GALLAGHER THOMAS, settled St Gilles, C of E, m in 1836 in St Gilles to ANN BELL. Child

  1. John b 1839.

GALLAHER DENIS b 1796 IRELAND, RC, m HELEN b 1794 IRELAND, RC. Lived in Ireland Tp. Children :

  1. Mary b 1832 Ireland
  2. Francis b 1831 Ireland, m Ellen Mulloney. Child :
    1. Ellen b 1852 LC, m in 1884 at Lancaster, NH to Pierce Murphy b 1857 in Nova Scotia, son of Luke Murphy and Julia Fitzgerald.
  3. Helen b 1837 Ireland


  1. Charles m 1862 to Sophie Jane Green
  2. Elizabeth m in 1862 at St Ferdinand RC to John McElvey

GALLAGHER ELIZABETH d 1896, bur C of E Leeds, m RODRIQUE AUDET. Lived St Anselme, Dorchester Co.


GALLAGHER JOHN, settled St Gilles, m ELIZABETH GALLAGHER, d 1865. Children b St Gilles : - David b 1832- Robert b 1834- Elizabeth b 1835.



  1. Mary m 1841 at St Sylvestre to John Penny of Thetford Mines
  2. Contact info available for Gallagher.

GALVIN TERENCE m HELEN McCARTHY. RC. Lived St Sylvestre. Child :

  1. Michael b Ireland, m 1867 at Broughton RC to Sarah Ann Scallon. Child : Thomas John Galvin m Sabina Ford.

GALVIN THOMAS, settled Broughton East in 1830s, m MARY EAGAN. RC. Child:

  1. Honora m 1843 to David Brown


  1. Ann m 1843 at St Sylvestre RC to DANIEL McENANLY, widower of Sarah Percy.


  1. William b 1868 at Lennoxville, Que, m in 1907 at Sheffield, Vt to Ellen Wallman b 1879 at Waterville, Que.

GARDNER CHARLES b c 1854, m 8 Feb 1875 at St-Ferdinand-d'Halifax, Halifax Tp., Megantic Co RC to CELINA DUSSAULT.


GARDNER ALPHONSE b c 1892, m at Black Lake, Coleraine Tp, Megantic Co RC to ANNA VACHON.

Contact info available for Gardner.

GARNEAU MODESTE b 1820, d 1872, bur C of E Ireland Tp, settled Ireland Tp, New Ireland, Megantic Co., then later lived in Halifax Tp, Megantic Co., widower m 2nd in 1850 at Holy Trinity, Maple Grove, C of E Ireland Tp to ELIZABETH MITCHELL b 1828, d 1862, and m 3rd in 1865 at C of E Ireland Tp to HANNAH PHEONIX LENNON, widow of James McKnight. (Don't know who Modeste married 1st ) Children :

By Mitchell :

  1. William Albert b 1852
  2. George b 1853
  3. Mary Adeline b 1856
  4. Henry James b 1858
  5. John b 1860

    By Lennon :

  1. Modeste Felix b 1865
  2. Julia Ann b 1867
  3. Alwin Irwin b 1868
  4. Rollin Pheonix b 1870
  5. Lily Maria b 1875, bapt CE Ireland Tsp
  6. Contact info available for Garneau.

GARNSBY (or GRANSBY?) ROYAL L m in 1851 at C of E Ireland Tp to ELIZABETH HALL of Ireland Tsp.


GARRET WILLIAM b 1817 IRELAND, C of S, m MARGARET b 1825 IRELAND, C of S. Lived in Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. Margaret Ann b 1846 Ireland
  2. Hugh b 1850 Ireland
  3. Robert b 1852 LC
  4. Eliza Jane b 1854
  5. William b 1856
  6. Martha b 1858
  7. Mary b 1860
  8. James b 1861

GARTHWAITE MARGARET of Frampton, m in 1834 at Holy Trinity C of E Levis to JOHN KELL of Standon Tp.



  1. Margaret
  2. Mary
  3. Johanna b 1843 in LC
  4. Thergla b 1847 LC

GARVEN JOHN merchant of Quebec City, m in 1881 at Inverness Presb to REBECCA GILLIS


GATES DANIEL Lived in Leeds Tp in 1836, as per his participation in meetings of the Leeds Constitutional Association, proceeds, and his name recorded in the Quebec Gazette, 6 Apr 1836.


GAYTON JOSEPH, settled St Gilles, m SARAH ROCKINGHAM. Child Thomas b 1833 in St Gilles, bapt C of E Leeds.


GEAKE WALTER, d 1896, m MARGARET SUITOR. Lived Thetford Mines, then Leeds. Children:

  1. George b 1864 twin
  2. Robert b 1864 twin, d 1953, m in 1893 to Margaret Maggie Jamieson 1865-1909. Lived 1st Range of Leeds. Children :
    1. Lucy May b 1894
    2. Albert George 1896-1981
    3. Ruby Almira b 1898 m Irwin McElravey
    4. Alice Marie b 1905 m John King
    5. Myrtle Annie 1900-1983 m Norman Henderson
  3. Walter b 1866
  4. Margaret b 1874, d 1963 in Vermont
  5. Thomas Clark b 1876, d 1954 in Vermont
  6. Eliza Ann 1879-1880
  7. David b 1881, m Margaret J Cummings
  8. William b 1883, quarryman in Graniteville, Vt, m in 1912 at Leeds CE to Mary Jane Tann
  9. Mary Ann b 1885
  10. Henry of Leeds, m in 1899 at WM Inverness to Annie Jane White of Inverness. Lived Vermillion, Alta.

GEAKE JOHN, engineer at Black Lake, m HARRIET LARUE. Child :

  1. Albert John b 1892, d 1912 in Pennslyvania
  2. Contact info available for Geake.

GEGGIE ROBERT C., settled Leeds Tp, child James b in Leeds 1838, bapt Leeds Presb.


GEORGE, JOHN WILLIAM b 1789 WALES, WM, then lived in St Roche Parish, Cornwall, England, where he was a miner. John William George married HANNAH PEDDLAR bapt 22 Nov 1789 in Withiel Parish, Cornwall, England, d 1872. Hannah was born in Cornwall, England, the dau of Joseph Pedlar and Nancy Varcoe. John William and Hannah emigrated to Inverness Tp., Megantic County about 1831, with their children.Children of John William GEORGE and Hannah Peddlar:

  1. George William George, born Belovely, Parish of St Roche, bapt 20 Aug 1814, Parish of St Roche (Roach), Cornwall Co., England, m in 1840 to Charlotte Hogg b 1820 LC, d 1912. Charlotte was a widow in Inverness Tsp in 1861 census. The ancestry of Charlotte Hogg is contained in Gwen Barry, The Life of Hugh Hogg I (c1774-1867) and the Genealogy of His Descendants of Megantic County, Quebec, Evans Books, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, 2000. Children of George William George and Charlotte Hogg :
    1. Elizabeth George b 1845 LC WM
    2. John Hutchison George b 1848, m Mary Franklin. Children :
      1. Benjamin V 1878-1963 m in 1898 at Leeds Presb to Mary Elizabeth Fahey (Thompson). RC. Children :
        1. Annie Mae Pearl George 1903-1983 m Jack Davidson 1876-1957
        2. Walter Raymond b 1905, d 1933 at Monteith, Ontario
        3. William Frederick b 1899, m in 1918 to Clara Matilda Mathers
      2. Fred b 1876
      3. Joseph Henry b 1880
      4. Mary Ann Irena b 1883
      5. Jennie b 1890
      6. Charles Wilfred 1886-1966 m in 1909 to Emily McKeage
    3. William George b 1850
    4. Hannah George b 1852, m John Franklin. Children:
      1. Nellie Franklin
      2. Georgie Franklin
      3. Henry Franklin
      4. Bertha Franklin
      5. Hiram Franklin
      6. Ernest Franklin
      7. Elener Franklin
      8. Charlotte Franklin
    5. Mary Ann George b 1855, M William Wilcox.
    6. Thomas Mackie George b 1857
    7. Charlotte George b 1859, m her deceased sister's husband, William Cox.
    8. Jane George, died in infancy.

      Also living in this household in 1861 with George William George and Charlotte Hogg was a Benjamin Greenlay b 1838 LC, WM.

  2. Elizabeth George born Belovely, St Roche Parish, bapt 20 Feb 816 in St Roche Parish, m John Coggrave, a native of Yorkshire, England. Elizabeth came to Inverness, Quebec without her husband. She was brought over in the 1830s by her brother Thomas, who returned to England to get her. She later moved Minnesota. Children :
    1. Jemima b 1858
    2. Rueben b 1861
    3. John Coggrave
    4. Hannah Coggrave, m Lute Christie of Superior, Wisconsin.
    5. Living in same household in Inverness Tp. in 1861 were :
    6. Jessie Marshall b 1847 LC (female)
    7. Jane Marshall b 1850 LC
    8. John McCutcheon b 1846 LC, of Nelson Tsp, WM
  3. Thomas George, born in Belovely, St Roche Parish, bapt 25 Jan 1818 in the Parish of St Roche. Died 25 Sept 1818 in St Roche.
  4. Jane George, born in Belovely, St Roche Parish, bapt 1 Oct 1820 in St Roche Parish, m George Marshall. Children:
    1. Jessie Marshall, m Edmund Franklin
    2. Jane Marshall m a Methodist minister
  5. Thomas George, born at Belovely, St Roche Parish, bapt 10 June 1822 in St Roche Parihs. Married in Megantic Co., Quebec to Flora Ann McKee, dau of Hiram McKee and Urania Munson (nee Allen) McKee. Hiram McKee was a founder of the Wesleyan Methodist Connection. He was also a friend of Mormon leader Brigham Young. Thomas returned to England at some point to bring over his sister, Elizabeth (Mrs. John Coggrave). Then Thomas George was a mule driver, living on the St Lawrence River. Thomas and Flora moved to Wisconsin in 1845. Then moved in 1855 to Winnebago City, Faribault Co., Minnesota, where they lived for 20 years. Here he built a log house for his family, and a 2nd log house for Elizabeth Coggrave.Thomas and Flora Ann later moved to Pipestone, and late in life they moved to Lake Benton, Minn., where they are buried.Children:
    1. Jane Esther Anna George b 7 Apr 1854, m Samuel Peterson
    2. Hiram William George b 13 June 1855, m Rosabel Ordelia Wickham.
    3. John David George, born 1857. Died unmarried at age 23.
    4. Jesse Julia George, born 1859, m Curtis Merkel
    5. James Edward George, b 29 Aug 1862, m Mary Ely.
    6. Flora Helen George, b 2 Oct 1864, m A. L. Matthews.
    7. Thomas Malcolm George, b 6 Sept 1870, m Rosabel Bennett.
    8. Frances Mabel George, b 16 Apr 1877, m Giles Brown.
  6. John George, b at Belovely, St Roche Parish, bapt 1 Oct 1824 at St Roche Parish, later became WM, d 1908, m in 1855 at WM Ireland Tp to Catherine Mooney, b 1829 Ireland. Lived Inverness Tp., Megantic Co. Children :
    1. Joseph Edwin George b 1857, d 1891, postal clerk and merchant of Inverness, m in 1881 at Inverness Presb to Catherine Caroline Hill. (Dau of Robert Hill and Jane Andrews) Children :
      1. Victoria Catherine 1882-1888
      2. Muriel Isabella b 1884
      3. Charles Hector b 1886, m in 1910 to Mabel Glass
      4. Clemintine Johnston b 1885
      5. Caroline Hill 1889-1890
    2. Henrietta Rebecca George b 1860, d 1908, m Rev Arthur Whiteside. Children:
      1. Arthur Barlow Whiteside
      2. one other child.
  7. James George, born at Belowda, St Roche Parish, bapt 30 June 1827 at St Roche Parish. Belowda is the renamed title of Belovely. James m in 1856 at the WM chapel in Ireland Tp. to Eliza Gillis. They lived in Inverness Tp. Eliza died of diptheria in 1875, on the same day as many of her children. Eliza and her children who died in 1875 are buried at the WM chapel, Leeds Tp., Megantic Co. As told by Samuel Pedlar, in The Ancestral History of Charles Pedlar, ' The writer remembers James George's piteous tale of loss of his wife and many of his children. He said, 'I was compelled to nurse and care for my sick children, the neighbours fearing to come near my house, and the dead children, one after the other I took to their grave all alone.' They lived Inverness Tp., then James George and his surviving children moved to Minnesota. Had 11 children in all:
    1. Jabez Walter b 1858 -1875, died of dipteria
    2. Jemima Caroline, 1857-1875, died of diptheria
    3. Reuben Ryerson b 1860
    4. Joseph George
    5. Ida George
    6. Elizabeth Jane d 1875 diptheria
    7. Clara Adelaide 1867-1875 died of diptheria
    8. Annie Ellen b 1870
    9. Eda Rebecca b 1873, died of diptheria
    10. Jessie Wilamine b 1874 died of diptheria
    11. Thomas Charles Fish d 1875of diptheria
  8. Mary Ann George, born a Belowda, St Roche Parish, bapt 20 Sept 1829 at St Roche Parish, m Nicholas Oligher. Lived Winnebago City, Minnesota, where the Olighers were neighbours of the Georges and Coggraves.
  9. Pamela George b 1832, in Quebec.
  10. Subject: George Family of Megantic County

    Date: Sunday, October 28, 2007 10:20 PM

    Dear Gwen--

    You may recall that a few months ago you were kind enough to give me

    some information on this family from whom my wife is descended. I have

    found three slim books on the Pedlar/Pedler family all of which mention

    the marriage of Hannah Pedlar/Pedler to John George of Roche, Cornwall.

    I have made copies of the relevant portions of these books so that I

    can send them to my wife's cousins who may be interested in Thomas

    George's ancestry. I have also made a copy for you which I intend to

    snail mail to you.

    I think that you will be most interested in Samuel Pedlar's ANCESTRAL

    HISTORY OF CHARLES PEDLAR OF VAUXHALL [Foxhole], CORNWALL, ENGLAND, published in Toronto in 1894. The compiler was the greatnephew of Hannah (Pedlar) George, and he had visits with two of Thomas George's brothers while he (the compiler) was temporarily staying in Montreal. He lists all of

    the children of Hannah and John George, and, in most cases, he gives the names of the spouses and children. I discovered that the baptism of each of these children in Roche is included in the Mormons' FamilySearch IGI. The source of this baptismal information is apparently a record of the Church of England in Roche, and I have ordered the film showing these baptisms.

    The other two books were written by Sir Frederick Pedler and published

    in the 1980s. They are A PEDLER FAMILY HISTORY (1984) and A WIDER

    PEDLER FAMILY HISTORY (1989). These books are just full of Pedler

    family history with genealogical charts going back as far as 1500. They

    also cover numerous other families with whom the Pedlers intermarried.

    Hannah Pedler does not seem to have had any royal blood and they were

    not even landed gentry. They do appear to have been solidly yeomen.

    The compiler was able to trace them primarily through land leases.

    I am happy to send you the extracts from all three books, but, if you

    really do not care to get involved with the Pedler/Pedlar family

    ancestry, let me know and I will not include them. If you don't mind,

    I will hold off my mailing to you for another two weeks or so, hoping

    that the LDS film of the Roche baptisms will get here soon.

    I am so grateful for you having responded to my inquiry with so much

    helpful information.

    Warmest regards,

    Doug Hickling

    In a letter of Dec 28, 1911 to the Montreal Gazette , from ' subscriber ,' the following persons formerly of Megantic County, Quebec were listed as living in the Monteith area of Ontario in 1911: (I abstracted this at the Megantic County Historical Society)

    P. Armstrong

    William S. Clark

    Matthew Devlin

    William Dinsmore

    Benny (Benjamin?) George

    Peter Johnston

    H. Johnston

    R. A. Kelso, who opened the first store in Walker Tp., Ontario in 1911

    John Kelso

    Hamilton Lowry

    W. T. Lowry

    S. J. Lowry

    William Plummer, who lived at the Experimental Farm

    Henry Plummer, arrived in Dec 1911

    Mr. And Mrs. Watts.

    Contact info available for the George surname.

GERHART JULES, widower, m 2nd in 1903 at C of E Inverness to ELIZA JANE McGINLEY, widow, and m 3rd in 1915 at C of E Inverness to BELLA JANE McVETTY


GIBBONS JAMES, b ENGLAND, settled Broughton Tp in 1820, C of E, was first school principal in local school in Broughton.


GIBSON JAMES, settled in Broughton Tp, miller, C of E, m in 1831 to MARGARET McFARLANE. Children b Broughton : James b 1831, Isabella b 1832.


GIBSON ANDREW, 1831 census 1 in house, settled Broughton Tp before 1825, C of E.


GIBSON ROBERT m RACHAEL SPROUL. Lived Kingsey, Que. Child :

  1. Thomas Albert b 1859, bapt Inverness WM

GILBERT ROBERT m RACHAEL AUSTIN. Lived Broughton Tp. Child :

  1. Allen b 1881, bapt Leeds WM

GILBERT RANDALL BRADLEY b 1854, bapt Leeds Presb, yeoman of Bishop's Crossing, Que, m OPHENE JENDERSON. Children al bapt Leeds Presb :

  1. Nellie May b 1884
  2. Mabel Constance b 1896
  3. Maggie Geneva b 1889
  4. Robert Arthur b 1889

GILBERT BURTON ALBERT b 1862, bapt Leeds Presb, yeoman of Bishops Crossing, m MARIA JENKERSON. Child : Muriel May b 1898, bapt Leeds Presb


GILBERT HIVAN m MARY ANN BUSH. Lived Bishop's Crossing. Child :

  1. Ida May b 1876, bapt Leeds Presb

GILCHRIST WILLIAM THISTLETON, miner, m ELIZABETH GAY. Lived Thetford Mines. Children :

  1. William Thomas Ernest b 1897, bapt Leeds Presb
  2. Alice Maud Mary b 1896, bapt Leeds Presb

GILL GEORGE, b 1791, IRELAND, Co Wexford, d 1856, m ESTHER GILL b 1794, d 1851, settled in Ireland Tp. Children :

  1. Lucinda b 1830
  2. Harriet b 1832
  3. Frederick Henry b 1856
  4. Jane 1822-1938
  5. Thomas George Gill b 1824 in Co Wexford, Ireland, d 1911, m in 1856 to Martha Bennett b 1836, d 1899. Martha's parents from Dungeston, Co Wicklow. Children :
    1. Alicia Jane Gill b 1857, d 1944 at Eaton, m a Nugent
    2. Sarah Lucinda b 1859
    3. George Samuel b 1861, d 1881,bur CE Ireland Tsp, killed by a falling tree.
    4. John Lindsay b 1863, d 1925, m Jennie McLean, 1871-1951, bur Holy Trinity, Maple Grove, Ireland Tsp. Children :
      1. Laura Grace b 1896
      2. Melissa Jane b 1897
      3. Walter Norman b 1899
      4. John McLean b 1901
      5. Martha Drusilla b 1903
      6. George Westley b 1905
      7. Mary Jennis b 1910
      8. Lois Ruth b 1912
      9. Allen Borden b 1915
    5. Foss Bennett b 1865, d 1945, m 1890 to Sarah Laura McLean 1863-1899. Children :
      1. Rosina Martha b 1891
      2. John Allen 1893-1894
      3. Noel Falconer b 1894
      4. Daisy Ethel b 1897
      5. Thomas Wilder Ralph 1898-1916
    6. Elizabeth Ann b 1867
    7. Martha Roda b 1872, d 1891, bur Holy Trinity
    8. Thomas 1875-1875



GILL MARY b 1810, d 1877, m HENRY CROSS


GILL SARAH 1813-1876, bur Holy Trinity, Maple Grove m ROBERT BENNETT


GILLANDER(S) JOHN, b 1801 in Ireland, FC, settled in Broughton Tp in 1831, d 1877, bur St Lukes, Broughton, m to JANE C MITCHELL b 1805 IRELAND, d 1895. John was mayor of Broughton in 1854. The Gillanders came from Scotland to Ireland where they stayed 7 years before migration to Lower Canada (Quebec) about 1832, first settling in Beauce County, Que (My source for this statement is lost.) The statement is inconsistent with the place of birth of John, as Ireland in 1801, and his son David born Ireland in 1828. Might it have meant 27 years, vs 7 years? Children :

  1. David b 1828 IRELAND, FC, m Alice Rinehart b 1828 LC. Broughton. Children :
    1. Ellen b 1851
    2. John b 1853
    3. David b 1854,d 1883
    4. Robert b 1855
    5. William b 1858
    6. George b 1861
  2. William b 1834
  3. John b 1836 LC m Sarah M b 1839 LC. Lived in Broughton Tp. Child : Edward b 1860
  4. James b 1838 LC, m Mary Johnston, b 1840 LC, d 1928. Broughton. Children:
    1. William b 1860
    2. Mary b 1861
    3. John b 1865
    4. Emma b 1871
    5. Evaline b 1874
  5. Robert b 1832 LC, d 1894, m Rachael Anderson b 1839 LC. Child :
    1. Eliza J b 1861 m in 1892 at Guildhall, Vt to Mike Dodswell b 1851 in New York.
    2. Agnes 1862-1889
    3. Rachael d 1892
    4. Allan b 1881
  6. George b 1844
  7. Margaret J b 1845 m Edward Turner b 1837, son of Edward Turner and Ann Sullivan, who had settled in Bourg Louis, Cap Sante, Portneuf, Que about 1833.
  8. Mary b 1849, m in 1871 to Andrew Fraser

GILLANDERS DAVID, b 1807 in IRELAND, settled in Broughton Tsp in 1831, d 1876, bur St Lukes, Broughton, m in 1837 to MARY RINEHART b 1821 LC. Children :

  1. Jane b 1838
  2. Mary b 1840 LC
  3. Eliza b 1843
  4. Agnes Ann b 1845, d 1900, m in 1871 to John Fraser
  5. John b 1847
  6. David b 1852
  7. Margaret b 1854
  8. Robert b 1855
  9. Isabelle b 1859

GILLANDER GEORGE m in 1865 at Leeds Presb to CATHERINE RINEHART d 1878, buried Parkhurst Cemetery. George was mayor of Broughton in 1861.



  1. Edon b 1885 at Stark,NH

GILLANDER JOHN b 1852 LC, m in 1883 at Stark, NH to LYDIA POTTER. They had a female child b 1887 at Stark, NH.



  1. Warren Henry b 1891 at St Johnsbury, bapt Leeds Presb
  2. Frederick James b 1893 at St Johnsbury
  3. Charles Edward b 1900 at Leeds
  4. Robert Murray b 1897 at St Johnsbury

GILLANDER WILLIAM of Leeds, m in 1879 at Reids Presb Kinears Mills to ELIZA JANE BAILEY. Chidlren :

  1. Gilbert Frederick b 1881
  2. Annie May b 1883
  3. James Herbert b 1885
  4. William b 1886

GILLANDER EDWARD of Leeds m in 1885 at Leeds Presb to MARY REID (dau of Henry Reid who married 1st Mary Rogers and m 2nd Ann Johnston). Children :

  1. Henry Roger 1886-1892
  2. Mabel 1887-1889
  3. John b 1890
  4. Henry Edwin b 1892

GILLANDER ERNEST, carpenter of Worcaster, Mass, m in 1899 at Leeds Presb to EVA WOODINGTON, (dau of James Woodington and Margaret Mann of Leeds).


GILLANDER JOHN m SARAH HOPPER. Lived Broughton. Children :

  1. Jonathan b 1865
  2. Edward 1859-1934 died Lemesurier
  3. Emily b 1874
  4. Ernest b 1883

GILLANDER GEORGE, miner, m MARY MARGARET FRASER. Lived Broughton. Children :

  1. Wilfred Edgar b 1886
  2. George Arthur b 1887
  3. Gertrude Ann b 1887
  4. Caroline b 1882
  5. Albert b 1884
  6. Florence b 1889
  7. Herbert b 1893

GILLANDER NOTE : In the 1990s the Gillanders of Broughton had descendants in Sherbrooke, Que, Boston, Mass, Auburn, Maine and Oakland, Calif.

Contact info available for Gillanders.

GILLESPY FRANCIS b 1810 IRELAND, RC, m ELLEN b 1810 IRELAND, RC. Lived Broughton Tp. Children :

  1. Mary b 1837 LC
  2. Michael b 1844

GILLIES JOHN b SCOTLAND, Islay, Argyll, m CHRISTIANNA McEACHERN, came to Inverness Tp with their 7 children b in Scotland. Children :

  1. Peter
  2. Mary
  3. Flora
  4. Rev Archibald, Presb Minister in New Zealand
  5. Annabella, died from injuries, after being caught in a bear trap.
  6. Malcolm b 1822 SCOTLAND, FC, settled Inverness Tp, d 1891, m in 1849 in Inverness to MARY CRAWFORD b 1830 SCOTLAND, FC, of Inverness Tp. Children :
    1. John b 1849 LC
    2. Donald b 1851
    3. Janet Crawford b 1856
    4. Peter Archibald b 1858
    5. James Alex b 1862
    6. Christian Annabella 1864-1928
    7. William Dugald b 1866
    8. Malcolm Calvin 1872-1882
  7. John b 1826 SCOTLAND, settled Halifax N Tp, m in 1848 in Halifax Tp to MARY McKINNON, b 1831 SCOTLAND dau of James Hunter McKinnon and Mary McKinnon of Scotland, Isle of Arran. Children :
    1. John b 1848 LC
    2. James b 1851
    3. Annabella b 1853
    4. Donald b 1854
    5. Alexander b 1859
    6. Peter b 1857
    7. Archibald b 1861

GILLIS WILLIAM, settled Inverness Tp, m ANN ?. Child James b 1837


GILLIS JOHN WILLIAM, b 20 Aug 1802 IRELAND Co Monaghan, Glaslough, son of Robert Gillis and Miss McDole. John William was WM, and he d 1889, bur Boutelle Cem, Inverness, came to Inverness Tsp in 1829 with his mother Nancy Robinson Gillis, m in 1833 to NANCY ANN ROBINSON b 1 Aug 5 1815, d 1887, dau of Samuel Robinson. The Gillis' were related to the Mooney family of Co Monaghan. William and Nancy's 15 children all b in Inverness :

  1. Ellen b 1833, d 1921 m Robert Kean
  2. James b 1837 at Inverness, lumberman, m in 1875 at Bloomfield, Vt to Ellen Clough b 1851 at Bloomfield. Child :
    1. Carrie Maud b 1876 in Quebec, birth registered in Bloomfield, Vt
  3. John b 1839
  4. Hannah b 1841
  5. Martha b 1843, d 1925 in Montreal
  6. William McNab. b 1846. Became a minister
  7. Samuel Robinson b 1848
  8. Nancy b 1850
  9. Robert Brown b 1852
  10. Thomas Scott b 1856
  11. Catherine McNabb
  12. Benjamin Cole b 1859. Became a minister.
  13. Elizabeth (Eliza)
  14. baby boy
  15. Rebecka (Rae) b 1854.

    For the emigration pattern of the above family, see Ulster Protestant Emigration to Lower Canada , by Gwen Barry, Evans Books, 2003.


GILLIS REBECCA 1800-1876, sister of William John above. She is bur Boutelle Cem, Inverness, m DANIEL MOONEY. They eloped, Daniel Mooney being an RC, and Rebecca a Protestant. Daniel was accidentally killed in Ireland in 1819, when wife Rebecca was 19 years old. They had a childJohn Mooney born 1818. A few months after Daniel's death, Rebecca gave birth to their 2nd child, Kate Mooney. John came to Inverness when he was about age 25.


GILLIS DONALD of Halifax Tp, m in 1861 at Inverness Presb to JANE GREY of Halifax Tp. Children : - Christianna Gray b 1856 ? And - Margaret b 1862

Contact info available for Gillis.

GILMAN JOHN settled Halifax Tp, son John b 1840 in Halifax Tp, bapt C of E.


GILMOUR JOHN m ELIZA TAYLOR. Child : John Henry d 1866, bur C of E Inverness


GILMOUR ROBERT of Ascot, Que m in 1851 at Leeds Presb to NANCY HANNA of Leeds


GILMOUR PATRICK m FLORA TAYLOR. Lived Ireland Tp. Child : John Henry b 1866, bapt C of E


GLASS JOHN of Joliette County, Que. Children :

  1. Elizabeth 1809-1882- Ellen d 1879

GLASS JOHN, b 1807 IRELAND, Co Tyrone, Clogher, settled Inverness Tp in 1830, d 1831 aged 24 in Inverness Tp, m MARY ?


GLASS JOHN settled Inverness Tp m MARY. Moved to Jolliette, Que. Children :

  1. Margaret b 1837
  2. Martha b 1832, d 1895, m Edward Patterson
  3. Ellen d 1879

GLASS SAMUEL, b 1813 IRELAND, Epis, settled Inverness Tp, d 1877, m in 1839 in Inverness to MARGARET POWER b 1821 IRELAND, d 1889. Both buried Rectory Hill C of E Cemetery, Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. Ann b 1840
  2. Elizabeth b 1842
  3. Henry b 1844 LC
  4. Margaret b 1846
  5. Samuel b 1848, m in 1884 to Mary Ann Elvidge. Children : Fred James b 1886, Mabel b 1889, Charles Henry b 1893, William Ewart b 1898.
  6. Sarah b 1850
  7. Jane b 1852
  8. Robert b 1854, m Margaret Stewart. Children : Dora Bell b 1883 in NY, Ruby May b 1894 in Inverness.
  9. David b 1858, m Amelia Crosley. Lived NY. Child : Amelia b 1853, bapt CE Inverness
  10. Catherine b 1861
  11. Elizabeth b 1861

GLASS ROBERT, b IRELAND, settled in Inverness Tp, m in 1842 in Inverness to ELIZABETH CURRIE b 1809 in IRELAND, Co Tyrone, d 1882, of Ireland Tp. Children :

  1. Alexander b 1842
  2. William Currie b 1844

GLASS BETSEY b 1810 IRELAND, WM, lived Halifax S Tp in 1861, nm.


GLASS SUSAN 1823-1895, bur C of E Rectory Hill, Inverness, m JOHN McCAUSLAND, postmaster in Ontario

Contact info available for Glass.


  1. James Henry b 1876, bapt C of E Ireland Tp.

GLEN HUGH, settled Leeds Tp, carpenter, m 1833 at Leeds Presb to MARY CATTANACH of Inverness Tp. Child : James b 1835 at Leeds.


GLOVER JOHN I, born in Scotland, m MARIAM GLOVER born 1777 in Scotland,, died age 45 March 10, 1822 at Quebec, buried Metropolitan Cemetery, Quebec City. Children :

  1. John Glover II bapt 6 Dec 1802 at Quebec by the Missionary Society. Died age 37, buried 1841 at Leeds C of E. Burial witness, Joseph Burray.
  2. William Glover bapt 26 March 1807 at St Andrews Presbyterian, Quebec City, d 11 Oct 1851, bur Metropolitan Cemetery, Quebec City. William Glover granted land in Inverness Tsp in 1830 and granted land on 8th Range of Leeds in 1828.
  3. Helen Glover born April 1809, bapt 29 Apr 1809, died 7 may 1809, bur St Andrews Presbyterian, Quebec City.
  4. Anne Glover, born 31 May 1810, bapt 12 July 1810 at St Andrews Presbyterian, Quebec City.

    (Anne daughter of John Glover I, born in Scotland, m Mariam Glover born 1777 in Scotland, died age 45 March 10, 1822 at Quebec, buried Metropolitan Cemetery, Quebec City.)

    Anne Glover married 5 Sept 1838 at Donaghadee, County Down, Ireland to John Stewart, born 1805 in Glasgow, Scotland. What were they doing in Ireland??? Maybe a military connection for John Stewart, but what about Ann Glover??? At time of marriage in 1838, John was aged 33 and Anne was aged 28. Anne and John lived in Glasgow after their marriage, then sometime between 1839 and 1843 they moved to Leeds Township, Megantic Co., Quebec. They exchanged marriage vows a second time in Quebec. About 1855, John and Ann Stewart and their surviving children left Leeds Tp., moving to Wagner Township, Clayton County, Iowa. Children :

    1. William E. Stewart born 28 Nov 1839 near Belfast, Ireland.
    2. Alexander Stewart born 5 May 1841, died 5 Apr 1843 at Leeds, Quebec.
    3. John Buchanan Stewart born 2 Jan 1844 in Canada, bapt 8 July 1844 at St John's Church, Chalmers Presbyterian, Quebec City. John B. served in the 8th Regiment, Iowa Volunteer Cavalry in the civil war.
    4. Thomas E. Stewart born 1 Feb 1846 at Toronto, Canada, bapt 24 Sept 1847 at Leeds C of E. Baptism sponsors, Ann Stewart and John Burray. Married in Iowa in 1868 to Mary Brownmiller. Thomas served in the 8th Regiment, Iowa Volunteer Cavalry in Civil War.
    5. Robert Jamison Stewart born 1857 in Wagner, Clayton Co., Iowa. Died 1891 in South Dakota. Married 1887 in Iowa to Lydia Tyler.
  5. Ebenezer Glover baptized 12 Sept 1812 at St Andrews, Quebec City
  6. Elizabeth Dallon Glover, bapt 28 march 1816 at St Andrews, Quebec City.
  7. Contact info is available for the above Glovers and Stewarts.

GLOVER ROBERT b 1800 d 1871, bur C of E Leeds (possibly a 7th child of John and Miriam Glover?)


GLOVER JOHN b 1822 LC, Epis, d 1882, m SARAH SYMES b 1824 LC, d 1905 at Leeds. Lived Leeds Tp. Child Ann b 1861. John was possibly a child of John Glover II or of William Glover, or of Thomas Glover..


GLOVER THOMAS b 1801 SCOTLAND. In 1831 census: 9 in house, C of S, came to Leeds Tp before 1825. Possibly another child of John Glover I and Miriam Glover?


GLOVER THOMAS of Leeds m in 1869 at Leeds C of E to JENNIE HALL. Children :

  1. Isabella Elizabeth b 1870
  2. Robert b 1871

GLOVER male, m ISABELLE E JAMIESON, d 1877,bur WM Leeds


GLOVER JANE d 1851, bur WM Ireland Tp, m JOHN ARTHUR. Lived in St Sylvestre, Lotbiniere County, Quebec (borders Leeds Township)..

Contact info available for Glover.

GOFF ZACHARIAS, b 1788 in ENGLAND, Devonshire, Baptist, to Quebec City in 1815, shoemaker, settled Leeds Tp, d 1874, buried on the family farm Lot 1, 9th Range of Leeds Tp. Zacharias Goff m 1st in England to SARAH SMITH. Sarah died in England. Zacharias m 2nd in 1815 at Quebec City to ISABELLA HARGRAVE of Leeds Tp, m 3rd in 1840 to MARY ANN COOK b 1817 in ENGLAND, London, d 1889. Zacharias received his Location Ticket in 1819 for 200 acres, 10th Range of Leeds. He came to LC as a widower, with 2 of his possibly 4 children. Zacharias Goff had 31 children by his 3 wives. Some of those 31 children are as follows :

Children by Sarah Smith : (They had 4 children)

  1. Sarah b 1813 England, d 1891 in Leeds Tp, m Matthew Jiggens

    Children by Isabella Hargrave : (They had 16 children)

  2. Thomas b 1817 LC, Baptist, carpenter, settled Leeds Tp, m in 1844 to Agnes McCullen or McAllister d 1860, of Leeds Tsp. Children :
    1. Mary b 1846 LC
    2. Thomas b 1852
    3. Walter b 1853
    4. Alfred Charles b 1855
    5. Andrew b 1857
    6. John b 1859
    7. Agnes b 1860
    8. Mary b 1855
  3. Elizabeth "Betsy" b 1822, baptized 1837 in Leeds Tp, m Samuel W. Redman
  4. Mary Ann b 1821 baptized 1837 in Leeds Tp
  5. Isabella b 1824 baptized 1837 in Leeds Tp.
  6. Catherine Keopolina b 1829, d 1896, m in 1856 to Andrew Oliver. Child :
    1. Agnes Allan Oliver m Joseph Maharg
  7. Zacharias Jr m Emily Gillander, d 1939
  8. William
  9. James
  10. John m Pheobe Jane Fitzsimmons. Child : Henry Hall b 1859
  11. Joseph m Sarah Seale. Child : Martha Seale b 1860

    Children by Mary Ann Cook : (They had 11 children)

  12. Mary b 1846, d 1923, m Richard Woodington
  13. Edwin Alfred b 1847, d 1921, m in 1870 to Eliza Church. Children : Andrew Meredith b 1879, Muriel Elgiva b 1892
  14. Emma Glanville b 1848, d 1894, m George Symes
  15. Henry Fred b 1852, m in 1875 to Jemima Henrietta Church. Child : Cora Eliza b 1885
  16. Alexander b 1854
  17. Walter Arthur b 1856, m in 1877 to Mary C Church. Children : Glanville Cook b 1891, Cecily Mary b 1900, Florence May b 1880
  18. Caroline b 1859
  19. Fred John m in 1888 at St Sylvestre Presb to Barbara Eleanor McGinnis
  20. Carrie d 1882
  21. Glanville Caleb b 1853
  22. Glanville Church d 1884
  23. Contact info available for Goff.

GOLD WILLIAM, sawyer of Leeds, m in 1833 at Leeds Presb to MARGARET MITCHELL of Leeds.


GOLDSMITH ARSENIUS B of Kennedy Rd m in 1865 at St Sylvestre C of E to SARAH JANE GOLDSMITH


GOOD LAUGHLIN m CATHERINE KELLY. RC. Child : Michael m 1849 at St Ferdinand de Halifax RC to Catherine McNally

Contact info available for Good.

GORDON PETER did not come to Canada, m ISABELLA CRAWFORD who came to Canada. In 1831 census : 2 in house, C of S, Inverness Tp. Child :

  1. WILLIAM GORDON b 1818 SCOTLAND, Isle of Arran, Baptist, d 1908 in USA, Lowell,Mass., m MARY GOUDIE, b LC, d 1892. William came to Canada in 1829 on ship "Albion", with his mother, (widow) Mrs Peter Gordon, nee ISABELLA CRAWFORD. Children :
    1. George b 1867
    2. Donald McKillop b 1867
    3. Isabella b 1854 LC
    4. Catherine b 1855 LC
    5. Peter John b 1857 LC, d 1882 at Lowell, Mass
    6. Robert S b 1859 LC
    7. Mary b 1860 LC

GORE The Honourable CHARLES, granted 1000 acres on 10th/11th Range of Ireland Tp in 1830. Did not settle.


GORHAM STEPHEN granted land in Leeds Tp in 1802-1809 period.


GORHAM ROBERT, C of E, settled St Gilles, m 1st to ESTER MORRISON and m 2nd in 1853 at WM Ireland Tp to CATHERINE THOMPSON. Children b St Gilles :

  1. William b 1833
  2. Hugh b 1835 m Jean Sample. Child : James m in 1869 at St Gilles RC to Anne M Doyle.
  3. Michael b 1837
  4. Joseph b 1839 at St Patrice de Beaurivage, m in 1883 to Sarah Moore. Children : David John b 1893, William Strong b 1884, Agnes Lillian b 1886, Mabel Ellen b 1889, Hazel Elizabeth b 1891
  5. Robert b 1840
  6. Mary b 1842
  7. James b 1845
  8. John Strong b 1849
  9. Christiana b 1851, d 1852 (twin)
  10. Thomas b 1851, twin

GORMAN PATRICK b IRELAND, 1831 census : RC, 7 in house, settled Broughton Tp before 1825. Married MARY NANCY ROBINSON b 1816 USA. Children :

  1. James b 1846 LC
  2. Bartty b 1847
  3. Mary b 1849
  4. Martin b 1851
  5. Daniel b 1853
  6. Olivy b 1854
  7. Christianna b 1855
  8. Mark b 1856
  9. Petronilla m 1859 Michael Doyle

GORMAN JOHN b 1822 IRELAND, RC, m in 1850 to ELLEN MIMNAUGH b 1834 IRELAND, RC. Lived Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. James b 1852 LC
  2. John b 1854
  3. Mary Ann b 1855 m 1873 to John Jones. Mary Ann was the 1st child baptized in the RC church in Leeds.
  4. Henry b 1858
  5. Thomas b 1860
  6. Ellen b 1866
  7. Contact info available for Gorman.

GORMLEY JAMES b IRELAND, m MARY FFREY b IRELAND. Lived in St Sylvestre. Child :

  1. Peter b 1858 St Sylvestre, m in 1883 at Lancaster, NH to Susan Mullaney b 1858 at St Sylvestre. (dau of James Mullaney b Ireland, magistrate of St Sylvestre and his wife Mary Launn b Ireland)

GORMLY MARGARET b 1821 IRELAND, widow in Halifax S Tp in 1861 in home of Thomas Sheridan.


GORMLEY THOMAS m SARAH McCAFFREY. Child : Sarah m in 1886 to James Tuite.


GORMLEY MICHAEL granted 2 lots on Ste Marie Range West of St Sylvestre in 1821.

Contact info available for Gormely.

GOSLING JOHN of St George de Beauce m in 1875 at St Sylvestre C of E to MARGARET MANKEL. (May be Wankel or Winkel)


GOSS SARAH b New Ireland, Ireland Tp, Que m George W Stomps b Cincinatti, Ohio, barber. Child Edna N b 1864 at St Johnsbury,VT


GOUDIE SINCLAIR, b 1802 in SCOTLAND, Shetland Islands, carpenter, settled Inverness Tsp in 1826, d 1881 m in 1831 at Holy Trinity C of E, Levis, Que to CATHERINE McKILLOP b 1801 SCOTLAND, d 1889. Children :

  1. Mary m William Gordon
  2. Barbara
  3. Catherine
  4. John b 1837
  5. Isabella b 1838 LC, Baptist, schoolteacher in 1861 census
  6. Marjory b 1840
  7. William b 1849

GOUDIE ROBERT b 1817 SCOTLAND, WM, m MARY b 1810 SCOTLAND, WM, Lived Halifax S Tp. Children :- Barbara b 1844 LC- Jane b 1849


GOULD WILLIAM, b SCOTLAND, Perthshire, Blackford, settled Leeds Tp, sawyer, m in 1833 in Leeds tsp to MARGARET MITCHELL. Children born Leeds Tp : William b 1834, Ann b 1836 and Francis who married 1867 at Broughton RC to Ann Kinnovan.


GOULD JANE 1800-1873, bur Leeds C of E, m WILLIAM REID



See also: GOWNE



See also: GOWAN


GOWAN DAVID, widower of Iowa, m 2nd in 1855 at WM Ireland Tp to ELIZABETH ROBINSON, dau of James Robinson and Sarah Goe.


GOWAN RICHARD D m in 1882 at C of E Ireland Tp to SOPHIA M CAMPBELL, dau of Charles William Campbell.

Also look under Maxwell, Slatter, Hall, and Reagh. They married into Gowans.

Contact info available for Gowan.

GRADY JAMES b 1775 IRELAND, d 1865 in Leeds Tp, Que. Children :

  1. JAMES, b 1815, IRELAND, settled Leeds Tp, 3RD Range, m in 1839 to MARY FRASER KINNEAR, b 1822 in SCOTLAND, dau of Ayton Kinnear and Ann Boyd. Children b Leeds :
    1. Ann Kinnear b 1840 in LC
    2. John Lambie b 1842, shoemaker, m in 1870 to Susan Bailey. Child : Gardiner b 1871
    3. Mary Lambie b 1848
    4. James Alexander b 1860
    5. Ayton b 1847, d 1905, m in 1871 to Elizabeth Harron. Children : Mary b 1872, d 1957 at Ayers Cliff, Que, m James Cruickshank and William d 1937
    6. Jane b 1855
  2. THOMAS, b IRELAND in 1825, m settled Leeds Tp, 3rd Range, 1/2 of Lot 8, m in 1847 in Leeds tsp to SUSAN REID b 1828 in IRELAND, of Leeds Tp. Children :
    1. Jane b 1849
    2. William John b 1851 in LC, twin
    3. Thomas b 1851, twin
    4. James b 1853
    5. Jane b 1855
    6. Susan b 1858
    7. Nancy b 1860
    8. Thomas b 1862
    9. Joseph b 1864
    10. Alexander Kinnear b 1866
  3. WILLIAM, b IRELAND 1822 m m 2nd in 1854 to NANCY ANN AUSTIN b 1831 in IRELAND, d 1874. Lived 2nd Range of Leeds. Children:
    1. William b 1855. Moved to Conway, NH. In 1881 he married at Lancaster, NH to Maggie Forbes b 1859 LC. She was a resident of Jefferson, NH in 1881.
    2. Jane b 1857
    3. Thomas b 1859
    4. Elizabeth d 1862, d 1862
    5. George b 1866
    6. Alexander b 1868

GRADY JANE d 1890, bur Leeds Presb m JOHN BRACKEN


GRADY NANCY d 1904, bur Leeds Presb m WILLIAM MORRISON

Contact info available for Grady.

GRAHAM AGNES 1763-1838, bur Leeds C of E, m JAMES FRASER


GRAHAM JOHN m ELIZABETH. Child : Samuel John Wyley b 1853


GRAHAM ELIZABETH 1809-1882, born Belfast Ireland, bur C of E Ireland Tp, m CHARLES NUGENT


GRAHAM HONORA d 1866, bur C of E Ireland Tp, m JOHN McNALLY. Lived in Wolfstown.


GRAHAM MARY 1814-1866, bur C of E Ireland Tp, m DAVID JOHNSTON


GRAHAM DAVID settled Nelson Tp, m 1843 at C of E Leeds Tp to SUSAN ANDERSON of Nelson Tp.


GRAHAM ROBERT, settled Inverness Tp, m SARAH HIERNAHAN. Child William b 1844 in Inverness Tp, bapt C of E.


GRAHAM ROBERT, b 1819 IRELAND, Co Tyrone, C of E, d 1900, settled in Inverness Tp, bur St Stephens, Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp, m in 1843 in Inverness to CATHERINE CAMPBELL b 1820 Co Tyrone, Ireland, d 1877, dau of John Campbell and Susan Irwin of Co Tyrone.

Obituary notice:

'Robert Graham Sr., died 8 Apr. 1900, 11th Range of Inverness. He arrived in Canada 15 June 1831, age 13, with stepfather James McGill, mother and 3 sisters. James McGill was a commuted pensionnr, who received a grant for lot 18, 11th range of Inverness. Already on the same range when they arrived were the families of Mimnaugh, Wilton, Hackett, Currie , Plummer and Percy. In 1831, their nearest mill was at Goff's on the Craig Road, or Keoughs mill in Ireland Township. They got their flour at McElroy's store in St-Sylvestre. Many expended all and left before the first crop. The first schoolhouse on the 11th range was on lot 20. The teacher was Dr. James Currie. Robert Graham Sr. married Catherine Campbell, daughter of John Campbell . '

Source: Montreal Gazette: Megantic Edition , 4 Jan., 1900. The only copy in existence is held by Marie-Eve Adam, of the 10th Range of Inverness, who has sinced moved on, with or without the stash of newpapers, no forwarding address known by me.

Children of Robert Graham and Catherine Campbell, all born in Inverness :

  1. Isabella b 1843, d 1919, m William McVetty
  2. Alexander b 1846, d 1927, m in 1882 to Caroline McVetty, 1857-1944, bur St Stephens CE, Rectory Hill, Inverness. Children :
    1. Barbara Catherine 1884-1984, bur Plainfield, near Sterling, Ontario, m Benjamin N Seale, d 1967
    2. Laura Caroline 1887-1942 m George H Patterson
    3. Robert John 1892-1971 m Viola L Seale
  3. John b 1855, d 1925, m Anna Margaret Weston, 1863-1945, bur St Stephens, Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp.
  4. Susan b 1851, d 1926, m William Lowrey
  5. Jane b 1853, d 1941, m Thomas Suitor. Lived Inverness Tp
  6. Martha b 1856, d 1931, m Hugh Sturgeon or William Henry Sturgeon
  7. Rachael b 1858, d 1864
  8. Catherine b 1861 d 1879
  9. Robert b 1863, d 1906, merchant
  10. Rachael b 1866 m Thomas Dempsey

GRAHAM WILLIAM married MARIA HUGHES, born c 1813, probably at Chatham Barracks, Kent, England, daughter of John Hughes of the 52 Regiment of Foot, born Beumaris, Wales c 1790. William Graham and wife Maria Hughes lived at Glen Murray, Inverness Tp, settling across the road from Maria's sister, Elizabeth Hughes and husband Joseph Patterson. William and Maria Graham only stayed a few years before moving off to Pennsylvania to join his relations there. They had 1 son, William Jr, born 22 years after his parents married. Source : Maureen Patterson Clark.

Contact info available for Graham.

GRANERY PATRICK b 1807 IRELAND, RC, d 1877, bur Leeds RC, m HANNAH MURPHY b 1818 IRELAND, RC, d 1884, bur Leeds RC. Child : James.




GRAY ROBERT, settled Leeds Tp, schoolmaster, m ELIZABETH ? , Child Martha Victoria b 1843 in Leeds Tp.


GRAY JOHN, to Broughton Tp, m CATHERINE GRAHAM. Child Rosa b 1833, d 1837, bur C of E Leeds.


GRAY RICHARD, settled St Charles, Que, carpenter, m ANN NUGENT b 1812 IRELAND, C of E. Ann appears in the 1861 census for Inverness Tp, a widow, reported to be a resident of Quebec City. She was staying in the Inverness home of John Colly and Eliza Gray. John Colly was born in the West Indies. Child :

  1. Elizabeth Gray b 1832 in Upper Canada, m John Colly. They moved to St Johnsbury, VT

GRAY GEORGE FRANCIS, to Leeds Tp, m ELIZA ORR, Child Robert b 1848.



  1. George Edmund b 1891, bapt WM Inverness
  2. Wallace Warren b 1889, bapt WM Inverness

GRAY SAMUEL settled Broughton Tp, m in 1840 C of E in Broughton to DOROTHY RINEHART. Child Ruth b 1840.


GRAY JOSEPH bapt 1824.




GRAY CHRISTINNA b 1857 LC, FC, was, along with Jannet above, living in Inverness Tp in 1861, in the home of Mary McKenzie, widow, miller.


GRAY ARNOLD RUPERT m SUSAN EAGER. Lived Leeds. Child : William b 1859


GRAY CATHERINE 1806-1885, bur Leeds Presb, m WILLIAM THOMPSON


GRAY WILLIAM of Leeds, m in 1856 at Leeds Presb to MARY ANN JAMIESON of Leeds

Contact info available for Gray.

GREAVES/GRAVES WILLIAM, from IRELAND, Co Fermanagh, Enniskillen, calvary soldier, died in Battle of Waterloo, when right arm blown off. He was married to JANE WILSON of Enniskillen. William was related to the cutlery and hardware manufacturers Greaves and Co of Sheffield, England, who wrote to widow Jane Wilson Greaves offering to adopt her only son John b 25 Dec 1801. She declined the offer. The following is the history of John Greaves b 1801 :


GREAVES JOHN b 25 Dec 1801 IRELAND, Co Fermanagh, Enniskillen, WM, d 1888, m in Ireland in 1820 to MARY JOHNSTON b 1796, d 1864 (sister of Elinor Johnston of

Enniskillen who never married). John was a Sgt in the 66th Regiment. John and wife Mary came to Inverness Tsp on the ship "Arab" in 1826. They lived on the Belsher Range. Their children :

  1. WILLIAM GREAVES b 1825 in Enniskillen, WM, d 1899 m 13 April 1852 in Inverness Tp to MARY CLARK b 1833 LC, CE, d 1892. Theirs was the first marriage performed at the Lower Ireland Wesleyan Methodist Church. William taught school for some 14 years on the Belsher Range of Inverness Tsp. Mary was kicked in the face by a colt. Later she developed cancer of the tongue. She had her tongue removed and wore a cloth on her face. She died of this cancer. For their descendants, see the Robert and Anne Marshall publication by Gwen Barry. Mary Clark's mother was a Marshall.
  2. JANE GREAVES b 1821 in Enniskillen stayed with her maiden aunt Elinor and then came to Inverness Tp alone in 1839 age 18. She died in 1855. Jane m in 1845 to WILLIAM ALDRICH 1822-1897. For the Aldriches, see Publications by Gwen Barry.

GREEN JANE b 1837 New York, USA. Single in 1861, living in Leeds Tp in home of William and Jane Harrison.


GREEN EDWARD, received Location Ticket in 1822 for 100 acres, 6th Range of Leeds.


GREEN JOSEPH m ANN SLATER. Child : Sophie Jane m 1862 Charles Gallagher.


GREEN ALBERT IRA m MARY FRANCES HILL. Moved to Bramird, Minn. Child :

  1. Henry Eggleston b 1885, bapt WM Inverness

GREENLAY WILLIAM m RACHAEL LAZENBY. Four of their children came to Lower Canada, as follows : Children :

  1. GREENLAY FRANCIS, b ENGLAND, schoolmaster, settled in Inverness Tp, 8th Range, Lot 11, m ROSANNAH SLATER. Children :
    1. John b 1840, d Vancouver, m Julia Alice Moore
    2. Lazenby b 1842
    3. Donaldson b 1844, d 1917, bur Greenlay-George Cem, Inverness, m in 1875 to Mary Elizabeth Moore. Children :
      1. Margaret Ann Emily b 1877
      2. Mary Elizabeth Louisa b 1885
    4. George Clements b 1848, d 1860 Inverness
    5. Rachel Emily b 1850
    6. William b 1836 LC, WM, d 1899, m 1st in 1859 to Ann McIntyre b 1834 in Ireland, and m 2nd in 1877 to Elizabeth Kerr. Lived in Inverness Tp. Children by Elizabeth Kerr :
      1. Flora Ann Frances b 1878
      2. Francis Lasenby b 1880
      3. Ruth Rachael b 1883
      4. Findlay John Kerr b 1885
      5. Jane Elizabeth b 1888
      6. Jennett Elizabeth Mary b 1888
  2. GREENLAY JOHN, b 1792 ENGLAND, WM, sailor who owned his own ship, settled in Inverness Tp, 6th Range, Lot 3 and married ELIZABETH b 1807 ENGLAND, d 1889. Children:
    1. Hannah b 1835 LC
    2. Isaac Clements b 1836
    3. Elizabeth b 1837
    4. Mary b 1838
    5. Sarah b 1839
    6. Martha b 1841
    7. Joseph b 1843 twin
    8. Benjamin b 1843 twin, m in 1862 at Melbourne WM to Lydia Pierce
    9. Ruth b 1846
  3. GREENLAY LAZENBY b 1807 at Yorkshire, Muston Co, ENGLAND, died Brompton, Que. Lazenby was the first white settler of the village later named Greenlay, Brompton Township, Quebec, and now known as St Gregoire de Greenlay. He married in 1836 to LOUISA STEVENS of Wakefield Hill, Brompton, Que, son of Gardner Stevens who came to Quebec from the US after the American Revolution. Louisa was a sister of the Hon Gardner Green Stevens, a member of the Canadian Parliament and later a Senator. Louisa was also a sister of Col John Stevens, United States Army. He took part in the Indian Wars, then settled in Minnesota, building the first house in the present city of St Paul, Minn. The house is preserved in the park at Minnesota Falls. The Stevens were thought to be mine owners in Devonshire, England. Their sales of ore took them to London, England and as early as 1760 to America. Lazenby and Louisa had 8 children and adopted a son, as follows :
    1. William stayed in Brompton, m in 1872 to Charlotte Houston
    2. Simon, went to Haverhill, Mass
    3. Thomas moved to Manitoba
    4. Gardner served in the Boer War in South Africa 1899-1902, was a Lt-Col, then served with the North West Mounted Police in the Yukon, then took up farming in Climax, Sask. Died 1952
    5. Elvira moved to Manitoba

GREENLAY JOHN 1831 census : 3 in house, settled 9th Range of Inverness, Lot 6, Methodist, came after 1825, m MARY. Child : Sarah b 1840.

Contact info available for Greenlay.

GREENWOOD MOSES, blacksmith, m MARY JANE THOMPSON. Lived in USA. Child :

  1. Joseph Edmund b 1862, bapt C of E Ireland Tp

GREGINS JAMES, settled St Sylvester, m JANE ?. Child Margaret b 1836 in St Sylvester, bapt WM Ireland Tp.


GRIFFITH ROBERT m JANE MONSTAIN. Lived Durham Tp. Child : Sarah Jane b 1858, bapt WM Inverness.


GROVES GEORGE m BRIDGET b 1792, IRELAND, RC. In 1831 census : 5 in house, RC, settled Ireland Tp after 1825. In 1861 census Bridget was a widow living in Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. John b 1833 Ire, RC
  2. Mary b 1844 LC, FC. In 1861 census, age 18 living in home of John and Mary McKelvie in Inverness Tp.

GULLEN JOHN b 1784 SCOTLAND, C of E, moved in 1802 to IRELAND where he was the gardener of Castle Hyde Estate, d 1860. He married in Ireland in 1805 to CHARLOTTE BARTON CARROLL, dau of Lord Carroll of Castle Hyde Estate. John and Charlotte moved to Paisley, Scotland, then came to Leeds Tsp in 1832 and settled on Lot 5, 9th Range of Leeds on a farm they named 'Strawberry Hill'. Their son James had purchased the lot 2 years earlier on 29 June 1830 from John Glass. According to the Annals of Megantic Co, and according to Ethel Reid Cruickshank, the Gullens, due Charlotte's wealth were noted as one of the wealthiest couples to come to Megantic County at the time. They arrived with 30 loads of belongings, including a prized bed tick which weighted sixty pounds and was considered to be a great luxury. They had 12 children all born in Ireland and Scotland who came to Canada with their parents. Charlotte died at Leeds in 1850. There were several Carroll families from Ireland living on neighbouring farms to Robert and Charlotte. It is not known if they were related to Charlotte. The children of John and Charlotte Gullen were as follows :

  1. Mary Gullen married a soldier in Quebec. Had 2 children - one a drarf.
  2. John Gullen never married. Was wealthy, and a soldier in India
  3. Alexander Gullen m Serena Cutting of Greensborough, Vt
  4. Harriet Gullen, died at age 14 of scarlet fever
  5. William Gullen killed by a falling tree at age 17
  6. Emma Gullen, never married
  7. Charlotte Gullen b 1810, d 1876, m John Hutchison. Had 8 children.
  8. Jane Gullen d 1855, m Dr Montague Scott. Jane died 11 months after her marriage.
  9. Anna Gullen b 1816 m John Wilkin. Children :
    1. Emma G Wilkin 1847-1922 m John Cruickshank 1842-1888
    2. Charlotte Jane Wilkin b 1849, m John Jamieson. Children :
      1. Annie Kerr Jamieson m Fred Forbes
      2. Carrie Jane Jamieson b 1872 m Ben Cook Franklin
      3. Alice Sidney Jamieson m Andrew Baird
      4. Lawrence Andrew Jamieson b 1876 m Ada Walker
      5. Hattie Emma Jamieson b 1878 m Henry Attwood Emerson
      6. George Edsons Jamieson died 1938 m Dora Ethel Knapp
      7. May Jamieson
      8. Ada Victoria Jamieson m Howard Sharp
    3. Elizabeth Wilkin b 1853 m William Wilkin b 1850
    4. Alexander Wilkin m Margaret Jamieson. Children :
      1. Evelyn Beatrice Wilkin b 1891 m H. Savage
      2. Sadie Kerr Wilkin b 1892 m Johnston Beattie
    5. John Wilkin b 1851 m Mary Ann Beattie who died age 24, and m 2nd to Annie Gullen
    6. William Wilkin b 1855
    7. Jane Wilkin died age 3 weeks
  10. Thomas Gullen b 1821 Ireland, Baptist, d in 1911 in Lemesurier, Leeds Tp, m in 1856 to Eliza Wilson of Leeds, b 1835 LC, FC. Thomas was the postmaster of Lemesurier in 1868. Three of their daughters eloped through a bedroom window to marry. Children :
    1. Barton John Gullen b 1857 m Susan Eager
    2. Charlotte Gullen b 1860, d 1893, eloped through a bedroom window to marry John Savage in 1877. John died in 1903. Had 6 children :
      1. William Savage 1878-1947 m Angie Moses b 1888
      2. Eliza Mae Savage 1880-1963 m Robert Yeoman Cruickshank 1877-1950
      3. Hugh Savage 1882-1968 m Evelyn Beatrice Wilkin
      4. Annie Savage 1883-1947 m James Dunn 1883-1958
      5. Amos Remmick Savage 1885-1960 m Nellie Watkins 1881-1967
      6. Jessie Savage 1887-1974 m Carl Hartford 1878-1968
    3. Sarah Gullen b 1861, d 1910, m 1881 to Robert Beattie 1852-1929
    4. Jane Gullen 1865-1929 m Francis Beattie 1865-1948. Children :
      1. Lillian Beattie m William G Nutbrown
      2. Sarah Beattie m Thomas Ross
      3. Thomas Beattie m Sadie Harvey
      4. William Beattie, never married
      5. Hildur Beattie died 1971 m Harry Campbell
    5. Annie Gullen b 1867, d 1912 m 1887 to John Wilkin 1850-1922
    6. William Alexander Gullen b 1868, d 1942, never married
    7. James Gullen b 1870, d 1932 m Janette 1881-1926
    8. Eliza Gullen 1872-1878. Died of diptheria.
  11. James Gullen b 1817 in Irelandl, d 1868, killed by a falling tree. Married in 1838 to Mary McCauley b 1818 in Ireland RC. They lived in Leeds Tp. James is listed in the 1861 census for Leeds Tp, Lot 2, 8th Range, although he had spent some time in New York in the 1830s.

    Children :

    1. Patrick b 1838 Ireland, d 1868, killed by a falling tree, m 1867 at Inverness to Catherine Rooney. Children : James b 1858 and Mary Ann b 1869
    2. Bridget b 1842 Ireland
    3. Anne b 1847 LC m 1871 at Inverness to Patrick Kelly
    4. Catherine b 1849
    5. John b 1852
    6. Susan b 1853
    7. James b 1850
    8. James b 1855
  12. Robert Gullen b 1825 Ireland, d 10 June 1873 at Oriel, Ontario, m Oct 1852 near Ancaster, Ontario to Nancy Ann Smith b 1833 in Ancaster, dau of David Smith and Charity Shaver of Ancaster. Robert went to Ancaster before the railway opened. He was teaching school in Ancaster in 1852 when he married Nancy Ann. Robert and Nancy returned to Leeds in 1852 to take over the farm of Robert's father John Gullen, Lot 5, 9th Range of Leeds. Robert was Mayor of the Municipality of the Township of Leeds and Thetford. He was reelected for a second term in January 1862. Nancy died in Leeds Tp. Robert returned to Ancaster and married 2nd to Elizabeth Howell of Ancaster. They had four children. They lived on a farm near Oriel, East Oxford Tp, Ont. Children of Robert and Nancy Ann :
    1. Harriet Jane Gullen b 1853,d 1876. Harriet remained with her father and second wife.
    2. John Benjamin Gullen b 1855. He remained with his father and second wife.
    3. Charlotte Barton Gullen b 1856. After her mothers death, Charlotte was raised by Nancy Ann's parents David and Charity Smith in Ancaster, Ont.
    4. Charity Benjamina Gullen b 1858. She remained with her father and second wife
    5. William Smith Gullen b 1859. He remained with his father and second wife.
    6. James Frederick Gullen b 1860 was raised by his mother's sister Mary Catherine Smith and husband James Clink. James assumed the name Clink, until his own wedding day when he reverted to Gullen
    7. Lucy Alice Gullen b 1863 was raised by relatives in Ancaster, Ont.

      Sources for this information about Robert Gullen's family:

      'Leeds and St Sylvestre' by Ethel Reid Cruickshank

      'The Letters of Nancy Ann and Robert Gullen 1857-1865", compiled by George E Gullen III, Oct 23, 1998.

      Contact info available for Gullen.

GUNSTON WILLIAM b 1802 IRELAND, C of E, settled Inverness Tp, Lot 16, 11th Range, 300 acres, came to Quebec after May 1, 1825. No crops cultivated in 1830, so it might be assumed that he arrived in Inverness Tp. in 1831. (6 in the household in 1831 census), Cof E, m ANN RICKABY b 1802, CE, d 1866


GUNSTON GUENTA??, settled Inverness Tp, widower, m 2nd in 1835 to ANN PLUMMER widow of Inverness Tp. (Her 2nd marriage) This must be William or Robert Gunston???


GUNSTON ROBERT b 1797 IRELAND, Episcopal, settled in Inverness Tp, d 1886, bur St Stephens, Rectory Hill, Inverness Tp, m in 1836 at Inverness to MARTHA CURRIE b 1814 IRELAND, Epis, d 1886 at Boston, Mass. Note: St Stephens Church, Rectory Hill, is on the 11th Range of Inverness Tp. Children b Inverness Tp :

  1. Ann b 1837 LC m 1861 at St Johnsbury, Vt to Alonzo J Bean, b NH, (son of Levi Bean).
  2. Marion b 1840
  3. Robert b 1842
  4. Eliza b 1844
  5. William b 1845, d 1868
  6. Emma b 1848, d 1927 in Mass. USA, bur St Stephens C of E, Rectory Hill, Invernes Tp, m Charles Kittredge
  7. Ann Jane b 1850
  8. Caroline b 1853
  9. James Alexander b 1855

GUY :See : Genealogy of The Guy Family of Megantic County, Quebec , compiled by Gwen Barry, 2011, 67 pp.