ABBOTT male m ANN FROUD. Child :

  1. Frederick b 1866, bapt Inverness C of E.

ABBOTT WILLIAM m JANE ANNE WILSON. Lived St Joachim, Quebec. Children :

  1. Elizabeth m 1880 at Lyster to Phillipe Bruneau, RC
  2. Mary m 1879 at Lyster to Francois Xavier Belanger RC


It is not known, if or how the above families are connected.


ABDALLA GABRIEL 1849-1933, bur St John's Ang Thetford Mines


ABEL DAVID granted 100 acres in Ireland Tp in 1834. No other Abel records found in Megantic County




ACKLAND MARY JANE 1808-1888, bur Leeds Presb, m JOHN WILSON


ACORN MATHIAS of St Gilles, Que m at C of E, Leeds, Que. in 1833 to MARIE LABONTE of St Nicholas, Que.


ADAIR JOHN HENRY of Inverness Tsp, Que, C of E. m 1850 at Inverness to ELIZABETH WILSON of Ireland Tp, Que. Their children born Ireland Tsp, Que were :

  1. Mary Jane b 1851
  2. Elizabeth b 1853
  3. Sarah Selwin b 1855

ADAMS THOMAS b IRELAND, Londonderry between 1800 and 1813, d 1887 St Sylvestre, Que., bur C of E Ireland Tp, m 1830 at Holy Trinity, C of E, Quebec City to ANN JANE NEIL b c 1813 in Ireland of St Gilles, Lotbiniere Co., Que. Thomas was granted 2 lots of St Charles Range, St Sylvestre in 1831. Children were :

  1. Robert John b 8 March 1832 at St Sylvestre. According to the 1900 Maine census, his father was born in Scotland and his mother was born in Canada. Source : John Enright. Robert John married in Vermont, was living in Oakland, Maine near the end of his life, but he died in Sherbrooke, Quebec on 21 Jan 1909 and is buried in Oakland, Maine. His grandson was named Robert Adams Whittier.
  2. Ann b 1837,
  3. Richard Alexander b 1845
  4. James b 1850
  5. Matilda b 1855
  6. Thomas b 1839
  7. Joseph b 1849
  8. Elizabeth b 1851

ADAMS JOHN of Inverness, m 1850 at C of E Ireland Tp to ELIZABETH SUITOR of Upper Ireland, Inverness Tsp. John was granted 400 acres, 7th Range of Broughton Tsp in 1824.

ADAMS WILLIAM m MARY ANN. They were living in Maine in the 1860s. Children :

  1. William Thomas b 19 Jan 1867, bapt 08 Oct 1871 at Leeds WM. Parents were residents of Maine at the time of his baptism in Leeds.
  2. Adelia Isabella b 14 Oct 1870, bapt 08 Oct 1871 at Leeds WM. Parents were residents of Maine at the time of her baptism.

ADAMS JAMES BROWN granted 200 acres, Lot 12, 10th Range of Leeds Tp on 5 July 1831.

Contact info available for Adams



Margaret Addie m HENLEY William

Mary Addie m aSMITH


ADDLEY THOMAS b 1772 in IRELAND, Episc, widower living in Leeds in 1861 census, died 4 July 1861, bur CCLI.

ADDLEY FANNY m JAMES McATTEE. James died 1849 at St Gilles, Lotbiniere Co, Que. Children :

  1. Francis b 1832 LC
  2. Jane b 1835 LC

ADDLEY THOMAS b 1808 in IRELAND, Co Down, Kirked, d 1888 in Leeds Tp, Que, bur CE Leeds, m MARY McATTIE b 1802 in IRELAND, d 15 June 1885, age 82 years, 9 months. Their children were :

  1. Annie b 1835 LC
  2. Elizabeth b 1836
  3. David b 1839, d 1926, bur St James CE Leeds Tp, m Susan Crane who died 1921 in Leeds Tsp. Children :
    1. Henry b 1867, bapt CCLI, d 1945 bur Kinnears Mills United
    2. Robert b 1870, bapt C of E Leeds
    3. Albert S m Annie Watkins 1885-1935, bur C of E Leeds. Child : Albert Victor d 1921.
  4. Henry b 1841 m Jane Johnston. Lived Leeds Tp. Child :
    1. Mary Lavina b 1897, bapt Inverness WM.
  5. Fanny b 1844, d 1873, bur CE Leeds Tp m Robert Young of Cleveland, Ohio.
  6. Mary b 1846, d 1916, Bur HT, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp, m George Smith

ADDLEY DAVID, m NANCY GALBRAITH b 1816 in IRELAND, d 1899. Lived on 3rd Range of Leeds Tp, SE 1/2 of Lot 9. Nancy was a widow in 1861 census. Children :

  1. Susan b 1850 SCOTLAND
  2. Fanny b 1852 SCOTLAND
  3. David b 1854 LC.


ADDLEY SUSAN b 1894, d 1936 age 87 years, bur Kinnears Mills United Cem., m HENRY MORRISON


AITKENS JOHN to Leeds, Que, m CHRISTIANA. Child Ann Jane b 1841, bapt C of E Leeds.

ATKINS THOMAS JOHN settled Leeds Tp, d 1834, bur CE Leeds Tsp, m ANN HALL, Child Thomas b 1833. 1831 census : 2 in household, C of E, 15th Range of Leeds, Lot 14, in Broughton, came in 1829.

AIKEN MARGARET 1798-1869 m WILLIAM FRASER 1799-1867. They were tavern keepers in Leeds. Child :

  1. William Eben Fraser b 1824 Leeds Tp, m Abigail Eager b 1832 Leeds Tp.
  2. Contacts available for Aiken

ALDENNAN MATTHEW of New York, m MARY JANE CRAWFORD d 1879, bur Inverness Tp, Boutelle Cemetery.



For data on the Aldrich family of Megantic County, see the following publications:

Aldrich, Paul M., 'Moses Aldrich of Carroll, Maine, and Moses West Aldrich of Inverness, Quebec: Two People One and the Same?' The Maine Genealogist , May 2000, pp. 51-62.

Barry, Gwen, The Descendants of Moses Aldrich and Abigail Williams of Scituate, Rhode Island, St Johnsbury, Vermont and Inverness Tp., Megantic County, Quebec.. Evans Books, October 2002.


ALEXANDER Rev JAMES LYNN, b 1801, IRELAND, Glenhead, Cairnalbana, Co Antrim. Came to Upper Canada, Niagara District in 1817 with his parents. Wrote the first volume of poetry published in Upper Canada, titled 'Wonders of the West, or a Day at the Falls of Niagara in 1825'. Attended the C of E seminary at Chambly, Que in 1828, sponsored by the SPG. Was ordained in 1829. Served as a travelling missionary for the Church of England in Megantic County from 1832-1843. His first parish was Leeds C of E. In 1843 he was transferred to the Diocese of Niagara, serving Stoney Creek and Bartonville, Saltfleet and Binbrook, Ontario, until 1873. He married in 1844 to EMELIA MARIA NELLES, daughter of Col Robert Nelles, UEL. James died in 1879, buried at St Andrews Anglican, Grimsby, Ontario. James and Emelia had 8 children.

ALEXANDER GEORGE, granted 400 acres, (2 lots), in Leeds Tp 3 Feb 1821. He was also granted lots in Durham and Kinsey Townships at the same time.

ALEXANDER SARAH 1811-1888, bur C of E Inverness, m JAMES McCUTCHEON. Lived Halifax Tsp

ALEXANDER WILLIAM THOMAS 'Billy Tom' b 1822 in IRELAND, FC, d 1905 in Megantic Co, m MARGARET JANE McCONECKY b 1832 in IRELAND. William Thomas was a brother of Andrew Alexander b 1818. William Thomas and Margaret Jane lived in Leeds Tp. Children :

  1. Martha b 1853 LC
  2. Mary b 1854 Leeds Tsp m in 1881 at Lancaster, NH to William A McDonald, b 1857 at Winslow, Que. He was a harness maker at Lancaster in 1881. (son of Angus McDonald b Scotland and Margaret b Scotland, residents of Winslow Que. At the time of Mary's marriage, her father Thomas was a widower.
  3. William b 1855
  4. Thomas b 1856
  5. John b 1860
  6. James b 1861

ALEXANDER ANDREW b 1818 in IRELAND, FC, m 2nd on 10 April 1849 to MARY McMEEKIN b 1837 in LC. Andrew's first wife, name unknown, died at Quebec c 1846. Andrew was a brother of William Thomas Alexander. After his 1st wife's death, Andrew came from Quebec to Leeds Tp to the home of his brother, William Thomas Alexander. Source for infomation on this family comes from Miles Alexander. His website : Children all baptized at WM Ireland Tp. :

  1. Jane b 1846 in Ireland, was carried on her father's back the 40 miles from Quebec to Leeds Tp., d 1924, m John Fraser
  2. Maria Sarah b 1852, d 1876
  3. Matilda b 20 July 1852 at Leeds, Que., buried Montreal, m John Barr Young, bur Montreal. Source for this info is Wendy at (Please contact for email) Children :
    1. Mrs. J. C. Musrison
    2. L. W. Young of Los Angeles
    3. George S. Young of Montreal
  4. Margaret b 1854, nm, d 1937 at Inverness
  5. Rose b 1856
  6. Andrew b 1864 m at Barre, Vt in 1889 to Agnes Cochrane b 1868. Children all bapt Leeds Presb :
    1. Walter Andrew b 1890 Leeds
    2. Arthur Robert b 1891 Leeds
    3. Etta Margaret b 1893 Leeds
    4. Janet Madeline b 1897 Leeds
    5. Edith Marion b 1898 Leeds
    6. Lyman John b 1900 Leeds
    7. Clarence Melrose b 1903 Leeds
    8. Gladys Marjorie Evaline b 1905 Leeds
    9. Leslie Glen b 1906 Leeds
    10. Lewis Emerson b 1909
  7. W. J. Alexander of Montreal.


  1. Thomas b 1883
  2. Georgina b 1884
  3. Eleanor b 1885
  4. Henry Edgar b 1887
  5. Emily May b 1889
  6. Caroline b 1890
  7. William Edmond b 1893
  8. Agnes Alice b 1895
  9. Frederick b 1897
  10. Oliver b 1899

ALEXANDER THOMAS of Leeds Tp, m 1875 at Inverness Presb to SUSAN GALBRAITH, widow of Nelson Tsp.

Contact info available for Alexander.

ALLEN ASOM (or AARON) b 1830 LC, C of E minister in Leeds Tp in 1861, m MARION b 1833 LC. Children :

  1. Francis b 1857
  2. Grace b 1861

ALLEN IRA m JEMIMA WILTON. Living in Maine in 1880. Child :

  1. William Thomas b 1875, bapt 1880 at Inverness C OF E

ALLEN JOHN "JACK" b 1780 SCOTLAND, Sterlingshire, Bannockburn, d 1863 Leeds, Que, m MARGARET DUNN of Bannockburn, b 1782, d 1867 at Inverness, Que. They left Bannockburn in 1822 and settled in 1823 in St Gilles, moved to Leeds Tp in 1828. 1831 census : 10 in household, CS, 10th Range of Leeds, Lot 2. Their children all born Scotland were :

  2. CHARLES ALLEN b 1824 13 Sept at St Gilles, bapt St Gilles Presb, d 1910, m at Leeds, Que in 1847 to AGNES OLIVER b 1835 in Scotland, daughter of William Oliver and Margaret Allan of Scotland. Children of Charles and Agnes :
    1. Janet b 1848, d 1855
    2. John b 1851, d 1920
    3. William Oliver b 1854, d 1939, m Elizabeth Lillico Thompson. Children :
      1. Charles b 1887, bapt Leeds Presb
      2. James b 1889
      3. John Melville b 1892
      4. William Samuel b 1894
      5. Richard Lillico b 1896, m Barbara Catherine McKee
    4. Samuel b 1855, d 1920, m Mary Ann Thompson. Child :
      1. Samuel b 1900, bapt Leeds Presb
    5. Elizabeth b 1857, d 1913
    6. Agnes b 1859
    7. Mary d 1888, m William Warcup
    8. Margaret d 1860
    9. Margaret Dunn b 1864, d 1912 at Calgary, Alta, m a Stevenson. Lived Lillico, Alta.
  3. JOHN ALLEN b 1824, d 1867, m 1st in 1848 at Leeds, Que to MARY ANN MURRAY, then m 2nd in 1854 at Leeds, Que to NANCY AGNES McKEE b 1830 in IRELAND. Children :
    1. John b 1850, d 1869
    2. William b 1852
    3. Jane Thompson b 1857
    4. Margaret b 1858
    5. Isabella b 1860, d 1862
    6. Isabella b 1862, d 1868
    7. Charles b 1864

ALLEN-LITTLEFIELD OBEDIAH b ENGLAND, settled Broughton Tp, Que in 1820. They attended St Lukes C of E in Broughton.



  1. Ernest b 1874, d 1879, bur C of E Leeds.


  1. AMADON ISAAC JOHN, b USA, settled in Megantic Co, Ireland Tp in 1812. Descendant of Roger Amidon of Salem, Mass of 1637. Married 1st to ROXALINE LEACH in the USA, and married 2nd to SARAH THURBER b 1792, bapt 1838 at CE Leeds Tp. Tradition is that the Amadon's were Hugenots, and Calvinists who left Limoges, France after the edict of Nantes of 1632. Went to Salem, Mass. Children of Isaac and Sarah :
    1. ABIGAIL AMADON, b 1812 USA, d 1890
    2. CHARLES REILLY AMADON b 1814 LC, bapt 1826, d 1897. Charles was the first non-aboriginal child born in Megantic County. Married AGNES or SARAH ANN McCARTNEY, b 1820 in SCOTLAND, Peaslee, d 1905, dau of George McCartney. They lived in Ireland Tp, Lot 8, 5th Range. Children :
      1. Beamis Falconer b 1836, d 1900, m Hazel O'Keefe
      2. Sarah Regina b 1842 LC, d 1922 in USA, m Henry Simons
      3. Agnes b 1845
      4. Henry Charles b 1846, d 1937 at Lancaster, NH, m 1879 at C of E Ireland Tp to Alicia Jane Annesley 1854-1903, both bur HT, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp. Children :
        1. Henry Bayton (or Brayton) b 1880
        2. Francis 1882-1882
        3. Julia Estella b1883
        4. Constance Muriel b 1885
        5. Emira Hector b 1890
        6. Francis Ralph b 1891
        7. Samuel Oscar b 1893
        8. Martha Grace b 1896, d 1897
      5. George M b 1848
      6. Jane Elizabeth, b 1850, d 1914, bur HT, m at Lyndonville, Vt in 1880 to John Bennett.
      7. Philena b 1853
      8. John b 1855
      9. James b 1856, d 1936, m in 1897 at C of E Ireland Tp to Clara S Annesley 1864-1935, bur HT, Maple Grove. Children :
        1. Orpha Bist b 1897
        2. George Nathaniel b 1899
        3. James Irvine b 1901
        4. Charles Clifford b 1903
        5. Martha Julia b 1908
      10. Samuel R b 1860
      11. Martha Harriet b 1862
    3. JOHN H AMADON b 1816 LC, d 1890, m in 1840 at Inverness, Que to ABIGAIL KIMBALL b 1823. They lived in Ireland Tp. Their children :
      1. Thankful P., b 1844, m in 1866 at Dudswell, Que Anglican to James Aylmer Westman
      2. Lyman French b 1846, d 1917, bur HT, m Lucy Gill 1860-1940
      3. Aaron Buss Kimball b 1848, d 1922 m 1882 at CE Ireland Tsp to Tirzah Annesley 1857-1947. Died Littleton, NH. Children, all buried HT, Maple Grove:
        1. Wilfred James b 1883
        2. Harley Scott 1885-1899
        3. Zetta Hazel 1887-1887
        4. Margaret Abigail 1888-1899
        5. Warren Hastings 1890-1928
        6. Elva Julia 1891-1899
        7. Edith Theresa b 1894
        8. Beamis Faulconer b 1896
        9. Gladys Tirzah 1898-1900
        10. Aaron Howard b 1900
      4. Chester Josiah b 1850, d 1871
      5. Catherine b 1852
      6. Oliver b 1854, m Charlotte E Forbes. Children :
        1. Clara Thankful b 1897, d 1900
        2. Hilda Marion b 1900
        3. Mildred Pearl b 1899
        4. William Henry Lyman b 1909
      7. Harley b 1856, widower m 2nd in 1895 at CE Ireland Tp to Julia Charlotte Annesley. Harley was living in NH at the time of his 2nd marriage. Children :
        1. James Westman b 1898
        2. John Gordon b 1900
        3. Aaron Minnett b 1902
        4. Cyril Herbert b 1904
        5. Effie Tirzah b 1905
        6. Callia Pendleton (Pentland ?) b 1907
      8. Abigail b 1859
      9. Jonas Leach b 1860, d 1862
      10. Sophia b 1863, d 1877
      11. Francis Ellis Wakefield b 1865
      12. Freeman Ellsworth b 1866, m in 1894 at Inverness to Mary Wark Walker. (Dau of James Walker and Susan Henderson). For Henderson, see Publications by Gwen Barry.
      13. John Elija b 1867, d 1878
    4. HARRIET AMADON bapt 1826
    5. REGINA AMADON bapt 1826
    7. ERASTUS AMADON b 1831 (from Thurber)
    8. BETSY GOFF AMADON b 1836 (from Thurber)

AMADON LUCINDA 1858-1940, bur HT, Maple Grove


  1. Amanda b 1850 bapt CE Ireland Tp.

    Contact info available for Amadon.

    Also see: Jack O'Leary web site :



  1. William Lyman Ames b 1856 Leeds Tp, living in Dixville, LC in 1877, m in 1877 at Island Pond, Vt to Laura J Champion b 1856 at Westmore, Vt, living in Dixville, LC in 1877.

ANBAR (or CONBAR) 1861 census writing illegible. Margaret b 1802 Ireland, widow in Inverness Tsp in 1861, living in home of William and Elizabeth Moffatt.


ANDERSON WILLIAM RICHARD, Reverend, 1813-1847, b SCOTLAND, Airdrie, to Inverness Tsp in Oct 1844. After his wife's death in 1846, he volunteered to work at the Grosse Isle Quarantine Station, attending to the typhus victims. He died in 1847 at Grosse Isle of typhus. He m ELIZA BALLAM b 1810, d 1846 in childbirth, buried under the pew she occupied at Holy Trinity C of E, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp, Que. Children :

  1. Richard b 1842
  2. James b 1844
  3. John b 1846, d 1846, placed in his mother's coffin.

ANDERSON ISABELLA m DUFF WATSON b MacDuff, SCOTLAND. Child James Hutcheson Watson b Scotland, m Mary Ann Simpson Duff of Banffshire, Scotland. Settled in Megantic County, Quebec.

ANDERSON MARGARET b 1798, d 1873, m WILLIAM DUFF. Lived Leeds Tp.

ANDERSON MARY died 1842, m ROBERT COBBAN. Lived Inverness Tp.

ANDERSON PATRICK b 1801 in IRELAND, FC, settled St Gilles, Que, d 1871 at St Croix, Que., m 1st to ELIZA HALL b 1805 in IRELAND, m 2nd to ELIZABETH ORR b 1803, d 1889 at Leeds. Their children were :

  1. James b 1831 in Ireland, d 1892, m in 1856 at Ireland Tp WM to Harriet Mann, b 1838 LC, d 1907. Lived in Leeds Tp. Children :
    1. Robert b 1858
    2. Eliza b 1860, d 1919, m in 1883 at St Sylvestre Presbyterian to Thomas Hopper of Leeds
    3. Samuel b 1868, d 1940, never married, lived in Leeds Tp, then St Johnsbury, Vt.
    4. George b 1869
    5. John Alex b 1872
    6. Alice Charlotte b 1878
  2. John b Ireland
  3. Sarah b 1832
  4. Mary b 1835. She had a child Eliza b 1861.
  5. Rachael b 1838, d 1916, m Robert Gillander
  6. Robert 1841-1920
  7. Patrick b 1844, m at Leeds to Mary Anderson b 1827, d 1865.
  8. David Anderson (by Elizabeth Orr)

ANDERSON JAMES b 1787 in IRELAND, FC, settled Leeds Tp, widower in 1861 census.

ANDERSON JAMES b 1809 settled Inverness Tsp, 4th Range, Lot 11, d 1865, BUR St James C of E, Leeds Tp. 1831 census : 2 in household, C of S, arrived after 1825.

ANDERSON JOHN granted land on Ste Marie W Range, near St Patrice de Beaurivage, 2 lots granted in 1826 and 1 lot granted in 1829.

ANDERSON DAVID granted 2 lots on Belfast Range of St Sylvestre in 1829.


ANDERSON CHRISTIANNA b 1792, d 1867, bur Leeds Presb, from Dalkeith, Mid Lothian, SCOTLAND m DAVID McINTOSH. Child :

  1. Ann Margaret b 1854, bapt in 1856 at Inverness Presb.

    In a story in the Montreal Gazette titled 'Growth and Development,' by W. H. Lambly, he reported that the registrars of Inverness were:

    In 1831, Tonny Anderson was the 1st Registrar of Inverness. He went on to become an MLA, and Attorney General of Lower Canada.

    In 1832, the 2nd Registrar was Thomas W. Lloyd

    In 1834, 3rd Registrar was G. M. Muir

    In 1835, 4th Registrar was F. Meyer

    In 1842, 5th Registrar was Richard A. Fortier

    In 1844, 6th Registrar was John R. Lambly

    In 1862, the 7th Registrar was William Harvard Lambly, appointed in 1862.

    The oldest clergy reserve title was for lot 7, 9th range of Leeds Tp., in favour of Zacharias Goff of Quebec City, dated 15 Aug 1831. Very many of the titles of the county were for one peppercorn, but after the abolution of the corn laws, titles were given in free and common soccage.

    Source: Montreal Gazette: Megantic Edition , 2 Aug., 1900. The only copy in existence is held by Marie-Eve Adam, of the 10th Range of Inverness, who has sinced moved on, with or without the stash of newpapers, no forwarding address known by me.

    Contact info available for Anderson.


ANDREWS MARIA b 1817, d 1895, bur C of E Inverness, m JOHN MURRAY, Postmaster of Glen Murrary, Inverness Tp.

ANDREWS GEORGE HENRY, b 1816 ENGLAND, Salisbury. C of E. Came to Canada on brigantine "Progress" with Captain Arnold in 1826, settled in Inverness Tsp, Megantic Co. in 1830, m in 1839 to MARY HOGG b 1814, at Quebec City. d 1875. Mary was the daughter of Hugh Hogg and his second wife Louisa Griffard. For their descendants, see Hogg. George Henry Andrews m 2nd in 1878 to Rose Ann Hannah Leadbeater.

For more info on this family, see The Life of Hugh Hogg I (c1774-1867) and the Genealogy of His Descendants of Megantic County, Quebec , by Gwen Barry.

According to the Annals of Megantic County, George Henry Andrews and his brother Thomas come over together.

ANDREWS THOMAS granted 200 acres, Lot 5, 8th Range of Leeds Tp in 1825. He is not listed in the 1831 census for Leeds or Inverness Townships, or anywhere else in Megantic County in 1831 or 1861.Does not appear in the 1850 records for Leeds Tp.

ANDREWS NICHOLAS m ELIZABETH OWENS, settled Leeds Tp, Que, had a child Elizabeth Evelina b 1831, Leeds.

ANDREWS JOSEPH, b 1822, d 1892, bur Inverness Presb, burial witness William Andrews

ANDREWS JOSEPH b 1828 in IRELAND, FC, joiner, m MARY JANE WILSON b 1835 in IRELAND. Children:

  1. Rebecca b 1849 in IRELAND
  2. Joseph John b 1860 Inverness, bapt Inv Presb.

ANDREWS FREDERICK, advocate, m Julia. Lived Leeds Tp. Children :

  1. Julia Ester Andrews b 1841, d 1841
  2. Julia Ester b 1843, bapt C of E Leeds

ANDREWS CHARLES LAZARUS b 1827 in Sussex, England, moved to Canada when a young man or child, Lived Inverness Tp for a period of time, d 1890 at Island Pond, Vt. Married to widow, Mrs SARAH FERGUSON, nee SLATER b 21 Jan 1821, Co Down, Ireland, d c 1885. Sarah was the dau of Price and Fanny Slater, who appear in the 1831 census for Megantic County. She married 1st to a Ferguson, and had 2 children by Ferguson : 1. Pheobe Slater Ferguson b 1844- married an RC, and 2. Lizzie Ferguson. Source : John Shuck.

Child of Charles Lazarus Andrews and Sarah Slater Ferguson :

  1. George F. Andrews b 2 July 1853 at Inverness, d 7 Aug 1913 at Charleston, Vt. Moved to Vermont at age 21, ie c 1874. Married in 1879 to AVIS Loren BROWN b Westfield, Vt. Children:
    1. Converse R Andrews b 1883 Holland, Vt m in 1911 at Island Pond, Vt to Iva V Applebee b 1887 at Jefferson, NH. Source : Town Clerks Register, Island Pond, Vt
    2. John Andrews b 1894 at Island Pond, Vt.
    3. Carl Andrews d aged 2 years
    4. Orem Andrews b c 1899.

ANDREWS EVA m 1811 at Island Pond, Vt to ALBERT BLAKE


  1. Elizabeth b 17 July 1853, bapt C of E Ireland Tp (triplets)
  2. Charles Elisha b 1853
  3. Joshua Donald b 1853


  1. Maria Jane b 1853, bapt C of E Ireland Tp

ANDREWS, A. Announcement:

'Mr. A. Andrews of Maple Grove [Ireland Tp.] has sold his farm to Joseph McCaffrey, and intends on going west.'

Source: Montreal Gazette: Megantic Edition , 12 April, 1900. The only copy in existence is held by Marie-Eve Adam, of the 10th Range of Inverness, who has sinced moved on, with or without the stash of newpapers, no forwarding address known by me.

Contact info available for Andrews.


ANNANCE SIMON m ANGELINE NAGAZOA. Lived St Francis District. (Abenaki)


AINSLIE/AINSLEY : The following family with an English sounding name appear in the 1861 census for Inverness Tsp, as all RC, and all born in Lower Canada. They may be descendants of one of the Ainsley soldiers who came over with Wolfe's army in the 1750s, mustered out in Lower Canada, and were francicized along the way through marriage. (There was a Thomas Ainslee from Jedburgh, Scotland who came to Lower Canada before 1766 and settled at Woodfield, LC. He was Collector of Customs and married Mary Potts. They had a son Thomas Phillip Ainslie b 21 Aug 1766 in LC. This is only one of the early Quebec Ainslie families, and may not be the correct connection for the following family.)

NOTE: There are many John Ainsley. Some are recorded in various documents as

both John or Jean or even Jean-Baptiste......a bit confusing!

MICHEL AINSLEY and Marie Bolduc had three children :

  1. JOHN AINSLEY (1793 - 9/24/1888)

    m. Marguerite Boutin (1799 - 10/8/1888) 10/28/1823 St-Henri

    1. JOHN AINSLEY (1826 - ) m. Julienne Marois (1837 - ) 9/2/1850 St-Sylvestre
      1. JOHN AINSLEY (6/18/1853 - 12/9/1939)

        m1 Celina Carrier 11/26/1872 Inverness

        1. John Ainsley
        2. Honore Ainsley

          m2 Marguerite Lacroix 11/8/1880 St-Adrien

        3. MARY AINSLEY (MY GRANDMOTHER) (10/13/1881 - 1920??)

          m. Felix Cousineau 10/27/1903 St-Pierre-Baptiste

        4. Julienne Ainsley (9/25/1882 - )

          m. Francois-Xavier Beaulieu 9/13/1904 St-Adrien

        5. Ferdinand Ainsley (4/4/1884 - 12/10/1912)

          m. Josephine Dubuc 11/14/1906 St-Pierre-Broughton

        6. Anne Ainsley (1/15/1886 - 7/29/1906)
        7. Francois Ainsley (4/1/1887 - 12/6/1910)

          m. Melina Simoneau 11/23/1909 St-Pierre-Broughton

          had 2 children

        8. Josephine Ainsley (6/4/1891 - 10/25/1893)
        9. Josaphat Ainsley (3/2/1894 - 7/5/1898)
        10. Eugene Ainsley (9/14/1895 - 9/29/1970)
        11. Esdras Ainsley (5/2/1897 - 4/1/1972)

          m. Yvonne Sheinck

        12. Arthur Ainsley (5/2/1899 - )

          m. Aimee Grenier

          1. child
      2. Lea Ainsley (1852 - 1854)
      3. Benjamin Ainsley (1855 - )

        m. Rosalie Carrier 2/22/1876 Inverness

        They had 8 children with a very large descendancy

      4. Marie Ainsley (1858 - )

        m. Jean-Baptiste Beaulieu 3/4/1878 Inverness

      5. Rosalie Ainsley (1858 - 1859)
      6. Helena Ainsley (1861 - )
      7. Jean-Baptiste Ainsley (1853 - )

        m. Melina Charest 5/29/1893 St-Adrien

        They had 4 children

        Might have been a twin with John Ainsley

      8. Delina Ainsley

        m. Honore Labonte 1/11/1889 St-Adrien

    2. Henriette Ainsley

      m. Vital Lessard 2/8/1870 Inverness

    3. Marie Ainsley

      m. Joseph Allaire 10/1/1844

    4. Louis Ainsley

      m Marie Huard 11/7/1868 Inverness

    5. Francis Ainsley (1831 - 2/28/1914)

      m. Delima St-Pierre 9/29/1868 Ste-Sophie

  2. Marie Ainsley

    m. Jean-Philippe Bolduc 11/14/1808

  3. Michel Ainsley

    m. Ursule Boutin 11/4/1823

    1. Rose-delima Ainsley

      m. Real Bouffard 4/17/1855 St-Ferdinand

      Contact info available for the above French-Canadian Ainsley family.

Descendants of the following ANNESLEY family, claim that they are not related to the French RC 'AINSLIE/AINSLIE family of Megantic County found earlier in this section. However, it can be noted that both the Ainslies and the Annesleys have a repetition of children with christian names, such as Michael, Francis and Louis/Louisa.

ANNESLEY MICHAEL b 1794 IRELAND, Co Wicklow, C of E, d 1876, bur CE Ireland Tp, m JANE BENNETT b 1794,d 1865. Jane also of Co Wicklow, Ireland. They settled in Leeds Tp, Quebec before 1821. Michael was related to the Lord Annesley family, according to The Annals of Megantic County . 1831 census : 9 in household, C of E, 3rd Range of Ireland, Lot 16. See note at Ainslie. Children:

  1. CHARLES REILLY ANNESLEY b 1814, d 1898
  2. RICHARD ANNESLEY b 1820 in Ireland m MARGARET ALDRICH (dau of Paul Newman Aldrich and Margaret Mynam. Richard and Margaret may have moved to Howick Tsp, Huron Co, Ontario in 1854 with Margaret's parents. For Aldrich, see Publications by Gwen Barry. Child :
    1. Adeline Annesley b 1848 Inverness Tp.
  3. FRANCIS "FRANK" ANNESLEY b 1823 LC at Holy Trintiy, Maple Grove, Ireland Tp, d 1900, m 1850 at Ireland Tsp C of E to MARTHA CROSS b 1831, LC, C of E, d 1918. Both bur HT, Maple Grove. They lived in Ireland Tp. Children :
    1. Michael James b 1851-1925, bur HT Maple Grove
    2. Henry Francis b 1852, d 1933 m Mary Ann Marshall. For Marshall, see the Robert Marshall publication by Gwen Barry.
    3. Elisha Jane b 1854, d 1903, m Henry Amadon
    4. Mary Louisa b 1858, d 1921, bur HT, m a BENNETT
    5. Martha Julia b 1860
    6. Tirzah b 1861, d 1926, m James H Wood
    7. Irvine Gosford 1866-1930, bur HT, m in 1899 at Leeds Presb to Margaret Reid 1869-1944, bur HT. Children :
      1. Katie Louise b 1901
      2. John b 1903
      3. Randolph Reid b 1907
      4. Laura Mabel 1912-1912
    8. Richard Price 1862-1948, m 1893 at C of E Ireland Tp to Florence Ann Cross, 1865-1929. Children :
      1. Trevor Dale b 1894
      2. Cora Fybie b 1895, m George Stewart
      3. Lulu Mabel b 1897
      4. Goldie Ernestine b 1898
      5. Frank Alvin b 1900
      6. Florence Olive b 1903
    9. Sarah Clara b 1864
    10. Matilda Grace b 1869
    11. Mabel Adelia b 1872
  4. MARTHA ANNESLEY bapt 1826 at Holy Trinity, Maple Grove, d 1899, m JOHN McLEAN
  5. JAMES ANNESLEY b 1829, LC, d 1908, m 1857 at Ireland Tp WM to MARGARET JANE CROSS of Upper Ireland, b 1837 LC, d 1888. They lived in Ireland Tp. Children :
    1. Ann b 1858
    2. Tirzah b 1857
    3. Richard Pentland b 1859, d 1922, m Jessie Ward 1858-1952. Children :
      1. James Grant b 1892, d 1972
      2. Marianne Ward b 1893, d 1988 at Lorretteville, Que, m Noel Faulconer Gill
      3. Emily Julia b 1895
      4. Arthur Willard John b 1896
      5. Beatrice Rose b 1897
      6. Jessie Annie Johnson b 1899
    4. Michael Arthur b 1860 m Charlotte Plummer. Lived Barre, Vt, stonecutter. Child :
      1. Eva Elizabeth b 1898 at Thetford Mines, bapt Leeds Presb.
    5. Charlotte Julia b 1864
    6. Henry Loren b 1867, d 1913, bur HT, Maple Grove
    7. Pusberry West b 1878
  6. SARAH ANNESLEY b 1832, d 1916
  7. CHARLES ANNESLEY b 1834, d 1894 m 1877 at Inverness Presb to MARY ANN COOK of Inverness. Children:
    1. Edward John b 1878
    2. Eliza Irena b 1883
    3. Archibald Cook b 1885
    4. Charles Roy b 1888
  8. JOHN ANNESLEY b 1836, d 1919, m 1888 Ireland Tsp C of E to ANN WARD 1844-1906. Lived Ireland Tp. Child:
    1. Thomas (surname-Millicent) Annesley, home child came to Canada at age 12 in 1891 on the SS Norwegian, under the chaperone, Miss. Birts. He was adopted by John and Ann Annesley.

ANNESLEY JANE d 1859, m in 1837, 2 Feb in Inverness Tp to THOMAS DAVIDSON, widower, (his 2nd marriage), blacksmith, settled Inverness Tp. Both are bur Bullard Brooke, Inverness Tsp. Witnesses at their marriage were William Belser (off 2nd Range of Inverness) and Michael Annesley of Ireland Tsp. It is not known if, or how Jane Annesley is related to the preceding Annesleys. She is likely an early child of Michael Annesley and Jane Bennett, born between 1814-1820. For Davidson, see Publications by Gwen Barry. Children of Jane Annesley and Thomas Davidson were :

  1. George b 1838,
  2. Robert b 1840, (witness at Robert's baptism were George Davidson and Andrew Fulton at CCLI, Inverness Tp,
  3. Sophia b 1842,
  4. Agnes b 1843,
  5. Thomas b 1845.


  1. Alicia m in 1879 to Henry Amadon

ANNESLEY JULIA 1835-1887, died at Lyndon, Vt. Married John Williamson


ANTO JACOB 1871-1951, bur St John the Divine, Thetford Mines.


APPLETON TEAVILLE b 1844, d 1909, bur St Pierre Baptiste, Lived Inverness Tp, m in 1871 at Inverness Presb to ISABELLA McMURCHIE, (Dau of Donald McMurchie (Murchie))

Children, all baptized at Inverness WM :

  1. Flora McKelvie b 1872, d 1924, m Richard Wright
  2. Elizabeth May b 1874
  3. William Duncan b 1875
  4. Donald Adison b 1880, d 1956
  5. Catherine Isabella b 1878, d 1954, m Andrew Nugent
  6. Teaville James b 1886, d 1973
  7. Jane Armstrong b 1883, d 1964, m James Henry Paul Wright
  8. Mary Clara b 1882, d 1955, m Guy Alvin Little
  9. William Duncan b 1875


  1. Annie May b 1885, bapt Leeds WM
  2. Contact info available for Appleton.


ARKLEY JOHN b 1800 in SCOTLAND, Kingsfield, Linlithgow, d 1855, m 6 April 1832 at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Quebec City to MARGARET ALLEN, d 1841, left Linlithgow in 1825, settled in Leeds Tp in 1829. John married 2nd to MARGARET MANN 1816-1880.

Marriage reocrd :

John Arkley of the township of Leeds, Bachelor, and Margaret Allen of the same place, spinster, was by licence from his Excellency Matthew lordy Aylwin joined in the holy banns of matrimony on the 6th day of April 1832, by me James Haskamp and witnessed by John Arkley, Margaret Allen, John Allen, John West, John McVeagh and John Mckeckner? Leaf 15R Microfilm M138/15 St Andrews Presbyterian, Quebec City.

Children by Margaret Allen

  1. James Arkley b 1834, d 1898, m 1st in 1865 at Leeds Presb to Elizabeth Campbell Rockingham b 1843 at Inverness, d 1872, bur Leeds, dau of Joseph Rockingham and Ann Moffatt, and m 2nd in 1875 to Ann Alicia Boomer. Ann's parents were from Linlithgow, Scotland and were deceased before Ann's marriage of 1875. Children of James :
    1. John b 1867 in Leeds Tp, m 1897 at Barre, Vt to Janet Butler. Children :
      1. Floyd Arkley b c 1898 at Derby Line, Vt, d 1972 Burlington, Vt
      2. Hazel Arkley b 1902 at Waterbury, Vt
      3. Dorothy Arkley b 1905 at Waterbury, Vt, m Elvion Owen
    2. Joseph b 1869 m 1890 at Barre, Vt to Fannie E George, b 1870 Hardwick, Vt, dau of Lewis H George and Jennie M Winslow. Child :
      1. Raymond John Arkley b 1896 at Barre, Vt, d 1979 at Atlanta, Georgia, m Martha Jane Sinclair at Barre, Vt
    3. William 1872-1872
    4. Ann Alicia b 1885
    5. William Boomer b 1887
  2. William Arkley b 1836, to Santa Barbara, Calif
  3. Robert Arkley b 1841, millwright

    Children by Margaret Mann

  4. George Arkley b 1842 m Jane McKenzie. Children :
    1. Lorne b 1874
    2. Ernest Allison d 1879 (adopted)
    3. Stella Burray d 1879 (adopted)
  5. Ann Arkley b 1845, d 1931, m DD McKenzie. Lived Essex Junction, Vt.
  6. Margaret Arkley b 1847
  7. Isabella Arkley b 1849, d 1899, m Thomas McKenzie
  8. Alexander Arkley b 1851, medical doctor, to Essex Jct, Vt
  9. Elsey Arkley b 1852
  10. Harriet Arkley b 1853
  11. John Arkley, to Barton, Vt
  12. Hannah Arkley m 1876 at Inv Presb to C Miller Lianda, merchant of Vt.

ARMSTRONG ANDREW b 1812 in IRELAND, FC, settled in Broughton Tp in 1831, m ELIZABETH JOHNSTON, b 1817 in IRELAND. Children :

  1. John b 1844 LC
  2. Ann Jane b 1854

ARMSTRONG BRIDGETTE b 1829 in IRELAND, RC, school master in Somerset South in 1861 census. Children :

  1. Elizabeth b 1842 LC
  2. Mary Ann b 1846
  3. Julia b 1847
  4. John b 1848

ARMSTRONG THOMAS 1843-1884, lived Lower Ireland, m 1st in 1864 at CCLI to MARY WRIGHT (nee DOLAN), widow of Inverness, b 1819 IRELAND, Co Fermanagh, d 1879 in Megantic Co. Thomas m 2nd in 1879 at Inverness WM to JEMIMA HENRY of Inverness, d 1919 at Quebec City, bur Bullard Brooke, Inverness Tp. Children :

  1. William John b 1881
  2. Thomas Davidson b 1882

ARMSTRONG JOHN of Leeds Tp, m in 1853 at Compton, Que WM Church to HARRIETT MELISA IVES. Child :

  1. Mary b 1857, bapt at C of E Leeds.

    In a letter of Dec 28, 1911 to the Montreal Gazette , from ' subscriber ,' the following persons formerly of Megantic County, Quebec were listed as living in the Monteith area of Ontario in 1911: (I abstracted this at the Megantic County Historical Society)

    P. Armstrong

    William S. Clark

    Matthew Devlin

    William Dinsmore

    Benny (Benjamin?) George

    Peter Johnston

    H. Johnston

    R. A. Kelso, who opened the first store in Walker Tp., Ontario in 1911

    John Kelso

    Hamilton Lowry

    W. T. Lowry

    S. J. Lowry

    William Plummer, who lived at the Experimental Farm

    Henry Plummer, arrived in Dec 1911

    Mr. And Mrs. Watts.

ARMSTRONG NOTE : Although the relationship, if any, to the above Armstrongs is not known, there was a John Armstrong died 23 May 1847, on board the ship Lady Seaton, while awaiting a berth at the Grosse Isle quarantine station. His father was a labourer from Co Cavan, Ireland.


ARNOLD JOHN Sr, d 1902, bur Riverside, Kinnears Mills, m 1st to ELIZABETH ALEXANDER and m 2nd in 1851 to SUSAN EAGAR, b 1826 in IRELAND, d 1900. Children:

  1. Mary Jane b 1831
  2. Susan b 1833
  3. Mary b 1835
  4. John b 1839,
  5. Elizabeth b 1841
  6. William James b 1847.
  7. William Gray Arnold, b 1860 LC.
  8. John b 1861
  9. James Davidson b 1864
  10. Robert Edwin b 1866
  11. George Benjamin b 1868, d 1898, bur Riverside, Kinnears Mills.
  12. Frederick Charles b 1870
  13. Martha Elizabeth b 1872
  14. Isaac Alfred b 1875
  15. Carlisle Henry b 1877

ARNOTT JOHN settled 8th Range of Inverness Tp, Lot 27, had wife and 8 children in 1831 census.


ARTHUR JOHN, religion WM, m MARY ANN SIMPSON. Lived St Sylvestre. Children :

  1. Charles William b 1854
  2. Eliza Jane b 1856
  3. Henrietta b 1859

ARTHUR JOHN settled Leeds Tp, m 1838 at Leeds C of E to JEAN DALLOW of St Gilles/St Sylvestre, Quebec. 1831 census : 4 in household, C of E, 6th Range of Leeds, Lot 8, came before 1825.

ARTHUR WILLIAM, living in St Gilles in 1846, C of E.


ARTHURTON SOLOMON , miller, settled in Halifax Tp, Que, m in 1843 at Ireland Tsp CE to ELIZABETH WILSON of Upper Ireland, Que, widow of Thomas McDonald.



ASHCRAFT RICHARD b 1814 IRELAND, Co Armagh, m ELIZA HERRON b 1814, d 1903. They lived in St Patrice de Beaurivage, Lotbiniere Co, bur Parkhurst Cemetery. Children:
  1. ASHCROFT ROBERT b 1836 in IRELAND, d 1891, m in 1861 at Leeds C of E to MARY JANE FERGUSON. Settled in St Sylvestre. Children:
    1. Richard b 1869 at St Sylvestre, d 1952, m 1901 at Inverness WM to Elisa Ida Clara Cox 1878-1926. Lived on 12th Range of Ireland Tsp. Children :
      1. Elwin Norman b 1902
      2. Howard Ernest b 1909, d 1971
    2. William Dickson, d 1924, m in 1899 at Kinnears Mills Presb to Lillian Jane Eager. To USA. Children :
      1. Winnifred Pearl b 1900, bapt WM Inverness
      2. Allan Gaines bapt 1901 by Holiness Movement, Ireland Tp
    3. George b 1875, nm
    4. Edward b 1878, m Lillian King. Their children to Ryegate, Vt.
    5. Samuel Ferguson b 1871, to USA
    6. Catherine 1873-1945, m William McElravey
    7. Sarah d 1934, m Thomas Davidson. For Davidson, see Publications by Gwen Barry. li>
    8. Margaret m Charles Day. To USA
  2. ASHCROFT JOHN 1855-1897 m CLARA ADELAIDE WILSON 1867-1949, bur Manchester, NH. Children :
    1. Alvin Roy b 1889 at St Patrice de Beaurivage
    2. Fred Harold b 1892 at New Armagh, Lotbiniere Co
    1. Armine George Nelson b 1884
    2. Edgar William b 1880
    3. Isaac Allen b 1882 at St Patrice de Beaurivage
  5. ASHCRAFT ELIZA b 1850, d 1936, m ISAAC WARREN COX. For more info on Isaac Warren Cox, see the Davidson publication by Gwen Barry. Children :
    1. Arthur Cox
    2. Clara Cox
    3. Elisa Ida Cox m Richard Ashcroft
    4. Harry Cox
    5. Edward Hardy Cox
    6. Eliza Jane Cox m Benjamin Rothney
    7. Annie Katie Cox
    8. Isaac Ernest Cox
    9. Sarah Mabel Cox, d 1928, m John H Robinson
    10. Frederick Howard Cox
    11. Norman Richard Cox
    12. Harvey Cox m Etta. Lived in California
    13. Osborne Cox. Lived in Boston

ASHCRAFT MARY JANE d 1908, bur Leeds Presb, m THOMAS ROBERT NELSON. Lived as St Patrice de Beaurivage.


ASTBURY RICHARD I, b England, Staffordshire, Stoke in 1787 and joined the 2nd Battalion, 38th Regiment of Foot in 1806 at Lichfield, England. He died in India. In 1806 he married Esther Sandland of Lichfield. Child :

  1. ASTBURY RICHARD II, b 1816 ENGLAND at Fort Cumberland, Portsmouth, CE, settled Inverness Tp in 1828 with his widowed mother. Richard II m in 1839 at Inverness to LUCINDA HALL, b 1823, ENGLAND, Gloughcestershire, Great Sommersford, settled Leeds Tp. Richard and Lucinda lived in Leeds Tp. Their children :
    1. George b 1840, m Jane Harvey. Their child : Jennie m 1890 at Barre, Vt to William McGinnis.
    2. Gib b 1841 LC
    3. Eleanor b 1842, converted to RC and m 1862 to James Mauran
    4. Esther b 1845
    5. Eliza b 1847
    6. Richard III b 1849
    7. Lucy b 1851
    8. Samuel b 1852
    9. Henry b 1854, m 1879 at Waterville, Que Congregational Church to Ermina C Peck
    10. James b 1859
    11. Harriet b 1860

      (Lucinda Hall was the daughter of George Hall b 1793 Wiltshire, England, settled Leeds Tsp in 1830, m 1812 at Gloucestershire, Stanley Parish, Leonard Township to Hannah Jackway b 1791 Stanley Parish. Besides Lucinda, George and Hannah Hall had Ann C b 1813, James b 1816, Eliza b 1817, Harriett b 1821, Henry b 1825, Thomas b 1827, Maria b 1830, all born in England, and Ellen b 1833 in Leeds Tp.)


ATKINSON Rev JAMES 1871-1950, Rector of Holy Trinity, Maple Grove, C of E, Ireland Tp, m 1st to MARY CROSS McPHERSON 1881-1914, died Quebec City, bur HT, Maple Grove, and m 2nd to ETHEL DINNING 1887-1956. Child : 1. Margaret G 1882-1914

ATKINSON R. granted land in 1826 on St Marie W Range, near St Patrice de Beaurivage, Lotbiniere County, Quebec.


AUSTIN F.W.G. b 1817 d 1890, advocate, settled Inverness. (F.W. G. Austin may have been related to a George Austin, Crown Surveyor of Lower Canada in the 1856-57 period.) Child of FWG Austin :

  1. Frederick J., b 1840 in IRELAND, Limerick. Child :
    1. Francis Lewis Christian Austin 1866-1908, bur Boutelle Cem, Inverness Tp, m 1893 at Inverness WM to Ann Eunice Catherine Young 1875-1957, bur Boutelles Cem, (dau of George and Mary Young of Greensborough, Vt.) They lived at Cap St Ignace. Children :
      1. Francis William George Austin b 1894
      2. Margaret Mary Alice b 1898
      3. Herbert Lewis b 1899
      4. Joseph Edwin George b 1901

AUSTIN ANN b 1831, d 1874, m WILLIAM GRADY. Lived 2nd Range of Thetford

AUSTIN SUSAN b 1788, d 1875, bur Leeds Presb, m JAMES BAILEY


AYLER RICHARD b Ireland. Signed petition in 1825 to get an Irish priest in Frampton.



  1. Ann b 1814 ENGLAND, Wiltshire, d 1831 in Leeds Que.

AYLWIN THOMAS, b 1728, ENGLAND, Romsey, Hampshire, m 1771 to SUSANNAH CUSHING, daughter of the Chief Attorney of Boston, Mass., USA. Came to Qubec City immediately after the British conquest of Quebec. Thomas was a merchant of imported goods and Justice of the Peace in Quebec City from 1765 until his death in 1791. They had at least 3 sons. One of them was :

  1. Thomas C b 1777 at Quebec City m Louisa Maria Connoly, native of Ireland. Children :
    1. Thomas Cushing Aylwin b 1806 at Quebec City. He was twice elected as the County Deputy of Portneuf, Que, and became chief attorney at Quebec. He died in Montreal in 1871.
    2. James b 1817 LC, Epis, d 1896 in Megantic Co, burial registered with St James Anglican Church, Leeds Village, Leeds Township, Quebec. About 1840, he settled on Lot 11, 9th Range of Leeds Tsp, where he built a large home and separate residence for the domestic staff, and was considered a 'gentleman farmer'. James was the first mayor of Leeds Tsp from 1874-1885. He married in 1854 to ELIZABETH HALL, b 1824 in ENGLAND, d 1889. Children :
      1. Thomas Connoly Aylwin b 1855 in Leeds Tp, d 1920 in Leeds. He practiced law in Megantic Co. He completed his secondary school studies in Montreal, where he lived with his uncle Judge Thomas Cushing Aylwin, graduated from Laval University, Quebec City and became a lawyer. He married in 1885 to Marian Louisa McGie, daughter of Daniel McGie of Quebec City. She died in 1929.
      2. Elizabeth Amelia Aylwin b 1856 in Leeds d 1934 at Lennoxville, m 1875 to Dr William Lyman Hume, doctor in the Leeds area for 50 years.