The Family History of George Davidson I and Agnes Oliver of County Tyrone and Megantic County, and their Descendants in the North American Diaspora.

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Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia: Evans Books, 2004, 400 pages.

Part I is a history of the surname Davidson, with chapters including : MacDhaibhidh of Pre-History Ireland and Scotland, with the surname evolving to Davidson, the Davidsons in Ireland 1608-1830, the Davidsons in Megantic County, Quebec, the Davidson Diaspora in North America, and Davidsons of Note. Part II is the genealogy of the descendants of George Davidson I & wife, Agnes Oliver, and their 8 children, all of whom came to Megantic Co.,
Quebec in the late 1820s. The eight children of George and Agnes Davidson whose genealogy is covered are 1. Agnes (Mrs. William Warren Trebilcock), 2. Nickley (Mrs. Andrew Fulton), 3. Eliza (Mrs. Samuel Henry), 4. Susannah (Mrs. William Edwards Henderson), 5. Thomas (and wives Sophia Hogg, Jane Annesley and Ann Bain), 6. Jane (Mrs William Marshall), 7. Robert (and wife, Phoebe Aldrich), and 8. George II (and wife, Eliza Hogg). It follows their migrations across North America, and includes many old photographs and copies of the original records of baptisms, marriages, and burials from parish registers.

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