The Evans and Colton Families of Shropshire & Nottingham, England and New Rockland & Sherbrooke, Quebec.

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Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia: Evans Books, 2011, 327 pages.

This publication traces the Evans and Wildblood ancestry of William Evans of High Ercall, Shropshire through to his arrival of 1892 in Richmond, Quebec on the present site of the Wales Home, and the Colton, Newton, and Sturtevant ancestry of William’s wife, Ellen Colton of Nottingham through to her arrival in Melbourne Township, Quebec in 1895. It traces their migration back and forth across the US border following quarry work. Their descendants are included to present times. It includes copies of original records from parish registers of Shropshire and Nottingham, as well as many photos. It also includes some history on the Welsh slate quarry settlement at New Rockland, Melbourne Township, which has long since disappeared.

The previous publication in hard copy print version is now obsolete and out of print.

Files on CDs are in pdf format.

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