**NEW 2012** A History of Migration Into, Within, and Out of Ireland, 1169-1851: A Companion to Genealogy

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Evans Books: Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, 2012, 386 pages.

This publication is divided into a series of chronological chapters marking various periods in Ireland's history from the year 1169 to 1851. Each chapter provides an overview of the period's history that is relevant to immigration, emigration, and migration, followed by details on the migration events and patterns that took place as a result of that period's history. Hence each chapter covers the cause and effect of migration into, within, and out of Ireland for each period. Appendices are included, listing the names of immigrants of the various ethnic groups that settled in Ireland, particulary for periods before 1600, as well as appendices listing sources for the names of emigrants who left Ireland after 1600. This publication should go a long way toward helping anyone whose ancestors came from Ireland in understanding the context and details of Irish migration over the course of nearly 700 years.

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